21 thoughts on “The Cazador gets a scope”

  1. Sweet who does your work or do you do your own. Great paint work is it Duracoat I am a gunsmith. and a custom builder. i would love to share some pictures with you but not sure how to do that. love your books it refreshing to have someone working in the arts that has a realistic point of view.

  2. Now that is a sweet looking gun. I want one, but it’ll have to wait until I get my engine rebuild done (gotta get something on the road that gets better than 16 mpg, ie not my truck).

  3. I like it. I’m torn though, between an AR pattern 7.62 and a SCAR. Honestly, the cost would be about the same, by the time I built the AR out the way I’d want, and I really dig the space-gun aesthetic of the SCAR.

    Not having D-list author money, justifying the cost of the rifle and an appropriate optic to Dr. Wife would be non-trivial.

    1. Well, you need a lot of glass to fit all the stadia lines you need to hold a .556 over at 25X ranges…

      1. .338 overrated.

        .308-208 grn Hornady boat tails will stay supersonic the whole way in and the weight will keep drift down. .300 WinMag if you are feeling manly.

        I like to put a trigicon holo red dot on top of the scope instead of side. Keeps it clean on the sling and is a more natural movement to switch between them.

      2. I’ve never heard of this .556 cartridge…is it classified as a DD, being over .50 caliber, or did they manage to get a sporting exemption for it? 😉

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