Off to Salt Lake City ComicCon

I will be at Salt Lake City ComicCon for the next few days along with 120,000 other nerds having fun.

My home base during the con will be the WordFire Press booth. I’ll be there off and on throughout the days. Bring your stuff and I’ll sign it, and copies of all my books will be on sale there.

5:00 – Writing Fantasy, An inside look at the art and craft of creating the fantastic. 151G. I’m moderating. With Laurell K. Hamilton, Matthew J. Kirby, Sarah Kuhn, Brian McClellan, and L.E. Modesitt.

7:00 – World Building and Magic Systems, A Character of Their Own. 253A. Me, Biran Durfee, Rhiannon Paille, Megan Hutchins, L.E. Modesitt, Chad Morris, and Candace Thomas

3:00 – THE LARRY SHOW, which is officially called Monster Hunter International Presents: Writing Action 150G, and the only panelist is me. (this is the one where I teach you how to write action scenes, but I try to make it fun for everybody)

5:00 -Character Creation: How to Write Believable, Likable, and Interesting Characters. 255B. Me, Brian Durfee, Dave Farland, Laurell K. Hamilton, Sean Hoade, Sarah Kuhn.

Son of the Black Sword Wins The 1st Annual Dragon Award For Best Fantasy
Son of the Black Sword- now in Paperback!

64 thoughts on “Off to Salt Lake City ComicCon”

      1. Methinks, given Damien’s known. . . predilections. ..

        SLC would be entirely too. . .wholesome. . . for him. . .

    1. Too busy writing his government-approved novel. He’s written two whole sentences this week, and wants to finish a third before he even thinks about taking a break.

      Writing Real Literature is HARD, you understand.

  1. I am in Alaska in the far, far north cold and all alone in the world working as a caretaker of remote property with only the internet available to me. Is there a chance for you to video “Youtube” your teaching so I can learn what you have to say? Say Friday and Saturday. Please!
    I am ex-military and ex- husband and ex- southerner – in love with MHI and the butch macho tunge and cheek stories. I have advertised as much as I could. Including posting one chapter at a time “You put out for free” on my facebook to give my F/B friends a taste of your books. Grunge is a good follow up from the past. Waiting for book two to come out to buy as E-book.

    1. I wish for this as well (being in Australia, on the other side of the planet), but I’m not sure if there are rules in place explaining why this hasn’t happened yet.

      1. Of course, I would also like to know Larry’s take on things, so yes, a youtube video of the panels would be great.

      2. Brandon was the first pro author who took the time to help me out with career advice when I was first getting started.

  2. You should try to pull some strings to get Brian McClellan on the magic systems panel too. His books are good examples.

  3. Any chance your solo panel will be posted online after? I’d really like to see that. I need help learning to write action scenes.

      1. I’m finding it’s particularly hard when no one’s allowed to be killed or badly injured (for plot reasons), not everyone has super-healing, and weapons/superpowers aren’t allowed and/or don’t exist.

        1. Strikes to the various nerve plexi with a baton, plus some gratuitous slapping. Also, running away can be exciting if the Bad Guys -almost- get you a few times. Disposable henchmen can be handy for when The Hero has to decimate a bad guy but you can’t spare one.

  4. Sadly I won’t be able to make it. *Cough*ComeToTexasWhen?*Cough*Cough*. But I do have a friend coming and he’s never read your stuff, so I made sure to send him your way.

  5. I know this is a lot to ask, but would you please beat up Brian McClellan and steal a copy of his book that comes out next year? And then send it to me? I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!

    1. We were on a panel together, but no beatings. I like Brian. 🙂 I hear his books are excellent but I’ve not had the chance to read one yet.

      1. “I hear his books are excellent but I’ve not had the chance to read one yet.”
        Oh, you are missing out! They are excellent. It’s flintlock fantasy, something I hadn’t heard of before reading them. He’s great at weaving several different characters’ stories together in a way that makes sense and really pays off.

        And in hindsight, I’m glad you didn’t rob him. It may have prevented him from writing more books.

    1. Clearly it just means that the Dragon Awards are Not A Serious Award™ and that the Puppies loaded the voting with their slates (don’t ask me to produce said slates plz, just LISTEN AND BELEIVE)

      1. Yes there is some “those grapes were sour anyway” going on in File 770ville. Larry isn’t a real writer, the Dragons aren’t real awards, and we all aren’t real fans. Brings to mind the Adam Savage quote “I deny your reality and substitute my own.”

        1. Man, I just went and checked it out, and you’re understating it. They’re not just trashing Larry, but all Baen writers. It’s like they’re pissed that any sort of awards could be awarded to people not part of their inner circle.

      2. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. It’s going to be funny when fans stop buying memberships to vote for the Hugos, and they have to get stale peanut butter crackers from the vending machine for their party.

        However, I’d like to see a bunch of different authors write short stories under the same pseudonym of “Noah Ward”, get them on the shortlist and then play “Who’s on First” at the ‘award’ ceremony.

        1. Congratulations to Larry, even if fantasy is not my favourite genre (perhaps because much of it has been written or shaped by Puppy Haters of all stripes?).

          While it may seem passe to quote from a lost-to-obscurity 1980s film, I cannot help but repeat this line from ‘Revenge of the Nerds’:

          “We’ve got news for the beautiful people; there’s more of us than there are of you.”

          The Hugos were meaningful when they were being won by the likes of Clarke, Asimov, Heinlein and Herbert. But that has changed now, the greats are gone, the Golden Age is over, and it’s time for the stars to realign themselves appropriately.

          The Dragons just took the bully and slammed his head into the side of his own locker (“dentingly”, as Edward Gorey might have put it). Vengeance is Larry’s; now let’s enjoy ourselves listening to the indignant screaming. Popcorn futures are looking bright.


      Gonna have to do a blog post now about all the Good Guys winning the Dragon Awards. Seriously, not one of the SJWs I crossed out on my lastDragonCon post won, and every winner was someone I suggested.

      *laughs in maniacal glee*

  6. Congratulations on the first ever Dragon Award for a fantasy novel! Great to see you and so many other good authos recognized.

    1. You don’t need money to take over, you need fans. The people who won this year’s Dragons had a lot of those. Tor’s money won’t buy them into this game.

        1. I think it’s time we faced the fact that WorldCon is basically a faded old gas station on what used to be Route 66, that might have had some historical significance once but is now largely passed by and of use only to a dwindling group of aging regulars…

  7. I posted this over at File 770 a few minutes ago. I do not seriously expect it to clear the moderation queue, and I expect an unholy shitfight to arise if it does:
    “Sore losers. The lot of you. Listen to yourselves.

    So you’d prefer voting for SF&F awards to be restricted to a paid membership, would you? Why? Because it gives you the ability to lock out anyone you don’t think “belongs”? Surely opening the vote to all and sundry with internet access does far more to remove the potential for back-patting circle jerks than a membership which invariably turns out to be subtly moderated by those in charge of awarding it (or not).

    Unless memberships to such things are given out FREE and on a “SHALL ISSUE” basis, they disadvantage that part of the demographic Venn diagram in which the union of the poor and minorities resides. A homeless man living hand to mouth who has access to the internet at a free public library might vote for the Dragons, but if he must jump through hoops to vote for the Hugos then you have shut him out and you ought to have problems looking at your reflection in a mirror.”

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