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  1. Got my pre-ordered ebook this morning… but sadly, I have to work so I can’t read it till this afternoon. AARRGGGHHHH!! (should have called in sick)

  2. How convenient! I’m in a car headed to GenCon and I need reading material. *spams Buy with 1-Click button*

  3. Would love to see some of my other favorite writers to take a swing into the ” MHI” universe, Tom Kratman, Michael Z. Williamson, and a bunch of others. I bought the e book version of it when it went on sale and I really enjoyed it. John Ringo’s Memoir: Grunge read like it was written by you.

    On a side note how often do you get by that bookstore that you do signings for? I placed an order with them for pretty much your entire back catologue, plus the MHI rpg. I screwed up not thinking about it and asked for some to be signed but I said to ship it all as one package.

  4. The hardback is arriving today, but I couldn’t wait so I bought the audible so I can listen on the ride home.

  5. Enjoying the book so far.

    The quip about “The amount of taxes you had to pay even in 1984 on $85K for a single male was a nasty shock” came off a little odd .

    That tax rate was much higher in 1984 (50% in 1984 vs 39.6% on an equivalent $200K now).

    1. I took that as a backwards looking reference. As in even after the tax reform in the early 80s the amount was still a shock. In other words 79 vs. 84 is the right comparison. Also don’t forget this is not a present day retelling this is a memoir written at some time after the events but well before present day (old sheets of paper found in the archive etc.)

      1. Any taxes, even today, are a shock when you know the base amount and then see what you are allowed to keep. 😉

  6. “Oh, that’s a lot of spiders,” Phil muttered as the Ma Deuce opened up. That is my kind of opening line!

  7. Bought it. Read it. Enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m looking forward to next one. And it looks like it’ll be released just as I’m getting out of basic training 🙂

  8. Leaving on vacation in a few days. Long drive.

    I plan my first act when leaving home to be loading up the audio book.

  9. My local Barnes and Noble didn’t get the memo. They had a copy out on the new fiction shelf this past Saturday. I would have picked it up but the audible versions suit my needs better.

  10. Got it. Read it. Loved it. I can see the different approaches that the two authors have towards their main characters. It is an enjoyable contrast. Owen isn’t dumb by any means, but he is a hit things first kinda hero. So are Earl and Franks. Chad also likes to hit things first, but wants to know more about what he is hitting than just how to kill it.

  11. Got it, read it, loved it. For anyone looking at a map and confused by the Renton is near Omak thing in the Kindle version, that chapter makes more sense if you substitute Ferry County and the town of Republic.

  12. Lots of neat pop culture twists in this one. Due to the teases and ending I’m guessing we will see more from the Memoirs series. Let’s hope that every other guest author is as great as John, he has brought us a nice addition to the MHI universe.

  13. Almost done, and it’s wonderful! Larry, letting other authors bring their own “voices” to the MHI-verse is going to keep it fresh (and let you all have more of our money) for many years to come. Great move. “They taste like chicken!”-ROFLMAO

  14. Spoiler



    Okay, it’s a minor spoiler, but I wanted to give everyone fair warning regardless, and I’ll keep it vague as possible. In the conversation that mentions, “A single drop of blood on the tip of a sword,” was this a reference to Monster Hunter Nemesis? If so, could someone refresh my memory?




    1. Yes. Omitting a key name to leave things a bit vague, but I expect you’ll remember who it refers to:

      He stopped the blade just as it touched throat. Franks had heard a voice inside his head. It was as clear and piercing as a church bell. He had not heard that voice for a very long time.
      “The Plan requires that this man lives. The Deal requires that you serve him.”
      Franks looked down the length of his sword, to where a single drop of blood was rolling down the steel from the small slice on the general’s neck.”

      1. Ahhhh… I do in fact remember that part. Thank you very much for the reminder. While I would have enjoyed rereading Nemesis, I didn’t have time at the moment to read it again

      1. Nemesis does occur well after this memoir, however, the single drop of blood reference in Nemesis was part of the testimony that Franks was giving after the interviewer told him to “start from the beginning.” It was a flashback to the Revolutionary War in 1776. Therefore, the Franks’ reference to “one drop of blood” when his sword touched General Washington had techinally already occurred when Chad and Franks crossed paths in the 1980’s. It was basically Chad’s way of telling Franks that they are both under orders from God (“Compartment is block 10 sir”)

  15. hmm, I am prepared to be roasted for this, but… Its not as good as Larry’s stuff. Sure, it has the all the right elements that we all loved about the origional MHI books, but the main character is more of a…. unrelatable superhuman. One of the things I like about Larry’s work is the characters. I genuinely like the MHI staff; complete with thier faults and vulnerabilities. I like Ringo’s writing, but MHI is made up of everyday people who survived terrible things; not Olympians who speak every major language, play every instrument and are masters of every weapon ever made.

  16. Bear with me here everyone, as I am writing this as it comes rolling through my brain cage. I love all of the MHI books and how Mr. Correia writes them. This one particularly feel’s personal to me as it mimics almost perfectly my life and Marine corps career. Even down to the number 57 being important in my life and Marine corps career. I am a formerly enlisted Marine who is disabled due to a 7.62x54r taking a detour through my chest cavity. Because of that mistake I made my left not right arm is numb and un-serviceable according to the corps. Even though I passed both my PFT and combat physical fitness test. Now I’m the proud owner of a landscape architecture company, and have the great joy of dealing with whining ass civillians every day. These books are one of the few things that keep me sane day to day and I thank you for them Mr. Correia, thank you very much sir!

  17. Heads up if you want more First Person style from John pick up The Last Centurion. I’m always torn between Live Free or Die or The Last Centurion as my favorite John Ringo book. Now I have to toss this one into the fold.

  18. Great book, just finished a round trip drive from Albuquerque and Denver. Grunge made the trip so much easier and the Audible book through Amazon was worth every penny.
    I have all of the MHI on my Kindle and am starting to collect everything else. Well worth every dollar I spend.


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