Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge on sale next week!

Grunge will be on sale at bookstores everywhere next week.

The Monster Hunter Memoirs series is a spin off of the regular MHI novels, set in the 1980s.

I’ve told the story before of how Grunge  came about before, but basically Ringo had read the MHI novels, loved them, and got inspired to write a story set in that world. It kind of blew up from there. Because Ringo writes books in epic fast binges, by the time I knew about the first one, he was finishing the second.

At this point I was already opening up MHI to be a shared universe, I was collaborating with Sarah Hoyt on the outline of Monster Hunter Guardian, and gathering a bunch of authors for the MH anthology of short fiction. When I asked if Ringo would be interested in kicking in a short story for the anthology, it was more like, well, I’ve got a story already, but I wouldn’t call it short

I read it, liked it, agreed he should publish it, but there were things that needed tweaking for it to fit better into the existing established canon–seriously, there is a ton of stuff in this universe that I’ve only hinted at–and at that point it turned into a collaboration.

The Memoirs are different than the regular series in that they are the recently discovered journals of one man, Chad “Iron Hand” Gardnier, and his experiences as a monster hunter. The first book is set in Seattle, and the second and third are set in New Orleans.

The eARC has been getting great reviews, and the physical books will be on sale at bookstores everywhere next week.

If you would like an autographed copy, they are shipping me several cases to sign for Uncle Hugos However, that’s my signature only. You’d have to catch John somewhere else. He will be signing at DragonCon, but unfortunately that is the same weekend this year as Salt Lake City ComicCon, and I’ll be there. (we were both at LibertyCon this month, but sadly, the books weren’t out yet!)



The second book in the spin off series, Sinners, is available now for preorder. It will be out in December.

The third spin off series book is called Saints, but I do not know the release date on that yet. I am a faster writer than I am an editor, and I have to finish the next solo Owen novel (MHI #6) before I can work on Saints.  MHI #6 will be released 4th quarter 2017.

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge OUT NOW
Urban Allies, Agent Franks and Joe Ledger Team Up OUT NOW

22 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge on sale next week!”

  1. Incredible news! I am a fan of the series from Turkey.. Honestly I am a bit frustrated that MHI 6 is already late but hope that memoirs will cure our thirst!

  2. “MHI #6 will be released 4th quarter 2017.”


    Getting woozy with lack of MHI material…. Must. Hang. On….

    1. May I suggest Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files as a palliative.

      Also, I’ve got a jones to re-read the first magic-n-gunfire I ever encountered: novel of them all: Brian Daley’s Doomfarers of Coramonde (1977).

  3. Last weekend I was dragged off to see the rebooted Ghostbusters.

    The world desperately needs an MHI movie series.

  4. Waiting for the e-mail from Baen that it’s ready for download.

    If you get Kratman to write one as well I might just expire from an overdose of Awesomeness.

  5. Already finished it, thanks to store-owner privilege. Really good! My only wish is that it wasn’t longer.

  6. Only thing I’m worried about with this book is all that oozing testosterone might destroy the cardboard mailer.

  7. Larry, I know that you said next week but I saw it on the shelf at the local Barnes and Nobel today in San Antonio.

  8. With a new book on the shelf I’ve got a question about how you get paid. (I’ve read some of your posts about getting paid but don’t remember seeing this answer.) Do the authors make more money per book from the initial release of hardbacks than from the later paperback release? That I’ll buy this book is a foregone conclusion but should I feel a little guilty for waiting for the paperback version?

    1. We make more money off of hard covers, but the best way for you to buy the book is whatever way makes you happy.

  9. “If you would like an autographed copy, they are shipping me several cases to sign for Uncle Hugos”

    …will you GPG-sign an Ebook? 🙂

    1. Bad news –

      Ringo’s muse is about to inspire him again, and he’s going to abandon all of his current projects in favor of a new “collectable creatures” series of some sort.


      On a more serious note, iirc, Ringo has already finished the basic story for the third MHI collaboration novel, and Larry’s currently reviewing it to make sure that it matches up with the MH setting.

      1. Ringo is done with #3. It is waiting on me. However I’m a slow editor, and I need to finish my MHI #6 first.

      2. Someone talked with Werner Herzog, and he is going to film a trilogy based on Pokemon Special. As a result, Europe’s far right coups will supported by teen death squads using their pokedexes to hunt down Team Leftist. Ringo will have gone to work on other projects by then.

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