What Books Are Coming Up, What I’m Working On Now, and What is Already Published

I realized it has been over a year since I last posted a comprehensive update of everything I’m working on or have planned. I needed to update the list of all my projects because as soon as I have a chance I’m going to redo the My Novels tab.

I just finished the edits for Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners from John Ringo. It will be out in December.

Today I am working on my short story for the upcoming MHI anthology. Almost every other story in there is done and they are waiting for me. And let me tell you, they are awesome. A lot of really talented people played in the MHI universe and we got some great stories as a result.

After that I will be working on MHI #6, which currently I haven’t decided on the title yet. This is a solo Owen book again. I teased where this one is going at the end of MH Legion, and in MH Nemesis when Franks offers clues about how to find the Hunters who were MIA after Las Vegas.

Sarah Hoyt is currently working on the rough draft of a collaboration called Monster Hunter Guardian, about Julie Shackleford.

After catching up on MHI (opening it up to be a shared world really complicates a universe!) I will be getting to work on House of Assassins.

Below is the list of everything I have written, what is done and on the calendar for publication, and books that are in the works with an estimated release year. On some of these they are pretty far out, so it is more of a wild guesstimate, and I still have to actually write the darn things.

The Monster Hunters Series: 

Monster Hunter International – 2009
Monster Hunter Vendetta – 2010
Monster Hunter Alpha – 2011
Monster Hunter Legion – 2012
Monster Hunter Nemesis – 2014

Monster Hunter Memoirs, spin off series with John Ringo

Grunge – coming August 2016
Sinners – coming December 2016
Saints – projected 2017


Monster Hunter Anthology – 2017 edited with Bryan Thomas Schmidt, (featuring stories from Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, Faith Hunter, Jessica Day George, Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Kupari, Steve Diamond, Maurice Broadus, John C. Wright, and more)
Monster Hunter #6 – Projected late 2017
Monster Hunter Guardian, with Sarah Hoyt Projected early 2018



The Grimnoir Chronicles 

Hard Magic – 2011
Spellbound – 2012
Warbound – 2013

I currently have plans for another Grimnoir trilogy set in the 1950s. However, that is far enough out that I do not have an estimated date. If you want a preview of this trilogy though, check out the short story Tokyo Raider.

The Dead Six Trilogy with Mike Kupari

Dead Six – 2011
Swords of Exodus – 2013
Alliance of Shadows – Coming October 2016

Saga of the Forgotten Warrior

Son of the Black Sword – 2015
House of Assassins – Late 2017/early 2018
Destroyer of Worlds – estimated 2018


Into the Storm – 2014
Into the Wild – 2016
Into the Dark – estimated 2018

I have also mentioned some other book projects that I’m working on, but they are far enough out that I am hesitant to put them down here because they keep getting bumped back for other paying work. That’s the way things go though. For example, I had the idea for Son of the Black Sword clear back in 2010.

Peacemakers – ? (the reality TV book)
Big Science Fiction Project – ?
The Revenge Novel – ? (only Toni and Bridget know about this one!)
Top Secret Project N – ? with Jack Wylder

Short Fiction

I signed a contract and Baen will be publishing a collection of some of my short fiction. I do not have the estimated date for that yet.

Weaponized Hell – with Jonathan Maberry (July 2016, Urban Allies)
Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers (Straight out of Tombstone)
Psych Eval (Joe Ledger Unstoppable)
Episode 22 (Unannounced anthology for major movie tie in)
Musings of a Hermit (Freehold Anthology)


The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent (Audible Exclusive)
The Losing Side (Onward Drake)
Shooter Ready (Galactic Games)
Absence of Light (V Wars 3)
Hold Back the Dark (Privateer Press)
Force Multiplier (V Wars 2)
Father’s Day (Shared Nightmares)
Tokyo Raider (Baen Big Book of Monsters)
Murder on the Orient Elite (Audible)
Detroit Christmas (Baen)
The Worthy (Privateer Press)
Great Sea Beast (Kaiju Rising)
Step Outside (Privateer Press)
Murder in the Honor Fields (Privateer Press)
Dead Waits Dreaming (Space Eldritch 2)
Destiny of a Bullet (Privateer Press)
The Keeper of Names (Shattered Shields)
Instruments of War (Privateer Press)
Sealed with Fire (Crimson Pact)
Son of Fire, Son of Thunder (Crimson Pact)
That Which We Fear (Crimson Pact)
Sweothi City (Baen)
Tanya Princess of the Elves (Baen)
Christmas Noun (Wordfire Press)

Shorts in the MHI RPG

At Your Service
Maxim-um Fun
Reckoning Day
Lawyer Fight

Unpaid Blog Stories, A Christmas Tradition

The Christmas Noun – 2008
Christmas Noun 2 The Nounening – 2009
Christmas Noun 3D The Gritty Reboot -2010
Christmas Noun 4 Occupy Christmas Noun – 2011
Christmas Noun 5 Fifty Shades of Noun Choose Your Own Adventure Edition – 2012
Christmas Noun 6 Yes Wendell There Really is a Christmas Noun – 2013
Christmas Noun 7 Attack of the Social Justice Noun – 2014
Christmas Noun 8 Too Noun Much Adjective – 2015

My best from Writer Nerd Game Night (yes, besteselling professional authors can write fan fiction too!)
The Toy Maker’s Craft
Tenets of Bushido
In the Shadow of a Pale Oak
Lessons from the Dojo of the Crab.


New Specialty Press Launches Today: Vault Books
Son of the Black Sword is a finalist for the Gemmell Legend Award

74 thoughts on “What Books Are Coming Up, What I’m Working On Now, and What is Already Published”

  1. Really appreciate the update! Looking forward to all your upcoming novels as well as the expanded universe ones. Do you happen to know who will be narrating the Grunge series audiobooks?


      1. He is the best, There aren’t many narrators I can listen to, him Bronson Pinchot, and James Marsters are the awesome!!

      2. He IS WONDERFUL! As much as I love reading actual books ???? I love my Audible books. You can do so much while you are listening and when you have a narrator like Mr. Oliver Wyman it is so much fun!

  2. I’m especially looking forward to this one: Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers (Straight out of Tombstone) Can’t wait to learn about Bubba and young Earl in the early days of monster hunting, perfecting their chops, using various antique firearms, and defeating the forces of evil! Plus possible interactions with historical figures?

  3. Awesome Larry, you keep writing, I’ll keep buyin em. Thanks for the amazing world(s) you built. Its why I wear my MHI patch on my armor with pride! Well that and I’m too chicken to get a tattoo;)

    P.S. If you get a mo email me your P.O. box and I’ll send you some of our unit swag.

    1. Of course he’s not a Real Writer. Real Writers release one book every 6 or 7 or even 10 years. 😉

      (Larry, don’t ever do this. I don’t want to wait that long for my next fix!)

  4. Glad to hear it, Larry! I always look forward to your stuff!

    Just make sure that you’re getting adequate range, family and fun time so inspiration can keep striking you in our behalf!

    1. Youy’d be disappointed. Dresden’s dramatically flaring leather duster only flares dramatically in Chicago winds. Most everywhere else he’s just a skinny dude in a droopy raincoat.

      Of course, in South and West Texas he could fly. Whether he wanted to or not.

      1. Hey now, it’s a droopy raincoat that can survive multiple hits of at least 5.56 and possibly 7.62X39.

    2. I agree completely; I wouldn’t even ask the price of an MHI/Dresden combination. Billy and the pack’s reaction to Harbinger would be great; even better would be Franks going after the Knights of the Blackened Denarius.

  5. On the one hand, most excellent!
    On the other hand, my LC related book budget needs to be updated… Again!

  6. WOW I knew you had a lot and my sons and I (and SIL) have all of them but geez. I think you might have published more books in the last 7 years than GRRM.

    Pity about that ‘still not a real writer’ thing though. Maybe someday.

  7. Thanks for the detailed update. Been jonesing hard for my MHI (& Grimnoir & Forgotten Soilder) fix. And please try to get the offended score up to 25 percent or higher on your upcoming best sellers!

    1. Are people really offended? I’m a liberal and Larry appears to be a Libertarian but good story universal. I think the one thing humans have in common in every part of the world is love for a good story.

      1. “I think the one thing humans have in common in every part of the world is love for a good story.”

        Well, that sentiment got the HUGO people all up in arms when Larry said it.

      2. I managed to get one of my flaming (progressive) liberal friends to read MHI. He was definitely offended that the government organizations were depicted as incompetent/immoral. He is one of those “all good things come from the government”/”you didn’t build that” sorts though so I suppose he may be a different KIND of liberal than you Lester.

        1. I’m a democrat from the 90s. That’s why I call myself a liberal I can’t in all honestly call myself a Democrat anymore. I actually voted for George Bush and John McCain not that that makes any difference in my blue state.

          1. I don’t want t alarm you, Lester, but you may be a (looks around CLASSICAL conservative. Have you read Edmund Burke and Adam Smith?

          2. Both men were required reading in school. I forgot to mention that I voted for Mitt Romney too. Come to think of it the only time I voted for a Democratic presidential candidate was when I was old enough to vote for Bill Clinton in 1996. This next election is going to be interesting I think you’re going to have a lot of people from both parties crossing over to vote. Almost as if electorate during the primary season voted for the weakest candidate possible in both parties. The only way things could be worse as if Mike Kupari summer 2015 prediction of Trump vs Sanders came to pass

          3. Pfft, the worst case scenario was Sanders winning the Dem nom, Bloomberg making good his threat to enter the ring if that happened, the RNC voting to kick Trump off the republican ballot and toss Jeb Bush on there, and Trump running as an independent.

  8. Wow. Quite a load-out on the Monster Hunter Anthology! That is some firepower! Looking forward to it, and of course the rest of the MHI stuff. Grimnoir series was excellent, glad to see more of that coming at some point. Your House of Assassins will be instantly preordered when available, and there are a bunch of shorts and things here I wasn’t aware of . Cool!

  9. You, know. I stumbled across your 1st MHI novel through sheer chance because of the Baen. Books distinctive colors of Orange and Black, so I looked at it,read it and was hooked, ordered your back catalogue, and yet in that time you went from new guy author for me to someone I actively follow and listen to for news about new books and things.

    On a completely regular note, huge ups on short listing for the Gemmel award, that’s a big deal. I am a huge Gemmel fan. Flat out own everything he ever wrote. I would probably buy his grocery list if he wrote it. Congratulations .

  10. I am just psyched that Jim is writing something for your MHI anthology. I mean, I would have purchased it anyway, but that is pretty epic.

  11. I wonder if most of Larry’s fans read his entire body of work or just the series they like. I listen to everything so the fact it will be years between new instalments between new books in a series is fine for me because there always something new in the pike I’m going to love but if you are in an individual fan you must be hurting. I’m just glad that Larry isn’t using a ghost writer to meet demand, which I’m sure he’s popular enough to do, you can tell everything coming from his boundless imagination because we have to wait for it.

    1. When Larry needs a ghost writer, he skips the little guys and goes for the Ghost writer; John Ringo ; )

        1. Mike Harmon: (looks at Julie Shackleford) Hmmm, hot librarian, I could go for that and the harem wouldn’t mind… (Sees Owen Z. Pitt walk into the room and put his hand on Julie’s shoulder) Nopenopenope.

          1. MH: (hears Owen ask Julie about the new sniper rifle she was trying out. ) Double nopenopenope(shudders)

  12. Absolutely can’t wait for the anthologies book! Butcher and Maberry (and so many others) playing in the MHI universe? Yes please! 🙂

    Looks like it’s going to be a good year of reading ! \m/ >_< \m/

  13. Can’t wait for all the MHI stories. I hope Audible releases Oliver Wyman read versions of all of them even the short stories. I would buy them all.

  14. After watching the pilot of the new Japan/Taiwan co-production THUNDERBOLT FANTASY, let me be the first to suggest that the inevitable smash hit adaptation of SAGA OF THE FORGOTTEN WARRIOR into another medium be done with insanely intricate action puppets. (Because action puppets are -awesome-, that’s why.)

  15. You know what’s missing here though? Burning Throne and Drowning Empire! Now that was some great fan-fiction!

    And yes, I know Larry put down the best from Writer Game Night, but the work stands as a whole!

  16. Well, guess I’ll be sending you some more ammo money soon.

    Also, if I may ask, does Mr Wright’s story in the MHI anthology revolve around the Vatican’s hunters that appeared in Nemesis?

    1. No. John is writing about British hunters during the 80s. Steve Diamond is writing about Vatican hunters.

  17. If MH#6 is going to be about retrieving the missing hunters, I would suggest MH Redemption for a title. Owen still probably feels guilty about leaving Loco behind and will get his ass thoroughly kicked multiple times to get him and the others back.

  18. Just a quibble: Your list makes “Instruments of War” appear as short story, when it’s something longer.

    1. A few of those are actually novellas, but I just lumped everything shorter than novels together for simplicity’s sake.

  19. Looking forward to throwing another bucket of cash your way. Not even a little conflicted about it, really enjoy the stories. Thanks!

  20. It’s going to be painful waiting a whole nother year for a follow-up to Son of the Black Sword. Good thing there’s so much other great stuff to look forward to along with it!

    1. How about I keep talking, then you buy my entertainment products at a retail establishment? 🙂

  21. Can’t wait for all of these!

    Also, let me please add one more plea for more Harbinger stories – MH: Alpha is my favorite of all the books, and there’s SOOO much potential material in Earl’s life story!

  22. Do you know if Urban Allies is going to come out on Audiobook? I’ve been driving so much its become my default way to consume books.

  23. If Peacekeepers is the one I’m thinking of that you teased like five years ago about a TV reality show where teams compete to overthrow a third world African nation, I can only say, move that up in the priority.

  24. Questions on the financial side of things for the co-written stuff in your universes. Feel free to tell me to mind my own bidness. How are the royalties split? 50%-50%, X% to you, Y% to them? Are your deals with the different writers the same, or different in each case?

    1. Not relevant to the entertainment factor provided. I’m not privy to how much the oil company gets when I put gas in my car, neither do I know how much the same oil company gets when I buy a Twinkie. (That’s a joke, right there.)
      I’ve contributed my mite to the purchase of Moose Mountain, and will continue. Larry writes good stuff. Too Bad he’s not a RealWriter™.

  25. I’d just like to say I read your story “Shooter Ready” in the Galactic Games anthology and I really enjoyed it, even if it took me a moment to get the ending. You should write more SF.

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