8 thoughts on “Gemmell Awards Voting Closes Soon, Any Fan Can Vote”

    1. I’ve got a link in the middle of the post. I click on it and it takes me there. Don’t know why you aren’t seeing it.

      1. Yes. I followed the link in the blog post to the voting tab, which gave me the opportunity to vote on the Morningstar and the Ravenheart Awards (and I voted for the cover art on Son of the Black Sword).
        However, no voting option for the Legend was offered. Likewise when following the link in your comment (above), which takes me to the Home Page, clicking on the voting tab now (still?) only offers me an opportunity to vote on the Morningstar.
        Perhaps “because computers”?
        Sorry, I did try, because I liked what you did with SotBS and look forward to the sequels. I suppose a D List nonentity like you will just have add my mite to the large piles of money you sleep on [BEG].
        Best regards.

        1. I see:
          Thanks for voting!
          (Vote for Morningstar)
          Thanks for voting!

          So maybe you voted before, and can’t vote twice?

          1. Not being able to vote twice would make sense, to stop people gaming the system, but I hadn’t heard of the opportunity until Larry blogged, and only voted (once) thereafter.
            I’m going to go with “because computers” as the most plausible explanation, and hope Larry is satisfied that the author gets paid. [G]

          2. Hmmm… I think for some reason when I put that link, you are seeing my personal results page. Because I voted for the other categories, but didn’t vote for Morningstar because I didn’t know enough about them.

  1. Voted for The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher because it was my favorite book of the year. Voted for your book on Cover Art which I thought was excellent.

    Thanks for alerting us to the opportunity!

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