12 thoughts on “Sign Up to Vote in the Dragon Awards”

  1. I don’t get it. If they let ANYONE sign up, how do they tell the tru-fans from the common Shire folk? And the idea of everyone’s vote counting equally is just crazy talk. I signed up anyway of course, because the idea is just crazy enough to work.

  2. Just a side note: If you haven’t read Dave Freer’s Changeling Island, get a copy and consider it for the best YA of the year. I only mention it because it’s my favourite SF&F YA of 2016 (and there’s a lot of good stuff, including a new John Flannagan).

    In the same line Royden Lepp’s Rust graphic novel series had a new book out, if you’re looking for great story and beautiful art, that doesn’t go either grey-goo or quick-inducing Sexx0rs-n-swearing.

    And a shout out for Son of the Black Sword for fantasy, though there’s also Iron Chamber of Memory by Mr. Wright. Between Baen and indie, we’re spoiled for choice for these awards. Doesn’t that make a nice change?

  3. Good for you, Larry! I’m amazed you had the time to post this what with you being hounded through Sarah’s blog in the Running of the Fans.…

    1. Among other things, they claim it is being manipulated by those evil puppies who are just a small group of people who are vanishing but can still control a convention 10 times the size of worldcon. They also claim an award that is held at said convention (which again is 10 times the size of worldcon) won’t be as “prestigious” as the Hugos, so it doesn’t matter. At the same time, they are pissed it’s happening anyway. This sjw stuff is a special kind of crazy.

  4. It looks like the nominations phase ends in 4 days, so if you’re going to nominate, make sure you do it soon.

      1. The nomination page AND the “Candidate FAQ” both say July 25th for the nomination deadline, but the “Fan FAQ” page lists JUNE 25th as the deadline. I think that the “June 25th” one was likely a mistake and that the real deadline is July 25th, but it’s not surprising that anyone who’s seen only the Fan FAQ page would be confused.

  5. I’m a little bummed that the eligibility period is 7/15-6-16. Daredevil Season 1, Episode 2, was one of the best TV episodes for a comic book character, and I don’t think it’s winning awards for anything.

    1. The one thing they are doing wrong with the awards is the nomination period, IMO. Most awards don’t have the eligibility period overlap with the nomination period like these awards do – or at least not to the extent.

      And, there’s been errors from day one on what the nomination eligibility period actually was. When I signed up to nominate, the FAQs WOULD NOT OPEN, and the question marks to the side of each category had DIFFERENT nomination start periods than the FAQs would later state. The first 2 or 3 stated an eligibility period starting at the beginning of of 2015, and ending 3/1/16; and the rest had eligibility ending 2/1/16, and starting either 1/1/15 or 2/1/15. As a result, half of my nominations came from outside the “actual” nomination period – and I couldn’t change what I’d entered.

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