Signed Copies of Grunge

Normally I go to Uncle Hugos once a year and sign a ton of books, but no US book tour this year because I already took too much time off for the European tour. But you guys love getting autographed copies of stuff from Uncle Hugos and Grunge is coming out, so I am signing several cases of books and then shipping them there.

However, this is just my signature, not Ringo’s. To get his signature you are going to have to track him down in the wild. That said, if you want both of our signatures, the best thing to do is order one of these copies from Uncle Hugo, and take that one to wherever you are going to see Ringo at. Like DragonCon, which I’m not going to be at this year because it is the same weekend as my local Salt Lake City ComicCon.

Self Defense is a Human Right
I've got a story in Galactic Games from Baen

11 thoughts on “Signed Copies of Grunge”

  1. No Uncle Hugos signing? I am disappoint. I’ll be sure to pick up a signed copy there, though!

  2. Just looked to see if these were available on Monday. Glad to see I’m able to get one, sad your not stopping in this year.

    1. I would rather hunt Earl Harbenger in the wild. Earl would only kill you. Ringo would kill you and … oh, John Ringo, no

  3. I picture Ringo living off the grid; way, way off the grid. On his own grid, in fact. One that is patrolled by armed, robotic dogs.

    1. Steyr weaponry readily at hand, sipping the latest attempt to create “Mountain Tiger” brew in real life, as he listens to his custom playlist and attempts to prod his muse into fully manifesting one more…

  4. Can’t blame you at all for skipping DragonCon for your home con, but still disappointed you won’t be there this year!

  5. All you need are some hot blondes with big boobs, and the wild Ringo will come to you. 🙂

    1. Personally, I’d just love to see the results of a meeting between Julie Shackleford Pitt and the Kildar. It starts with a tasteless pun about the former’s name, and by the time it’s over they’re carrying the latter out in a mop bucket.

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