I’ve got a story in Galactic Games from Baen

I’ve got a story in the new anthology Galactic Games from Baen. It is out now.

This is a sci-fi sports anthology put together by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (who is editing the MHI anthology with me), and it features a bunch of really good authors.

My story is called Shooter Ready. And you can guess by the title that I used the only sport that I’ve ever actually been good at. Only this is future 3gun, and it is the story of the last unaugmented human being to compete in open class against cyborgs, genetically engineered post humans, and robots designed to be SWAT teams by themselves.

I get into the real life mental game of speed shooting, but really, this is a sci-fi story about a man who doesn’t know how to quit. I’m proud of this story.

Bryan asked me if I would be willing to Book Bomb this one, and originally I was going to because I think he puts together some fantastic anthologies, but then I ran up against the rule that I’m not allowed to Book Bomb myself, and I’m in here. BBs are for me to help other writers, and the second I help myself with one, I know it’ll rile up the poo flingers. BBs work because people are enthusiastic and they’ve got a good rep. The last thing I need is a bunch of drooling imbeciles throwing fits because they hate my guts and tainting the concept. Regulars know which bunch I’m talking about.

So this is not a Book Bomb, but consider it a plug. As in go and buy this because it is going to be awesome. Look at that list of names. That’s some serious talent (even if a couple of them don’t like me, they’re still talented)

But come to think of it, this isn’t officially a BOOK BOMB but IF YOU WANT TO SHARE IT I CAN’T STOP YOU. 🙂

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28 thoughts on “I’ve got a story in Galactic Games from Baen”

  1. Apparently, Amazon doesn’t consider you “best selling” enough to include you in the promo blurb (nor a “legend”). Oh well, perhaps if you were a “real author”TM. At least you’re listed.

    You’re legendary to all of us Mormon accountant 2A types.

  2. Well, I figured one more book of yours with something in it couldn’t hurt. I am intrigued by the future of 3 Gun Shooting.

  3. Downloading on my Kindle… gotta keep you guys employed and happy so I can get more reading material!

  4. I’ve always thought that a Romulan vs. Federation hockey match would be a lot of fun in short story form. It’d be great to hear about battles for the puck deep in the Neutral Zone. Could make it a bit like the 1980 Miracle on Ice… UFP! UFP! UFP!

  5. Martin’s in there, huh? I wonder how many people get brutally rape-murdered in his story.

    I tried GoT, I really did. But … dang. I just can’t. My sanity can’t handle any more glimpses into that man’s soul.

    This is kind of what makes most anthologies library-not-buy books for me. I may love one or two of the authors, but the rest I usually either don’t like or feel ‘meh’ about. I’m pretty sure this is because I’m just hard to please.

    I’m still buying the MHI anthology and the Urban Allies anthology, of course. Because MHI and crossovers FTW.

    1. They are just stories. If books are a glimps into an authors soul I know some that need to get a straight jacket ASAP *cough* Paladin of Shadows*cough*

      1. You can tell a lot about a person from the stories they choose to write. Sometimes more than you can tell from casually knowing that person in real life.

    2. How many get raped? Zero. It’s from 1974, so it’s even before Wild Cards, let alone Game of Thrones. I read “Run to Starlight” back in High School, in an anthology of the same name. It’s actually not far off from the above Miracle of Ice reference, despite predating Lake Placid.

    3. Keep in mind GoT isn’t his only stuff. Try Wild Cards, it rocks.

      …And now I’m wondering what Larry could do with a more traditional superhero style story…

  6. All joking aside, I enjoyed it immensely and I don’t typically care for audiobooks. I would happily pay for a new installment.

    1. Hampus Eckerman on June 9, 2016 at 4:12 am said:

      But I do not really agree with the post about Military SF. I mean, this sentence:

      “But, we humans seem to crave the opportunity of combat, and this has fueled thousands of years of war stories across all media forms and likely always will. “

      I would say that most people want to avoid combat. Crave peace. They rage and rage against those total idiots that drag them into war again and again. They might be willing to send others to war, but most people will absolutely try to avoid being sent there themselves. And hate the war.

      As such, I find the most interesting Military SF being that where people want to survive, to avoid combat. I mean look at two of the greates books ever written about the military: Catch 22 and The Good Soldier Švejk. How much combat is it in them? None at all if I remember correctly. It was only about people being dragged into a strange military beauraucracy against their will.

      I have no problems with there being combat in Military SF. But it bores me if there is too much of it or if the protagonists are being glib about it (looking at you, Butcher).”

      What did Jim Butcher do, I wonder, besides being associated with us?

      1. His new series, beginning with The Aeronaut’s windlass, partially follows the captain and crew of a privateer airship.

      2. If he is bothered by military protagonists being glib, then he has never known anybody in the military.

        1. The stuff that guy doesn’t know would fill libraries. Every soldier I ever met who saw the elephant was anything but glib about it.

          I’ve never seen that elephant, for which I give thanks regularly.

          1. Update, Mr. Eckerman has excelled himself with some truly epic SJWisms about Orlando, at a site I will not link to here, nor mention by name.

            But he lurks here all the time, and he knows what I’m talking about.

  7. I’m looking forward to this. I’ll get a copy before I go on vacation later this year, unless it comes out in audio first, then I’ll listen while commuting.

    If Resnick’s story is the same one that was in “Birthright – the Book of Man”, then it seems like they’re picking great stories. That one has stuck with me for years.

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