The JP Cazador MHI rifle is in Guns & Ammo

Pick up this issue, out now.


And this article is in it.


That is my gun. Literally. 🙂

You can order your Cazador here but heads up, JP makes the nicest ARs in the business, so they are not cheap.  However, JP also offers MHI or MCB logo engraving on any of their stripped lowers if you want to build your own.


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31 thoughts on “The JP Cazador MHI rifle is in Guns & Ammo”

  1. Now Larry, even if you have somehow managed to avoid seeing Full Metal Jacket at any point in your life, you should still know better. That is your RIFLE. Only a very, very different kind of magazine would print a picture of your gun!

    1. I’m not a Marine. I can call a gun a gun and R. Lee Ermey won’t appear and yell at me. 🙂

      1. But if you COULD make R. Lee Ermey appear and yell at you by saying a word … are you saying you’d never try it?

        1. Anyone have the Gunny’s e-mail address? That man needs a free copy of Tom Stranger to listen to…

      2. Just so long as you don’t have your characters carrying these guns aboard a two-man “ship” we’re good.

  2. That is seriously badass.

    I’d buy one, but then I would have to enjoy it in jail. Because Canada.

          1. Me too. And I work in a call center. He’s got the manager pegged and the shackles might as well be there too. Employment may be finally changing though. Had a positive interview.

        1. The official name is The People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Spent the first 40 years of my life there.

    1. I would… except impecunious.

      I suppose that’s not as bad though, because finding ways to make more money is probably easier than moving out of Canada…

      1. Can’t afford it. I’m so thrifty not sure how much money I’d have to have before I spent that much on one rifle.

    2. Anyone wants to buy one who lives where they’re illegal, I’ll keep it safe for you. Promise. 😉

  3. Larry, have you fired this yet? Like an actual production model? Reviews? Just curious as I live in MA so I need to live vicariously through the internet.

    1. Nope. It went from the factory to SHOT, to G&A, now it is back at the factory for some finishing touches, and then it is coming to me.

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