31 thoughts on “Tom Stranger is #1 on Audible and #1 in Customer Satisfaction!”

  1. Top 3 moments:

    3: Adam Baldwin voicing President Adam Baldwin.

    2: Adam Baldwin voicing ILOH Correa.

    3: Adam Baldwin voicing a spokes-manatee.

    Hoooon indeed, Wendell, hooooon indeed.

  2. Out of curiosity who’s idea was it to do the Tom Stranger audio book? Did audible aproch you, wanting to do it, or was it Adam Baldwin idea to do it?

    1. I introduced Adam to the people at Audible. They spoke and Adam agreed to do a project. Audible asked if I would be willing to do an another exclusive novella for them for Adam to narrate. I made a few suggestions, but they asked for Tom Stranger specifically, so I took the old short stories and mashed them into one (sort of coherent) form, specifically with the idea that Adam was narrating.

      1. Is there a way we can send fan mail/appreciation to Mr. Baldwin? He really did a stand-up job. That, and he’s just generally awesome.

  3. I read it a while back on the blog, but after my wife found me listening to the first chapter, I’m not allowed to listen to more of this hit audiobook of yours without her.

  4. Being free helped I’m sure, but being totally awesome was what really did it. I mean a free crap sandwich is still a crap sandwich. You aren’t going to sell many of those at any price. The next Tom Stranger adventure on the other hand, will have folks throwing their money at you.

  5. I downloaded it and listened to it with my 11 year old. I have never heard him laugh so much. He has listened to it 3 times now. He loved the Secretary of defense at the beginning.

  6. Mrs Headbutt and I listened to it during a long-distance drive Saturday. She’s Canadian, so she growled at you over the “what’s Canada?” bit, but you made up for it with the Firefly gags. Adam Baldwin has my vote in 2020; bring on the Libertarian Cowboy Revolution!

    1. Heck, there’s still time for him to get in on this election, isn’t there? If there was ever a year for a third option to swoop in and get elected, seems like it’s this one.

  7. Tom Stranger is absolutely one of the most fun audible titles I have listened to. Strong work; tell your squad leader.

  8. Thank you for this audiobook, Larry. Your writing and Adam’s narration were such an incredible combination. It was the funniest thing I have heard / read in ages! I have loved all of your books, but I’m thinking we need more of this kind of ridiculous hilarity.

  9. Someone is going through and systematically downvoting every positive review on audible. Seriously. Even the new ones all have one “unhelpful” vote.

    1. Pretty sad. Have they nothing better to do with their lives than to try and hurt Larry’s sales?

    2. That doesn’t surprise me. I just assumed that any positive reviews on the usual places would get downvoted by haters. I do wonder why anyone who so clearly hates an author would take the time to do that, but I guess trolls have no life.

  10. I only have one nitpick with the story… How can JImmy who’s never heard of Conundrum & Company knows the lyrics to their commercial jingle lyrics?

    1. “That’s a spicy meatball.” If you’re of a certain age, you’ll know the catch phrase…but not what they’re selling. Life is weird, like that, sometimes.

    2. That one threw me a bit as well, but there’s two things in the story that explain it. A) the jingle only mentions normal things, so it’s very likely he sells normal insurance on Jimmy’s home planet. B) it’s also pretty much confirmed when Conundrum tells tom that on this planet he got heath insurance mandatory on that planet.

      1. Clearly Conundrum is diversified in the polices they offer. The jingle advertises boat and malpractice insurance, the call center does car insurance rate quotes, and he invented Obamacare.

    3. Easy, after travelling through a giant space battle, while drunk and stoned, Jimmy met Jeff (while surrounded by purple people eaters), and did not immediately make the connection with the Conundrum & Company insurance commercials on his home planet. As Tom noted, Jimmy wasn’t super quick on the uptake.

  11. I’ve loved your stories and have had a crush on Adam Baldwin forever so this was a must listen. I’m now on my third pass through it and still keep snorting my coffee. Great job both of you. Thanks.

    Did you and Adam know each other when you first wrote this?

  12. I give “The Adventures of Tom Stranger Interdimensional Insurance Agent” a 9.65 out of 10 on the Customer Satisfaction Index.

    -Mike, Earth 956.135E

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