Tom Stranger audiobook, narrated by Adam Baldwin, available NOW for FREE

That’s right, Junior Insurance Professionals, today is TOM STRANGER DAY.

The audiobook of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent, narrated by Adam Baldwin, is available NOW for FREE.


Have you ever seen a planet invaded by rampaging space mutants from another dimension or Nazi dinosaurs from the future?

Don’t let this happen to you!

Rifts happen, so you should be ready when universes collide. A policy with Stranger & Stranger can cover all of your interdimensional insurance needs. Rated “Number One in Customer Satisfaction” for three years running, no claim is too big or too weird for Tom Stranger to handle.

But now Tom faces his greatest challenge yet. Despite being assigned the wrong – and woefully inadequate – intern, Tom must still provide quality customer service to multiple alternate Earths, all while battling tentacle monsters, legions of the damned, an evil call center in Nebraska, and his archnemesis, Jeff Conundrum. Armed with his Combat Wombat and a sense of fair play, can Tom survive? And will Jimmy the Intern ever discover his inner insurance agent?

It’s time to kick ass and adjust claims.

Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck) performs Larry Correia’s madcap interdimensional tale of underwriting and space travel, where the only thing scarier than tentacle monsters is a high deductible.

The Adventures of Tom Stranger is free until June 21, 2016.

©2016 Larry Correia (P)2016 Audible, Inc.

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25 thoughts on “Tom Stranger audiobook, narrated by Adam Baldwin, available NOW for FREE”

  1. Just finished it, it was an awesome fun ride, with so many lines that must have been extremely satisfying for Adam to read out. I was surprised by Adam’s range of voices, and how well he gave life to each character, but then again, he is a great actor. The scene with the kneecaped balrog probably had me laughing the hardest.

  2. It’s meta as hell. Adam Baldwin narrating Tom Stranger interacting with President Adam Baldwin, using CorreiaTech gears…

  3. Hilarious and what a great performance by Adam! So many ways to poke fun at all sorts of different targets.

  4. I left a review on Amazon.

    Oh Emm Gee, that was good. When I Ell Oh Elled, there was actual audible laughter-like noises being emitted. It was Monty Python enjoyable.

    Please tell me Adam is in the running to be Sam Haven in the series, NDAs permitting.

    Now, what I wanna know is: Who is going to pair up with Oliver Wyman to do “Tanya, Princess of the Elves”? As much as I enjoy his read of MHI, MHV, MHA, MHL, his Holly, Julie and Susan voices leave something to be desired. Pair him up with someone to do Tanya’s whiny elf princess voice and internal thought processes, and that’s some frickin’ gold, right there.

    By the by, my second grader listened to the entire MHI Audible production, so I let him put it on record for a school book report. When you have a long commute to schools and work, monster hunters on audiobook are much preferable to kids in the back seat experimentally determining how hard must they thump each other before tears start.

  5. I’m three chapters into it and have been giggling like a deranged schoolboy the whole way. Gloriously. Insane. I damned nearly fell out of my chair when Adam was reading Wendell’s lines . . .

  6. Enjoyable, the narration really makes is go. I confess that I sought out the one star reviews for an extra bit of fun.

    1. Notice that every single one of them complains about my offensive sense of humor for treading on their sacred politics. 🙂

    2. I found a few, Larry is a tool, Larry is a right wing gun nut, blah blah blah. There was even one where the reviewer said that Larry was stroking his ego by putting himself in the story. Ah dude needs to go read the Dark Tower books.
      Oh the best was the guy who bitched about the unnecessary Obama bashing at the end. By the way why is there no mention of Adam and the TV show The Last Ship? Adam and John Pyper-Ferguson make that show.

  7. So stinking great…as a would-be intern at Correiatech, all I can say is I would provide excellent customer service.

  8. This is awesome, but I suspect it’s a trap. The next one won’t be free, but I’ll throw my money at you to get it anyway. Thanks Larry.

  9. Loved some of the in-joke references that only MHN denizens (inmates?) would understand, like melon-ballers and CM. So, will there be a second?

  10. Truly good- terrific humor. “I’m here to kick ass and take claims!”. Thank you for the free book, Larry!

  11. Also, it looks like you are getting closer to being a real writer, as you seem to have acquired a celebrity bff just like Scalzi. Sure Adam Baldwin is no T.V.’s Wil Wheaton (the kid actor who did Stand By Me, Star Trek The Next Generation, and……………yeah I can’t think of anything else either) but it’s a start. Real soon now, you’ll be allowed to sit at the cool kids table. In the mean time, you’ll just have to suffer in obscurity in your mountain fortress.

  12. What an awesome listen! I listen through earbuds at work and I have laughed out loud so much this morning, I have co-workers downloading it now to listen. MHI is my family’s road trip “goto” listen, but Tom and his intern would be a great addition! Adam Baldwin was amazing. I had no idea he has such versatile voice skills. Thank you for making a my morning less dreary! BTW, you can’ t change Earl and Owen’s voices, it just wouldn’t be the same, but I would love to hear Adam do some of the others. What an amazing ride you are on Larry Correia!

  13. As someone who has nearly all of your books on Audible (only one I’m missing I actually read the old fashioned way), I noticed that I had grabbed this (hadn’t even realized it…knee-jerk aquisition of all things Correia-related). Just finished it and completely loved it. Thank you for the fun ride, and hoping for more in the future. Now on to ‘Into the Storm’.

  14. A really fun work. Did you know that Tom had a predecessor? A 1955 novel, “Preferred Risk” by Fred Pohl and Lester Del Rey, writing as “Edson McCann” is set in a future dominated by insurance companies and features a claims adjuster as the main protagonist. I’m afraid it is not nearly as good as this.

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