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  1. Welcome back.

    Some stunning news from the other day. Apparently Damien agrees with Larry that the Hugos are no longer a popular award and are dominated by a small clique of writers and publishers! Of course, the Village Idiot has been railing against the strawman version of Sad Puppies for so long, he’ll never realize that he’s echoing what Larry has already said.


    1. Heh. I note that he defines “conservative” in science fiction writing as “actually contains science fiction.” Science fiction by conservative authors is “right wing” or even (the horror. the horror.) libertarian.

      Humpty-Dumpty would be so proud.

    2. And the Hugo Nominations wouldn’t “Lack Diversity” so much if Larry hadn’t self-disqualified the Portugeese Murder Hobo authors, along with the Portugeese Cis-Gendered Hetero-Normative Facists.

    3. Happily, the unofficial sequel to “If you were a Dinosaur, my love” was nominated: “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” by Chuck Tingle.

  2. Welcome Home!
    I would love to hear what you can say about MH:Memoirs books (when you get a chance). Thanks!

  3. Got a photo and a signed copy of MHI and Son of the Black Sword while you were in London, Larry. Must say, it was a great (and unexpected) gift on my 25th birthday.

    Don’t be a stranger and come back soon!

    1. Okay, so here’s my bet for the Puppy-kicker’s picks
      Best Novel: Ancillary Mercy
      Novella: No Award/Binti
      Novelette: No Award
      Short Story: No Award
      Related Work: No Award
      Graphic Story: No Award
      Dramatic Presentation (Long Form): Mad Max: Fury Road, although if they’re smart they’ll plump for SW:TFA
      Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): Jessica Jones, “AKA Smile”
      Best Editor (Short Form): Neil Clarke
      Best Editor (Long Form): Liz Gorinsky
      Best Professional Artist: No Award
      Best Semiprozine: Uncanny Magazine
      Best Fanzine: No Award
      Best Fancast: No Award
      Best Fan Writer: Mike Glyer
      Campbell Award: If they’re smart, Andy Weir (Although if they’re really smart, they’ll bribe him to decline.)

    2. Considering the way the SP list worked this year, I don’t see how any works can really be said to have been SP works. The SP list was just a collection of recs by whoever stopped by the SP blog and recced something, rather than a collection of works being chosen by a handful of people. In my mind, this made the SP list so random as to not mean much (because who’s to say I have the same taste as the people who stopped by, as opposed to previous years where I could at least go, “Well, I like this author and he’s reccing these books, so maybe I’ll like them.”) and yet the SP opponents saw no distinction (and didn’t bother to look) between this and a “slate”. Which, IMO, kind of made this year’s way of doing things less effective on both ends.

      But really, they should just rename the Hugos the SJW Lockstep Awards, because they’ve made it pretty clear by now that’s all they are.

  4. At least some of what the puppies are claiming victory for would have been nominated anyway. You really think a Neil Gaiman Sandman graphic novel needed the puppies? Seveneves and Uprooted had lots of good word on Goodreads and Amazon as well. And I doubt Bujold (one of those women who won five Hugos back in the terrible 90s when women didn’t win Hugos) needed assistance either.

    I’m so far behind on my reading, I could only vote for a few things, eg Uprooted, the dramatic presentations, Andy Weir for the Campbell, a few others. Kind of bummed Daredevil Season 1 didn’t get nominated, but the competition was pretty good. Don’t think I’ll bother voting on the Hugos. For one thing, the publisher won’t include the entire Jim Butcher novel in the packet. For another, I joined the ranks of the armed today with the purchase of a Ruger 10/22. Ammo has finally come down in price and I’d rather buy that.

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