Into The Wild

Jack Wylder here. Did you ever read Larry’s

If so, you know how awesome it was reading Correia write essentially the Dirty Dozen in a Fantasy setting. It’s obvious he had a lot of fun writing in this world and that really comes through in the story. So today the sequel is finally out:

Into the Wild (2016)

(The Malcontents Book 2)


Here’s the Amazon synopsis:

Now under the leadership of the reluctant Lieutenant Kelvan Cleasby, the Sixth Platoon of Storm Knights has been ordered to accompany an archeological expedition from the Royal Cygnaran University deep into the Wyrmwall Mountains. There, the scholarly team from the university will investigate an ancient site of potentially great historical value while the Malcontents stand around playing bodyguards and wishing for just a little excitement.

But what seems a simple enough assignment rapidly turns into a test of the platoon’s survival skills—a seemingly abandoned fort, the lone survivor of a horrifying attack, and a ferociously territorial tribe may be more than even the Malcontents can handle. And even once they know the monsters they face, escape may well be impossible—it’s never as easy to get out as it is to get into the wild.

* * * * *

So if you’ve already read the first I don’t have to say anything else about it, but if you haven’t read the first- you really should! You do NOT have to have any preexisting knowledge of the setting and it will definitely help tide you over until the next MHI installment 😉

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26 thoughts on “Into The Wild”

  1. Can you tell me.. If i want to understand this series, Should I read the other stories from other authors listed on Goodreads? Or Correia’s are enough/standalone?

  2. Hum, isn’t this due to come out on 04/26? Oh well, something to read after getting wrecked by State of California Franchise Tax Board this year.

    1. Looks like the audiobook at audible is coming out 4/26, but you can get the kindle version now. I’ll wait a few days for the audio.

  3. Thanks! Just finishing The Golden Age again, was hoping there would be something here.

    Also started some of the Puppy slate, found Honor At Stake a bit choppy so far, could be edited a little more tightly, has potential though.

  4. The Dirty Dozen
    The Dirty Half Dozen
    Three to Kill
    You and Me
    Who, Me?

    So we know how long this series will run.

  5. Anyone have the link to the article when Correia was dicing up that gal who was trying to pull popularity rank on him?

  6. Finished Into the Wild, nice work Larry, really enjoyed that, writing is very tight, the action is awesome, definitely the best new novel I’ve read since Somewhither. Look forward to more of these!

    1. The first book was The Dirty Dozen in Iron Kingdoms. This one is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in Iron Kingdoms. Where will Larry take the Malcontent to next?

  7. This writing in multiple universes thing is getting very Ringo-ian, you know! MHI, HM and now Into-verse. I am buying all, natch.

  8. Hey Larry… I’m probably the 500th person to point it out to you, but Rock Island Auction Co. has something that might look good in your gun cabinet – one of Brigham Young’s revolvers, with what RIA claims is “unimpeachable” provenance.

    Someone else gets it, it’ll probably rot in some display case.

    “Is gun. Is made to shoot.” That’s likely what Young bought it for, anyway.

    1. It wouldn’t look as good as another Abomination. Or a Pinkie Pie Barrett .50 BMG Party Cannon with retractable silver-inlaid bayonet.

  9. Bought it, read it, loved it. I did read “Into the Storm” first, though.
    It was an excellent story. Larry does an amazing job of capturing the nuances of Army life.

  10. Wonderful follow up to Into the Storm. And just prior to listening to this book (I have long commute), I was listening to Monster Hunter Alpha, so it’s highly illuminating to see differences in leadership between the books.

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