Win an autographed copy of Son of the Black Sword

Baen is having a little contest. All you need to do is post your favorite quote from one of my books at the link. Not here. This isn’t the contest. 🙂

Happy Monday everyone! It's time for another contest, and this week is really special. Once upon a time (last year) we…

Posted by Baen Books on Monday, March 21, 2016


Larry high res

The Guardian's Village Idiot Declares Another Career Ruined
Salt Lake City FanX this week

11 thoughts on “Win an autographed copy of Son of the Black Sword”

  1. How could any quote beat the first paragraph from your first book?

    “On one otherwise normal Tuesday evening I had the chance to live the American dream. I was able to throw my incompetent jackass of a boss from a fourteenth-story window.”

    It defiantly made we want to read the second paragraph.

  2. I already have a free signed copy of SOTBS, I assume the cash I forked over at SHOT was the rental for holding the JP Enterprises MHI rifle!

  3. I see that you are going to be on an episode of Michael Bane’s “Gun Stories” with Joe Mantegna. That is Awesome and should be a great episode. Michael also mentions your “Son of the Black Sword” in his most recent post at his blog.

  4. Larry,

    OT – Since you (1) are a resident of the Great State of Utah, (2) have more than two brain cells to rub together, and (3) have been guilty of astute political analysis in the past, would you care to speculate about why Trump is polling so badly in Utah and Idaho, when compared to other places?

    Are Utahns and Idahoans better at seeing through Trump’s huckster populist demagogue[ry]? Has Trump done something to offend the large LDS contingent in both those states? Did Mitt Romney’s criticism do that much damage?

    Inquiring minds, etc.


    1. It is a combination of things to explain why LDS voters don’t like him. I don’t think the Romney thing did that much here. I think he was really disliked long before that.

      First off, Mormons tend to be more educated. Across the board for the whole US, the more education, the less likely they are to support Trump. That’s just demographics.

      Second, devout Mormons tend to be very small government, pro religious liberty. Keep in mind that in US history, when the government has steam rolled a particular religion, it was probably us. We’ve got a bad track record with authoritarians.

      Third, westerners must just be better at recognizing carpet bagging yankees than southerners are. 😀

      Fourth, on the actual issues he sucks. I don’t know why my people are better at seeing it than some other demographics. But his track record is crap.

      1. Thanks, that all makes sense.

        Between my LDS colleagues, and my study of history, I’m probably more familiar with the history of the Church (and its shabby treatment at the hands of the and its gentile fellow-citizens) than most non-LDS Americans.

        The car I drove all through the 90s had a single bumper sticker: “Is your church BATF approved?”

    1. That’s why I put my favorite quote here. His post made me think of my favorite quote, but I had no intention of joining Facebook just to post it.

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