Series II Challenge Coins: Update VIII

Hey all, the errant and elusive Jack Wylder here, returned from the wilds once more to make an announcement- all orders have now officially shipped. (Including the ones held up by the patches.) If you haven’t gotten your order by this point you need to shoot me an email so I can look up the tracking number on it. I’m going to give it a week or so and let Larry spread the word but we are not going to do this thing again where people email me and say ‘oh yeah I never got my order from 3 years ago- do you still have the tracking number?’ Speak now or forever hold your piece errr peace.
What this means for most of you:

  • The store will be re-opening very soon so you can once again order patches.
  • All extra coins will be sold off on a first come, first served basis. My plan is to offer up full sets first- once those are gone or everyone who wants one has gotten them, THEN I will open up any remaining designs on a one off basis. (Selling 12 coins on one order is much preferred to packaging 12 orders. After this last run of coins I’m about shipped out and not really looking forward to getting into another shipping frenzy…)
  • Remember when I told you about the vast and cavernous CorreiaTech warehouses? On a recent expedition into the heart of one I made a discovery that is sure to cause a mild freak out when announced. Let’s just say there are going to be some happy campers when all is said and done.(Yes, I am teasing this and yes I am a bastard for doing so. Daimyo in the Evil Legion of Evil, remember?)
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31 thoughts on “Series II Challenge Coins: Update VIII”

  1. Damn you Mr. Wylder! I now have to save my pennies to make sure I can take part in the surprise you tease…. 🙂


        Also, are there going to be any more DaVinci of Destruction coins? I want to get one for my armorer husband.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work, Jack. (My 2nd pPUFFx tag finally arrived and was worth the wait.)

    The coins are impressively large and heavy; they feel more “real” than most actual money! The designs are colorful, attractive, and flawlessly executed.

    Will definitely order more in the future.

    My wife wore her pPUFFx tag on a bead chain to a recent con, and caught many an eye. At the same con, I was able to throw down my ILoH /Wendell coin when Larry was describing the project to another fan. Good times!

      1. waaaah, no more PUFF exemptions! Even the pPuff. Missed it. lol, oh well that’s what I get for living in a different time zone and being busy.

        I hope you’re going to keep making those MHI coins and the ILOH ones!

  3. All gone!!!!!!!
    I was able to get the first set, but was away overseas when the second set came out and had no internet. now they’re up for sale in the shop and sold out, so looks like i missed out big time.

  4. Of all the times to fail to check this site…I just came into some cash that would’ve been just perfect for this cause…dang nabbit. No PUFF exemption for me! (Maybe I’m one of those “superterrifyingbadass” monsters no one is crazy enough to try to collect a PUFF bounty on? Yeah, I’ll go with that.) Out of curiosity, would it be wildly unacceptable and inappropriate for someone (hypothetically) like me to try and find a craftsman (jewler? coiner? -izzat even a word?- something else?) willing to try their hand at replicating a couple of those designs (like, say, hypothetically speaking, the PUFF exemption one)? If you’ve answered this question before, I’m very sorry, but I looked and couldn’t find a place where it had been asked. I’m mostly asking because I’m positive the designs involved are copyrighted, and I didn’t want to (hypothetically, heh) risk crossing a line and simultaneously pissing off one of my favorite authors. I just couldn’t find the cash to order (either time) when orders were being accepted, but I was wondering if I could maybe still have something similar if I was able to afford it at a future date…but not if Larry would consider it unacceptable, obviously! Umm…this is already long, and if I wait much longer I’ll chicken out and not post it, so I’m going to stop here and hope I haven’t dug myself too big of a hole by asking this question. *weak smile*

  5. I know i speak for others when I say %#@*$&. have been watching for this to pop up with a devotion that borders on maniacal. To miss the chance for a full set and a silver tag due to “life” is beyond frustrating. ebay dont fail me now.

  6. The PPUFF is terrific looking, and terrific feeling. It’s nice and solid. Which leads me to …

    I know you’re looking forward to ideas for Series III. I just know it! So here’s my idea: Embedded USB flash drive. Super!

    1. I am looking for the original MHI coin from the first run of coins or the MHI Smiley from this set. My timing on both sets has been horrible and I have missed out. I am an avid coin collector and would be willing to pay or trade something from my collection in order to obtain one of these two coins. Email me at if you are willing to discuss a deal. Thanks Chris

  7. Pushed hard last weekend to get as many packaged and out the door at I could; managed to get just over half the 42 pending orders out. Sat down to finish up this weekend- 65+ orders. Emails asking about your order don’t help- the only consolation I can give you is that it’s STILL faster than when Larry was doing it himself AND he’s writing books instead of packing patches and answering emails asking about patches. So be patient folks- you WILL get your order.

    Oh- and for that one guy (you know who you are) yes, I gave you a full refund, no you can’t reorder anything, and no, I don’t care. I have no time or patience for jackassery- next time you find yourself in a situation like that, try talking to the other person with at least a modicum of politeness. I don’t work for you (& for that I am grateful.)

  8. Will there be any chance to get either or both pPUFFx tags in the future??? Please, please, please… (If begging works let me know and I will grovel until it works.)

  9. I still have not gotten my coins. I left a comment back when you posted this and no reply…. What do I need to do as i still haven’t gotten my coins….

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