My next novel release, Into the Wild

My next novel is Into the Wild, sequel to Into the Storm.

Because they are from a smaller press, these are my least well known books. That said, they’re really good, and I’m proud of them. You guys should check them out.

Here is some backstory of how I ended up working with them.

My short story, Detroit Christmas has a full cast audio drama on Audible
One Star Reviews Over Book Prices are Dumb.

31 thoughts on “My next novel release, Into the Wild”

  1. I picked up Into the Storm since Kindle recommended it because I own everything else you write…. oddly enough. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have also started reading other books from various authors in the same world. So thank you for introducing me to the world and definitely looking forward to the next book of this and the rest of the series that you write.

  2. The swordsman in the painting looks remarkably similar to the picture of the dude at the top of the page.

    That ought to put a hobnailed boot into the face of any “Marty Stu” commenters…

    1. I don’t think you are thinking enough like a professional Larry hater:

      If he doesn’t look like the guy on the cover, then it’s “oh look, Gary Stu fancies himself to be a bad-ass and he isn’t.” If he does look like the guy on the cover, then it’s “oh look, Gary Stu, put himself in it”, as if Larry has control over what the art department does. Either way, you have “proven” that Larry is the worst writer in the world.

      1. Well obviously, which is why in Son of the Black Sword I’m a battle scarred Indian looking swordsman, and in Monster Hunter Alpha I’m a hot red headed werewolf chick. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. It is funny. Acosta does look quite a bit like a buffed version of me. In fact, when I saw the cover of the first book I thought they might have done that on purpose, but no. The artist actually had no idea what I looked like when he painted it. That was just a fluke.

      The funny thing is Acosta is Ordic, which is the Warmachine world equivalent to Portuguese. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I write him as kind of a sinister version of Inigo Montoya who worships a god with a philosophy similar to Ayn Rand. Fun stuff.

  3. About fifteen minutes later, I started getting emails from the Privateer Press staff of โ€˜Whoa, you play our game?โ€™ and I was all like โ€˜Whoa, you guys read my books?โ€™โ€

    I enjoy stories like that for some reason, like when guys with Oscars talk about getting nervous when meeting guys with Oscars. I know it’s sort of stupid; why shouldn’t talented people appreciate other talented people? I guess one thing that it may convey is that they probably are passionate about their talent, rather than seeing it as just one more way to pay bills.

  4. Is this Warmachine game world sort of like Warhammer or 40K in the original steampunk?

    I never heard of before seeing the stuff on your site here, and I generally keep track of what’s out there in the geek gaming markets.

    1. It’s quite popular at my Friendly Local Game Store. You can quite frequently seeing people playing either it, or Hordes, on one of the free game tables even when it’s not the official game night for it.

      (The game has two rules sets. Warmachine came first. Hordes came second. It’s more or less the same basic game, but some of the key gameplay mechanics work slightly differently for armies in Hordes. The two rulebooks are fully compatible, though, and are frequently collectively referred to as ‘Warmahordes’).

  5. You know it’s funny, I’ve enjoyed so many LC books (audio book while shooting/driving) that I figured give into the storm a go. It was so good that I made sure my entire family got the chance to enjoy it and now my younger brother has started playing warmachine purely because of this book. I just informed my brother that this sequel is coming and we both are so excited.

  6. A recent discussion over at Dakka Dakka revolved around who ought to write Infinity fiction. About a page and a half in, I suggested that you’d be a good pick for a book focused on the lower-tech world of Ariadna. You’ve already done game fiction, you’re starting to take an interest in Infinity, and a book focusing on guns and werewolves seems like the kind of thing that would be right up your alley…

  7. I went to Audible to see if I could order this yet and found something special by Larry. I’m not sure if he’s announced it yet and don’t want to crap on that so I’m not going to mention what it is but it’s really worth a look. I mean really, really, REALLY worth a look.

    1. If you’re referring to what I think you are, I’m pretty sure that was released on the Baen website a good while back and is just new to Audible.

      1. Yeah, I just posted about Detroit Christmas. I thought he was talking about Secret Project X and I was all like, uh oh! I don’t think they’ve announced that yet! So I hurried and checked, nope. Secret Project X is still secret. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Any worries about title confusion? I’m afraid a title like that puts me personally more in mind of mentally ill neo-hippies than it does anything else. Book -Into The Wild; Movie Trailer.

    FWIW, Krakauer’s book didn’t pull punches about how this young man went more and more off the rails as he got older. Haven’t seen the movie, but the trailer seems to be glorifying “Alexander Supertramp” far more than the book did.

  9. “Into the Storm” is a gem. I just finished listening to Ray Porter’s Audible version for, I think, the third time since it came out a couple years ago. Really looking forward to the next one.

  10. I’m not really sure where to ask this so I figured on a book announcement was as good as any place.

    Have you ever had another author with absolutely abysmal sales rankings compared to you on Amazon come in and dump a 1 star review on any of your books?

    1. Not that I know of, but I do get plenty of one stars from people where it is obviously they’ve never read the book, but I don’t care enough to look at who they are. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I enjoy the reading the 1 stars. It can good entertainment. You have some hilarious ones that make me LOL when I read them imagining the person foaming at the mouth while writing it. This was a name where I was “why does that name look familiar,” and when I searched turned out to be an author. I’d actually looked at a couple of his books but never bought one.

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