My LTUE schedule this week

The annual Life, The Universe, and Everything writing conference is this week in Provo, Utah. LTUE is the best pure writing con out there. I recommend it for anybody who wants to make it as a professional writer, or who wants to learn more about craft of writing. It isn’t fannish, there’s nobody in costume, it is just business.

It is way cheaper than the pro writing conferences. Originally LTUE was held on the BYU campus, and it was aimed at students. Over time it moved to UVU, and for the last few years it has been at the Provo convention center. Having been there for all of those I can say unequivocally that it is much nicer having gotten out of school. Just like life, you want to move on and make it in the real world? Then get done with school and go be a grown up. 🙂

I believe this is my 8th LTUE. The first time I attended I had written one book. Wow… I can’t believe it has been that long.  🙂


9 – Writing a War: Political Unrest

11- Defining and Measuring Success: It’s a Mindset

4 – Writing Action Scenes


9 – Relevant Character Backstory

10 – Monsters, Fantasy, and Horror

3 – It’s a Book, Not a Baby


9 – Finding Your Audience

4 – Guns and Those Who Wield Them


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14 thoughts on “My LTUE schedule this week”

  1. It’s a 9 hour drive from here. Debating going, I know it would be worth it, just not sure I want to drive that far right now. Need to see how much it would cost to attend, and see if I can get a hotel room first before I decide.

    1. As of yesterday when I booked, there are still hotel rooms available but $169 for Wednesday and $129 for the other days. The onsite 3 day pass is $55.

      1. Definitely won’t be going this year then. That’s too much for a hotel room for just one person. I got a re-write I need to get done anyway.

  2. Thanks for passing this along. I booked hotel and airfare yesterday after your post. I just wish I could fly with a pocket knife. I feel naked with out one. Guess I could check my bag for $20 each way. I really look forward to the writing sessions. I am working on interactive fiction for iOS/Apple watch and I expect the classes will help me write better content.

    1. Hey maybe someone (with a car) would like to take a side trip to BladeHQ on Wednesday. and then I ship the knife home afterwords, or only check the bag going back.

  3. I just want to say LTUE was great. I am very happy I dropped everything and went. Its going to my writing to a much higher level.

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