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  1. Well, I won’t be at ChattaCon, but I will be at the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop at the end of Feb./beginning of Mar. The wife and I live in Maryville, TN, so if you feel like visiting the foothills of the Smokeys sometime, you have an open invitation.

  2. The East Tennessee Welcome Mat is always out for you ILOH. It was a pleasure speaking with you at DragonCon last summer and as Chattanooga is just a short drive from Knoxville, we just might be able to make a quick day-trip.

    BTW, you might want to make a side-trip up this way and say howdy to Hamilton Bowen just up the road from Knoxville. Bowen Classic Arms turns out some stunning revolvers and the Mrs. would never notice just one more addition to the collection….

  3. Larry! Less cons, more writing!!! (Just kidding, but I am seriously looking forward to the stories you say are coming soon!)

  4. I am originally from Knoxville but now in Richmond VA. Wish I was still in Knox because I would be making a trip down to ChattaCon. Any chance of a Richmond book signing coming up? Only ask because I am incredibly selfish and would love seeing the ILOH in person.

  5. I’ve finally found a couple uses for settlers — you can set up a bunch of scavenging stations in each settlement, and (I think) you can forego picking up every random piece of junk for the common steel/etc, and just focus on aluminum/cloth/etc. I moved settings to Very Hard and it’s a bit more fun now — PsychoJet for the win!! Kate is horrified by my rampant chem abuse but has too much fun killing stuff to really care. I think I’m at maybe 70-100 hours? I can now usually build out a new settlement to be suitable for ~20 settlers in the same trip where I establish it, as long as I can get a supply line up. I never take off my power armor (except to expose NPCs to the godlike charismatic glare of my outfit) and carry a minimum of 20 fusion cores. Have ungodly ammo stores but still run short of some ammo because I never back down from any fight. All in all still a lot of fun.

    BTW great Gun Show Loophole video from Crowder, made me laugh out loud.


    1. Man, I sure hope you’re not talking about Chattanooga. That kind of talk is probably more appropriate for Memphis.

  6. It’s probably too late for this trip, but just in case – go get a burger at Urban Stack if you get a chance. It’s a little hipster-y, but the food is amazing. I’m currently Alpha-Gal sensitive (don’t get bit by ticks, folks, unless you want hives every time you eat bacon. or steaks.), so I was restricted to their turkey burger, but even that was great.

  7. And, if you want to go on a used book/video binge, get someone to take you to McKay’s – though the Knoxville location is much better than their Chattanooga one.

    1. In Knoxville they also have used music, video games, and other collectables including board games and RPG books.

  8. A while ago you gave away a free kindle copy of MHI. The price was right so I snapped it up and put it in my to-be-read queue. I finally read it and I thought it was great. I have purchased MHV and I will be purchasing ALL of your books. That was very, very good marketing on your part

  9. Larry,

    Are there any cons in the Nashville region of Tennessee that you go to / are planning to go to in the next year or so?

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