Geeky Hobbies: Little space dudes (Ariadna from Infinity)

I haven’t done a Geeky Hobbies post for a while. Mostly because we had all those blog loading problems because of traffic and the big pictures didn’t help. But now MHN is on its own server so we should be good.

And I got a light box for Christmas. I’ve not put up any pictures of my Infinity minis. I’ve been on a scifi kick. I’ve only played this war game a handful of times, but I’ve been using these guys for a scifi RPG I’ve been running.

I’ll do other posts for each army, because I’ve painted a ton of these now. Up first, my Ariadna army. These guys are a sort of low tech, American, French, Russian, Scottish,  mix on a backwoods planet. So I went for a sort of GI Joe theme. I try to tie the whole army together by using a similar design on the base too. So basically Ariadna looks like Alabama. Red dirt, lots of plants. (that’s mostly real moss, foam flock, and white glue)

Oh yeah. And they have space werewolves. That’s Steve’s Writer Nerd Game Night character. His request? Idris Elba-Space Werewolf. As a GM, how could I possibly say no to that?


This link team was an experiment in camo patterns. These guys were speed painted in one night, probably two hours for the whole group (not counting zenithal priming, and green base coat from air brush, obviously) but the flecktarn effect still looks pretty good. I used little bits of blister foam to get the patterns. I think I might go back and clean these guys up with better armor and gun shading to do them justice.


These I took more time on. They’re Spetsnaz, so I had to do all those little stripes. The middle fig is actually from a different army, but I painted him up as Ariadna because he fit the RPG I’m running. That’s the infamous mobster Krasnov. 🙂 (i.e. my silliest bad accent RPG character)


and the back on these so you can get the full detail of all those darned little red free hand stars.


The guys above I took a little bit of time on. The armor on the left is actually all done with washes over zenithal priming and came out pretty neat. The R stands for Rocko. 🙂 BECAUSE THAT’S HOW WINNIN’ GETS DONE. Sorry. Writer Nerd Game Night inside joke.



Space Scots. Same camo flecktarn sponge pattern. Tartan stripes are a lot of work on somebody who is 28mm tall.


Briscard link team. Mountain troops, so I kind of wanted an alpine color vibe. Skipped the camo. The grays actually work really good on the table top.

And below, because I forgot to leave a space for words when I was posting these pics, a few misc, another pain the butt kilt on Space William Wallace there, but the shotgun girl came out really good. The rescue guy with the ax, I tried various color washes on the coat, but he came out kind of muddy.

The Portuguese smuggler (I kid you not) came out pretty good. The orange stripe is because that’s a wet suit under the armor. The Call of Duty skull mask on the next guy, meh… It didn’t come off the way I hoped. And then I’m not sure why the Russian armored guy pointing ended up with what looks like a Star Fleet logo on his shoulder, but it was one of the first minis I was experimenting on with this army and I wasn’t sure on free hand for them yet.


Above. A really big gun. You know that dude is going to end up on disability with back problems.

Below, the first minis I painted for this army, experimenting and looking for a scheme. Notice that the later ones had a lot more use of color. The problem with painting realistic camo patterns on a 28mm miniature is that from eyeball distance on a table, they just look muddy. You need more splashes of color than you would have in real life to give them some visual contrast and pop.


And of course, Vivian James, because Ariadna would totally be in GamerGate. The medic I’m kind of meh on the paint job. His face is smooshed.



And the group shot.



Geeky Hobbies: Little Space Dudes 2 (PanO from Infinity)
Smash these pumpkins, SJWs 🙂

11 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies: Little space dudes (Ariadna from Infinity)”

  1. There are guys who can do historical realistic looking camo patterns on figures of any size. I’m not one of them. So when I did camo on my 15mm WW2 Flames of War figures, I ended up just sticking dabs of paint in the appropriate colors in blotches that would have been ridiculously huge if the figures were full-size, but that looked just fine at the scale.

    They came out looking good.

    Vehicles are much easier, fortunately. Which is why my WW2 French tanks look much better. And I’ve got some NATO stuff in the same scale that’s about to get the MERDC treatment.

      1. Nah, wouldn’t look right for Infinity’s aesthetic.

        Ariadna would probably look good with modern MBTs (the LeClerc if you want to run Merovingian Ariadna), but you’d want something like a spider-tank for everyone else.


  2. I have to say, I really like the way the Scots look. Something about it just makes me want to go to Cleveland Comic Con dressed as a Space Marine Highlander.

  3. Very awesome, but I’d love to see if you got to that space Ono mini I gave you on the book tour cause I’d love to see how he turned out with his huge tetsubo! 🙂

  4. Damn those are nice!! Infinity has fantastic models, but some of them are so fiddly to assemble. I’ve been poking through that line for any that would work for my MHI mini project. A couple would work great for Julie. Keep these pics coming!

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