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  1. Great.

    It looks I will spend third Christmas in row by translating your series, even when here you participated “only” as l’eminence grise.

  2. So… when can we expect the next book in the series? Been chomping on the bit for more Owen Z Pitt after Nemesis came out. Really looking forward to seeing them raiding the Nightmare Dimension to retrieve their missing.

    1. That’s going to be a tough one to have both of us sign them. It’ll take me and John in the same place, that’s willing to ship.

    1. Yeah, I’m generally let down by collaborative-works; I tend to prefer my authors’ stuff pure & unadulterated. The last collab’ pairing I can think of whose product I enjoyed was Niven & Pournelle? Anyway, I plunked down my virtual cash on a pre-order too: not much downside risk in it for me, I enjoy LC’s writing too much as it is, so the worst that could happen is that I get a couple of extra nights’ sleep b4 I finish it… 😉

      1. Surely you’ve read the Dead Six novels by Mr. Correia and Mike Kupari. Did you not enjoy them? If you haven’t read them, hie thee to Amazon (or a bookstore). They’re collaborative awesomeness.

        1. I actually preferred the dead six novels over the grimnoire stuff.
          A fun set of military action novels, which I can point my nonreader, “Nothing unrealistic” friends to, thus getting them hooked on the correia kool-aid. Moohahahaha

  3. Do you know, by chance, why Kobo almost never seems to have books available for preorder? Are they just butts to work with or something?

  4. Aaaaand, now I know what I’m getting for my birthday next year. *grin*

    I can remember years back in high school running out of things to read and going back to read older stuff, over and over again. Now, heck, this is a good time to be a reader, if you like sci-fi, adventure, monster books, or fantasy, or even hard boiled/urban fantasy. Stuff like this will stand the test of time, just wait and see.

    1. My thought exactly, so the ’80s setting seems a bit strange. Still, the Melvins released their first album in ’87, Soundgarden in ’88, and both Tad and Nirvana in ’89, so I’m still hoping the title is a music reference…

    1. Not currently, but we’ve not talked about it for a while. I figure I’m probably the biggest time hold up in the process.

    2. I don’t see how an MHI-branded rocket-propelled grenade is going to be much of a success? The RPG-7 pretty much dominates the market, and stateside, the NFA’34 restrictions get co$t prohibitive in a hurry, what with needing to pay the $200 stamp & wait months on approval for paperwork on each grenade [assuming private individuals, not LE or military.]

    1. Don’t know yet. Oliver Wyman does the regular series. With this being a different narrator and time, spin off, I don’t know if they’ll want to mix it up or not.

  5. Curse you Correia. Stop depleting the ammo fund with your fun, entertaining, un-nuanced, cis-gendered, hetero-normative, white priveleged, neo-colonialist, triggering, patriarchal, stories.

    1. I’m not sure I agree with “un-nuanced”. Grimnoir, SotBS and Nemesis all had a lot more going on in there than the plot. Nuance isn’t a bad word, it’s just that the people that harp on it want to feel like they’re smarter than others who can’t see the layers. Generally, I can see the layers of crap…I just don’t want to consume them.

      1. Agreed. Nuance done right makes for more interesting characters and stories. Look at the Chairman in the Grimnoir Chronicles. His true motives, which made his terrifying imperialism and disregard for humanity at least arguably reasonable, set up the rest of the series. Larry’s gotten better at it with every book, too. Look at how Myers and Franks have developed — though I suspect he was setting some of that up from the start.

  6. Are you and John going to do a book tour?
    (At least Uncle Hugo’s?)
    Maybe John could visit your friends and do a Mike Harmon/Ghost Rifle?

    1. OMG, if Keldara Mountain Tiger brew becomes official beer of MHI, I’m not sure what would happen. Is there even a logo for that kind of awesome?

      1. I could see the Kildar living in the same setting as the Dead Six books easily. MHI would be more of a stretch, but it would probably be do-able.

        In a way, Dead Six reminds me of the Black Lagoon anime. The more messed up your past, the harder you are to kill…

  7. Great news! I can’t wait. I’ve enjoyed plenty of Ringo’s books, and this is a team up that can’t miss!

    Hey, Mr. Corriea, I know you are a mini painter, if you have a spare moment, please check out my blog, I’m working on a MHI inspired miniature project, trying to represent all the characters in 28mm! I only started on this since November. I’d love to see what you (or any MHI lover) thinks…http://supervikes.blogspot.com/

  8. My kids and grand-kids always have trouble finding the right gift for me for Christmas.
    NOT THIS YEAR!!! E-mailed them a “hint”. Two of my all time favorite authors, collaborating? it’s gotta be awesome! Keep up the good work, Larry!
    USAF, Retired

  9. Larry, I see you’ve got top billing, did you write more for this than John Ringo? Or is that just because you’re letting him play in your world?

    1. Baen’s policy is the owner of the world goes on top. John wrote the rough draft before I ever even knew he was doing it.

  10. Now that John is on board there better be more than just a passing reference to a mini lop eared bunny with a switchblade.

    1. Of course with Ringo onboard you have to explain how Abomination works every four pages or so… Good for word count at least.

    1. It is a spin off series set in the 1980s, long before the current books. So same universe. Different character and story.

      1. Larry, been asking for a while about news re:TV or Movies. Anything? C’mon, throw us a bone Larry! Also, any plans for book signings in Toronto, Canada?

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