Sad Puppies: The Hugos Lost On Jeopardy


What are the Hugo Awards?

Nailed it.

So last night I got a message from my sister. She’d been watching Jeopardy and I guess this one kind of took her by surprise. Thanks to her heads up fans got screen shots and video when it aired in the next time zone. (it was the first time in years that I’ve regretted cancelling cable)

Originally, because my sister didn’t have a chance to catch the exact wording, fans were asking on Facebook if the question was biased. My response was that I doubted it, because unlike most of the news media, Jeopardy still has fact checkers.

Some Puppy supporters didn’t like how it was phrased, with “scandal” having negative implications. Personally, I like it. Especially the part where they used “Rocked”. Damn right. Rocked you like a hurricane. The scandal was the part where the CHORFs ran a lying media smear campaign, and handed out wooden butt holes, while block voting No Award to keep out barbarian Wrongfans having Wrongfun.

But the awards totally aren’t biased. They’re prestigious. Move along. There’s nothing to see here.

Someone else on FB wondered if former Jeopardy champ, Social Justice Warrior, and all around douchebag Arthur Chu would have something stupid to say about this? Probably… But everything Chu says is stupid, so that won’t be surprising. Luckily this happened when he wasn’t on, because then Chu would’ve had to call in a fake bomb threat against Alex Trebek or something.

My original goal was to expose the bias, insular, cliquish realities of the supposedly prestigious awards to the rest of the world. We’re on Jeopardy… Yeah… Going to say that worked. 😀

But did the contestants get it right?

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40 thoughts on “Sad Puppies: The Hugos Lost On Jeopardy”

  1. I actually think the Puppy-kickers were ahead in the PR department, right up until the night of the Hugos proper. That’s when the CHORFs out-derped themselves with a spectacular display of childish glee over the fact that they did precisely what Darth Vox wanted them to do. In their minds, it was their proudest moment ever. Just think about that for a minute.

    1. Heh… These are the same idiots screaming at politicians right now DON’T DO WHAT ISIS WANTS YOU TO DO! and they couldn’t even help themselves from doing what Vox wanted them to do. 😀

      1. Conversely, consider also: their Trump-like rhetoric from this past summer. “We have to find out who the Puppies among us are! They must be barred from our midst, and kept OUT of our sacred country! The Peoples Republic of Science Fiction needs us to protect it from the evil, evil Puppies!”

  2. My only complaint: they didn’t get the name right. Other than that, the Hugos now have something in common with the Leeroy Jenkins meme: an appearance on Jeopardy.

  3. You’d think they would have been more careful with that.

    I started reading Vox’s blog after particular frustrations with CHORF-like behavior.

    He seemed to not only get it but actively wanting to fight it. Hard.

    “Yeah, he’s so right! Do you read that? Haha, the truth hurts, you bastards! Those are excellent ideas! What else did….oh….OH….dear lord, no…”

    I kinda wanna run around screaming, “What have you done? You maniacs! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?”.

  4. The Hugos are now defined, in one of the most public of public records, by the Sad Puppies.

    I’d say that’s a pretty impressive legacy.

    1. I wonder how they’ll use fantastic literature to serve the cause of lesbian emancipation and the abolition of whiteness this year.

        1. Sequels: “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love VS. Mecha-Godzilla.”
          Ancillary Hormone Therapy
          The Goblin Queer
          The Three Privilege Problem
          “We Have Always Never Fought at Wounded Knee”
          “Xanax Digs Time-Lords”
          The Legion of Genderqueers

          1. “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love VS. Mecha-Godzilla”

            Careful. That could actually be good.

            “The Three Privilege Problem”

            Is that the one that ends with “You’re cis scum”?

          2. “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love VS. Mecha-Godzilla”

            I think this story would be best done in a visual medium. I’m picturing a “Bambi vs. Godzilla”-type film, where a pretentious author flits through a meadow, reciting poetry reminiscent of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” when Mecha-Godzilla walks through and squashes her. Roll credits.

          3. “We have always Never fought at Wounded Knee” makes me think of Bioshock infinite. for all its anti objectivism slant, it WAS one hell of a story 😛

    1. “Sexual intercourse began
      In nineteen sixty-three
      (which was rather late for me) –
      Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban
      And the Beatles’ first LP”

      Philip Larkin.

  5. H/T to Larry for “helpin authors GET PAID!” I’ve now finished the last of the Harry Dresden books, loved them, and put (some percentage of) $150 in Jim Butcher’s bank. Without Larry and the Sad Puppies discussions, I wouldn’t have heard of Butcher. Which seems impossible, but there it is.

    Looking forward to voting next year too.


  6. After watching the Hugos, with the Ass-terisk and everything, I decided that voting in it was the most satisfying thing I’d done to poke SJWs in the eye in a long time. Watching them block-vote for Noah Ward was extremely juicy.

    Watching them scream about block-voting puppies before and after was even juicier. Vile770 has been particularly entertaining in this regard.

    I look forward to this years noms, where block-voting will be the rule. Lefties will close ranks, pick one (predictably asinine) slate and WIN!!!1!

    Maybe this year Noah can have a sweep. Burn the village to save it indeed.

    1. It’s not block voting when CHORFs do it… It’s… diversity, and solidarity, and tolerance. Or something like that.

  7. Those idiots are giving Vox all he wants. He’s got to find this unbelievably funny… they’re doing EVERYTHING he predicted they would, perhaps not to a ‘T’, but certainly close. I have to agree with The Roadwarrior. Certainly their ‘proudest moment ever’.

    What a JOKE.

  8. A: Hellifino
    Q: What were those wierd blue haired giant sea creatures floating around the Hugo Award ceremonies.

  9. If 770’s rank and file represented a Philip K. Dick alternate reality where the science fiction community were invaded and occupied by a supremacist racist regime, then swinish segregationist dirtrags like Uncanny, Lightspeed and Strange Horizons will all get Hugo nominations. Congratulations in advance. In the remarkable space of only 4 or 5 years you have destroyed the 100 yr. legacy of an eccentric fantastic literature devoted to artistry, entertainment and fun.

  10. “That’s when the CHORFs out-derped themselves ”

    “out-derped”. I love that turn of phrase, Roadwarrior. Nifty.

    I discovered Vox Populi through the Sad Puppies and MHN. All of the various bashing of him from the SJWs in fandom started me asking, “Okay, so who the hell is Vox Day, and why is he so vile?”

    Once I looked him up and started reading, I decided that the enemy of my enemies may not be my friend, but he’s definitely an ally. And he makes all the right heads explode on a regular basis.

    Discovered Monster Hunter Nation because of Sad Puppies also, so that’s two solids that the Sad Puppy campaign did me.

  11. HAH! Funny part is, I was so damned tired when I wrote my initial response, I auto-piloted and used my old BBS alias from . . . 1990. (laughter)

  12. I was just thinking of the Hugos brouhaha. Am rereading Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga – a perfect example of a writer touching on a whole slew of tricky socio-political topics, without killing the Story by turning it into a screechy Message.

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