Series II Challenge Coins: Update 6 (The Shippening)

Jack Wylder here, with your (now) weekly update on the progress of the coins.
(I would have put this up a while back but I wanted to leave Larry’s post about those Awesome MHI Lower and then his most recent thoughts on gun control on the top for a few days…) First let me get this out of the way: the website is not being attacked. We are aware that Larry’s recent temerity in posting once again about gun control has broken the internet and we are taking steps to fix it. (My goodness are we aware- it took me at least 15minutes to get this to post!) Accordingly, Weds night after midnight the site might be even more troubled than usual but it should be short lived and will hopefully once again take care of things for another 6 months at least. (If the ILoH would quit irreparably damaging his career maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about his personal servers STILL not being enough to keep up with the traffic…) My predecessor, Jack Wylder the XVII has been properly disciplined and I will be sure to get it working again promptly. Thank you.

Now on to coins… the lovely Mrs Wylder and the CorreiaTech Mamma Packing Brigade (assisted by myself, of course) have been burning through the packing and we are finally making some serious headway. At this point we have hundreds and hundreds of orders packaged (and filling the dining hall of CorreiaTech’s Texas Embassy.) Most of you should have received your tracking number emails- if you haven’t gotten yours yet, we’re getting to you just as quickly as we can. Keep in mind, though, that even if you got the email your package might not yet be on its way- I still have to drive these to the local PO. (I should be able to get at least one batch delivered tomorrow after work. Maybe two. My jeep can only handle so many boxes at once…) At this point we have three different sets of eyes reviewing each order so there shouldn’t be any mistakes in what is delivered and we are taping these boxes nine ways to Sunday so there shouldn’t be any empty boxes delivered this time. We’re not done yet, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now. I’m still not comfortable guaranteeing delivery before Christmas (but it IS still the goal and at this point it looks possible.)

This last weekend was for me just a perfect example of why I am a devout Capitalist. The CorreiaTech MPB worked hard and got a huge amount of orders packed, making our Customers happy, they were very well paid for their work (don’t tell anyone, but the ILoH is actually an incredibly generous dread overlord and these are all incredibly deserving ladies whose children will now have a much merrier Christmas/Happier Chanukah), the lovely Mrs Wylder is one step closer to having that half of her house back, yours truly is one step closer to being able to take a breath before plunging into the next CorreiaTech Special Project we have planned (that I am SO excited about), and Larry is one step closer to getting HIS coins (since he has decreed that, like last time, his is the last order shipped.) Win-win-win-win-win. Yay Capitalism!

Since the last post threatening to start cancelling orders I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive support and thanks coming in from the Monster Hunter Nation- thank you all so much! You’re the reason we do this to ourselves.

Ok on to the FAQ:

Q: Why can’t I order patches? I wanted them for Christmas!

A: That sucks and we are truly sorry. As stated before, when you find yourself in a hole the first step is to stop digging. We will get the store re-stored (heh) as quickly as we can but we have to fulfill our current obligations before taking on any new ones.

Q: I live overseas and still haven’t gotten my coins!

A: Again, I am very sorry about that. I’ve had to triage these orders to get as many out as quickly as possible and unfortunately with all of the customs declaration paperwork that goes with export orders I’ve had to push the domestic orders to the front. I will get your orders headed out as quickly as I can.

That’s all I can think of right now- I still have about 400 more packages to get into boxes and time is short so I’m going to wrap this up. Any other Q&A s I missed, just put ‘em in the comments and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Thank you all again for your patience and support- you are all amazing and we appreciate you very much. I’ll update again next week and let you know where we stand.



40 thoughts on “Series II Challenge Coins: Update 6 (The Shippening)”

  1. Thanks Jack. Please also give Mrs. W and the Brigade my thanks. Doing a job like that this close to Christmas is real dedication, even if the Mammas are getting paid.

    I’m not surprised the ILoH pays well. Considering the typical life expectancy of any dread overlord’s minions, there’s got to be more than just a kick-ass dental plan to attract candidates.

  2. Do you have any static cling stickers (or white outline window stickers) I can purchase to slap on my truck? I’m tired of all the pansy ass “Salt Life” and FSU stickers bouncing around north Florida.

  3. Thank you for all the hard work and effort in making this happen.

    Now, on a different topic, here’s what I want from the ILOH for Christmas: an update on the various pending projects and maybe even a “secret” announcement from Santa. Thank you and happy holidays to all!

    1. For what its worth, Monster Hunter Grunge is now listed at Amazon. The description sounds fun, but I’m more interested in when the next “main story” MHI book comes out.

      Hopefully we’ll get another visit from the Christmas Noun soon, tho. 🙂

  4. Thanks for taking the time for the comprehensive update particularly on the deliveries to damned foreigners like myself. 🙂
    All the best for Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

  5. The USPS has me wanting to pull my hair out…

    While it appears that Jack printed out the mailing label (and got a shipping number assigned) a week before actually getting it to the post office, that’s understandable the assembly line for packing the coins works much faster if you don’t have to stop to print individual labels/postage, but have them pre-printed. After all, even the IRS only sends out refunds checks once a week, despite most of them are direct deposit.

    On the other hand, the tracking on the USPS has been spotty. The whole point of having electronic tracking is that it’s supposed to be timely, yet the update that my package had left a center in TX about 3 AM yesterday didn’t show up yesterday evening, only showing up a few minutes ago. And the earlier updates took almost 24 hours after the fact to appear.

    Hopefully I won’t experience what happened with the gaming kickstarter I supported back in the summer. The original book was mailed in mid-August, and seemed to disappear into the bowels of the US Mail. In mid-September, a replacement was sent out from a different location (the sender had moved), and after 3 days seemed to be stuck at a different distribution facility than the first would have gone to. Near the end of September, the sender and I were starting to get worried, and making plans for plan C, when BOTH missing packages showed up simultaneously on my doorstep – despite not having their shipping data updated from their last sightings in California.

    The USPS needs scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up – it’s so screwed up in its neither fish nor fowl current status with the government that even making the replacement a government agency again would likely be an improvement.

  6. Speaking of Challenge Coins… have you talked to Benchmade about making an Infidel with the Switchblade Four inscription? =D

  7. Well, I apparently just got my coins, with no tracking email before hand. Whatevs. It’s cool.

    My wife opened the package, though, and is a bit peeved with me. She’s not a member of MHI, yet….

  8. Received your shipping notice on the 6th. Can’t wait to get my Provisional PUFF tag so I don’t have to hide from Hunters anymore 🙂

    1. My tag arrived last night (Dec. 9th). I’m really impressed with the quality, and starting to wish I had ordered some of the other coins.

  9. CLANK

    Today’s mail brought a package, the contents shiny and chrome… well, shiny, anyway!

    Now I need a bigger bag – the original STFU coin seems to have chewed holes in the cheapo velvet bag I’d been carrying everything in. (Everything *barely* fits in it now, anyway. My PUFF Exemption is still on my convention lanyard, but my Lucky 38 Platinum Chip is holding a spot for it.)

  10. Mine arrived last week. Many, many thanks! Not sure if I want to give away the one I got to give as a Christmas gift, though . . .

  11. Nice thing about living in Houston is it’s conveniently close to the CorrieaTech Texan Embassy. Got my package earlier today! They look awesome!

  12. I love the coins and the Wendell patch. An excellent job to everyone involved from the conception of the coins up to the sorting packing of the coins . Thank you.

  13. got my coins and they are beautiful. love em! any chance of a MHI challenge coin display of book in the future?

  14. Order arrived today. That PUFF exemption tag is HEAVY! You should be able to earn your permanent exemption just for hauling that thing around for two years.

    Heh. It’s tag #511. I know just where I’m going to keep it – in the 5.11 tactical bag I use as a briefcase.

  15. ” yours truly is one step closer to being able to take a breath before plunging into the next CorreiaTech Special Project we have planned (that I am SO excited about)”

    ….Don’t tease me, bro…

    1. That’s Special Project N that Larry teased months ago. (I can’t say anything about Special Project [REDACTED] but that’s reaaaallllly the big one.) You already now know about Special Projects JP & CC
      All in good time, my friend.. Alllllll in good time…

      1. Special Project Redacted is nuts. The hard part there is finding the time to do the research in between writing all these books.

  16. HOOOOOOOOOOON!!! they have arrived, wow!, NONE! of the pictures do these things justice. And wow!, these things are like depleted uranium heavy!

      1. Oh, joy. Only the ILOH would make *his own minions* glow in the dark!

        SJW 1: “See those glowing green people? They’re coming for us.”
        SJW 2: “Safe space, safe space! I’m triggered! Gun Control! Gun control!” “Are they still coming?”
        SJW 1: “More vitriol! More vitriol! ?”

        (My coins are “in the mail”. Takes DAYS to get out of Texas!) 😀

      2. Oh hell no, and it makes for great projectiles towards anything that walks, crawls, slithers or flies!

  17. I just wanted to say that I got *BOTH* my orders in and they were perfect and I could not be more pleased with the work of the highly competent minions of the ILoH!

    Drive On, Brothers and Sisters, Drive On!

  18. Interesting note: when I click on the shopify link, I get the following message:
    “Checkout system disabled. Checkout is disabled because the active subscription is dormant.” Just thought that you should know. No worries though as the usps site allows me to track the shipment.

    1. Yep, we closed the page until we get all the challenge coin orders out the door. If we took new orders now there would be no way Jack could get them out in a timely manner, so coins first. Once that’s caught up, then we’ll open it up again.

  19. I’m posting because my coins almost escaped, and figure it’s probably easier to ID where the packing was failing from that than from any empty boxes that someone else might’ve gotten.

    I’d just like to say thanks for the heavy taping you did since it was the only thing that kept my coins from escaping the box. It was a fairly near run thing though. If the rip they battered in the bottom of the box had been much larger, the bag with the coins could’ve fallen through, unrolled and dumped its contents. Only one edge of the bag was taped, so if the end with the coins had fallen out it could’ve dumped even without having to tear first.

    A few thoughts on mitigation based on what almost failed. Tape all the sides of the box, not just the ones with seams on them. Instead of putting two rolls of bubblewrap on the top of the box with the coins at the bottom, put them in the middle with padding on both sides so they can’t hammer the box apart. Put enough tape on the bag itself so that in addition to not being able to fall free of the box it can’t partially escape by unrolling.

    1. This begs the question: why are these shipping in a P-mail box instead of one of the Tyvek P-mail envelopes? A rectangle of bubble wrap cut to 2x size of the inside of the envelope, baggie of coins taped to one side of bubble wrap, double over stuff in envelope & ship. EZ-PZ and can’t be battered open [can’t be torn open either, IME, only cut.] Just an idea for next time.

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