Guns and Vultures

So last night my feed was filled with posts about ban all guns, damn the NRA, hateful Christians, Republican murderers, evil Tea Party, white men are the real killers.

We’re used to that.

Any time there’s another mass murder, almost always somewhere with strict gun control, usually in a Gun Free Zone, the buzzards swoop in. The events were still in play and the president and the leading democrat candidates had already called for more gun control. People who don’t know much about the topic demand that something be done, even though all the usual proposals would actually make the problem worse, rather than better. But it doesn’t matter. They want what they want, and they’ll latch onto any tragedy as fast as possible.

The majority of people who fall for the siren song of gun control mean well. They really do want to see an end to violent crime. They want to do something. For them, I wrote this back in 2012 and it still applies: I go into great depth about mass shootings, and the issues with all the various proposed gun laws. It is one of the most widely read articles on the subject ever written.

Most people just want to fix problems. However, the buzzards? They don’t care. There’s a crisis, they want to get something out of it. Stimulus, response. Strike while emotions are high. Some want control. Others just want to posture. Since their proposals would actually make things worse, they’re scum.

Every member of the gun culture watches these things unfold and thinks, hell, here we go again. Want to know something sad? I promise at most of the gun stores around America the news was on, and everybody in there was listening, thinking some variation of please don’t be somebody the news can somehow make out to be like me… Even though the vast majority of the time the shooter isn’t one of us, has nothing to do with us, and in fact, people like us are the last line of defense against them, it doesn’t matter. We know we’re going to get blamed.

Then they’ll attack us, hound us, insult us, legislate against us, and if they can, disarm us in more ways and places… So we can be even more incapable of defending ourselves the next time somebody who isn’t us does something evil. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Then they revealed who the shooters were.

Immediately the same exact people who’d just been screeching about evil Tea Party, racist, hate monger, right wing, ciswhitehetero male phantoms, began urging calm, saying don’t jump to conclusions. It isn’t fair to tar the big group because of the actions of a few. Watch out for that hateful rhetoric, because you might inflame people.

Sure, they had no problem making sweeping generalizations and “inflaming” half the country a few minutes ago… But that’s okay. Because when the left talks about how violent and blood thirsty the right is, they’re just virtue signaling for their tribe. If my people were a fraction as evil and hateful as they portray us, they’d never say a word. They do it because they know it is safe to do so. Christians aren’t going to saw their heads off. The Tea Party isn’t going to set off a car bomb in front of their house. Ever notice how to the media talking about radical militant Islam is islamophobia, but there’s no equivalent media buzz word for being irrationally terrified of half of America?

We all saw the idiotic meme floating around with the thing about how there had been something like three hundred and fifty something mass shootings this year. The only problem? It’s crap. It isn’t the FBI’s definition of that particular crime. They changed the definition to anything where multiple people got shot, so it’s mostly gang violence, drug crime, and even includes things like family murder suicides. Worse, it looks like some of those “mass shootings” never even happened. For my low population, heavily armed, but really low crime state, they list like half a dozen! A friend of mine went through them, found most were regular crimes, and couldn’t even find a single news report about one of the supposed events.

Even then most of those three hundred “mass shootings” took place in jurisdictions with extremely strict gun control laws, like Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington DC.  They usually happened in cities that haven’t elected a republican in generations. So who gets blamed? People in red states where we own piles of guns and have crime rates similar to Canada. I hate to break it to you but no matter how many restrictions you put on gun ownership in Nebraska, people in Chicago are still going to get shot.

In reality gun ownership is at an all-time high and violent crime is way down. In a country of three hundred million people we have some mass shootings, but they’re actually very uncommon. However, they get a huge amount of news coverage. I talk about it in great length at the link above, but breathless, panicked, 24/7 media come aparts bestow instant celebrity and infamy, which actually spurs on and motivates one particular type of mass killer.

And San Bernardino? Straight up terrorism. Like dictionary definition terrorism. Like the kind that the prog vultures all railed against George Bush for being so naïve and awful with his “fighting them there rather than here” approach. We certainly ended that imperialistic strategy. So how’s that working out for you now western world? If you think three coordinated, body armor wearing, bomb building, planned in advance, Go-Pro wearing, shooters just suddenly sprung into existence as “workplace violence” because of an argument at a Christmas party, you’re smoking crack.

No amount of gun control matters to a militant jihadist. In the other article I talked about how criminals, by definition, don’t care about the law. Terrorists are criminals on steroids, and militant Islamic death cultists think they’re bringing about the apocalypse and they’re cool with that.  Militant Islamic radical terrorists aren’t going anywhere. They’re in it to win it.

But hey, let’s make even more places gun free zones! That’ll show them.

I’m not naïve enough to think that if some random bystander at this particular event had been armed with a concealed weapon, everything would have turned out peachy. That’s foolish. The only constant about gun fights is that they suck for somebody. However, a good guy with a gun might make a difference. We’ve seen time and time again that any speed bump can derail a mass killer. A fire extinguisher doesn’t guarantee that your house won’t burn down, but responsible adults all have one just in case.

At this point the willfully ignorant will trot out their hypothetical worst case scenarios, about how a civilian with a gun would just make things worse. Just shut up. You people have a childlike grasp of the subject. When terrorists are engaging in mass butchery, it is difficult to make that worse. At best, you might end the threat. At worst, congratulations, you were a distraction or a speed bump. It beats hiding under your desk praying to God that you’re not the next one to die.

When everybody is legally disarmed, the only people who will be armed are the bad guys. Bad guys love that. Then your options are to run or hide until the police (who all the same vultures constantly rail against) show up to try and save you. In military tactics there’s a thing called defense in depth. If you are in a combat zone you don’t just arm the troops on the front line, you arm the support troops behind them too, because bad guys try to find a way through to attack where you are most vulnerable. When terrorists want to make everything into a combat zone, letting regular people carry guns is defense in depth.

California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. California has what is known as May Issue concealed carry, which means that it is up to the local sheriff who is allowed to get a concealed weapons permit, which in all the blue counties means that concealed weapons permits are only issued to rich folks who donate lots of money to politicians, or body guards for movie stars.

California has an assault weapons ban. The terrorists didn’t care. California has high capacity magazine bans. The terrorists didn’t care. They’ve got all sorts of ridiculous rules with registries, approval lists, mandatory locks, safety tests, bullet buttons, and other forms of voodoo completely unintelligible to red state America, but the terrorists still didn’t care.

Of course they don’t. Because when you are planning to go out and commit a couple hundred felonies, including murder, you don’t give a damn about gun control laws. And they love Gun Free Zone signs, because that means before the cops can get there, they’re going to get several uninterrupted minutes of carnage footage on their Go-Pro to upload to ISIS propaganda websites.

So the vulture solution? Make the terrorists’ mission even easier. Further disarm the target populace. That will show them. Blame the culture the responders, soldiers, and cops come from instead.

I saw so many people bleating yesterday to round up all the guns! Ban them all! Won’t somebody think of the children! Don’t let the part where that is logistically or strategically impossible hold you back. This includes congressmen, senators, and heads of media corporations. It is kind of funny, because once stuff calms down the same people will look me in the eye and tell me nobody wants to take my guns. Uh huh. I have another friend who collects these quotes from VIPS. One nice thing about when the vultures swoop, at least they’re honest and tell us what they really want. Briefly.

Paris, Mumbai, Beslan, and coming soon to a Gun Free Zone near you. There are hundreds of terrorist attacks in Africa and Asia that don’t even make our news because they don’t fit the vulture narrative.,_2015  Democrats can’t find a way to milk the American people for those tragedies, so why bother covering them?

But don’t worry. Climate change? They’re all over that. Now that we know the latest killer’s weren’t Catholic Libertarians the news will go back to freaking out about the weather. It is kind of funny how you can name any crisis, any crisis at all, and the inevitable solutions demanded are always giving the government more control.

This administration is a bunch of clueless screw ups who can’t concentrate on real problems because they’re too busy freaking out about imaginary ones, and most of our media exists to provide them cover, yet your solution is to make them the only line of defense?

What did we see floating around social media right after Paris and a few days before San Bernardino? Another dumb article about how the real threat in America is dangerous “right wing extremists” and how they’re far more likely to kill you than Islamic terrorists… All my well-meaning liberal friends were sharing it after Paris, like see? See? Who are the real monsters?

Sure, a few seconds of cursory research would show that this “study” was statistical bunk for a variety of reasons, like they just redefined “terrorism” the same way that other study redefined “mass shootings” so they could cherry pick every regular, run of the mill, violent crime involving some angry white dude as “right wing extremism.” Of course, they could have done the same thing with every violent crime involving some angry black dude and labeled it “black extremism” but then that would have been a really big number and that would have been racist. Yes, whites kill more people than Muslims in America. Since whites make up like 75% of the population and Muslims make up around 1% they’d have to try really hard to catch up.  African-Americans make up around 13% of the population but account for 45% of homicides (and are also overwhelmingly likely to be the victims), but again, they don’t want to chalk those murder numbers up to “extremism”, because to the vulture narrative is everything.

Or it could just be that this stuff is complicated and there’s more to it than just guns, like poverty, education, drug abuse, where you live, and what violent subcultures you belong to. Crime is an extremely complex issue. Anybody who boils it all down to one root is trying to sell you something. In this case, they’re selling gun control. Judging by how Americans purchased enough guns last weekend to arm the Marine Corps, apparently we aren’t buying the narrative.

I’ve seen people freak out about recent gun sales numbers, how Americans buying guns shows “fear”. Well no kidding. Every time some evil asshole shoots up something, we’re afraid democrats are going to ban everything. Nothing makes Americans want something like telling us we shouldn’t have it, so whenever Barack Obama bloviates on the topic sales go through the roof. I’ve also seen this bizarre idea that it is somehow racially motivated, and this is all the fault of the dreaded cishetwhitemale boogieman buying guns because of racism. I’d have to ask Colion Noir or Alfonzo Rachel about that, because I’m pretty sure the 2nd Amendment is for everybody. If the vultures could have seen the diversity of the folks that I signed off for concealed weapons permits, it would blow their little bigoted minds. It was like the rainbow coalition, but with guns and a clue.

Oh, and that meme about how the NRA would surely be in favor of “reasonable” gun restrictions if large numbers of black men started getting CCWs? You do realize the NRA was founded by former Union officers in order to train blacks how to shoot in order to defend themselves against democrats, right? And that American gun control laws originated to keep blacks and other “undesirables” from being armed?

All you Black Lives Matter folks and all the people who’ve been suckered into thinking everything is about race? Terrorists don’t give a shit what color you are when they hit the detonator. The cops you hate? Most of them are just people, and they’re the ones that shot the terrorists in San Bernardino. Crooked corrupt cops? We don’t like them either, because they’re assholes. Now congratulations, you should go buy guns and get your concealed weapons permits too, so you can be useful when militant or crazy assholes decide to shoot up something in your neighborhood.  Oh wait, sorry. Except for those of you who live in corrupt, blue state, democrat-controlled-for-generations cities, because the democrats you elected won’t allow you to buy guns or carry them. They disarmed you so they could feel safe.

Wait? So how come my people are the bad guys again?

In the comments of my last blog post somebody tried the tired old trick of comparing America’s crime rates to some idolized Euro-socialist states. That’s apples and oranges. You can’t compare a giant country that is socially, ethnically, economically diverse with a long history of issues to some tiny, socially, ethnically, and economically homogenous country with a total population that would fit into New York, and blame the discrepancy on gun ownership rates alone. Apples to apples? Chicago crime rates versus Houston. Detroit versus El Paso. The Texas cities are actually more economically and racially diverse, not to mention across the border from violent narco-trafficante revolucion Mexico and not big peaceful Canada. The Texas cities also have super lax gun control laws and easy access to concealed carry.  Only I’m not going to try and blame a bunch of complex issues on one single cause, because I’m not the one trying to pass laws taking away anybody’s rights.

The vulture punditry even attacked prayer this time. That was different… A new low, but at least original. This was particularly funny, considering all the democrat politicians praying last night that the shooters would be some white right wing gun nuts. Belief is so crazy, which is why they believe gun control will work, despite history, human nature, and evidence, simply because they have faith.

EDIT: I had Detroit on the list of cities with liberal gun control, but I have been informed that Michigan has state preemption. My mistake. I’ll leave the El Paso to Detroit comparison however, because the per capita rates ownership rates are so different.



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  1. I agree Larry. I want to DO something to make things ok! Banning firearms will only lead to more problems, more crime, more everything. I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to take away religious freedom. I refuse to take away the right to bear arms. I also refuse to stereotype millions and millions of people, and I hope we, as a nation, will keep that in mind. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and giving us a way to escape when we need to.

    1. Defund “Progressive-Retardnation” worldview education. Replace it with “1776-Tragic-Liberty” common sense pedagogy. This is the mother of all answers to Progtard Hydra.

  2. As more information has come out this California attack looks like a textbook terrorist attack (Damn those fundamentalist Amish), only more competently managed than past ones.

    Generally speaking, for all the hype, terrorists have been remarkably incompetent. Occasionally they’d get lucky (Twin Towers) but not through capability, just perseverance and the ability to keep throwing people at a problem until they get an effect.

    What concerns me is that this batch appears to actually be moderately competent, operating according to a plan that included their own security and escape. (Insufficient in the end, but more than the “die in place” types ever had.)

    Maybe this is an opening salvo to a new phase of operations.

    Well, I’ve made my decision. Should something happen where I am, I may end up being no more than a speedbump, a delay that lets a couple of other people get away. If so, that’s fine. “For how can man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods.” Horatius at the Bridge.

    And any God worth worshiping recognizes self-sacrifice in defense of others as a high virtue.

    1. In yon straight path a thousand may well be stopped by three, now who will stand at either hand and keep the bridge with me? ~Little bit later from Horatius at the bridge.

      Throw enough speed bumps at a problem and you may hold the bridge till it can be brought down. (Which is why I’m working on my own concealed carry quals.)

    2. I recently listened to someone make the case that this was a weird mixture of terrorist attack and workplace violence. This didn’t happen on a big anniversary, and while ISIS liked it, they didn’t take credit for it…it’s obvious that these guys were planning something big, but it seems that after the argument, the guy decided “I’m going to show *them*” and started their terrorist action prematurely.

      Apparently it’s hard to find the right balance between “stable enough to plan and carry out an attack as planned” and “unstable enough to want to kill lots of people”; it seems that this person was just unstable enough that he let a workplace argument set off the plan early.

      Even so, this is just a question of tactics and motivation. It was still a clearly premeditated terrorist attack.

  3. Now here I am double-frustrated by my government mandated bullet button. Listen, if I were a problem it wouldn’t be on my gun.

    1. As a point of interest, the dead tangos deactivated the bullet buttons on their ARs, and tried to convert one to full auto.

  4. This post will doubtless garner vultures of its own (turn and wave at File 770, everybody!) but it needed to be said.

    What’s really galling are the programmed responses of the Left:

    “This was workplace violence.”

    “Easily preventable with gun control.”

    “These sort of things don’t happen in other countries.”

    Robots. We’re ruled by robots.

    1. Their responses are for a fact unthinking programming. Amongst a culture which prides itself on its anti-racism, Glyer just signal-boosted a book about SE Asian steampunk edited by Joyce Chng and Jaymee Goh. In a sea of anti-white racists in the SFF community, the sheer obsessive viciousness of Goh and Chng when it comes to “whites” is remarkable. Why not just fucking promote the KKK?

        1. They don’t promote the KKK because the food at KKK meetings is too bland. Mashed potatoes in white sauce with chicken strips. And some green peas for color. With vanilla pudding for dessert.

    2. I haven’t found one specific to SJW gun control, but there is this more generic SJW response generator:
      Which actually does a fair job of simulating an actual SJW a la the Turing Test. Of course, it’s a lot easier to simulate “intelligent life” when you lower the bar that far.

    1. You’ll note that, like most lists of this sort, the chart does not include a column for the total number of murders, whether a gun is involved or not. This is intentional.

      The US still doesn’t hold up too well against a lot of other countries there either, mind you, but the one number is so dramatically out of proportion with the other that it makes any claim that guns are the main reason we have a relatively high murder rate questionable, at best.

      There’s this unspoken myth among the left that killing people is hard. From a technical standpoint, it really isn’t. The hardest part is overcoming our psychological barriers against killing people. If you’re an attacker with the element of surprise and a real determination to kill, your victim is probably dead. It may be true that guns make it easier to turn “attempted murder” into “murder,” but it’s making the attempt in the first place that is the truly difficult part.

      1. It seems that a lot of Americans are assholes. Used to be the biggest asshole bossed the whole town. Then came the equalizer. Uphill ever since.

  5. File 770 is filled with individuals who are only capable of regurgitating what they read on Wikipedia/Huffpo/

    I posted in response to someone who said “gun control reduces gun violence”. My response was
    1.) We all know murder with a gun is worse than murder by any other means and
    2.) I don’t accept that gun control reduces gun crime.

    I was rebutted by at least 4 people saying “overall murder rate is down in other countries as well”. The problem with that? It’s not down in proportion to the difference in “gun violence”

    Which means either
    1.) gun control makes people who like to kill others with knives decide not to kill people or
    2.)that those societies as whole are less violent which means other factors or in play other than gun control.

    If the answer is 2. (lets try not to kid ourselves that it isn’t even though I do know that the basement where you spend most of your time does not lend itself to real world analysis) then they have undermined their own argument.

  6. As I said in Twitter last night: anyone who actually has been paying attention wouldn’t have been surprised to find out this was an Islamist terrorist attack. Nobody who has a brain should be surprised by the spin of the journalists and the way the media immediately reaches to cover up for Muslims that attack in Dar-Al-Harb. That they’re trying to spin this as three Muslims FREAKING THE FUCK OUT about a holiday party / baby shower just shows who they’re really afraid of.

    Guidelines for Countering Racial, Ethnic and Religious Profiling

    On Oct. 6, 2001 at its National Convention in Seattle, the Society of Professional Journalists passed a resolution urging members and fellow journalists to take steps against racial profiling in their coverage of the war on terrorism and to reaffirm their commitment to:

    — Use language that is informative and not inflammatory;

    — Portray Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans in the richness of their diverse experiences;

    — Seek truth through a variety of voices and perspectives that help audiences understand the complexities of the events in Pennsylvania, New York City and Washington, D.C.


    Visual images

    — Seek out people from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds when photographing Americans mourning those lost in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

    — Seek out people from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds when photographing rescue and other public service workers and military personnel.

    — Do not represent Arab Americans and Muslims as monolithic groups. Avoid conveying the impression that all Arab Americans and Muslims wear traditional clothing.

    — Use photos and features to demystify veils, turbans and other cultural articles and customs.


    — Seek out and include Arabs and Arab Americans, Muslims, South Asians and men and women of Middle Eastern descent in all stories about the war, not just those about Arab and Muslim communities or racial profiling.

    — Cover the victims of harassment, murder and other hate crimes as thoroughly as you cover the victims of overt terrorist attacks.

    — Make an extra effort to include olive-complexioned and darker men and women, Sikhs, Muslims and devout religious people of all types in arts, business, society columns and all other news and feature coverage, not just stories about the crisis.

    — Seek out experts on military strategies, public safety, diplomacy, economics and other pertinent topics who run the spectrum of race, class, gender and geography.

    — When writing about terrorism, remember to include white supremacist, radical anti-abortionists and other groups with a history of such activity.

    — Do not imply that kneeling on the floor praying, listening to Arabic music or reciting from the Quran are peculiar activities.

    — When describing Islam, keep in mind there are large populations of Muslims around the world, including in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, India and the United States. Distinguish between various Muslim states; do not lump them together as in constructions such as “the fury of the Muslim world.” </blockquote

    Remember that such consideration will also be one-sided. They'll not portray Christians or conservatives or libertarians or the West with that same consideration. It doesn't fit the agenda, or the narrative.

    1. Damn. I’ve been poised to like the SPJ since I first heard of them in the leadup to SPJ Airplay and the GamerGate discussion they graciously hosted. But this is contemptible.

    2. To be fair, that was in October of 2001 when there was still a lot of concern that Muslims were going to be targeted by the vengeance seeking. By this time, it’s pretty clear that it just isn’t happening, and the admonitions not to hold the actions of the few against the many are pretty damned old.
      Especially coming from those who show no compunctions about, for example, blaming all gun owners for gun violence, or all white people because slavery and imperialism.

  7. As has been said elsewhere: Mass shooters target gun-free zones, so the prog solution is to create more gun-free zones.

    This is how much they think about it.

  8. I see that The One is doubling down on gun control today at the White House Briefing.

    Quote :
    Peter Doocy: “President Obama yesterday jumped to say that this mass shooting means it’s time for commonsense gun laws. Does the President really think that common sense gun laws would deter terrorists now that he has admitted that these two may have been terrorists?”

    White House press secretary Josh Earnest: “Yes. The president believes that passing common sense gun laws that makes it harder for people with bad intentions to get guns, makes the country safer.”

    Peter Doocy: “But so the president thinks that when there are potentially two terrorists sitting around planning a mass murder they may call it off because President Obama has put in place common sense gun laws?”

    Earnest: “Well Peter, we’re still learning of the precise motives of the individuals who carried out this heinous act of violence yesterday. One thing we do know, is the four fire arms they were wielding we’re legally purchased under the laws in place now. That’s a fact. So, that might lead some to conclude that we should have made it a little harder for them. Would that have changed the entire outcome? We’re still investigating the situation but I guess the question is, why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t we make it harder for them? What’s the explanation for that?”

    There you go.

    As to his reasoning, I think he’s poisoning the well for Hillary. He must really hate that woman to be doing this stuff today.

    Either that or he’s deliberately importing Islamic terrorists so he can get gun control passed. Neither would surprise me.

    I wish The One good luck with his Common Sense Gun Control after Black Friday’s record breaking gun sales. Probably won’t go well.

  9. You would think eventually the lessons of the mafia and drug cartels would sink in. When we ban an item, bad people make a lot of money and gain a lot of power selling that item on the black market. Banning guns would not only do all the obvious bad things, but it would empower a whole new line of dickheads. The Mafia rose out of the Volstead act, because there was a void to be filled.

  10. California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. California has what is known as May Issue concealed carry, which means that it is up to the local sheriff who is allowed to get a concealed weapons permit, which in all the blue counties means that concealed weapons permits are only issued to rich folks who donate lots of money to politicians, or body guards for movie stars.

    One of the things that pisses me off about all this, personally, is that one of those counties where it is virtually impossible to get a CCW permit is San Diego County, which is where damn near half of the Marines and Sailors in the entire country are stationed.

    So not only is it presumably one of the most attractive targets in the country to a potential terrorist, but despite being filled with a population that is possibly better qualified to provide the sort of defense in depth you’re talking about here than any city of comparable size in the country, that population is more or less entirely disarmed.

    The addition to the latest NDAA, allowing commanders the option of allowing concealed carry on base, is a nice start, but that doesn’t do one damn bit of good for the thousands of Marines and Sailors who live off base.

    It pisses me off to no extent when people start trying to argue that CCW permit holders will only make the problem worse in the case of an active shooter. If you can’t trust active duty Marines in a situation like that, who CAN you trust? So why the hell can’t active duty Marines get a goddamn CCW permit?

    (And it doesn’t help calm me down that, despite a panel of judges from the 9th circuit finding policies like the one in San Diego unconstitutional, San Diego is one of the counties that is continuing to operate under their old policies until the appeal goes through, even though some other counties have relented…)

    Also, are you moderating comments now, or something? The last time I tried to post this it didn’t seem to work…

    1. I doubt it. Our host believes in free speech, so pretty much anyone can comment here. The server/software has been a bit wonky today- I got a few errors when loading the site earlier on, but it seems to be okay right now.

      Links will go into moderation, though, that much is a given.

      As to the other, I’m with ya there. It continually perplexes me that servicemen can’t get CCW in places. Fer cryin’ out unprintably, if we trust them to defend the country and our interests from enemies both foreign and domestic, how the hell can they do the *domestic* part when they aren’t allowed to be armed for some stupid damned reason? If we don’t trust them to keep the oath, what’s the friggen point?

        1. “For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
          But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot.”

          1. That poem never fails to cause dust to spontaneously appear on both my eyeballs. Seriously, it’s just dust! I’ve got something in my eyes! *sniffle*

      1. That depends on whether an Instalanche counts as a DDOS attack. Sarah Hoyt posted a link to this post on Instapundit at 12:02 AM this morning, and shortly after that I couldn’t load the site for half an hour.

        So yes, there was a DDOS attack of sorts, but not the malicious kind.

    2. If it’s not spam we’re probably going to approve it. Gotta sleep sometime, though, and there ARE other things to do. If your comments are held for moderation, just wait; we’ll get to it. As stated before there are no attacks on the site- this hasn’t happened in months but when Larry writes about gun control an awful lot of folks like to see it…. So overall the message is: be patient.

  11. First time I’ve been on your blog, but I feel so relieved to have read this post. It’s refreshing. Great points, great writing. Thank you.

  12. “…in all the blue counties…concealed weapons permits are only issued to rich folks who donate lots of money to politicians, or body guards for movie stars.

    “American gun control laws originated to keep blacks and other ‘undesirables’ from being armed…”


    “The effect of the [Army and Navy] law was to restrict handgun possession to the upper economic classes.”

    The appropriate rhetorical response to gun-grabbing vultures:

    “Why do you hate poor people?”

    “Why are you racist?”

  13. I don’t supposed it has occured to these people that guns are merely machines and not evil, black magic. Anybody with a good set of tools can build one if we were as evil as they seem to assume, open bolt sub-machine guns are very simple to build and fully automatic. A Sten is dirt simple and plans are all over the net. There are also things like the shovel AK that I’m actually thinking about making since I’m just a knuckle dragging barbarian at heart…

  14. Dang, Larry, your site is really getting hammered. Maybe third time posting will be the charm?

    Anyway, aside from agreeing with you, I’d like to point out that there are really only two reasonably levels of gun ownership: No restrictions and complete restrictions. Anything in between is a waste of time and money because it inconveniences regular folks while providing no real barrier to crime. In Europe and the like, they could implement the latter. There was no great history of gun ownership in the countries and it wasn’t thought of as a right. In the US, attempting to implement on a national level the sort of confiscation necessary would not only be logistically impossible as you said, but probably would result in armed resistance. And not just by Right Wing Tea Party Extremists™, but by the cops being told to carry out the order. In the places where gun ownership is most prevalent, the police are the most supportive of the Right to Bear Arms.

    On the other side of the coin is minimal laws and regulations. I’d love something along the lines of restricting WMDs and making everything else legal if you can afford it, but would be willing to settle for unrestricted sale of semiautomatics with a background check and automatics treated like SBRs and Suppressors are today. Criminals would have the same access to firearms as they do today, but it’s essentially immunity theory. In Red states, we have enough people armed that criminals tend to think twice before robbing a home or a person. In Blue states, they only have cops who tend to stand out and criminals know to avoid. In the end, our populations just have a better social immune system and are healthier for it.

    1. Gun ownership for hunting remains quite popular in many European country. In Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi, hero of the national unification, was also a big supporter of introducing the masses to rifle shooting and had many shooting ranges built around the country.

      Not to mention Switzerland, where the army is a militia and target shooting is a common pastime for many. Their ranges even serve alcohol…

    2. Anyway, aside from agreeing with you, I’d like to point out that there are really only two reasonably levels of gun ownership: No restrictions and complete restrictions. Anything in between is a waste of time and money because it inconveniences regular folks while providing no real barrier to crime.

      This is so incredibly true. I’d respect people if they were arguing for complete disarmament, or a repeal of the 2nd amendment. I might not agree with them, and they might be unlikely to get their policies enacted in the US, but at least they have a sound, logically consistent position, which, like it or not, would make a significant difference if it were implemented.

      People who talk about “common sense gun regulation,” on the other hand, are either well-meaning but deluded, and their plans will do significant harm without actually solving anything, or they’re blatantly lying about their intentions in order to achieve complete disarmament.

      1. Honestly the “common sense gun control” people remind me of the Mennonites. I’d have much more respect for them if they were Amish. At least they’d be consistent. Hell even if it was a case of “well technology to do work and not frivolous recreation is okay” then you see them in Walmart buying batteries and eating and McDonald’s and such….. seems pretty frivolous to me… but you won’t just buy a cheap no frills work truck and disconnect the radio and not use the ac or something and will drive a tractor on the road.

        For fuck’s sake.

        But yeah those people want complete disarmament but they are chickenshits and manipulative bastards and won’t come out and admit it.

      2. When people talk about “common sense gun control”, ask them how they feel about common sense Muslim control…

  15. “people like us are the last line of defense against them”

    I’ve got to nitpick on that one point. I think that evidence (probably John Lott) shows that armed citizens often aren’t the last line; they are often the first line. Otherwise, that’s another cogent and informative article.

    Sadly, some of my friends & acquaintances are interested in owning guns, but also strongly want to keep them out of other peoples’ hands. Go figure. I don’t even know where to start sometimes. That’s the surreal world of living in a blue state.

    1. It is a nit, but you’re wrong. When dealing with fundamentalist radical Islamic terrorists, our government kind of spent billions and billions of dollars on massive federal agencies that are supposed to combat them before we do. That’s supposed to be the first line of defense. There have been a ton of plots stopped that most of us never hear about, and incidents that get no media coverage (narrative again). If your CCW is the first line of defense then the federal government has utterly failed at its job (and one of the only things actually listed in the Constitution that it is supposed to do).

      I know too many federal trigger pullers who’ve stopped way too many assholes to know that isn’t true. Yes, our leadership is a bunch of morons, but there are a bunch of men out there who are working their asses off to stop these assholes. The ones we see are just the ones who made it through.

    2. The first line of defense is… the government not letting violent scum into the country in the first place.

      Effectiveness needle on the first line is fluttering somewhere between “abject incompetence” and “deliberately treasonable inaction”.

      So, in the sense that the first line can’t or won’t do it’s job, the “last line” is the de facto first line.

  16. They keep getting angrier and more irrational, too. I’m afraid they’ll hurt themselves beating their little heads on the floor. They really seem to think that guns have evil spirits that make one want to kill people.

    1. Or that they are the One Ring and only ObamaFrodo is pure of heart enough to touch the evil thing and throw it into Mount Doom.

      I better find some cover even as a Joke I think Larry’s about to throw some lead down range at me for tainting LOTR with these asshats in the same sentence.

      Biden DOES remind me of a more Ozzy after all the drugs kind of Grima Wormtongue though.

  17. Want to know a little secret?

    We’re not ever going to get respect from these people until they fear us. Not a casual, generalized oikophobic sort of fear, but a deep, visceral certainty that if they make their little “Piss Christ” artworks, or desecrate our monuments, we’re going to make them die horribly. They’re going to respect us only when they have the moral certainty that if they mock our faith, our service, our religion… We’ll kill them.

    That’s the lesson here, being laid out before the world. You want space for your religion? Want it to be granted respect, and not to have your beliefs mocked or blasphemed? Kill for it. See how the little freaks kow-tow to Islam, and never dare to mock it or its tenets. Think the left would be mocking the prayers of Islam, were they offered up in this case? Oh, no… They might actually get hurt, if they did that

    They’re creating an environment where the only way for a religion or way of life to survive, or be respected is if it reliably and predictably kills those who question, mock, or blaspheme it. So, guess what?

    That’s what they’re going to get. Something will evolve to answer the brutality, the disrespect, the blasphemy against the Christian faith, just as the Crusades were responses to Islamic barbarism against Christians resident in the holy lands and pilgrims traveling there. Those who mock and denigrate would do well to remember that. What was once, can be again. The next time ’round, the equivalents to the Hospitaliers and Templars are probably going to be a lot less tolerant of those here in the West that denigrate their faiths. They might even be, I dare say, intolerant. Quelle horreur…

    The freaks are storing up wrath, in the vinyards of our Lord. When the time comes, I suspect the resultant vintage is going to have distinct flavor of their blood.

    Contemplating the future, I fear more the counter-reaction to Islamic barbarism like ISIS more than I do ISIS and the like themselves. In the final analysis, ISIS has a recruiting base with an inbred average intelligence of around 84. They’re not all that bright, in other words. The ones who should scare the crap out of you are all those sorts with the higher intelligence quotients that the inbred idiots are pissing off. It won’t happen quickly, but it will happen, and when it does…?

    1. I’m one of “those people”, and I’ve heard this all before. “Your religion offends us, your speech offends us, your ideas offend us, so now we must kill you”. Usually it’s the Muslim terrorists spouting that rhetoric, but obviously Christians sometimes do it too.

      I don’t fear such people; at least, not in the way that you mean. I fear them in the same way that I fear being run over by a bus or struck by lightning or something. Sure, it can happen, and you should take reasonable precautions, but that’s no reason to hide under your bed every day.

      I think I would be more afraid of these terrorists if they weren’t so obviously weak. If the only way you can defend your faith is by murdering everyone who disagrees with you, then what kind of faith do you even have ? What kind of a god trembles in fear before a cartoon ? Forget gods; what kind of a human person thinks that the answer to any intellectual challenge is violence ? Obviously, that kind of person is someone who is armed with guns and bombs instead of intellect and conviction. I just can’t bring myself to fear someone like that.

      1. I might agree with you, if you swap the word “fear” for “respect.” I don’t have to respect them, but it takes a special kind of person to not fear a group of people who say the mean to kill you, and have proven their will and ability to do so.

        Muslims are not morally weak. The most dangerous among them are those who are morally strong. The problem is one of perception. Their morality is simply very different from ours. In their religion it is an absolute moral good to kill, enslave, and terrorize nonbelievers. Allah tells them so, in his own words, in no uncertain terms.

        The person with a gun or bomb doesn’t have to listen to finely wrought rhetoric and logical arguments. He just has to kill you as an example to the survivors. That requires almost no intelligence (see recent news article about a tribe of monkeys on a killing spree in India – also note how there are no official plans to harm the monkeys, merely attempt to relocate them), simply will and ability. Islam provides the will, and weapons have been readily available since Cain picked up a rock while chatting with his brother.

        1. A person who blindly lashes out with violence at every perceived slight to his made-up ideology is, indeed, dangerous. I have no argument with you there. Snakes are dangerous too; every time I go hiking in the summer, I make sure to be extra-careful to avoid any rattlesnakes, who can easily lash out and kill me.

          But I don’t spend my days trembling in fear of all these wild animals. They’re just a part of nature, like those monkeys of yours. Sure, some of them can read and thump the Koran all day; others, like Kirk in the post above, thump the Bible. But, as I said, I just can’t bring myself to live in fear of someone who, as you said, “has no intelligence, only will and ability”.

      2. Please provide some evidence that there is a significant Christian cohort that proclaims *and carries out* “death to people who think, speak, and believe differently”.

        Otherwise, opening an argument with such patent dishonesty is a poor way to make a point.

        1. I was talking to a specific person, not to a “significant cohort”. You’d have to ask him whether he actually carried out any death threats…

          1. I was addressing a claim you made, not claiming that you were talking to a significant cohort.

            If you are going to respond to my comment, then I would appreciate it if you would read it for comprehension.

        1. Barbarians can never defeat a fully functional trust based civilization.

          When trust dies, the civilization is dead, the people living where that civilization used to stand are merely unaware of it. At least until the barbarians arrive to loot the remains.

          1. check history, the Barbarians win because the “civilization” stops trying to defend itself and gets assimilated into a stronger more vibrant and violently expansive conqueror.

            Roman Empire fell to the Germanic tribes (incidentally where the word Barbarian comes from the Roman’s word for the Germanics language bar bar bar) because the Romans stopped caring enough about their very society to defend it. They stopped raising their son’s to view defense of the homeland as something to aspire to. They outsourced it, to the German mercenaries. They also started buying everything from outlying provinces and not producing goods in the home provinces. The Barbarians (Germans) actually just took over the Roman Military and broke pieces off the empire. its more complicated than that but in a nut shell that ‘s my take.

            British Commonwealth, on which the Sun never set? Where’d that go? all those poor indigenous people just decied the high trust English uppercrust were unstoppable? Spanish Empire? something about the moors right? Those Persians still think they own the world? It all gets torn down by the Barbarians because the “enlightened civilization” forgets that when somebody says they are going to kill you and make your women their slaves you gotta get up and stomp a mudhole in their ass.

            And i know this is TLDR but if you haven’t noticed the American Empire with all of its Pax Americana is teetering at the point the British Empire was at in 1910 when they needed the yanks to come over and bail them out of WWI. we don’t have a high trust society any more, we are not a melting pot more of a salad that’s being Balkanized, and for the last 10 years there has been a concerted effort to drive wedges into the non homogeneous, non integrated American people and turn us against each other.

          2. You missed my point. When trust died in Roman society, their civilization was dead. It just took a while for the barbarians to notice.

      3. The point I’m making, and the one you’re breezing right on by, is that you and your ilk are quite literally creating those Christian, Hindu, and other terrorists you are so disdainful of.

        How, you ask? How are you responsible, what is the mechanism? It’s simple: The double standard that you and your ilk have established. You mock Christians, but oh-so-carefully avoid mockery of Islam. And, you go out of your way to avoid offending them, because you know the price you’ll likely pay.

        So, the incentive structure is established, by you and yours. That’s the lesson you impart, each and every time some Mohammedan commits an act of terrorism, and you piously respond by speaking of how the rest of us must avoid labeling the Islamic faith as violent, and how we must be vigilant against the vicious backlash that inevitably never seems to actually come…

        You’re teaching lessons, my friends, and you will pay the price when everyone realizes that the only way to gain the “respect” granted Islam is by copying their tactics. It’s a wonderful world you’re creating, for the rest of us.

    2. A bit like the way PETA throw red paint on women wearing fur coats but not on bikers wearing leather.

      It’s no fun when your target fights back. And is better equipped to do so (whether by arms, intent, or experience).

  18. Call me a vulture, then, I suppose. I’ve made my opinion on gun control known on the older threads (I’m for it, being the evil vulture that I am), but I do agree with at least some of the things in this post. For example, I agree that any person who shoots up a bunch of innocent civilians to make a point is a terrorist. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Muslim terrorist on a jihad against the evil Jews, or a Christian terrorist on a crusade against the evil baby-killing doctors, or a secular terrorist out for revenge on his company management, or whatever. Terrorism is terrorism, and we should condemn all of it the same way.

    Furthermore, just because a terrorist belongs to some specific group, doesn’t mean that that entire group is made up of terrorists. There are lots of perfectly normal, well-adjusted Muslims, Christians, postal workers, and yes, even gamers out there. That said, terrorist groups like Isis obviously do exist. When the leadership of a group says, “yeah, we are all about killing people”, you can’t claim that they’re just misunderstood or whatever. I mean, you can, but you’d look stupid doing it.

    Of course, nothing in life is black and white, and there are certain ideologies that make it much easier for their followers to snap. The specifics of ideology itself really don’t matter; what matters is that it focuses on painting everyday existence as a struggle of Good vs. Evil, with “us” being the good guys of course, and “them” being the evil inhuman monsters who desire nothing more but to take away your dignity, liberty, children, and whatever else you call dear. It’s much easier to kill inhuman monsters than it is to kill other people, and obviously the world would be better off without all that evil in it, right ?

    1. Please quit saying All when you are stereotyping people who are speaking about a group that has a lot of terrorists in it. No one but idiots actually says “ALL of them” even when they some of them do ad “All” all “ALL” of them do not actually believe it. But people keep bringing that up like it is a end All to the conversation. I’m not saying you are an Idiot but you did say “All” yourself and I frankly never see these ALL Sayers, It’s more like tAll tales to me.

      Just where are they All?

      Now I do see a lot of people saying “Quit saying ALL” when no one actually said “ALL”
      Now your post wasnt All that bad but it does have use that All or Nothing Knee Jerk Reaction.

      When I hear the joke “Nothing comes from Texas but Steers and Queers” I don’t get offended by All that, I know they are not talking about me and if they are trying to actually offend me then All I have to do is get my All out Asskin Jaskin boot to put up there bung holes and All will be settled.

      But yea I really get offended by people who keep seeing the word “All” from people that quite frankly just isn’t there.

      Y’All Take Care Now Y’ALL Hear.

    2. “When the leadership of a group says, “yeah, we are all about killing people”, you can’t claim that they’re just misunderstood or whatever. I mean, you can, but you’d look stupid doing it.”

      The Quran, Islam’s holy book, is the literal word of Allah. It is not some man’s interpretation. It is not a collection of letters. It, to Muslims, is the indelible word of god. The instructions in the Quran are therefore not merely suggestions, but commandments straight from god.

      ISIL’s leaders have made up nothing. They have no new ideology. They are simply fundamentalist believers in their religion, and are carrying out its most basic principles. They are, in their culture and religion, doing god’s holy work.

      Believe them when they say they mean to kill and enslave us, to destroy our culture. They’re on a mission from god. You cannot convince them otherwise, because they know in their hearts that they’re doing the right thing. Their god commands them so to do.

      You will not turn aside their wrath with kind words, but sharp swords may prove more effective.

    3. Wow. Good thing we hurried and got that pointless moral equivalence about all those legions of deadly Christians out of the way. We have to get our mandatory moral preening done before somebody brings up the Crusades. Thanks for the utterly useless lecture about NOT ALL MUSLIMS. No shit. There’s a billion people we’re NOT at war with. I’ve talked about that before when I wrote about Paris. In fact, I’m pretty sure you commented there too. Awesome. Now we can get back to the fucking point now.

      1. We have to get our mandatory moral preening done before somebody brings up the Crusades.

        Thanks Larry. Had to do a ctrl-f to make sure you were first with that word on this thread. “Preening”. Perfect. It is exactly what they do. They Preen. Someone needs to get them some t-shirts. “I Preen. Therefore I am.”

        Straighten and clean its feathers with its beak.
        Devote effort to making oneself look attractive and then admire one’s appearance.
        Congratulate or pride oneself.

        Bugmaster, you’re not a vulture, you’re a mallard duck. Nothing more.

        It’s much easier to kill inhuman monsters than it is to kill other people

        “… and if we can all come together and agree there are no real inhuman monsters, wouldn’t that be awesome!”


      2. Well, there’s a Christian guy in the post right above mine, advocating shooting people for making blasphemous artwork or whatever. Maybe you could have a chat with him, or something. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to conclude that all Christians are violent terrorists.

        But yeah, there are entire countries out there who endorse mass murder in the name of their God. As McChuck said, you can’t convince them otherwise, because they are so certain that they’re right and everyone else is an evil demon that it’s the core of their culture by now.

        The word “liberal” now stands for lots of SJW nonsense, but what it used to stand for is a repudiation of that exact mindset. A liberal might say, “we have to fight those people because it’s a matter of survival”, but he would never say, “let’s go kill all those people because they believe in the wrong god”. It’s a subtle difference, perhaps, but IMO an important one.

        1. The way I read that was to point out the hypocrisy of the left, pushing and pushing and pushing, against the relatively nonviolent religious group, while completely kowtowing to the ultra violent group. And how apparently the only way the left respects an ideology is if it is willing to murder them or not. But you know, eye of the beholder, reading comprehension stuff. But at least his was original. If I hear one more jackass bitch about moral equivalence because of those imaginary legions of super violent Christians I might die of boredom.

        2. “Contemplating the future, I fear more the counter-reaction to Islamic barbarism like ISIS more than I do ISIS and the like themselves.” does not strike me as ‘advocating shooting people for making blasphemous artwork.’

          Reading through Kirk’s entire comment, which perhaps you didn’t do, since you seem to’ve missed the sentence above, he’s not saying what you claim. At most, he’s advocating shooting people who shoot people for making blasphemous artwork. He’s also pointing out that if the media/government keep sending the message that the way you get respect (even if it’s just lip service) is through violence, then we’re liable to find more and more people/groups resorting to violence. Because it works. Christians (of which I am not, and never have been one, so don’t waste your time trying to dismiss me as some Templar wannabe) have seen respect for their faith wane – even to the point of it being literally pissed on – since they stopped employing the tactic. And at the same time they’ve seen steadily increasing deference being paid to Islam, thanks to its crop of head-chopping, bomb-exploding, mass-shooting adherents. Will we see a rise in violent Christian militancy as a result? I – and it appears Kirk — sincerely hope not, but the potential is certainly there.

          1. Actually Kirk’s comment said:
            We’re not ever going to get respect from these people until they fear us. Not a casual, generalized oikophobic sort of fear, but a deep, visceral certainty that if they make their little “Piss Christ” artworks, or desecrate our monuments,we’re going to make them die horribly

            …and the most horrible way to die Bugmaster can think of is getting shot?!

            Sheesh, such limited imagination. Or inability to see what Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, or other Islamic groups have done to people who insulted them.

            Of course, that might lead to discomforting thoughts for Bug so maybe he’s better off posing righteously against the oh-so-dangerous Christians who might finally snap or whatever.

            I’m sure when he’s finished with that he’ll start with the Buddhists next. Maybe that Adam Sandler film will set one of them off…

        3. If you mean Kirk’s comment, it looks like he was pointing out that the only way people will stop insulting Christians is if Christians started killing anyone who did that.

          Like Muslims already do.

          Oh and odd, how Kirk’s comment doesn’t have the word “shoot” in it anywhere, yet that’s the first thing that comes to your mind.

          Also, he didn’t advocate it, he predicted it would eventually happen. Maybe he’s right, maybe he’s wrong.

          But let’s not let little things like that get in the way of your righteous indignation and oh-so-brave stance against the potential threat of Christians finally snapping and killing the next person who insults their faith.

          Unlike the actual threat of getting killed if you insult Islam, or the Prophet, etc.

        4. liberal used to mean favoring liberty, free enterprise , natural law and minimal government power . In it’s day classical liberty was almost exclusively developed and espoused by christians precisely because of their religious beliefs , such as the whigs who ended slavery in the west. And free men own weapons to defend themselves, their faith and protect against tyranny. You and your fellow worshippers of all powerful state seem to believe that state will protect the lives, and rights of a disarmed populace even though history and the world before our eyes shows that to be false.

        5. Were it possible, I’d be laughing even harder at you, and taking you even less seriously than I already am. You’re a caricature, a stereotype, and you lack even the barest self-awareness necessary to comprehend your own state.

          For one thing, fool, I am not even Christian, except in the broadest of senses. I doubt even the most tolerant of modern sects would have me, let alone meet my spiritual needs.

          In terms of where I lie, in that realm, I would more accurately be termed a cold Dieist, like many of our founding fathers. Christian? It is to laugh, although I respect and honor the faith in broad and general terms, if only for its aspirations.

          I’m not going to be the guy skinning you alive for your blasphemy, in other words. I am, however, also not the guy who will lift a finger to stop it from happening, when it inevitably does. I’ll happily let nature take its course, as the fanatics you so carefully train up and nurture have their way with you and yours. I’m pretty much done with saving others from the folly of their own actions, to tell the truth. You’ll learn, I suppose, but you’ll have no other school than experience, being the consummate fool that you are.

          You and yours have established the incentive structure. All that remains is for people to notice, grasp the outlines of it, and become tired enough of your incessant bullshit in all regards to overcome their reluctance to sink into barbarism. Then, you’ll learn the true nature of your folly, only it will be too late to turn back the clock.

          Another thing you and yours are missing is that you’re sending the wrong lessons to the Islamic community here in the US. By shielding these people from the consequences of their actions as a group, you’re making it easier and easier for her extremists among them to go further and further, while simultaneously signalling the rest of us that there is no justice to be had, because Islam is protected by authority. Only the foolish could imagine that that state of affairs could be imposed or sustained against the will of the masses, who are also the bulk of the victims. I’d spell out the likely end-state for this situation, but you’re likely not intelligent enough to grasp it, and will reduce your arguments and dismissal to my imagined Christian fanatacism. By such means do your ilk comfort yourselves, on the way to the abattoir. You’ll still be whining about “Muslim Backlash” as ISIS hauls your daughters off for sale, or some other religious extremist fostered through your folly has their way with them. Such a fine legacy, to leave our children.

          Oh, yeah–Fair warning to you and the rest of your cloddish ilk: While I won’t kill you for offending my spiritual beliefs, they being broad and somewhat immune to offense, I will happily start the killing over purely secular matters, like my Constitution. I swore an oath to defend that institution, and I still hold by it. All of it. There are a lot of people like you who are only a few steps away from making yourselves fit the definition of enemy, domestic, for citizens like myself. You’re not going to like what happens after you step over that line.

          1. “I’m not going to be the guy skinning you alive for your blasphemy, in other words. I am, however, also not the guy who will lift a finger to stop it from happening, when it inevitably does.”

            Reminds me of John Winger’s response to St. Hulka in “Stripes”:

            “Lighten up, Francis. We’re all in this together. One of these men may save your life one of these days, you understand that?” – Warren Oates (as Sergeant Hulka in Stripes)
            “Then again, maybe one of us won’t.” – Bill Murray (as John Winger)

            The hypocrisy of the progressives is well pointed out, thank you for that. They use the word “tolerance” frequently, but always in the third person; “YOU must be tolerant of US. We are under no compulsion to be tolerant of you, your religion or your gun ownership. Those run counter to our beliefs, and what WE believe is the truth, otherwise why would we believe it? Therefore, what you believe is false, evil and bad, and should not be tolerated.” A neatly circular argument that insulates them from fact and critical thought.

          2. “I’m not going to be the guy skinning you alive for your blasphemy, in other words. I am, however, also not the guy who will lift a finger to stop it from happening, when it inevitably does.”

            I’ll be the guy pointing and laughing. It’s amazing how the Left’s behavior has eroded my empathy over the years.
            And let’s face it: if y’all enlightened sophisticated types really are a different nation than us cishet jingoistic Christian bitter-clingers… we don’t really owe you much, do we.

          3. While I’m pretty sure Robert Jordan was a bit of an SJW, I mean all of his women seemed to be some shade of feminists, but still one line I liked from one of his Wheel of Time books. I don’t recall who said it, ironically one of the women I think that if they pulled the shit in real life without magic would have probably bit them in the ass but I digress here’s the line.

            “Fools deserve whatever their foolishness brings them.”

            Liberals will get all emotional and accuse you of not caring…. as if everyone was worthy of giving a damn about. Also funny as they don’t care about people who disagree with them, or people who are killed by criminals with how they love letting them go… Besides it’s not about caring it’s about their are consequences to your actions. Act sensible and okay if not good things will probably happen. act like a fool or an idiot and it will bite you in the ass sooner or later even kill you.

            Honestly liberals are the kind of people if they were in one of Larry’s books would be trying to emotionally reason with a vampire or a werewolf( a normal one) or try to act like they can make them poof into the ether just by refusing to accept the reality of the situation.

            Reality doesn’t give a shit about your feelings. It just IS. You can delude yourself all you want but what is real is real and sooner or later it WILL make you bow before it. Reality has no feelings, no sense of mercy or fair play, sooner or later you will bent to accommodate IT or it will break you.

          4. I’m not going to be the guy skinning you alive for your blasphemy, in other words. I am, however, also not the guy who will lift a finger to stop it from happening, when it inevitably does.

            I’m really glad you brought this up, since this sentence perfectly highlights the difference between your world and mine.

            You see, on a purely emotional level, I probably find your beliefs about as offensive and repugnant as you find mine. But when that mob comes for you, I will defend you to the best of my ability. Not because I care about you personally (I don’t), or because I am under some sort of orders to do so (I’m not), but because I firmly believe in freedom of expression.

            By “freedom of expression”, I don’t just mean, “the First Amendment”; but rather, the driving principles behind it: in a free society, everyone must have a voice. This principle is not a privilege, but rather an onerous duty. Upholding the freedom of people who already agree with you is easy. Upholding their right to speak even when they vehemently disagree with you is really hard.

            There are many reasons why I believe these things, but I’ll just list the two main ones.

            First of all, no one is omniscient, not even me; which means that everyone could be wrong about some (or even most !) of the things they believe. If I’m wrong about something, I want to know this, because cold hard reality won’t care about my feelings. But I can’t find out that I’m wrong if no one is allowed to disagree with me.

            Secondly, if we as a society decide that suppressing “bad” ideas, and silencing the people who hold them, is perfectly cool — then who gets to decide what counts as “bad” ? Today, it’s you, and everything is fine. Tomorrow, it’s your ideological opponents, and now you’re basically their slave.

            These are the lessons that all these violent Muslims, cry-bullying feminists, and apparently some quasi-Christian conservatives such as yourself have not yet learned. Freedom is not just some happy feeling inside, or a political buzzword; it requires hard work, every day.

          5. “… because cold hard reality won’t care about my feelings.”
            Bingo. As Kirk and others have tried to make clear, repeatedly.

            And yes, without question, vigilance is required to protect our freedoms. However, trading in false moral equivalencies is a very good way of negating that effort.

          6. Ah, now I’m some sort of “conservative”, and thus automatically to be dismissed because of wrongthink. I see. You are so wise, to see this. I must bow both to your superior intellect and to your sagacity…

            Obviously, you are quite the discerning character, to know all about what I believe, and to be able to categorize it with such facile ease. Small problem with that, dipshit: I’m about as much a “conservative” as I am Christian.

            But, since that’s automatically the default position your feeble mind comes to when confronted with someone who disagrees with your bullshit, we’ll just have to accept that you are incapable of rational thought as an adult. You’ve apparently been told that anyone who disagrees with your virtuous thinking must be a conservative, and bad, so that’s the answer your pitiful mentation comes up with when someone disagrees with you. Never mind whether or not that’s the reality, that’s what the channels worn in your mind tell you. Unfortunately, those channels are both inadequate, and entirely wrong.

            All I’ve seen from you so far is a parroting of talking points, and erroneous assumptions made about others, which indicates that you’ve been indoctrinated far past your actual intelligence. I’d say “educated”, but that would likely be a category error, because you certainly weren’t taught to think for yourself by whoever granted you that worthless diploma you no doubt keep displayed in a prominent location.

            Somehow, I kinda doubt that whatever it says would imply mastery of some sort of rigorous STEM program. Likely, the word “Studies” is included, somewhere…

            You can keep your offer of “support”. I know a lie when I hear one, you see: You’ve already demonstrated what a degenerate bigot you are, by assuming me to be some form of Christian, and then dismissing what I say as being the ravings of a religious fanatic. This facile bigotry you demonstrate puts the lie to your words of brave support, which is apparently something quite beyond your grasp. You’ve already arrived at your self-justification for not doing a damn thing, while the faggots are piled around my metaphorical and entirely imaginary Christian feet. No worries; I don’t expect creatures like you to live up to the brave words you mouth, aping your betters.

            Hell, I actually expect your sort to be there at the forefront, unloading the wood carts. That’s what your kind do. You follow along, like a gibbering ape, copying what you see others doing, thinking that makes you someone of import.

            I know full well that “men” of your sort will avert your eyes and look the other way, as better men are put to their death for their beliefs before you. Despite your brave little words, you won’t do a damn thing when the time comes. Some piss-ant excuse will come to you, and you’ll come up with some bullshit justification not to take action. Just like every other time in your petty little life, when you’ve been confronted with a moral choice to make. I know your sort only too well, cowards all. You all talk alike, and promise to make a stand, “…when it counts…”.

            Thing is, for creatures like you, it never counts. I expect nothing from your sort, and that is exactly what I will get. Moral vacuity, and utter inaction. Confronted with evil, you will look the other way–As you already are. You lack the discernment to even begin to understand the forces you are enabling, and the long-term effects that those forces will have on our society. You cannot see the path from A to B, let alone to where it all ends, somewhere down by Q, or so. All you know is what someone put in your head, and told you was true. Thinking was hard for you, and so you do little of it, and never thought to question what an authority told you, once upon a time.

            Or, if you do, you simply don’t care, more concerned with your virtue-signalling and preening. Can’t honestly say which is worse, to tell the truth.

            You will learn, as will all your ilk. You’re unknowingly raising up the legions, and giving them cause to hate you. You imagine that your open, empty mind will somehow make the enemies you fear and enable love you, but you’re blind to the fact that they already know your sort, and despise you utterly. Whoever they are, who come in answer to your evocation–As soon as you cease to be of utility as a useful idiot, they’ll eliminate you. Mostly, because they can’t stand you.

            Or, did you imagine there would be a place for you, in the brave new world they will want to create?

            Fanatics, who you are encouraging and enabling, will have no use for you or your fellows. You’ll be collateral damage, and you’ll go to your death wailing “But… But… I’m one of you!! I said such wonderful things about you…”.

            Yours will be the fate of the Menshevik, murdered in cold blood by those you imagine to be your friends, your fellow-travelers, not knowing they’ll throw you to the wolves from the sleigh, as soon as they can do without you.

            My guess is that their primary motivation will be because they’re tired of listening to your incessant pious, preening bullshit, and knowing full well that you don’t mean a damn word of it. Your sort never does.

            And, as you go against the wall, remember this: You were warned, but you did not listen. I hope that knowledge burns at you, there at the end.

          7. From Bugmaster : “Upholding their right to speak even when they vehemently disagree with you is really hard.”

            For some, yes. See the recent assurances from Ms. Lynch that she would move to prosecute anti-Muslim speech, or the recent remarks from Mr. Heinz-Kerry suggesting that the Hebdo attacks perhaps had a legitimacy, a rationale to which you could attach yourself. Or, see the recent machinations of the IRS and the FCC. These are not people whose first or even second instinct is to elevate, preserve, protect and defend freedom of expression. And they’re our government. So you’ll understand if some of us get a little skittish about our freedoms, plural. If the 2nd goes out the window, the 4th necessarily goes with it. And disarming the population might get messy. So we can suspend the 3rd as well. By that time, an expurgated 1st is small comfort indeed.

            Also from Bugmaster : “Secondly, if we as a society decide that suppressing “bad” ideas, and silencing the people who hold them, is perfectly cool — then who gets to decide what counts as “bad” ? Today, it’s you, and everything is fine. Tomorrow, it’s your ideological opponents, and now you’re basically their slave.”

            Think macro here. Replace “bad ideas” with, I dunno, “messy freedoms” or “problematic liberties”, and read the result. Nodding from the sidelines while a freedom you don’t care for is threatened? That’s nuts. They WILL come for yours eventually. And you will have emboldened them.

      3. John C. Wright had it right a few months back, when he dismissed leftist moral equivalence as “moral retardation.”

    4. California has pretty much every single gun control law that the anti-gun morons want, short of confiscation, and it didn’t work.

      What else do you people want?

      Do you want confiscation? Because even that won’t work, and trying that will lead down a very dark, bloody path.

      The other comments addressed the weak moral equivalency bullshit that you spouted as well. That gets old quick.

      But…but…but…Crusades! Abortion doctors!

    5. When that entire group sits passively and enables the terrorists in their midst, I have no time and less sympathy for them. How many “peaceful” Muslims have gone to the cops when a radical speaker or cleric visits their mosque and calls for jihad, or celebrates the deaths of non-Muslim innocents as victories? Can you document one case?

  19. Larry

    I’m a Canadian and I know very well about being disarmed and the hassles of buying a gun etc .And I loved in the province where the Polytechnique massacre occurred.

    Anyways a good retort against the gun confiscations is to mention Rwanda.

    Everyone so conveniently forgets that 800 000 people died after being axed or speared to death in 3 days. And the UN peacekeeping force just stood by because the door uses in New York couldn’the be bothered for some time. Yet once the order came, the genocide stopped cold and dissipated like Sauron”s shadow.


    1. “but but that was genocide and tribal war fare!” Is the response I see to that one. Of course my response is…No shit sherlock. What are both of those things? MURDER on a giant scale. dipshits. Even excluding Rwanda in 94, Rwanda’s “reported” murder rate is regularly in low 100 thousand+ range. Yet we’re worse than them.

  20. I found it funny listening to CNN at around 8:45PM eastern time. Right after the police press conference, CNN had several former police officers on and they kept saying that they think that it could have been terrorism. Then, suddenly, you had a change and they started having guests on who kept saying they believed it was a disgruntled worker and not terrorism. I also found it funny they did not release the name of the male terrorist until several hours after Fox did, even though they said that a name was out there.

    I also find it funny that for months we were treated to new stories about how police do not need armored vehicles. Then this event occurs, and police need armored vehicles because car doors do not do a good job stopping rifle rounds (let alone explosives).

  21. Well, this certainly inspired me DO something, that thing being specifically to upgrade my NRA membership to Easy Pay Life. $25 a month steadily flowing to the NRA and eventually I’m a full Life Member. I’ve been mulling it for a while, but this put me over the edge.

  22. 5 thugs go to a house pretending to ask directions. 2 sneak to the back to see if a back door is unlocked. At the front door the 18 yr. old kid is sucker punched and falls backwards. As the thugs begin to drag him out by his legs he yells “Get the gun” to his mother and her boyfriend inside the house, knowing there is no gun. The thugs take fright and flee. Everyone in that house might’ve been killed were it not for that guy’s quick thinking. The next day there was a gun in that house. True story which happened to a friend of mine.

  23. > In the comments of my last blog post somebody tried the tired old trick of comparing America’s crime rates to some idolized Euro-socialist states. That’s apples and oranges.

    Actually, white america’s crime rates are basically the same as those homogenous euro-socialist states.

    1. I usually point them to Russia or Mexico. Very strict gun control, high murder rates. What’s really fun is if they whine about those countries being different because they aren’t as wealthy, you can always say, “Wait, you’re not some kind of bigot, are you? You think that only rich, white people can be civilized?”

  24. Well said Mr Correia. I’ve been a sheepdog all of my adult life. I wrote that blank check not once but twice, to the country and my community. I have had more than enough experience to see that there are in fact evil people in the world and that the world is totally oblivious to it until they are struck by that evil. I’m old and grey now but I still have teeth and will use them to defend myself and my loved ones. I will not go quietly or willingly until I am done.

  25. Thank you! I find I tend to hit your blog for a sanity check after 1 too many diatribes from my all too “blue state” mailing list.

  26. Simple minds find simple solutions to complicated problems they can’t understand.

    A gun is used in a terrorist attack. Thus, removing guns removes all terrorism according to the simple minds. It’s like people who once claimed ignoring bullies would take care of the problem and if they kept on bullying you, you should ignore them harder. The only solution to a bully is a swift right hook.

    The solution to terrorism is much the same. Make them too scared to try to kill you.

    I don’t know enough of the law to even postulate what types of recommendations could be made for gun ownership if any (though I think it’s a good idea to have pediatricians remind parents to lock guns and so on, since sleep deprivation can be a bitch for rational individuals). I do know that my FB exploded with “privileged white men with their guns!” when the first news of the shooting came out and not ONE person who ranted about white men, privilege or guns has apologized for their insults.

    As a matter of fact, they haven’t said anything else about SB.

    “This is different than Paris because it happened in America” is the progressive way of blaming the victim for getting shot. It’s not the fault of the terrorist, you see, it’s the fault of the Americans for being so gosh darned bad and having guns. No one has given a flying about the victims for over 3 days. Only now are they speaking of the victims. Compare that to any terrorist attack elsewhere. No one has to waste time on the victims since Americans obviously deserved this, apparently. It’s maddening, and demeaning and insulting to all who died.

    All these lovely SJWs who berate anyone for the potential slight of blaming any victim of their favorite crime just shit all over the victims of terrorism. Well done, SJWs. Well done.

    1. I learned how to treat firearms and shoot starting when I was 8 and I am not the flower of human ability. A firearm is a relatively simple tool and we are a tool using species, so it is far better to teach children how to use and behave around common useful tools than trying to keep them locked up . In one sense keeping children from learning about and becoming proficient with firearms is a precursor o the safe-spaces mental affliction.

      1. Education is something I’m fairly big on. While guns are not my cup of tea, my children will learn to handle them safely and will have practical knowledge of what they can do. They have enough relatives with a large enough armament that it’s a necessity (and the relatives have offered to provide training, which I thank them for as I barely know which side goes boom). Whether they end up owning some or not will be up to them and circumstance.

      1. They’ll probably use it to try and ban guns if you go by the last couple of days.

        It amuses me I grew up in a country where getting shot in the back of the head was a price for being a politician and guns are rarely, if ever, held by civilians. We are not surprised terrorists have guns. We got killed a lot (though they did prefer the car-bomb when blowing up housing with several small children, or supermarkets).

        It’s ironic how many people are “sick of all the violence” and “no one will do anything” yet they have nothing more to offer than “ban guns and take them away”. The lack of comprehension of even the logistics involved is immense. I have yet to see people refer to it as what it was: a terrorist act. It’s “gun violence” because it’s uncomfortable to think of domestic terrorism

        1. You know, the Founding Fathers never intended Americans to own cars. Why, they aren’t even mentioned in the Constitution . . .

  27. “It was like the rainbow coalition, but with guns and a clue.”

    Second best simile I’ve read today. (The first was on John Wright’s blog in a comment on his “Point Deer, Make Horse” entry.)

  28. I’ll try this again, I think my post got lost in the traffic. Detroit has the same access to lawful concealed carry as Texas and probably has just as lax of gun laws. Heck, their police chief frequently goes on the news and tells citizens to get guns and learn how to shoot as a crime fighting measure. After the Paris attack, he said that armed citizens should be a defense against terrorism.

    1. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here. Are you trying to refute Larry’s claim that cities like Detroit, Chicago, and DC are less safe than cities in Texas with looser gun laws, or something? If so, that’s a non-starter. It’s certainly easier to get a concealed carry permit in Detroit than in Chicago, DC, or Baltimore, but to say that they have the “same access” as Texas is blatantly false, and there’s no “probably” about them having more restrictive laws for purchasing. Not all Shall Issue states are created equal.

      More importantly, Detroit’s police chief only started trying to encourage residents to arm themselves legally about two years ago. And guess what? In those past two years, Detroit’s murder rate has dropped steadily. And that’s after record high numbers, that had been steadily increasing until 2013. It’s still more dangerous than places that have had less gun control for years beforehand, of course, but there’s only so much you can accomplish in two years.

      1. And Texas doesn’t have Open Carry without a permit like Michigan, so, yeah, not all created equal.

        Buying a handgun in Michigan does have one extra step, but only if you are buying in a private sale and you don’t have a CC permit. Not ideal, but hardly restrictive. Detroit has plenty of problems that can be laid right at the feet of the liberals that destroyed the city, but bad gun laws are not one of them.

        So saying Detroit is less safe because of bad gun laws is just false. Detroit is less safe because of corrupt liberal politicians. What little safety there is in Detroit is because of decent gun laws, as acknowledged by Chief Craig.

        Larry’s greater point of “dangerous cities because of liberals” still stands, nobody is refuting that. The refutation is specifically for this sentence:

        “Even then most of those three hundred “mass shootings” took place in jurisdictions with extremely strict gun control laws, like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and Washington DC.”

        Detroit simply does not have “extremely strict gun control laws” although many assume that is does due to it’s overwhelming liberal governance. Make no mistake, if Detroit could change its gun laws, it probably would, but Michigan has statewide preemption and Michigan as a whole is far more conservative than Detroit,

        1. Didn’t Detroit recently liberalize its gun control laws, making it much easier for the residents to legally get guns? I seem to remember the Police Chief there complaining about the laws changing… shortly before he backtracked and said that after seeing the results he realized that easier access to guns for residents was a good thing.

          1. Detroit doesn’t have any gun control laws. Michigan has statewide preemption. Michigan’s gun laws have been pretty good for a while now and the trend is getting better. I’ve been carrying a pistol for 8 years here, myself.

          2. Yep, my mistake. Was pointed out already. I shouldn’t have lumped Detroit in there on the gun laws. But I think that since it is relatively recent (8 years?) the per capita gun ownership is still really low though. So I’ll take my lumps and leave it in. 🙂

    2. Yep, pointed out to me. I made a mistake and will take my lumps. So the list of cities with liberal gun control is wrong, but I think the El Paso comparision will stand, just because Detroit is relatively recent and the per capita rate is still way lower.

  29. That is the most –I don’t want to say nonsense–misrepresentation of statistics and reality that I can imagine. I know people want to keep their guns and I don’t know why we can’t have better controls on who can have guns. it doesn’t need to be everyone or no one. Let’s find a sane middle ground.

    1. That is definitely NOT the “most misrepresentation of statistics and reality that I can imagine”. The winner of that title has to be the “gun death by state” that lumps legitimate self defense shooting by both law enforcement/normal people with shooting by criminals that came out a few months ago. OR the winner could be the one where “mass shootings” are defined in such a way that inner city gang activity is included.

      And let’s not bring Straw Europe into this- the make believe country where gun control and socialism work… in Real Europe, all the “controls on who can have guns” did nothing to stop terrorist from getting guns. It did stop regular people from having guns to defend themselves however.

      1. Joe- don’t forget where they compare American crime rates to nations where crime stats are only kept for crimes where there is a conviction, where crime stats are cooked for domestic political reasons as a matter of course (I’m looking at YOU, England), where the demographics are wildly different than America’s, and where the criminal justice system operates on a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ system. Gee, it’s almost like gun-grabbers cherrypick invalid stats as a matter of course.

        1. Also, mark down the 2011-2013 Euro stats- we’re going to see them trotted out by the anti’s for decades to come.

    2. Give me the rights to edit your rights, Susan, and I’ll give you the rights to edit mine.
      Don’t worry- I’ll use “common sense” and find a “middle ground”. Of course, any decision I make will be permanent and be enforced upon yo (but not on me- I’m special) by armed police and the threat of violence, prison, and financial ruin.

      What- don’t you trust me?

    3. “I don’t know why we can’t have better controls on who can have guns.”

      Please, present your proposals.

      Just make sure they are:
      a. Constitutional
      b. Do not interfere with lawful persons.
      c. Will actually have an effect on criminals.
      d. Are consistent with the technical and statistical realities surrounding firearms and other weapons.

      We’ll wait…..

      1. People have been suggesting and trying “better controls” for a century. The problem is, their ideas are crap, and we can go through them, one by one, line by painstaking line, looking at the evidence and history where they have been tried.

        So if you’ve got any new ideas, we’d love to hear them, but trust me. Having been doing this my entire adult life, there are no new ideas. It is the same tired, rehashed, failed nonsense, continually repackaged.

  30. Re the NRA – it was actually founded because those federal officers were appalled at the poor marksmanship of federal troops. The idea was to train them early so that less training would be needed when they joined or were conscripted.

    Now, early on the NRA DID train and arm blacks to enable them to stand off the night riders.

  31. *Sighs* I’m tired. I’m only 32 but I feel ancient. I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive the left’s raping of this country without just giving up and killing myself. I’m not right now which is good I guess but it seems like even if people FINALLY wise up to how much they fucked things up that there will be no way to unfuck them up.

    It probably doesn’t help that medicaid were being dipshits and didn’t okay my psyche meds that just had a slightly high dose that I’d had for a year or so I’ve been without them for several days and seem to have gone into “withdrawal”(I use the quotations because I’m fairly sure from what I have heard that they aren’t physically addictive and don’t give the same true withdrawal sort of issues that you get from like opiates but it still isn’t fun) so that might be informing my shit mood.

    Also I have had just about enough of this leftist dipshit(wow I am so creative with my insulting profanity tonight! it’s almost if I was fighting to think straight cause of constant dizziness or something…weird) friend of a friend. Who was going on how this one person was “disgusting” because she was pointing out that gun control doesn’t work because “kids died” he might not be totally off base…. but it’s the truth, and the democrats bang that drum before anyone else and clearly don’t have anyone’s best interest in mind save the rich ruling elite that don’t like the idea of a bunch of pissed off peons with rifles looking for the real person to blame. Then went off into a retarded tirade on how you “don’t need assault rifles, but should be able to have them maybe if you pass like a CHL licensing kind of thing” paraphrased.

    My desk is too weak. Find me a stout wall to use to beat my head upside in a desperate attempt to dislodge the stupid that I have been exposed to before it infects me.

    The aggravating thing…. he isn’t completely devoted of ANY intellect but I think his “education” and possibly parental upbringing giving way too much way to his “feelings” have fucked up his ability to think clearly.

    He probably means well, but if you are part of the problem you are part of the problem. He also seems to be self-righteous and under the delusion he’s hilarious.

    I think my real buddy is too forgiving on the topic of gross stupidity. Stupidity as I define it is not a lack of intellect but an lack of willingness to learn, to admit faults and learn from them.

    Oh he also throws an irritable hate-filled drama fit about the most stupid things- don;t get me wrong some things in games can royally piss me off too but usually what pisses him off is him sucking and not being able to get past mechanics that while may be annoying or even mildly aggravating aren’t that big of a deal like almost a pathological lack of patience.

    My buddy thinks I should talk it out with the guy but I don’t see how it would do any good. I hate to spring this on him, but I think his other friend is an unlikable self-righteous needy prick, and another mutual friend he has doesn’t like him either-and he’s from NJ I don’t think he’s even that right wing, but he keeps his politics or half hearted lack thereof to himself funny how despite being a yankee he seems to understand the old southern rule I heard that you don’t “Discuss politics or religion in polite company” and yet the prick lives in Texas and doesn’t get it.

    Houston… naturally where else would a liberal live in Texas? If wasn’t wonked out on some still withdrawal right now I’d totally be having a beer right now.

    1. I don’t know if this would help, but I find that fatigue and “shit moods” area easier to handle when I’m talking Vitamin D. About 4000 IU daily helps me, especially in the winter.

      Also, friends that are sanity-sucking vampires are best replaced with friends that aren’t.

      1. That’s what I was thinking, and my buddy says he understands but he wants me to at least try a little bit before I fuck off… seeing as I have complained about people fucking off on me I guess I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t try but I dunno.

        From the sounds of it my main friend won’t be an ass if I do refuse to associate with the other guy but he thinks I’m assuming motives and running off half cocked and seeing as I AM autistic me trying to read other people’s motives can be pretty tricky.

        Though I still have this gut feeling that he’s wrong about the guy and he is basically a self-righteous narcissistic SJW lite. Not fucktarded San Francisco level but still obsessed with moral grand standing and feeling good with himself, and always being right and progressive and “open-minded” and that shit the “I went to college so I’m better than you type.

        But I could be wrong and letting subtle feelings and bias cloud my judgement- also I have an issue with projection. Not projecting my faults onto someone but projecting the faults of everyone of a group onto one person almost if they were an avatar of the entire group and that ain’t exactly fair or mentally healthy either.

        also withdrawal is making me irritable. So maybe the guy deserve another shot. I’m thinking the best way to do it is to request him to not bring up politics and maybe that will work. I dunno. Maybe he does deserve another shot at least until my emotions are back balanced by being fully on my meds again before I tell him to fuck off.

        As for vitamin D I have that and I am hypothyroidic so I’m taking synthetic hormones for that too but I forget to take them sometimes, the vitamin can be trick as it’s a metric ass-ton(technical term) that I am suppose to take one capsule a week. I think it’s like 50,000 uis or some shit?

        *Looks for the bottle* Yep 50k

  32. Has anyone noticed the vultures (MSM) are tearing at the wife now? It’s like she somehow Svengali’d him and he had no responsibility for his actions. It looks like they are going to throw an immigrant woman under the bus to cover for CAIR and their ilk.

      1. Actually, they did try that. Or rather, Dianne Feinstein did:

        From the article: “You and I know, that women, we wouldn’t leave a 6-month-old — our baby — to do this, to don tactical gear to go in and kill a bunch of people… It’s not something a woman would easily do. So it’s going to be very interesting for me to see what her background was, what level of animus she had, because she had to have had a considerable level.” — “This was his grievance,” she added, referring to Syed Farook.

  33. “Ever notice how to the media talking about radical militant Islam is islamophobia, but there’s no equivalent media buzz word for being irrationally terrified of half of America?”
    Oikophobia is a perfectly good word…

    Also, Detroit (my hometown, which I have no intention of visiting any time soon) actually has decent gun laws.

  34. I think it makes a lot more sense to ban Democrats. To the best of my knowledge, there’s not a Constitutionally protected right to own or possess a Democrat.

      1. If you go by recent liberal arguments, constitutional rights can be set aside in the name of safety, so clearly suppressing those who are trying to incite a civil right by advocating gun confiscation is A-okay in their book.

        1. That is until non-Liberals like W are in power. When that happens, Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism, and Speaking Truth To Power is once again a virtue.

    1. Now…you can’t own any human anymore. Not even Democrats. But why would you want one? It’s not like they’re good for much.

  35. ISIS is now claiming that two supporters were responsible for these attacks so let us see how many times the left can bend over backwards to call this workplace violence now. Also, I find it curious that the wife was from Saudi Arabia, but in the US on a Pakistani visa. Anyone else not that that bit of info, touted so often early during the coverage, is now being ignored?

  36. Seeing stuff from the Left saying that the NRA are “jihadis”.

    Hold on to your butts folks, it’s gonna get rough.

      1. There are approximately 2.6 million Muslims in the United States. Not psycho splodeydope jihadis, Muslims overall.

        The NRA has approximately 4 million members.

        The Left is really bad at math.

  37. How is it the left can get away with opportunistic attacks on the 2nd Admendment, and yet avoid talking about how to prevent terrorists from attacking the US? It seems like to the media and the left a terrorist attack in America was expected and accepted, but they do not care about stopping such an attack again, but instead want to push their own agenda to disarm, or make it more difficult to arm, law abiding Americans. Am I wrong in this assessment of the last few days?

  38. The majority of people who fall for the siren song of gun control mean well.

    No. They do not. They are evil walking upright on two legs.

    Say “howdy” to Satan on your way down.

    1. Yeah, well, apparently the guy who has been fighting against gun control his whole life is the problem because he doesn’t want to call naive uninformed Americans evil. Got it. Thanks.

      1. I’d say half are stupid the other half ARE evil. Having said that there are an awful lot of stupid people out there. I personally define stupidity as ignorance with no intention about being more educated about the matter, but like to spread their ignorance around. I’d wager if they had the light of wisdom and knowledge shined into their eyes they would shy away from it like a vampire before sunlight popping out between the slats of a set of venetian blinds.

        There are probably some who are simply misinformed and genuinely ignorant and with the information would actually change their tune but I doubt that in between the evil, the stupid, and the people with enough sense to not trust people who disarm you but won’t disarm themselves that there are all THAT many simply ignorant people willing to listen to reason that haven’t already.

  39. So, when will the grown ups find a state, and defund “Progressive-Retardnaiton” worldview education??? (And replace it with “1776-Tragic-Liberty” pedagogy.) (With 3/4 states to follow!)

    Face, it… there are too many pundits with too many readers who are stuck at the “Look at this Hydra-Progtard-Goings-On” and “My, What a Surprise!”… endless loop. Yes, Progtards are infinitely creative in their craziness. No, we are not smart to consume the news of their craziness, and think all is well…

    What Republic could we keep… if it keeps funding “Progressive-Retardnation” Education? None.

    Imagine even if all of the greatest amendments were passed by a Convention of the States… in short order, Hydra Progtard would undo them with ease!

    The only road back to sanity is not just Instapundit readers agreeing with all that’s posted about Queen Progtard Hydra… it is rather to defund Progtard Hydra Education K-12, university, LEO training, military training and Journalism Schools.

      1. I THINK we have to be all PhD cop ex-Green Berets working for a major network.

        Or we shouldn’t let proglodytes do any of those things.

        Whatever works.

  40. Really well written great piece. The “Divider in Chief” never called for reconciliation and coming together on ANY occasion of mayhem. All he ever did was try to use these terrible events to push his political agenda. How many would have been saved had he taken a higher road?

  41. Yeah, banning and picking up 300+ millions guns is doable, but rounding up and deporting Illegal Aliens, or Muslims (at most 30MM people who can’t hide in a closet, or under the stairs/bed), is something that is just impossible to do.
    These Realists are terribly reality-challenged.

  42. Funny enough my dad was lust in the Lacey WA police station renewing his CPL and helping a family friend get hers. Apparently there was 5 other folks in getting (or renewing) theirs as well. According to the guy at the desk they have been like this for the last couple of weeks. Only side glance they got was a guy who looks like Santa clause in a Hawaiian shirt walked in with a 23 year old hottie. Probably because he gave the desk officer a candy cane. Grinz

  43. Writing from Europe all this discusion seems plain weird. I agree with you and understand that not having armed civilians make things like the Paris attacks way deadlier. But, having to live here, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I very much prefer my neighbours disarmed (you can close the door to a knife) and risk it with the occasional Religious Angry Man empty handed.
    I have lived in different countries in Europe, different neighborhoods. I find very convenient the way you dismiss the european violence statistics so nonchalantly. Armed republican white rich America might have similar crime ratios as Europe, but that jumps over the part where poor gipsy inmigrant filled, jonkiepalooza Euro slums “burning cars and looting stores: respectable carreer choices kinds of places” have less murders than normal average honest white America.
    I guess you are right about the fact that there is no simple answer, maybe is not the guns or lack thereoff, maybe is the “socialist” welfare thingy we have (shakenly) put together here, maybe is an inequality issue, not one about hardware.

    1. Actually, “normal average honest white America” doesn’t have all that many murders either. As has been mentioned above, take out the big, socialistic Democratically run cities, and the rest of the USA becomes pretty safe.

      But, let’s really get nasty. Lets look at all the murders committed in the 20th century, and compare the numbers between Europe and the USA. Do remember that the Nazi’s are an officially “criminal” organization, and the Soviet Union part of Europe

  44. The chief of police in Detroit is actually very outspoken in favor of people using guns for self-defense.

  45. Thank you for a well written column. I carry 24/7 and I am an Honorably Retired Police Officer. You have hit the nail on the head. We will prevail (Red State America) but, it will take at least one general election if not two. God Bless ad Save America.

  46. “…. punditry even attacked prayer this time”.

    While ignoring that due to California’s gun laws ensuring all the victims would be defenseless (or outgunned if by some miracle or large donation to the sheriff’s re-election fund had a CCW (10 round mag limit))…… all that was left was prayer.

  47. “All my well-meaning liberal friends were sharing it after Paris, like see? ”

    Part of the issue right there. You impute liberals with meaning well. They don’t.

    “The vulture punditry even attacked prayer this time.”

    A libtard person I know of FacePlant posted the NY Daily News cover about ‘G-d ain’t fixing this….’

    I called it out.

    His retort?

    I’m scared!!!!!
    Gun violence!!!!!!
    My autistic son!!!!!eleventy!!!!!

    No mention of Islamic Extremists breaking many, many Fed statutes.

    It was easy to unfriend it.

    I have given up on Libs. I had one guy at work come start an argument (unsolicited) about the new Texas carry law. I kicked it out of the office and have avoided it since.


  48. This is so priceless I had to repeat it. Someone was commenting on an article due to Pelosi’s idiocy of “an american fuckton of gun laws didn’t work so now we need a METRIC fuckton of them.”

    I did not write this comment but I agree with it completely and I actually literalled loled to it.

    “She acknowledges the guns were bought legally in CA, but blames other state’s lax gun laws for the shooting?

    She has ran past full retard, jumped over Potato, sprinted through Dafuq, and is on the border between Derp and How Do You Not Need Help Remembering to Breathe?”

    1. The Left always doubles down.

      Whenever their policies fail… as they always do… it is not because their policies were insane and destined to fail from the outset, but because we didn’t spend enough money and because Enemies of the People sabotaged them… therefore, We Must Try Harder, Using More Money and More Government Employees!

  49. “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”
    And the government, never forget the government, but I repeat myself.
    As an aside, if you should encounter a police office who does not believe in civilian armament remind them that those same rules would apply to them when off duty. See how quickly they fuss and storm about training and hightened risk.

  50. “In the comments of my last blog post somebody tried the tired old trick of comparing America’s crime rates to some idolized Euro-socialist states. That’s apples and oranges. You can’t compare a giant country that is socially, ethnically, economically diverse with a long history of issues to some tiny, socially, ethnically, and economically homogenous country with a total population that would fit into New York”

    Switzerland has 25% of its population foreign born. Far higher gun ownership rates and far fewer violent crimes.

    The problem may lie in the origin of the “foreign born”

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