JP Enterprises is now offering MHI and MCB logo AR-15 lower receivers.

JP Enterprises makes top of the line AR rifles.

They are now offering MHI or MCB logos from the factory.

They just barely got posted but they are having a Black Friday sale that runs through the rest of the day, and I believe if you order a stripped lower they’ll add the custom laser etching of the logo for free.


I’m teaming up with them to make a custom rifle too, and I’ll be doing a book signing at their booth at SHOT. I’ll provide more information soon.


EDIT: I just had a fun thought. While certain other bestselling novelists are writing sanctimonious ignorant tweets bleating for more gun control, Larry Correia offers you custom rifles. 😀



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56 thoughts on “JP Enterprises is now offering MHI and MCB logo AR-15 lower receivers.”

  1. Now I have to add more MHI things on the list to get my husband (starting probably with a hard copy of MHI since he is resisting the ebook reader.)

  2. “I just had a fun thought. While certain other bestselling novelists are writing sanctimonious ignorant tweets bleating for more gun control, Larry Correia offers you custom rifles.”

    That would be why you are the ILoH. And what’s more important, that you fully understand who your audience really is…that segment of the population that an organization like MHI would actually recruit from.

  3. I’m pretty upset because I just ordered a new lower last Friday. Really, Larry? Really? It’s like you don’t want to take my money!

  4. That is. So. Cool. I can’t even… form. Words. Or sentences.

    Unfortunately, I can’t really dump several kay on a new AR and there’s no room left in my safe at present. I am informed that I cannot get another safe or more rifles until we get a larger house which, given the limitations here, actually seems to be a fairly reasonable position.

    However… maybe they’ll also engrave magazines? You know, so we can distinguish the silver rounds from more normal ammo? I’ve not been informed of any particular limitation on magazines….

  5. That is awesome. I wish you guys had smaller MHI Smiley vinyl decals (1″-2″) in OD green or white. They would be great for AR lowers or stocks, among other things.

  6. But the real question is, can we get SIGNED MHI logo’ed lowers?

    ’cause I did this one earlier, and I could stand to have the other side silver-Sharpie’d if there wouldn’t be a panic at your next book signing.

  7. Yeah that’s great and all but the real question we are all asking is when are we getting a MHI/MCB custom melon baller.

  8. The “fine” folks at File 770 linked to this post. Here are some of the comments:

    “tintinaus on December 1, 2015 at 12:19 am said:
    Larry Correia offers you custom rifles.

    For f*s sake! Tell me Larry, how many n*grs, Ayrabs, or school kids will your gun be able to take down before you need to reload?”

    “Shao Ping on December 1, 2015 at 12:35 am said:
    This has probably been brought up before, but are there racist undertones to the Monster Hunter books? They sound like the sort of books Norman Spinrad parodied in The Iron Dream.”

    “Aaron on December 1, 2015 at 5:23 am said:
    Is there actual evidence of something he’s written or said that is racist in content?

    I can’t speak to the Monster Hunter books, but his Grimnoir books relied upon some pretty tired racist stereotypes.”

    “Ed on December 1, 2015 at 5:33 am said:
    In light of current events, I’d like to shove that custom rifle up Correia’s backside.”

    Such charming people, aren’t they?

    1. The fact that I piss off morons like that so much makes me smile.

      I’m curious what tired racist stereotypes I used in Grimnoir were though. It was probably how I didn’t turn the 1930s into a suger coated social justice fantasy, where shockingly enough, people were mean and did mean things. Or it might have been my portrayal of the Imperial Japanese of that time period, even though I’ve got a bunch of scholarly history type experts on the subject who think I nailed it, and the Chinese seem to love the series. I’m betting it was how I portrayed segregation and Jim Crow as bad, and modern SJWs are all about racially segregated “safe spaces”. Or they’re just tossing stuff out there without having read anything to see what sticks, as usual.

      As for Ed there, he could try to shove a gun up my backside, but I’m the one with the guns. So good luck with that, anonymous internet pussy! 😀

    2. So I’m not accused of cherry-picking quotes, I’ll also point that someone at 770 also said this:

      “Andrew M on December 1, 2015 at 8:51 am said:
      I’m not very keen on the idea that “accusing someone of racism” is a big deal – mostly because I think racism is an integral part of the systems we live in. We’re all racist some of the time, and pretending racism is a thing that only a few bad people do is just a way to deny our own complicity.

      To be sure: but this discussion began with Tintinaus saying:

      Tell me Larry, how many n*grs, Ayrabs, or school kids will your gun be able to take down before you need to reload?

      That’s an imputation of extreme racism, and I think it’s fair to ask if there is anything to justify it. It goes well beyond the (totally believable) claim that some elements in his writing have racist overtones. (And as Greg Hullender mentions, when Puppies say that the success of writers of colour in the Hugos is all due to affirmative action, or that Ancillary Justice was promoted purely on the basis of pronouns, we regularly ask if they have quotes to back it up.)”

      So there.

    3. *reads comments*
      So this is the first thing that comes into their tiny overheated little heads when they think of guns… and that is somehow Larry’s fault?

    4. And tintinaus doubled-down:

      “tintinaus on December 1, 2015 at 10:02 am said:
      @Andrew M and all the others asking if Larry is racist.

      My answer is: I don’t know. Possibly/probably not.

      But his racism is really not the point. What is the point is that in an America where most of the mass shootings are in done ways related to racial hated, bigotry, or some stupid idea of self importance; his response to what everyone else sees as a/nother tragic wake up call to discuss US gun control, he sees as a marketing opportunity at best, and at worst, a time to incite more violence.

      As with all the best demagogues, he can later say, “I didn’t tell the madman who killed (insert hypothetical future killing here) to shoot people! I just sold someone a gun labeled “Monster Hunter”. How could I know the killer would see black people at prayer/health workers/people who look like they might come from the Middle-East as monsters?”

      Hunting imaginary monsters creates real racism. Should I laugh or cry?

      1. Feel free to give the dumb ass this, and tell him he has a child’s understanding of the topic.

        The gun was unveiled because that was when JP got it up on their website for Black Friday. I started the design process with them when I was in Minnesota during book tour. Dumbasses. Yes. I just magically whipped up a licensing agreement with a gun company a couple of days ago because there was a terrorist attack in another country, for “marketing”. Fucking imbeciles.

        1. Larry, It’s stupider than that. The incident he’s referring to isn’t the Paris attacks, its the Colorado may or may not be Planned Parenthood shooting. He’s accusing you of posting it right after that to encourage more attacks on abortion clinics.

          1. So I threw together a licensing agreement, found a gun company, they made laser etched lowers, and posted them for sale all in 48 hours in order to encourage violence against abortion clinics… Okay… Or it could have just been for their Black Friday sale, and all my fans know I’ve been dropping hints about this since I went to Minnesota last month… Naw. Let’s go with the crazy SJW’s convoluted conspiracy theory. It’s like that time I had this great scheme to keep women out of publishing by nominating a dozen women to win an award.

          2. See, you admit it. We all know that you are a big fan of #BlackLivesMatter, and want them to expand their assassination campaign from cops to abortionists. Hence why the custom etching gallery has a sample image saying “#BlackLivesMatter Planned Parenthood murdered 20 million black babies. No more. ”

            Seriously, we all know that you are just trying to help end the racial discrimination against black rifles. #BlackRiflesMatter.

          3. For a group that considers themselves to be the “Reality Based Community”, they sure seem to live outside of the real.

          4. Not an attack on an abortion clinic. It was a bank robbery gone wrong when the cops showed up. The shooting started on the street outside. The PP clinic happened to be next door, and was a convenient door for the perp to duck into.

            If it was an anti-abortion attack, it was the most ineffective one in history – nobody inside the PP clinic was harmed during the multi-hour shootout and standoff.

  9. Please don’t tempt me…I’ve been wanting a JP 9mm carbine for years. An MCB-logo’ed one would be sweet.

  10. That’s fricking awesome!
    It’s not quite enough to overcome my dislike of the AR platform, but it’s still way cool.

  11. Oh that *is* nice. I’m not even really a gun guy, but it’s such a great tie in I still kinda want one. Normally, if you’re going to get something related to a book or show it’s a fake like a Harry Potter replica wand that (sadly) does not allow one to perform real spells. Alternately it’s just some generic thing like a t-shirt that the characters might use but that doesn’t have much to do with the fiction. However, I can really she MHI or the MCB marking their equipment that way and they really do use a lot of guns. Very nice!

    I don’t suppose you’ll be doing real indestructible, cut-anything, magical ancestor blades any time soon? 🙂

    1. Sadly, I have to hoard my remaining stockpile of black steel for when the demons inevitably come from the sea. (and now you know the real reason I live in the mountains).

      1. But you’re not that far from the Great Salt Lake.

        Wow, I just looked at it on Google Maps. It’s not so great any more , is it? I remember when Antelope Island was still an island.

    2. Hey, I’ll have you know I make legit hand-carved wands (as in carved by an actual knife held in my actual hand) out of real wood (as in a carefully selected branch harvested from a tree), AND they all have core materials as specified in the Harry Potter novels. (No, I won’t tell you where I get the unicorn hair or dragon heartstring or phoenix feathers, and the fact that they look like dyed leather or cat whiskers or parrot feathers is irrelevant.)

      So if you can’t perform real spells with one of my legit magic wands, I suggest you should consider the sad reality that not everyone has the intrinsic ability to do magic in the first place; magic isn’t only about the wand, you know.

      I’m currently struggling to come to grips with the sad reality that not everyone can afford a $200 stripped lower receiver, even though it would be totally worth it to get one with the MHI logo on it. Alas, my AR-15 build will have to continue with its plain-jane $40 Anderson lower.

  12. Hang on – a book tie-in product that actually does what it would do in the books?

    Does that mean my Grimnoir coin with the shiny back can actually do the communication spell? This is going to be great!

    1. of course it will! you just need to know the sigils and how to tie your personal power to the spell so it will take.

    2. Yes, all you need to do is channel your personal connection to the Power through it. (personal connection to the mystical multidimensional super being not included).

  13. Well crap. Thank Larry. I’m in the process of rebuilding “Agent Franks” (AR fraken gun now on 4th rebuild) as a 24″ 6.5 Grendel and I will now need to buy a MCB lower for him. so much for my spending money. Who’s not gonna get their Christmas presents now huh?! Did you even think of that before you made this announcement?! So is it going to be my wife that doesn’t get her shiny new necklace this year or one of my nephews or nieces that don’t get the cool uncle toy for Christmas?!

    You are an Evil Man Larry…

  14. This seems like a good thread in which to ask these technical questions:

    What is the mass, in grains, of the silver .308 bullets that MHI uses? And what is the ballistic coefficient and sectional density of their silver bullets? Someday, funds permitting, I’d love to build an AR-15 in 300 AAC Blackout with one of these lowers, and I would want to optimize the upper receiver to match, as closely as possible, the ballistics of MHI rounds from this platform.

    1. I can’t recall off the top of my head, but didn’t MHI use hollow-point lead rounds with silver inserts? My guess is it would be something like this, except with a silver tip instead of a bronze one and probably a boat tail. My guess would be a 168 grain, as that seems to be the best weight for a multipurpose round.

  15. I may have to run and hide after posting this… but members of the Monster Hunter Nation who purchase the 5.56 lower with the MHI logo on it better be planning to use it for 300 Blackout… Because MHI don’t run no sissy 5.56. That’s for those MCB types. So sayeth the tome of canon. Unless you stole a pallet of ammo from MCB, then, good job.


    1. That’s just what I was thinking.
      Well, actually, when I read what the MCB operators were carrying at Natchy Bottom I remember thinking, “Poodle Shooters? Really?” I think I’d like something with a little bigger cross section for that application.
      (Although Milo was holding an M4 when Owen first arrived at MHI HQ, so I guess it can’t be all bad.)

  16. A question or two for the more technically-inclined here. I read a lot of comments about ‘building’ an AR-15 (or possibly an AR-10? since it’s not always specified that I can see, though I could be missing something). I understand that these are a very modular thing — you get the lower receiver, which is basically the core of the gun, and then attach the other parts of your preference. What I’d like to know is, does this require a great deal of expertise, and are there special tools required?

    1. Head over to they’ve got lots of links to instructions and videos of how to do it. You can probably find somebody in your area to help you out too.

    2. I did just that a while back. Bought a lower receiver (which has the serial number, so that requires a background check) then bought the rest piecemeal over the following year. Rifle-specific tools I’d suggest getting are an AR-15 armorer’s wrench and a receiver block (lets you clamp the receiver in a vise without marring it). You’ll also need a bench vise, torque wrench, various brass pin punches, and assorted hand tools. There are lots of other AR-15 tools you can buy, but they’re more for the busy gunsmith or armorer who’s building or repairing multiple rifles a week. If you know anybody with an AR, they may have tools you can borrow.

      It doesn’t take a lot of technical know-how to assemble an AR. If you don’t flinch at buying a bicycle that says “some assembly required” on the box, you’ll be fine. Between and Youtube you’ll get way better instructions than the assembly book that comes with most bikes.

    3. Making notes, thanks!

      I have no fear of some assembly required, though how-to videos are always nice, especially if they’re not coming from the mindset that everyone just /automatically knows/ socket wrenches have two settings (I didn’t, to the considerable merriment of a couple of my male friends).

  17. You may not get the semi annual GDP of Canada royalty checks that Weber or Ringo get but I haven’t seen the Manticore Coat of Arms or the logo for 1/555 on anything this cool. (Although, since Trixie made the cover of Strands of Sorrow that could be coming). They can only dream of being as cool as you are.

  18. That’s cool but the link seems to go to their cerakote page.. Just got a new upper. Maybe I need a new lower too…

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