Series II Challenge Coins: Update #4

Hey all- Jack Wylder here with the promised update #4. (I said I’d post when I had news to share and so I am.)
As of yesterday evening I finally have all of the coins- (yay!) UPS ‘misplaced’ 2 of the boxes and it took some time to find them, but now all is good. Still waiting on the Zippos, but that’s a whole different story. Short version; should be early next week. So I now have all of the coins- what does that mean for you? Well I have coins, but precious little time right now. The amazing new job takes up about 12 hours a day (with travel time and such) and of course there’s the whole sleep thing, having a cub scout in the family (a rather time consuming thing), occasionally seeing the wife, etc etc etc… So time is at a premium. I have over 600 orders still to fill; that’s almost a full time job’s week worth of work needing to be done. I’m doing what I can and fulfilling what I can as time permits but it is slow going. I do have a plan, though- my wife knows a lot of stay at home mamas who can always use a bit of extra cash so we’re going to put them to work and try to knock these out as quickly as we can. Understand, Larry and I don’t get paid until these are done and I can’t get started on the next special project until this is over- there’s a good possibility I want you to get your coins even more than you do! You’ve been patient and we appreciate it very much. They’re slowly shipping now and the big push is coming soon. Beyond that, I’ll keep you posted here when there’s anything new to say. Thanks again to all- the CorreiaTech fulfillment center is working on it as best we can. 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Series II Challenge Coins: Update #4”

  1. Thanks for the update. I can’t wait to get them.
    And good job stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

  2. SCENE: Wendell, in a styling 1970s leisure suit, relaxing at a table full of small boxes.
    VOICEOVER: “CorreiaTech – we will ship no coins before their -”

  3. Thank you for the update, Jack. I know how it is when “real life” keeps interfering with what you REALLY want to do; all you can do is cope as best you can. And you seem to be coping well.

  4. This has nothing to do with this thread but I just saw something cool I thought the Lord of Evil might want to put in a book. Do a search for Raytheon Pike 40 mm Precision Guided Munition. Its a laser guided rocket with a 2 kilometer range that can be fired from a standard 40mm Underbarrel Grenade Launcher!

  5. Thanks Jack; we really do appreciate the work. I ordered a couple lighters, will I have those by Christmas?

    1. If I have to personally drive these packages to the customer’s houses, these all WILL be fulfilled in time for Christmas!

  6. Cub Scouts! Yay. Our first year too! Two kids. Two den meetings two places same night. Campouts monthly with one or the other… I haven’t had an evening off in weeks… Good luck!

  7. I haven’t minded waiting because I know they will be awesome and if they are delayed due to the success of the venture that just increases the odds of another. Having a successful sale is a good problem to have.

  8. How are these going? I’ve been hopefully looking in the mail since a few people have posted their haul but nothing yet. Maybe because I only have two coins I’m at the bottom of the list? I’m a wee bit paranoid that maybe the orders weren’t *charged* when they were made since I didn’t check on that, and worry that if it was charged recently it bounced because *that* never happens…

    1. I just checked, and it looks like the charge went through 29 Aug, for me. I expect they either charged as the orders came in, or all in one go when the deadline hit.

  9. Just received my spectacularly beautiful provisional PUFF (in Seattle, WA). What an excellent project! Thanks for everything.

  10. Has everything shipped? I keep looking at my mailbox and I’m finding a severe lack of challenge coins there.
    Not complaining, just wondering…

    1. Jack’s been shipping them, but it takes a while for one dude to sort and ship 600 packages. He’s putting up another update tomorrow. I think on Monday he’s having a “shipping party” where he’s paying all the stay at home mom’s in the neighborhood to come over and package stuff, to knock out the rest.

  11. Coins arrived today – they are great! Well packaged, undamaged, and really nice coins. Many, many thanks.

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