Series II Challenge Coins- Update #3

Hey all, Jack Wylder here with your series II update.
I’ve been somewhat absent/ elusive here lately because a) I’m busy as all get out with my awesome new job as a marketing ninja and b) there hasn’t really been all the much to report until now. Last week we received the first batch of coins. Important to note is that that just means half of the designs and NOT half of all the coins. (So I have boxes and boxes of Stranger & Stranger and Milo coins, but no PPUFFx tags yet.) The remaining designs have apparently shipped out yesterday and are even now winding their way across the country to the CorreiaTech Texas Outpost (Code name Hippo River). Lighters and stickers are slightly delayed but should be in hand shortly. So while I have sent out a few of the smaller orders, the bulk of the shipping is still to come in the near future. To complicate matters slightly, I am leaving town Sunday on a business trip so I won’t be able to do any shipping until late next week. (And if anyone is going to be at OpenWorld shoot me an email at CorreiaTech1911 AT gmail DOT com) After I return I will dedicate all of my free time after work each day to packing these up and getting them out to you as quickly as possible. I will do a third update to let you know when the bulk of them have shipped. I have temporarily closed the swag store- I can’t deal with more orders coming in right now! Also, if you ordered anything off the store, your order will be shipped in the order they came in- I have to get this back order situation handled. On the subject of the store, we are no longer going to accept payments from PayPal. We can detail exactly why in a later post. I’m not really able to spend much time on the book of faces, btw, so if you’re tagging me there I might be slow to respond (don’t take it personally it’s not you, it’s me. Sorry about the delay, Jesse!)
I think that’s it for now. I’ll update when there’s something new to say.
Here’s a shot of the final actual Milo coin to tide you over:

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13 thoughts on “Series II Challenge Coins- Update #3”

  1. So, if hypothetically one of us will be near “Hippo River” this weekend and the second shipment came in, would that person be able to pick up their coins in person? Or at least buy a certain marketing ninja a beer?

      1. aww man I’m booked with getting ready for the trip. And I hate turning down free beer, too… rain check?

        1. Since I live in Houston and often visit where I believe you mentioned Hippo River is, sure. And there will even be actual reason for this rain check!

        2. The solution is obvious Jack. Let them know where you prefer to drink and open a tab for anywhere from $5 to $20 each. Better yet, have them send you a gift card to your favorite local brew supply shop and then you can brew your own when you have the time. 😉

  2. Patiently waiting and I have to be honest. I’m so excited about getting my coins that I don’t have a good analogy for it!

    1. I’ll do a full update after the book bomb, but for now just know that coins have (admittedly slowly) started shipping out already…

      1. Was seriously hoping that I would have them before Larry got to Portland…but I still have my MHI Smiley coin….and was told I was the only one Larry saw at Rose City Comic Con

  3. I was hoping that our challenge coins would be here before Larry’s book signing in San Diego, but I guess that’s not to be.

    Oh well… at least I have wearable swag ;).

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