How to get personalized autographed copies of my books if you can’t make it to a signing

I am going to be signing at Uncle Hugos in Minneapolis on the 27th. Because they do a lot of mail order, I fly in a day early so that I can sign all the books to be shipped. The cool thing is that on the order form you can specify any personalizations. So if you want a bunch of books for gifts, made out to specific people, or you want me to draw a cartoon in it or something, and you can’t make it to one of my events, this is the best way to get it.

They’ve got all of my stuff in stock, but Don emailed me yesterday to tell me that he’s got his copies of Son of the Black Sword in. So if you want personalized copies of the new one, and you aren’t going to be at any of the other tour stops, this is the best way to get them. It is better to get your shipping orders early, because last year we had a bunch of people order Nemesis wait until a couple of days before the actual signing. Because of that I ran out of books at the actual signing. So if you want personalized copies shipped, order soon so he can get more in in time.

I used to sell and ship personalized copies myself, but that just got way too unwieldy to do out of my house. (many of you had not so positive experiences with my 11 year old daughter “shipping department” 🙂 )  So I’m glad Don offers this.

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10 thoughts on “How to get personalized autographed copies of my books if you can’t make it to a signing”

    1. Check Baen books website, they schedule Larry’s stops. And do attend a signing if you can. Larry’s a blast in person.

  1. Feasibility question. How feasible would it be to on your cover or even an inside page of a digital book to have a digital signature? Basically making every digital book an “autographed copy”. I know this would not be personalized but would the additional cost in setting up the book be worth it as a marketing gimmick if nothing else to say ever digital copy of “title” is autographed by the author?

    1. Hmm… This is an interesting concept.

      And it might even be workable. May even be something to experiment with. Is it possible to integrate a digital signature block into a .mobi or .epub file like you can with a PDF?

      As long as the signature is signed using Mr. Correia’s personal certificate it would even be possible to have a personalized “comments” section that is validated and locked by the digital signature.

      Someone cool should patent this idea. Like Baen. Then they could license it and use the fees to pay more authors.

  2. My son loved all of the Grimnoir and Monster Hunter books. He can’t wait to read Son of the Black Sword. Unbeknownst to him, I’m getting him an autographed copy for his upcoming 13th birthday. And…ordered. Hopefully it will get here before the 9th.

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