Ember of the Past: free short story from Mike Kupari

Mike Kupari is my coauthor on the Dead Six series. His first solo novel, Her Brother’s Keeper, will be out in a couple of weeks (I was one of the alpha readers, it is really good, fun space opera). This short story is a prequel and just went up on the Baen page.


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18 thoughts on “Ember of the Past: free short story from Mike Kupari”

  1. Guhhh that unnecessary infodumping from the narrator at the beginning is painful. Hooked me after that consider me sold.

  2. I saved the raw text to my hard drive; the unformatted ASCII text is 113Kb. That’s in between “long short story” and “novella.”

    Quite a chunk of story for free!

  3. I hope one day Larry does his own take on Space Opera one day. But in the meantime a space opera recommended by Larry is fine too. Anyone with Hyperion in their top list has a pretty good handle on space operas.

  4. Enjoyed it a lot – promptly went to Amazon and bought HBK. Thanks for letting us know about this.

  5. Looks like Amazon jumped the gun. Son of the Black Sword is now available and downloadable in Kindle format. The book technically releases tomorrow.

    1. Baen releases the E-books edition two to three weeks before the print edition.–I have been buying e-books from Baen for 14 years and they have always released the e-book first.

    2. Given that Barnes and Noble appears to have the Kindle version available as well –

      I’m guessing that for some reason the electronic versions of the book were released before the hard cover.

  6. Really enjoyable short Story/novella, as introduction to the universe and I have begun reading Her Brother’s Keeper and frankly having a blast so far!

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