BOOK BOMB! Pack Dynamics by Julie Frost

Today we are Book Bombing Julie Frost’s debut novel Pack Dynamics!


For those of you unfamiliar with Book Bombs, I pick a novel from a good author who needs a publicity boost. Then we try to get as many people as possible to buy their book on Amazon on the same day. Because the sales ratings change hourly, this causes the book to go up in the rankings. The higher it gets and the more lists it shows up on, the more new people see it, and the more exposure the author gets. Success leads to more success, the author gets new readers, and most importantly GETS PAID. 

So please tell your friends!

Let me tell you a little bit about Julie Frost. I’ve known her since I first got started as a writer. Julie is awesome. She’s been doing short fiction forever, and  doing pretty well at it. She’s been a finalist in Writers of the Future a bunch of times. Julie is a really good short story author. She’s sold a pile of short stories, and that whole time I kept bugging her about how if you want to make a living novels are where it is at.

I didn’t really get to know Julie well however, until the day that I fisked Mrs. Magazine’s idiotic review of Iron Man 2. When the angry feminists turned out to burn Robert Downey Jr. at the stake, Julie started kicking their asses. It was excellent.

Last year I was doing a book signing at Kevin J. Anderson’s super booth at some con, and Julie came by to say hi. I introduced her to Kevin, being a publisher, and Julie, being a professional, immediately tried to pitch him a book. Now Kevin gets this a lot, but Julie had me there. I hadn’t read the novel, but I had read her other stories and knew that she had skills, so I vouched for her. So I told Kevin he should let her skip the slush pile, and move her to the top of the submissions.

Kevin, being a shrewd businessman, then asked me if first, he picked Julie up, would I be willing to read the book and blurb it. Yep. Second, would I Book Bomb it? 😀  Well today is your answer.

Anyways, the book is fun. I enjoyed it. It is a detective story with nanotech enhanced werewolves. I think you guys will like it. And Julie is awesome, so I want to see her get a good career boost right out the gate. So please, tell your friends.

Right now Julie in paper Julie is at:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #888,530 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

And in Kindle:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #37,477 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

I will update this throughout the day. The thing is Amazon has put in a delay, so the book sales from this morning won’t really start showing up until late this afternoon. And we should hit the peak late tonight. I miss the old wild west days where an hour after the Book Bomb launched we were seeing wild swings. 🙂


EDIT: 2:00 MT and it is FINALLY starting to move with the sales from first thing this morning.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #23,424 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

I hate that delay. Book Bombs used to be so much crazier! 😀

EDIT 2: First thing in the morning, so it’ll be down from whatever the high was last night.
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #574 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)


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47 thoughts on “BOOK BOMB! Pack Dynamics by Julie Frost”

  1. Done. I love the smell of first printings of First Editions by new (novel) authors. Now we need to talk her into coming to DragonCon next year so I can get it signed.

  2. Thank you, Larry, you’re the best. <3<3<3

    Slight correction: I've only made Finalist at Writers of the Future once, though I've hit Semi-Finalist twice and ran out of fingers to count my Honorable Mentions on.

    If anyone wants to know more about me, my LJ is here.

    Many thanks to all who are participating, either by buying the book or boosting the signal. Monster Hunter Nation is mighty.

    1. Congrats on the book, Julie! Any chance of there being an audiobook? I do much of my “reading” during my daily commute.

  3. More than I’m usually willing pay for Kindle books, but I got it anyway. Is this a standalone or first in a (potential?) series?

    1. First in a (potential) series. I’m outlining the second one right now. And I have a novel’s worth of shorts written in the ‘verse as well. 🙂

      1. Oh, neat. Short stories set in the world of existing novels is … well, how I prefer short stories. It’s like little scenes to flesh out the world/characters without being complex enough to devote a whole novel to it.

      2. Could you collect your short stories into one book? I find it annoying buying singles or hunting for anthologies and magazines.

        1. That will probably happen somewhere down the line (the publisher is open to it), but not super soon–I think they want to have at least a few novels out first. I am planning to release a novelette that takes place between the first and second books sometime early next year. One of the shorts was published in Plasma Frequency a few years ago, available here:

          It stars a were-squonk.

  4. I bought mine this morning at about 5:30 am CST, while getting ready for work.

    And my mom just bought another copy of “Pack Dynamics” this evening, after I told her about it. “Nanotech-enhanced werewolves” and “Larry Correia liked it” were, I believe, the deciding factors . . . 😛

    1. I think the thing about nanotech-enhanced werewolves is WHY WOULD WEREWOLVES NEED TO BE NANOTECH-ENHANCED? THEY’RE ALREADY FREAKING WEREWOLVES! That would be like giving T-Rexes death ray guns. And then my mind is blown.

      (And now I also want to read about T-Rexes wielding death rays.)

      1. I don’t know about T-rexes with death rays, but Kung Fury has laserraptors. Awesome short movie, if you haven’t seen it. =)

  5. As I type this at 2140 Eastern, BIG jump!

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,370 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) #73 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
    #76 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban

  6. FYI for anyone who bought the paperback today: I originally bought the paperback earlier today, but while I was checking out the current position on the charts the price for the Kindle version popped up as $2.99 because of my previous order, so I snagged it for the Kindle as well.

      1. Oh my gosh, you guys are the best. And, yes, the Kindle Match price means you get the Kindle version for half price if you buy the trade paper.

  7. Purchased, read, review placed. I’m not the biggest fan of urban supernatural, but this was decent. Thanks!

  8. I got up around 6am to look at the numbers, and they looked like this:

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #613 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
    #29 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
    #30 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban

    And it’s at #26 and #27 as of 10am today. So it still appears to be dropping!

    I am awed and humbled by this, you guys. <3<3<3

  9. Hot damn! Pardon my French, but Pack Dynamics is good. I’m at 10% on my Kindle right now and I’m reminded of Storm Front and Bolt.

    If you were burned by the YA book bomb – fear not: this book is made of ass-kicking awesome.

  10. Missed the Book Bomb. More warning would be good… Will keep checking back. I am love people doing things like this. Good karma for all involved.

    I know you have stuff going on and hopefully that involves writing 18-20 hours a day so that I can read more, but it would be nice if your book section here were up to date. I would like to figure out what I have read and not and in what order and so on since you have a couple series ongoing.

    Finally thank you for the nod to the Mauser C96 (712) in Hard Magic. Hopefully it gets more play in the future. Just got my first last week after wanting one for 40 years… old Robbie Irving had a blue toy broomhandle and I would just grab it and sit on it when I got to his house in the off chance we’d play some shooting game that I’d not miss out on it.

    Thanks for being an original in an age of knock offs.

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