Book Bomb Postponed!

I was at Salt Lake City ComicCon all weekend (report pending, but short version,it was HUGE).

I saw Julie Frost, author of Monday’s Book Bomb book, and she pointed out to me that she was super grateful BUT only the eBook is out now. The print books won’t be ready to ship until later in October. The only print books they’d run so far had been a special limited edition run rushed for SLCCC (and all sold out there).

So I’m going to postpone Monday’s Book Bomb until later in October. Sorry about that.

Back from Salt Lake City ComicCon
Next BOOK BOMB, Monday the 28th, Pack Dynamics by Julie Frost

20 thoughts on “Book Bomb Postponed!”

  1. Yeah, Amazon is just weird about this thing. They should go live at the same time, but sometimes they don’t, and I would like people to be able to get a physical copy during this deal if that’s what they want.

    Thank you, Larry, you are amazeballs.

  2. I have to read the book first to make sure it is something the regulars here will like. — Larry Correia

    Good enough for me. I bought the e-book. I’ll get a paperback at the book bomb.

  3. Every copy? Does this mean Julie is a sell-out?

    Yes, it’s an old joke, but it’s still funny.

    Congrats Julie!

    1. Looks like you weren’t the only one.

      When I looked this morning, it was in the 30,000 range.
      Now, it’s up.

      #17,175 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
      #804 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
      #952 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban

  4. BTW, looking at her amazon page and sales, I think she is a little too highly priced. I might try her book if she discounts it. Maybe I’m just a cheapskate who now enjoys the low prices. I really don’t want to pay over $5 unless it is an established author that I like. Most older books are 4$ via 1cent and $3.99 shipping so books have to compete with that price point.

    1. Pretty sure no one can compete with a one cent price point. Books are selling at that price because the seller wants it off their hands and/or are hoping you’ll buy something else from them. That’s not a price that anyone makes any money off of, so it’s not really reasonable for that to be your standard. I mean, if that’s all you want to pay, that’s your right, but you’ll be limited to what people are willing to sell at that price, and you can’t really expect an author or publisher to sell at that price. Unless it’s a “give the first one away for free so they’ll buy the other ones” situation.

      1. I’ve got some Tor books I’ll sell for 1¢ + $3.99 shipping. As well as a pile of the Wheel of Time books.

      2. Pretty sure no one can compete with a one cent price point.

        Depends. The USPS Media Mail rates are $2.72 for a package up to 1 pound (books qualify for Media Mail, and a typical mass-market paperback is 9 ounces). That drops to $2.45 if you qualify for commercial rates, or even $1.88 if you presort your mail by 5-digit zip code before handing it over (there are some other requirements too, like shipping enough pieces that the 5-digit presort will save the post office significant amounts of work). That’s a flat rate within the United States (I assume the lower 48 only), without regard to distance. So a bookseller charging $3.99 for shipping a used paperback is really making $1.27 profit on the shipping expense — or they could be making as high as $2.11 profit on shipping if they have a large sales volume.

        So the price point you’re really competing with is anywhere from $1.88 to $2.72, not 1 cent.

    2. Having read the excerpt at Amazon (and having bought the Kindle version, sorry to add to early ‘detonation’) I have to say that I don’t believe she’s overpriced. At all.

  5. I had the chance to meet Julie at the Worldfire Press booth this past weekend; I had been talking with Chuck Gannon, and he paused briefly to take a breath, and this delightful woman to his right introduced herself to me and told me that she had a book coming out next month that the ILoH was book-bombing.

    Lo, when the book bomb arrives, it shall be added to my Kindle backlog. 🙂

  6. Slightly off topic. Your next novel, Son of the Black Sword is due to be published on October 27. On Amazon, I see option to buy it on Hardcover and Audible, but no Kindle edition. This is extremely weird. I’ve already bought the eARC version, but I always buy both Kindle and Audible version as well. Can you check it out?

  7. Well, I wish I’d seen the postponement before I bought it Monday, but I finished it last night. Very fun read, and I’m recommending it to a few friends. Thanks for a good read, Julie 🙂
    “It was… untidy.”

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