12 thoughts on “I’ll be at Rose City ComicCon in Portland this weekend”

  1. So incredibly excited! Looked at the guest list for this con and was like; Carrie Fisher meh; Will Wheaton *yawn*; Larry Correia! AWESOME!

    1. It’s a pilgrimage we all must make at least one in our lives.

      I figure you’re flying.
      But if you’re driving, Twin Falls Sandwich Company and Slice in Twin Falls, or Flying Pie Pizzeria in the Boise area, are about the best places to eat along the way.

    2. Meh. Powell’s downtown is overrated. They mix the new in with the used, which is something I hate because the whole point of going to a used bookstore is to find bargains. It’s overpriced for used books, and parking is a nightmare. Either you have to park in this really narrow, tightly-packed building with super-steep ramps up or find a spot on the street in a sketchy part of town. The anxiety I feel trying to park in their parking structure is enough to keep me away, and we once parked on the street like a block away and had an encounter with an angry, entitled homeless person that made me seriously fear he’d try to do violence to us.

      My advice: avoid the Portland Powell’s and go to the one in Beaverton. It’s not as big, but it’s still pretty big, it has better prices, the parking is simple and easy, and it’s in a non-scary part of town. Plus, they have all the good signings like Larry and Butcher and Patricia Briggs, instead of all the hoity-toity “literary” Portland-y guests at the downtown Powell’s.

      Downtown Powell’s is a gimmick, that’s all. Maybe see it once if you’re from out of town as a touristy thing, but don’t go out of your way.

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Larry’s been to the downtown Powell’s. I’m almost certain I’ve seen his signature on the wall. And that Powell’s location does suck. Getting aggressively panhandled by Portland’s disenfranchised free loaders sucks. Having someone try to “sell” me a copy of the Portland Homeless Newspaper sucks. That parking garage that used to be like a Packard dealership in the 50’s sucks. Having to put up with all the hipster doofuses in their neatly ironed flannel shirts, Danner’s that have never been off pavement, and I’m-a-lumberjack beards that are so northwest-y sucks. Portland has become a caricature of itself anymore. Portlandia may have at one time been a satire, but it’s more of a documentary anymore.

        Nothing like getting grumpy on a Friday because you found out that you’re likely not going to make the scheduling work out to see your favorite author who happens to only be about 40 minutes away.

        1. My sympathies, tuco. Looks like I won’t be going because I found out about it too late and don’t have room for a con in my budget this month.

          Portland-related story: I went to Portland once because my mom’s friend’s daughter was in a local indie film (which turned out to be terrible, BTW, as those kind of things tend to be in my experience), and while milling around politely afterward, one of the “cast members” happened to be standing there. He was a guy dressed in a really low-budget green frog suit. That’s how he is in real life, and he basically played himself in the film. He calls himself Frog-man. As I was standing there, a guy asked him why. Why the whole get-up? His answer: “Just keeping Portland weird.” So… apparently there are people who do that for a living in Portland.

          1. He won’t fit into Portland very well.

            In contrast to Frog-man, Larry gives off the vibe of a hardworking, honest family man who loves life and other people. If I had to describe him in one phrase it would be “decent human being”.

            Perhaps he can teach the natives something.

  2. Thought this might be a good place to ask: Can you give a rough time when you’ll be at this event: Tuesday, November 03, 2015 Seattle – University Bookstore (from your Book Tour page)?

    I’ll probably have to take off work to come & I’m more likely to get it approved if I ask sooner. Thanks.

    1. I’m actually not sure. On the master list I got it didn’t have times yet. I believe it will be in the late afternoon, early evening. That’s usually pretty normal for them. I think my last few were at 6:00, and then I end up spending a few hours there anyway.

  3. I grew up in Powell’s. I mean, Portland, though it seemed like Powell’s. They haven’t sandblasted or dynamited Larry’s sig off the wall yet? It used to be such a nice city, before the locusts came up from California and brought every imaginable pathology with them. I do hope Larry took his kevlar vest with him.

  4. Of the writers I have met, Larry is probably the most approachable. Larry, thank you again for taking a few moments out on the convention floor after your panel to chat with my fiancée and I. It was great to have a chance to chatter at you for a few minutes. Looking forward to seeing you at Powells next time you come through Portland.

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