Do not be alarmed. (Pt II: The Fixening)

Jack Wylder here. The website  will be going offline temporarily. Do not be alarmed- we are not being attacked by reptoids, SJWs, or red lectroids from the planet 10.The ILoH is scheduled to be traveling once again so Wendell has instructed us to fix the blog once and for all. The process is scheduled to begin around midnight tonight (YMMTime) and should only take about 4 of your Earth hours. The forums should be unaffected. Thank you for your patience.


Do not be alarmed
DragonCon this weekend
Sad Puppies 3: Looking at the Results

52 thoughts on “Do not be alarmed. (Pt II: The Fixening)”

  1. I feel perfectly safe.
    I don’t think there are any reptoids, SJWs, or red lectroids from the planet 10 that could take Wendell in a knife fight, flipper handicapped or not. (Que Kirk era Star Trek fight music NOW!)

        We haven’t done the grand opening yet; It’s still kinda in beta testing, (but all are welcome!)

      1. look under the challenge coin post about 3/4 of the way down, where they ask for input on the most popular choice coin

        We haven’t done the grand opening yet; It’s still kinda in beta testing, (but all are welcome!)

  2. Fingers crossed for a working WordPress authentication. (Keeps giving me “ξ Your application id and secret are required in order to connect to WordPress.”)

  3. Maybe this would be a good time to fix that special “feature” that requires one to scroll all the way back to the top of the post just to click on the comments link. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    1. I never noticed that one, because I’ve gotten into the habit of hitting the Home key when I want to scroll to the top of a web page. (Works on Chrome and Firefox, YMMV with other browsers). But yeah, if you’re one of the people who prefer the mouse over the keyboard, that would be annoying.

  4. The feature I miss the most is the ability to go to the next or previous post. Not a real problem, unless I’m doing an archive trawl. Some of the images from earlier posts seem to be missing as well. Some months ago, I tried to show someone the cartoon Larry drew for Sad Puppies one and it wasn’t available.

    1. Pt I: fixed!
      Pt II: that’s a problem with the migration. The tech support guy in charge of that is off work today but I’ll definitely get on that…

  5. Thanks Jack, the site was having serious issues for me on multiple computers (Error finding database message) at home or work, not sure if it was site or my location that was the problem, but others said the same, including Cedar Sanderson

    1. Is which particular aspect fixerated? The migration is complete and you should not be getting the ‘database not found’ errors we were seeing. I got the and topic links working.
      The WordPress log in has to wait until Larry gets back before I can fix it, and the missing content can’t be fixed until our migration tech is back at work (he’s off Thursday and Friday). I don’t think there’s THAT much missing content and it seems to just be a few images…

      1. Ooh the Edit function IS broken… I’ll get on that now…
        The above should have been:I got the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links working…
        (I used tags and the system dunna like et)

      2. There are still a few issues remaining with email subscription:

        Sender = “WordPress” (not the blog name)
        Subject = “New Comment” (not the post name)
        Still no quoting of the previous comment, nor indication of whom the comment poster is. It makes for very confusing reading.

        Issues are current as of comments on “Sad Puppies 3 Looking at the Results”

        1. All the email stuff is due to the migration and has already been sent along to our rep. As soon as he gets back to work he’ll get on those…

      3. I do have one suggestion, but not sure if its a big hassle.

        Would there be a way to have a settings option that would load the page up with comments collapsed?

        And if so, maybe a way to indicate if the collapsed comments had something new since the last time viewed?

        It would make some of these huge 300+ comment posts much easier to revisit.

  6. Since you are at it, you should think about adding a forum to this site. The audience is certainly there: 600+ comments in the last post.
    Just a thought…

  7. I’m looking for a short story, but can’t remember the title exactly. I think it is called, “G’Wanda and the Supremes”. I don’t remember the author.

    Can anyone help?

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