WorldCon Weekend

So WorldCon started and there has been a whole new deluge of articles and media reports about the scourge of Sad Puppies. Personally, I was too busy yesterday to pay much attention. But don’t worry, from what I heard it was all the same old narrative.They had the business meeting. I’ve been told the proposed “improvement” to the Hugo voting system is a complicated and nobody understands it. So E Plurbis Hugo is like the Obamacare of fandom, but that’s what you do to protect your clique from Wrongfan and their Wrongfun. They postponed that to be voted on Sunday probably hoping that most of the rational productive people have left so they could be back to work on Monday.

What was it GRRM told the CHORFs about all those rule change schemes to keep out Wrongfan? I think it was knock if off, what are you trying to do, prove the Puppies right?

My prediction for the awards tomorrow? Beats me. I won back when they reacted exactly how I predicted they would and showed the world what a bunch of insular, cliquish, holier than thou, jerks they were. No matter what happens tomorrow night, they’ll shift the goal posts, declare absolute victory, and call us sexist. Since next year’s campaign is being run by Kate, Sarah, and Amanda, I’m sure they’ll just switch the narrative to something else and go full Palin on them. 
But of all the Sad Puppies nominees, I’d really like to see Toni Weisskopf win. She’s a pro’s pro, respected by everyone, who runs one of the bigger publishing houses in sci-fi, has developed lots of great talent, edited hundreds of books, and been in the industry and fandom for decades, but the Hugos ignored her until Sad Puppies came along.
And now I’m going to try my best to avoid the internet for the rest of the weekend. See you guys Monday.

EDIT: I removed the page count for the proposal, because I was given the total page count of the packet instead.

My Official Statement About the Hugos
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    1. If whatever they try to do excludes any supporting members from voting, they are going to have a $20k to $30k budget shortfall, and will have to hold the next Worldcon in a Motel 6.

  1. Concur. The list has leaked, and based on the frothing already, I suspect Vox will be taking a Rocket. . . .

    1. I dunno, they seem pretty smug. Of course, maybe they don’t know anything yet and are indulging in wishful thinking.

      1. You burned down five whole categories with “No Award” and gave Best Novel to Vox’s pick – that would be “Three-Body Problem” – and then declared “victory.”

        And you’re saying Vox *lost?*

        Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess . . . 🙂

  2. Yep. Same old- same old.

    Lots of projection going on amongst the Puppy Kickers.

    They can try to claim we’re sexist while a “proud SJW” puppy kicker tells a female Sad Puppies supporter that the only way to deal with SP supporters is with a baseball bat. –>

    But WE’RE the sexist ones.

    Ok, then.

    1. I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of SP’s when I say that if you come after me with a baseball bat, you damn well better knock me out cold – or better yet, kill me – with that first hit. ‘Cause if you don’t, let’s just say that what’s left of your lifespan will become very, very interesting very, very quickly

      1. It’s all empty bluster anyway. Keyboard bravery tends to vanish quickly when there’s the threat of getting an actual punch in the schnoz for being a jackass.

        Doubly so when the targeted side tends to have a larger portion of former and current doorkickers than the population as a whole, never mind the Sci-Fi fandom, and tend to be better armed. 😛

        1. “Manners are good when one may have to back up his words with his life.” in the words of an author much loved by the Puppies and loathed by the CHORFs.

        2. Punch in the schnoz? If someone comes at me with a bat, I’m pulling out my knife – and that’s just because I don’t normally carry a gun.

          1. Jeff, I was speaking in general terms. I’d be surprised as heck if they actually did come with a bat, or any weapon more threatening than a deflated “balloon animal” balloon, and not just because of con security. Keyboard courage doesn’t even give the immediately handy weapon of its offline kin, bottle bravery.

    2. Seriously? Even without gun or knife, taking the bat from them and looking for a sweet spot would probably be childs play.

  3. Given that the large percentage of the sci-fi fandom made up of “hard sciences” types, like engineers, programmers, and honest-to-Bob rocket scientists are disporprotionally likely to be Sad Puppies types… Not to mention the bevy of lawyers and at least one former accountant amongst the Sad Puppy ranks.

    Let them release a 76-plus page revision of the rules. Our team will do what we do: read the rules and obey them. To the letter.

    1. I’m only at the fringes of puppy activity, but didn’t He-Who-Shall-Not be named, the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil League of Evil, originally make his money in gaming? And aren’t gamers the sort of people who obsessively read 20+ books of rules in order to come up with the most perfectly designed invincible starting character?

      This could get really interesting…

      1. One of my sons doesn’t play games so much as he plays with them. He tests the rules to see where the weak points are, and min-maxes everything not to produce super-players, but just to see what he can make it do. For gamers (computer or pen and paper), programmers, analysts, scientists and accountants, understanding the scope and capabilities of a set of rules is just business as usual.

      2. In gun nut circles, there is a syaying: “Loopholes are legal activities liberals don’t like.” This stems from the anti-gun movements’ frequent attacks on things like the “gun show loophole” (legal private sales), the “machine gun loophole” (legally buying a NFA categorized weapon and paying massively to do it), and the recent “day three loophole” (a legal default proceed when the NICS system fouls up).

        I fully expect any changes the Sad Puppies make in response to updated WorldCom voting rules to be labeled as “the puppy loophole” by this time next year.

        Of course, as the God of Rules-Laywers, Brian of Kinghts of the Dinner Table points out loopholes aren’t cheating, their special
        bonus rules to reward people for careful reading.

      3. “And aren’t gamers the sort of people who obsessively read 20+ books of rules in order to come up with the most perfectly designed invincible starting character?”

        I read wargame rulebooks for fun. I have a collection of thousands of rules, from Tactics II to the latest Kings of War 2nd Edition that isn’t out yet. So, I certainly don’t mind a new challenge; we’re already set up to take advantage of “4 of 6” if it passes.

        All EPH does is factionalize the awards and cement our influence. It’s certainly fine by me.

        1. This is where the CHORF’s demonstrate that they are actually trufen of semiotics and literary analysis, not of Science Fiction. They are trying to complicate the rules in order to outplay a bunch of Munchkins with decades of experience in P&P gaming- dedicated MinMaxers who know every shade of meaning in every rule.

          Poor sods don’t know what they’re in for!

  4. I poked around trying to see what the award base looks like, and couldn’t find it. Personally, I’m hoping it’s a puppy hiking his leg and taking a leak on the rocket.

  5. I skipped this year’s Hugo vote, but I think I will be voting next year (I like that you get a bunch of free e-books when you pay your voting fee). When/ where should I register?

    1. You can buy a membership for next year’s con in Kansas City now if you want. The nominating part comes later.

      1. Note that the supporting membership next year has increased by 25% to $50.

        Whether this is raising barriers to entry or profiteering (or both), I leave to your interpretation.

    2. If you buy a Supporting Membership (meaning you don’t actually go to the convention), you still get to nominate and vote, and you get the whole voter’s packet. For the novels, you sometimes get the whole novel for free (This year it was The Three Body Problem, The Goblin Emperor, and The Dark Between the Stars.) and sometimes just sample chapters. The year also had one of Wes Chu’s full novels in the Campbell packet. You also get most of the full graphic novels (although sometimes with annoying watermarks) and almost all of the short fiction.

  6. With apologies to Bob Dylan:

    “There must be some way out of here,” said the folks at Making Light
    “There’s too many wrongfans, invading from the Right
    Torgersen, he mocks our whines, Correia laughs with mirth
    None of them outside WorldCon know what any of it is worth”

    “No reason to get irritated,” Correia kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us who feel the awards are but a joke
    But you and I, we’ve been through this, I don’t require hate
    So let us not blog falsely now, the hour is getting late”

    All along the fandom, bloggers vied for views
    While Pound and Hurley came and went, barefoot Scalzi, too

    Outside in the distance Mamatas did growl
    Two puppies were approaching, the CHORFs began to howl

      1. Amusing how the twit assumed, minus evidence at the time of the post, that the flier was sent out by the same person who did the ribbons. SOP for CHORFs, of course, but still worth a bit of a chuckle. (Admittedly, a VERY little “bit”.)

      2. All right, where can I get me those ribbons? being I’m 700 miles from the con and unlikely to teleport in any time soon. They’d go well with my wrongfans button. 😀

    1. What I love about that is they sell that gender crap all year morning, noon and night and then when you flash it at them they’re all “What th…? OMG! What is this?”

      1. The other cute and adorable thing is that line-up responding is a who’s who of SFF’s psychopathic obsessed stalkers of all white men on Earth.

        1. The only friends we were going to make were the people who would laugh at this and anyone offended by it.

          1. Anyone who’d be truly offended by it was never going to be our friend in the first place.


          2. Yep. Conversely, I not only laughed… if I’d been there I’d have taken a stack — to hand out to my friends!

    2. Some controversy. By the time I read about it this morning, the guy who wrote it and put out the fliers (posts as Captain Comic) said he’d done it, took credit, wasn’t threatening anybody, was trying to make a joke, gave his real name, and even described himself so people could find him at WorldCon.

      1. The joke wasn’t really all that funny. I’d have left it. What else was at the freebie table? You can sometimes bag some really good stuff there.

        1. Master of humor Jim Hines doesn’t think it’s funny. He’s on Twitter trying to make trouble for the guy. Keep in mind Hines has publicly admitted to being a racist, having mental health issues, hoping Bill Cosby is thrown in jail without due process, promoted fake rape stats and admitted he’s never seen racism in SFF. That hasn’t stopped him from obsessively spending years writing about systemic racism in SFF and lighting up every white male in America.

        2. See… “not funny” works fine. I can easily see people being all… that was rude. Or being all… huh, whut? Or rolling their eyes.

          What it wasn’t even remotely was the End Of The World.

    3. Thank you for the huge laugh to start my weekend!
      It looks like alot of those SJWs recently graduated from the Suey Park school of Satire Appreciation ( of#CancleCobret infamy).

      I have to admit that beating the shit out of SJWs with humor is unfair, they are unarmed after all.

  7. What, you’re unleashing Sarah, Amanda AND Kate on them?

    Dude, don’t you think that’s a little harsh? 😀

        1. Sarah’s Catholic, so she probably won’t go for being worshipped. I’ll have to see about the others. 🙂

      1. Don’t worry, social justice mental cases will call them triple tools of the Patriarchy, like they’ve been saying since the ’70s.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing the feminist champions opposed to Sad Puppies calling those three ladies every gendered insult under the sun, with utter lack of self-awareness.

      1. Nevertheless that is exactly what they’ll do. Under the rules of intersectionality, only a black gay woman is truly self-aware.

        1. Mr. May, your statement is completely unreasonable. It takes a black, gay, handicapped, foreign-national woman to be TRULY self-aware.

  8. Hopefully the Hugo voters will have read all the entries and they will vote for the ones they think are the most awesome.

    1. Sadly, quite a few have announced their intentions to No-Award all Puppies sight-unseen. Will be interesting to see if they could carry out that threat, or if the new Puppy, GG and Ilk voters will counter them.

    1. Google E-pluribus hugo. Short version on the noms: Everyone gets 1 point. Nominate 1 work it gets a whole point. Nominate 5 works they get 1/5th of a point. (Your point is evenly divided between the works you nominate and you still can’t ‘nominate a work twice’ so you can’t give 2/5ths of a point to something.)

      There’s a lot more to it (as in 76 pages worth) but I know I, at least am still parsing all that. I’m correlating and codifying some tests of just the 1 point/divided point results but life is pounding on me so the results are not likely to be available soon.

      1. So, in effect, the more works /catagories you want to vote for the less your vote counts for any of them?

        That’s assinine. Not to mention hard for it to be less democratic.

        1. But There’s a guy who has an algorithm that ‘proves’ it lets more people get stuff on the ballot… My hand and mental numbers disagreed that it would be a substantial improvement. So I’m de-scrambling my excel random number generator. When it’s done I’ll toss it up on line somewhere and post here.

        2. I think Wyrdbard’s explanation is a bit misleading. Instead of calculating the final scores based on the dividing-points system, they use instant runoff voting where the least popular nomination is eliminated each round* and the points are re-calculated. So if some of your nominees get eliminated, the amount of points you give to your remaining nominees gets higher in future rounds.

          It seems to make sense at first, and there’s not much advantage to focusing your vote on a smaller number of items, because your votes automatically get more focused as your less-popular nominees get eliminated. But there IS an advantage to not voting for a popular book if you’re pretty sure that it will get nominated anyway, which can lead to obvious bad results if everyone thinks that way. The way the instant-runoff system works also means that declining a nomination could affect the other nominees too (e.g. ABCDE get nominated, E declines; if lots of fans of E also liked F and G but not D then the final shortlist could become ABCFG, eliminating D).

          * Actually a bit more complicated than this – it finds the bottom two nominees and then eliminates the one with the lowest number of individual nominees (not points). Not quite sure why.

      2. So it rewards coordination between a group that is willing to focus votes for one item per category. Did Vox write that proposal for them? 😀

        1. Given that the explanation is 76 pages long, ‘m thinking that there’s probably a few other things in there (that likely aren’t any better) but so far, that seems to be the case. His answer for ’21 fans who vote for 1 work can push out a work on 100 ballots where those 100 ballots have 4 other works, each (not necessarily the same 4 other works), why are you punishing people who are widely read?” was ‘well the other 4 slots….’

          1. They tend to gloss over anything resembling fact. I had to laugh at “but doesn’t my one simulation prove it works?”

            Though “If you vote for it, next year we’ll really test it and then you can see what you voted for”… yeah.

        2. According to the sponsors (that very question came up this morning), no, not unless there actually are a whole lot of fans voting for that work over and above the slate-voters. At which point it’s into “must have earned it regardless” territory. They pointed out that they’re not against slates; rather, they’re against slates skewing the results without actually being the majority of votes for that work (like how 20 nominations can be enough to dominate minor categories).

          I was suspicious at the beginning, but from what I’m seeing now, I think EPH may well work out. However I’d sure like to see numbers, and realworld examples.

          Tho I’m not there to vote and probably never will be, and don’t honestly care who wins a tin rocket, so I’m not sure I really care beyond it being the usual pointless faanish mental exercise. 😉

        3. Larry, it’s probably meant to concentrate the power of a “No Award” slate vote over anything except an equally-concentrated slate. It definitely would let single-nomination slates beat out any actually considered votes based on ranked opinion.

      3. Remember that even if the rule passes this year, it won’t take effect unless it’s ratified next year in Kansas City.

        Speaking of, any word about the rule change to require a third ratification vote among all location voters before rule changes take effect?

  9. Sad Puppies Campaign, TL;DR version:
    Sad Puppies: We’re tired of the same old boring books winning, let’s do what they do and get some new books and authors nominated! Yay!

    WorldCon: Ahh! We’re under attack! Sad Puppies, the all-white, all-male, racist, sexist homophobic group of right-wingers (that also hate children and puppies) have used illegal tactics to ruin our club…er, the Hugo awards!

    Sad Puppies: Uhh, actually, we nominated non-white, non-male, non-bigoted, non-homophobe authors. In fact, we ARE non-white, non-male, non-bigoted and non-homophobic! We really just want the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre to thrive with interesting, fun-to-read books. We don’t necessarily care or know the politics or personal situations of the authors we’re nominating.

    Media EVERYWHERE: This just in: Sad Puppies, a bunch all-white, all-male, bigoted homophobes, have illegally submitted a roster of all-white, all-male bigoted homophobe authors and ruined the Hugo awards forever!!!


    Sad Puppies: Uh, this thing is run by a Portuguese guy, a Portuguese girl and a white guy that’s married to an African American. Why are you ignoring us?

    WorldCon: We have it on good authority that the all-white, all-male, bigoted homophobes that run Sad Puppies hate their wives and are only married to them to look good to the media. Oh, and they also hate sunshine, Karen Carpenter and kittens!

    Media EVERYWHERE: This just in: Sad Puppies, the all-white, all-male, bigoted homophobic group forcing their all-white, all-male, bigoted, homophobic, right-wing books on the entire planet also hate and plot to murder their wives! They’re also responsible for terrorism, global warming and the loss of Al Gore to Bush! Oh, and apparently they kill puppies and kittens in their free time!

    Sad Puppies: Whatever…

      1. Please do – some of it went missing somewhere…I’m sure you’ll have a good time filling in the missing bit 😉

        1. Care to provide a name for attribution or just “the guy who goes by ‘Dm’ over on Larry’s blog. 😉 “

    1. A hate movement embedded in the heart of a literary movement together with collusion to promote journalistic violation of ethics is news; there’s a lot of moral high ground there. That’s how gamergate is beating their opponents and sending Shanley Kane off Twitter and Brianna Wu on a Twitter leave of absence. They have neutral journalists on their side now by providing actual examples of ethics violations together with the ideology which drives those violations. Not having the stories you like honored because someone may be doing something or other behind the scenes not in evidence is not news. To the mainstream press, the difference between Charles Stross and Kevin Anderson is non-existent. No one cares if Sad Puppies are being labeled racist misogynists if you don’t explain why that is the case in the first place. Leaving out Pearl Harbor is a problem and SP is destined to lose this debate if that continues to be the case. This plays right into the hands of the social justice movement because their insane dogma is not even an issue. Notice how 770 never mentions SFF’s Pearl Harbor? There’s a reason for that.

    2. Since when are persons born in Portugal or of Portuguese descent not white? Since when is a white guy married to a black woman not a white guy anymore?

      1. Sure, just like George Zimmerman magically became a “white Hispanic” when the narrative required it to call him a racist. You show the same dishonesty.

  10. I move we vote to change the name of WorldCon to PrivilegeCon, cuz that’s a thing now. Who’ll second that?

    I move to pass E Plebneesta, because the Yangs are coming and we can’t have that. Who’ll second that baby?

    I move we pass a motion to change the name of the Hugo Award to the Noble Ladyland Award. Can someone please second that? Thank you.

    I move we have an opening ceremony where we dress up like apes and pray to a giant ICBM nuclear payload. Any takers there?

    I move we adopt diet-7up and Bacon Bits as the official mascots of PrivilegeCon and award BJ and the Bear as the greatest SFF TV show ever made in perpetuity.

    1. @ James—-E Plebneesta—LMAO
      James, some bad news coming our way in 2016
      I think there are early reviews for next years anti-puppy Hugo nominees: They might just sweep the fantasy/sci-fi next year:
      Al Gore’s Climate Change Dire Warning—serious sci-fi here. The world incinerates with the start of an SUV. All based on hard, undeniable science.
      The Clinton Foundation tax return—-although it is still being edited this is an epic fantasy with two real dinosaurs in it. A Cashandspendus Rex and a Flatulateasaurus. I didn’t think they could top “If You Were a Dinosaur My Love”
      Obamacare website—this one is a no brainer for best dramatic presentation short form.
      Entertainment Weekly—best fanzine
      Elmo Coloring Book—Best Graphic novel
      Iran No-Nuke-For-You-Deal—-novel—all 17,000 pages translated from Farsi. Evidently Iran has pinky sweared to Obama that they won’t build a nuke. It might even get a Nobel Peace In Our Time Prize.
      John Scalzi I’m told has an original novel about a this theme park with dinosaurs in it constructed from fossilized DNA. The dinosaurs escape and start eating the park visitors. I mean—this is never before thought of stuff here.
      They might just bust the boundaries off sci-fi and fantasy and blow the doors off of the competition.

    1. This is a confusing mass of gobbledy-gook as far as I can tell. It’s main thrust seems to be to weaken each ballot caster’s voice by splitting up his vote. It is unclear whether or not the vote splitting applies only within the nominating category or if it applies across all categories.

      I see much potential for behind-the scenes gameplaying, esp when the language giving the Committe the ability to “select” winners is considered.

    2. It is linked from there, to here:

      Interesting how three John Wright nominations calls for a “no more than two” change, and not how many years averaging 3+ Dr. Who nominations?

      Of the proposed changes to the system, best is probably Two-year eligibility (better chance to have a wider reading of the eligible field, particularly for people that don’t buy hardcovers/new releases very often but do read mass market PBs (or ebooks only after the price comes down). Second best is releasing anonymized vote data, so long as they scrub it clean, so at least people can reality test their vote theories.

    3. Dave’s Iron Rule of Policy: The more convoluted the wording is, the greater the chance the proposer is trying to put something over on someone.
      70-odd pages to vote on a book? Yeah, the fix is gonna be in.

  11. Let me mansplain it to you libs:
    That’s going to be your theme song. Get yourself a big box of kleenex and have yourself a good cry. When you’re done just remember that we weren’t organized in any sort of way. We did this with our eyes closed. There won’t be a next year for you so just curl up in the fetal position and suck on your thumb. You’ve been rejected. We don’t like your stories. Nothing personal about the stories or the writers, they just suck. We don’t like your attitudes. Again, there is nothing wrong with us, it is just you. You are lame. You are as useful as a football bat. You are an evolutionary dead end. You won’t be able to be a free ranging CHORF without competition, without questioning your deranged narrative, or without satire. Get used to it. We aren’t really puppies nor are we sad, this is called HUMOR. Try to figure out what that is. We are happy warriors and you are not, that is why your whiny little hissy fits didn’t work. You ruined the Hugos, not us, and we are here to set things right. We’ll be back next year no matter what rules you make with a lot more wrongfans who like wrongfun only next year I think you’ll miss us the way we were in 2014. We were actually playing nice this year. Back then you had a chance of making things right but instead you chose poorly and the next year you will need a lot more kleenex to sooth your butt hurt. You lost the day the nominations came through. Your little party and your little club (the Levee) was trampled and ruined and remain ruined so long as the Sad Puppy legions want to stick around. It is over for you. Just like the song says, when the levee breaks there is nothing else you can do.

    1. Oh WOW, I’m in Love! Smoking hot women with major talent have always flipped all my switches. THANK YOU.

  12. The Sad Puppies Playlist:


    “We’re Not Gonna Take It” -Twisted Sister

    “Brave” – Sarah Bareille

    “Roar” – Katy Perry

    “We Will Rock You” – Queen

    “I Don’t Care Anymore” – Phil Collins


    “Who Let the Dogs Out?” – The Vengaboys

    “Shut Your Mouth” – Garbage

    “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog” – Elvis Presley

    1. More Anti-Puppy playlist:
      “Who Will Stop the Rain?”—-CCR
      “@$#%& You”—Lilly Allen
      “CCCP National Anthem”—-Sergei Mikhailov and Alexander Alexandrov
      “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”—-PeeWee Herman
      “MacArthur Park”—–Donna Summer
      Sad Puppy:
      “Atomic Dog”—-George Clinton
      “We Are the Champions”—-Queen
      Rabid Puppies:
      “Bad Company”—Five Finger Death Punch (or Bad Company)
      “Seek and Destroy”—Metallica
      “Killing In The Name of”—Rage Against the Machine
      “Sunshine On My Shoulder”—-John Denver
      “Sesame Street”—-Bert and Ernie
      “What Does The Fox Say?”—-Ylvis

        1. What, no “March of Cambreadth?” 😛

          My version would likely skew more toward the Rabid side of things. A sample (condensed from one of my iPod playlists):

          AC/DC: “TNT,” “Dirty Deeds Done Cheap”
          Accept, “Hung, Drawn and Quartered”
          Alestorm, “Keelhauled”
          Amon Amarth, “War of the Gods”
          Black Sabbath, “Neon Knights”
          Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear The Reaper”
          Cruxshadows, “Citadel”
          Disturbed, “Ten Thousand Fists,” “Indestructible”
          Dropkick Murphys, “The Gauntlet”
          Drowning Pool, “One Finger And A Fist”
          Edguy, “Ministry of Saints”
          Godsmack, “Cryin’ Like A Bitch”
          Gregorian, “O Fortuna”
          Iron Maiden, “The Clansman,”
          Jackyl, “I Stand Alone”
          Jethro Tull, “Broadsword”
          John Cafferty/Beaver Brown Band, “Voice of America’s Sons”
          Johnny Cash, “The Man Comes Around”
          Led Zeppelin, “Immigrant Song”
          Megadeth, “Crush ‘Em”
          Metallica, “All Nightmare Long,” “Seek and Destroy”
          Motorhead, “Born to Raise Hell,” “Ace of Spades”
          Nightwish, “Last Ride Of The Day”
          Queensryche, “Queen of the Reich”
          Sabaton, “Carolus Rex”
          Sick Puppies, “You’re Going Down”
          Ted Nugent, “Stranglehold”
          Tesla, “Modern Day Cowboy”
          Toby Keith, “Beer For My Horses”
          Volbeat, “Doc Holliday”
          Within Temptation, “Faster”
          Xandria, “A Prophecy of Worlds To Fall”

          I almost expect some panicky SJWer to declare this playlist to be an implied death threat, given how they’re working themselves into a pearl-clutching, panty-soiling hysteria over the mere presence of the Puppies. Oh, well . . .

          1. I totally forgot “March of Cambreadth”.

            I’m sure including it would have been deemed a microagression.

          2. I had never heard of “March of Cambreadth”—-great song. The bagpipes rile me up and make me want to punt an SJW.
            I like your playlist Wes.

          3. Thanks. As I alluded to above, that’s a condensed version of an iPod playlist I put together a while back – about 250 songs – which I jokingly call “SHTF.” The sort of thing you’d play if you found yourself caught in a zombie apocalypse or a John Ringo novel or something. 😛

            It’s also great driving music; just the sort of thing to get my blood pumping on my morning commute. Better than coffee.

            A lot of folks tell me they find my eclectic mix of music disturbing: Country, Celtic, classic rock, several flavors of metal, goth/alternative, eighties, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

            At my former job I drove my coworkers crazy by putting the iPod and its 1600 songs on random play on the office stereo, which led to some hilarious conversations:

            –“Did your iPod just go from Waylon Jennings to some goth-metal cover of ‘Because the Night?'”

            –“Yes, it did. Domina Noctis, they’re pretty good.”

            –“And now it’s doing something angry and German-”

            –“That would be Blutengel’s ‘Reich mir die Hand.'”

            –“Uh, okay . . .”

          4. “A Prophecy of Worlds to Fall” is one of the greatest songs ever. And I love the Domina Noctis cover of “Because the Night”! (I recognized the description instantly before I even saw the band name.) I didn’t know anyone else knew about those 🙂 Oh, and if you haven’t heard Xandria’s cover of “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”, make sure you check it out. It’s brilliant.

            *music geek-out over; returns to shy but loyal lurker mode*

          5. Will do, Kyra. I’m also partial to Domina Noctis’ “The Illusionist,” which I’ve got on another playlist. And speaking of Xandria, I’ve also got their “Forevermore” (which, like “Prophecy,” is off the excellent Neverworld’s End album), “Betrayer” and “Nightfall” off Sacrificium, and (although it’s a bit SJW-ish, in a Renaissance-Faire sort of way), “Sisters of the Night.”

          6. For a gang of tough talking feminazis they sure act like a bunch of fainting daisies when the Puppies show up.

    1. Well, since GRRM is apparently blocking on GOT’s finish he better be nice to other editors to sell his next series…

      1. Best guess is that he’s already set for life. When you have so much money that you actually buy your favorite movie theater, you probably don’t need to keep working.

  13. I don’t think the clique sorts have realized that no matter how much noise they make they really can’t win.
    I mean really sad puppies are in a win/win situation. Either we get some of the people a vast majority of readers actually like awards- a win. We do that and they change the goal posts- win for us whether people we like get awards or not since the clique, sjw sorts show their true colors in public. Even if people we like don’t get an award we still win, because we have brought greater diversity to the system.

    I also agree with the comments about if they do make the rules more complicated, that won’t stop us, seriously we have a large number of people who will figure them out and work with them to the horror of those hoping it would stop outsiders from taking part in the voting.

    1. We’re gamers, scientists, programmers, IT, program testers, analysts, accountants and auditors.

      What makes them think such people are stoppable? *cackle*

      1. ‘Stop’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.

        Well, we *do* pause for work, family, and to read more good books…

  14. GRRM will probably be the Big Dog in the room on Sunday, and he’s opposed to any of the crazy rules changes (I’m not sure about two-year eligibility–that one actually has some merit to it.). I think most people will follow his lead. He knows the history of the Hugos going back decades, because he was there for it all. He has a lot of respect from the fans. Also, any rules changes have to be approved for two years in a row, which means nothing being proposed this year is final. It’ll all be revoted on next year.

    1. GRRM may hate us but I think he has been pretty level headed. He was the only voice I heard from the left that encouraged people to vote on what was nominated and has loudly called against the No-Award-4 U crybabies. You can’t expect him to chuck his life long liberal beliefs and throw in with us. He has Hollywood breathing down his neck and many of his own have cracked down on him because “shocker” he has a lot of rape in his stories. They were silent for seasons of Game of Thrones and then Sansa gets raped by Ramsey and they turn on him. Going against crazy rule changes has not won him any friends. In his own liberal way, trying to “reach out” to Larry lost him a lot of street cred with his own crowd. He just doesn’t see the blatant bias leveled against us. Those are some industrial strength blinders there.

      1. I don’t think he’s lost any “street cred” at all. WorldCon is mostly SF/F fans who are readers. They know the difference between the show and the books. And I don’t see Hollywood breathing down his neck, either. The last I heard, he had one or two new TV projects in development.

    2. “GRRM will probably be the Big Dog in the room on Sunday, and he’s opposed to any of the crazy rules changes ..” Good point.

  15. And so Larry has it exactly wrong. It is the Sad/Rabid Pups who suggest the real fans are voting wrong, reading wrong and having wrong fun. So as Larry admitted, he freeped the awards for spite.

    When he says the EPH or any of the proposals is designed to keep out fans, he is just not being truthful. It makes about as much sense as his conspiracy theories of passing awards back and forth. EPH would encourage everyone to have an impact. It’s just that the it would not give undue influence to slates.

    It’s not that Larry thinks he and his sad/rabid friends should have an equal voice. He wants to:

    1. disrupt the proceedings out of spite.

    2. have a voice in greater proportion to the rather small actual numbers of the sad/rabid pups.

    It is complicated. But then for every problem there is a solution that is both simple and wrong. That he brings up Obamacare to strum the tea party malcontents shows that this is about politics. Sad/Rabids are Tea Puppies motivated by politics, not real fans engaged in a SFF discussion.

    No wonder people didn’t want him around.

    1. Do you really believe that we can’t see that you’re lying through your teeth? Every word you said is a lie, including “the” and “a.”

      1. Let me just say that I don’t intend to change minds. Just tell the truth. There is no attempt to keep the puppies out. Larry is simply afraid that freeping may not be as effective after EPH. If sads/rabids influence is in proportion to their tiny numbers, then they will cease to be interested. How long will they fork out $40 at the request of Vox Day?

        I suggest that those not engaged in nose to tail follow the leader, watch the World Com business proceedings. It is quite fun. And it is nice to see people acting rationally and cordially. I don’t see a lot of pups.

        I am watching now. I just saw the passing of a resolution to allow worldcom to release the nominating data. Obviously, this is to shed light on the various nominating proposals.

        Go to youtube and google and search on WorldCon Events. Enjoy the show. And remember – however it come out – that’s the ruling of the fans that voted. It doesn’t matter if they are real fans or puppy fans.

        1. I love how you insult us while pretending to be reasonable. I wonder why you’re so unpopular around here?

          1. Every man puts on his own shoes. If you are offended it is because you choose to be. Rather… you could just watch the proceedings. They are discussing the 4/6 proposal now. And there is still no one trying to keep the puppies out. On the contrary.

          2. I find him amusing, because he presents the kind of stupidity that Larry made Sad Puppies for.

            And the best part is, the more he keeps talking, the more of an example he makes of himself.

            The only thing is he doesn’t seem to realize he’s presenting himself as a shining, sterling, perfect example of WHY there’s a huge fucking backlash against the perpetually offended in lots of genres, not just books.

            So yes, I have no interest in driving him away. Please! By all means, let the man speak, so that we may know his thoughts and mind.

            *soft chuckle*

          3. E plebneesta is a side issue which bores me. It is nothing more than a transparent attempt to get the White Privilege Conference back on track.

        2. You couldn’t tell the truth if your life depended on it. And since we’re the ones inviting more people in, it will suck to be you.

        3. Even MORE poutrage! You are like a Sarkeesian pinata. You can smash it all day long with the stick of truth, yet nothing but sour falsehoods and sickly sweet Feminisms pour out.

        4. ” How long will they fork out $40 at the request of Vox Day?”

          As long as he tells them to do so. The Supreme Dark Lord does not “request”. He informs.

        5. Well, you’re in luck. You’re not changing any minds; at most, you’re convincing some who may have been on the fence that your side is the wrong side. As to telling the truth, your side consistently denies that objective truth exists. That makes your claim just another attempt to force your “narrative” to be accepted as somehow true.

        6. Early release of data violates the WSFS constitution (see the AFTER part):

          3.11.4: The complete numerical vote totals, including all preliminary tallies for first, second, … places, shall be made public by the Worldcon Committee within ninety (90) days after the Worldcon. During the same period the nomination voting totals shall also be published, including in each category the vote counts for at least the fifteen highest vote-getters and any other candidate receiving a number of votes equal to at least five percent (5%) of the nomination ballots cast in that category, but not including any candidate receiving fewer than five votes.

          1. No it doesn’t. As soon as possible after the vote is within 90 days after World Con. What are your concerns about releasing data?

          2. The Sunday business meeting is still to vote upon several amendments that directly affect tallying methods for noms. I think all business should be concluded before the release of any kind of data. Else, it can plausibly be called shenanigans.

            I answered. Now it’s your turn.

            Why the mad rush to get the “anonymized” data before the end of the Sunday business meeting?

            Kevin’s done a great job so far, other than his ramming through an odd interpretation of that last clause to mean “you can add these if you want”. I liked his 3-2-1 proposal. But SMOF’s gonna SMOF.

        7. How long will they fork out $40 at the request of Vox Day?

          Child, forty dollars is an hour and a half’s net pay from my day job. I can easily out-bid Kowal if I so choose. You need to get back in your bassinet, lest you attract the attention of the big dogs.

        8. The results directly contradict your statement. Keeping the puppies out was rather obviously the first, last, and only concern.
          But thanks for playing.

    2. Odin’s One Eye! but that was dumb.

      I was going to write up some items to demolish this pathetic excuse for a post, but why bother? All it really deserves is this:

      You, SJWNumbers, are a filthy liar.

        1. 1. Those are not exclusive sets.
          2. If he’s actually as dumb as he looks, would he be able to work a computer?

    3. He’s just a minor diversion until Clamps shows up with a swarm of new IDs to spam our blogs with incoherent hate tomorrow.

    4. Oh, thank God Social Justice Wanker 90210 is here to explain how we are STILL having the wrong kind of fun, being all the wrong kind of fans! Your Poutrage is always entertaining. Any chance you maybe caught Donald Trump’s speech from Alabama tonight? Now THAT would be priceless.

    5. Again, you just can’t get past the whole bit where you’re the arbiter of who is and isn’t a real fan.

    6. I enjoy these updates from Bizzaro world, where Superman is the bad guy and blah blah stuff stuff stuff.

  16. Larry said:

    “Personally, I was too busy yesterday to pay much attention. But don’t worry, from what I heard it was all the same old narrative.”

    Wow. Watching on youtube. Kevin Standlee stepped out of the chair to speak in favor of his 3-2-1 proposal. He gave an impassioned plea for the proposal.

    With fans citing puppy shenanigans, the proposal went down in flames. You guys sure know how to an impression.

    Again – don’t see many pups. One of the posters at File 770 said he has only been able to find one.

      1. That seems to be why some want to delay the vote. The overall impression of the fans is that the nominations are subpar. As one fan said on the goodreads board when the nominations came out – “I threw up in my mouth”.

        The point of EPH is that fandom is diverse and that is a feature and not a bug. When slate voting is introduced, one can get results like this year because a few leaders concentrate the vote. EPH would allow the slate voter participation in a method where the two botton works are compared and one is eliminated. Then repeat. However for you slate voters, you don’t loose your vote just because one of your slate got eliminated. That point is distributed to your other selections proportionately and now they have more points than before. However, the same is true of the other diverse fans. There points are also redistributed as one of their selections get eliminated. The aim is that if pups represent 20% of the voting population they can win a slot – but not 5 slots.

        The 6/4 has a similar aim and is easier for the average Joe to understand so that might get the nod.

        1. The way I am reading what you say is that instead of having a lot fans excited about the quality of work, enough that they would shed $40 and vote, we need to make sure every nomination gets a chance in some sort of equal opportunity – everybody gets a trophy for showing up kind of process.

        2. You realize that people have different ideas of taste, right? You may like message SciFi. That’s perfectly fine. The average Worldcon voter 4 years ago probably liked message fiction. But the Hugos are supposed to represent SciFi as a whole, and we’re trying to prove the average READER thinks message fiction is dull and more than a little annoying.

          So keep on believing that your tiny clique is the only group with rightthink. I happen to think the nominations are better than they’ve been in a long time.

          1. Nope. The Hugos represent the members of World Con. Now you have a puppy slate. John Wright is on it about what – 6 times? So if that is your idea of good taste, cool. Enough John Wright fans purchase World Con memberships and that it will represent that taste and it should.

            If you want a broader based award try the Goodread’s Reader Choice Awards. There you will find people you dislike doing very well. You could slate that award as well and have very little impact because it is a very broad based award with more then 3M votes. Larry will argue that they are “wrong fans” and they don’t count because they don’t have to pay. But that is just rationalization.

            Fact is those wrong fans think “The Martian” was the best of the SF bunch. Lots of pups think that. Lots of non pups think that. And it might have won a hugo if it was eligible. After “The Martian” the Goodreads fans picksed Scalzi’s “Lock In”. Excellent book. But puppies really dislike Scalzi so that would not be on your slate. It’s not dull and boring.

            On the other hand you say… “we’re trying to prove the average READER thinks message fiction is dull and more than a little annoying.” Larry writes message fiction. If you don’t think “Owen Zastava Pitt” has a point of view, you are not paying attention. You just think the Worldcon Fans are “Wrong Fans” reading “wrong books” and making “wrong votes”.

            And you conclude “So keep on believing that your tiny clique is the only group with rightthink” to which I answer – “Right back at you”.

            Now we wait for the voters. And whoever wins… wins. Yes?

          2. You really push Goodreads, don’t you? Do you own the site, perhaps? You must know, no one in the SF community really cares about Goodreads. They can choose anything they want, it doesn’t matter to us. I know, having no one care about your favorite organization is a bit of a butt hurt for you, but there it is.

          3. It’s a fan award. More than 3M votes. That’s the relevant part. I suppose with more votes than the Hugos by a factor, some cares, yes?

            Doug your problem is you have constructed your own reality and don’t live in the real world. I can’t fix that for you.

          4. Oh son, if you think you likve in the real world I have something horrible to tell you…

          5. It’s clever how you say the Goodreads awards have 3 million votes (presumably that’s in the final of the three voting rounds), rather than 3 million voters. Since all registered Goodreads members are eligible voters, and registering to vote requires little more than an email address, freeping – a word you use an awful lot – the awards would be trivial. Especially in the smaller categories like science fiction, which only had ~150,000 votes cast. Granted, that is a couple of orders of magnitude more than the Hugos, but we can’t be sure how many unique voters there are or how committed to science fiction they are.

        3. You realize that EPH rewards focused campaigns dedicated to single works. It’s virtually designed to reward personality cults and campaigning over the preferences of people who are widely entertained by the genre.

          1. No. I am saying that freeping is a strong way of getting things on the ballot when there is a very diverse fandom. Therefore, you end up with what we ended up with here. That’s why there is an extra day at World Com to discuss what to do about freeping. The Real Fans have voted. We will see what they do with your freeped nominations. And what the voters decide is OK, yes?

          2. Yeah, that “following the rules” really bites you when the wrong works and people do better than your chosen winners, doesn’t it?

          3. Sunday is all about following the rules. Real fans will be at Worldcon following the rules. I am happy whatever they decide.

          4. I recommend looking up the term “unperson” and comparing it to the desire you seem to have to declare people who disagree with you to be “not real fans”.

    1. Certainly a Gender studies major such as yourself can quote better sources than Vile 770. Might I suggest Mother Jones, or perhaps Feminist Frequency?

          1. Wow – that was Hugo related? You guys really are racist aren’t you? You really are. But even so – if the vote goes your way tonight, good for you. The fans have spoken and racist fans get their opinions heard too.

          2. “You guys really are racist aren’t you?”

            Of course. We’re white cis straight males (even if we’re not). We’re racist by definition. We don’t care.

          3. Remember:

            Racist: “Everybody, no matter their heritage, feature shape, and melanin content has the same potential and is capable of meeting the same standards and thus should be held to the same standards.”

            Not-racist: “People of color are incapable of meeting the same standards as ‘white people’ and, thus, need extra help from Liberals in order to succeed.”

          4. Racist? What an odd way of describing an interest in contests measuring time and/or distance.

            Or wait, are you talking about that nonsensical pre-scientific taxonomy that replaced dividing people into different ‘races’ based upon nationality or region and instead divided people by skin color?

            We’re science fiction fans you stupid gsw, we’ve spent our lives imagining civilizations built by conglomerations of diverse alien lifeforms! Something as inconsequential as skin color is meaningless.

            The only racist here is you. Why don’t you grow up and join the rest of us here in the 21st freaking century?

  17. I’m not sure why these people keep up with their lying and having the HuffPo, Guardian and Atlantic allow them to lie without editorial oversight. The same day Noah Berlatsky talked about the “acclaimed” N. K. Jemisin she was on Twitter begging for reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. That’s going to happen when you call your own fans “racist as fuck.” Rose Namajunas, a mixed martial arts fighter in the UFC’s 115 lb. straw weight division has 5 times as many Twitter followers as Jemisin and she’s not even a contender.

    The pathological teller of falsehoods Damien Walter has watched his Twitter followers stagnate at 5,000 for a year while Milo’s has soared from 30,000 to over 60. Truth sells. Walter had his chance to do that and instead chose to violate journalistic ethics by telling straight up falsehoods about the exclusion of non-whites and women in SFF that never happened. There has hardly been a single article in the mainstream press that has not flogged that lie. Of course that lie is the core argument for the affirmative action movement in SFF that is as loud to each other as it claims to not even exist when mentioned by outsiders.

    In a country with 80 million more people and with the entire core SFF community flogging her novel, Ann Leckie has struggled to sell a small fraction of what Heinlein did with Friday back in the ’80s. Tor dot com may have bloggers rather than journalists but that does not mean one has a free pass to lie and engage in racial defamation and incitement to hate men. The sooner the wheels fall off of this creepy feminist cult the better, and it’s only a matter of time before Milo or some other member of the mainstream press starts looking into this and finds the remarkable amount of hate speech put out by these people, many of whom are genuinely mentally ill.

    1. “I’m not sure why these people keep up with their lying and having the HuffPo, Guardian and Atlantic allow them to lie without editorial oversight. ”

      Mostly because it’s been cost free so far. None of their media outlets wants to be anything but an echo chamber, so it’s not like they’re losing readers or advertisers. As for liars like SJW####, they figure that a) they can’t be traced and b) they’re broke enough to be judgement proof even if someone bothered to track them down and sue them.

    2. “I’m not sure why these people keep up with their lying and having the HuffPo, Guardian and Atlantic allow them to lie without editorial oversight.”

      Isn’t that a self-answering question?

  18. I am aware it has been repeated about a million times, but now when the time is near one can again have a look at what the Puppies is really all about, according to the tabloids:

    The Puppies are mostly a club consisting of white males who prefer juvenile books that are nothing more than simple mindless fun. Like much of what was written in the golden age of the pulp magazines, or classics written by white male authors, usually filled with sexism and racism. Which is a reflection of the writers and the stories the puppies prefer.

    They don’t realize the reason why they don’t win or even becomes nominated is because their stories are just not good enough. Instead of facing the uncomfortable truth they are doing the blame game, accusing the system for being biased, preferring writers and stories who use speculative fiction as a megaphone to preach about the most important topics out there; race, orientation, gender and gender identity, and what can be done to tear down these artificial boundaries which separates humanity. None of which is even remotely correct.

    This is of course just an excuse for the Puppies’ true agenda. What it is really about is partly to mold the genre into their own image, preferring “Hardy Boys in space” rather than important and experimental stories that challenge you as a reader, and partly to make the genre an exclusive club again, because non-whites and females were as a general rule left out in the cold in the old days, and to prevent non-whites, gays and women from winning future awards that were meant for boys only.

    Not to forget, some of the nominees are well known women hating and homophobic racists and are in no way worthy the prize. Letting them win would corrupt the awards.


    Described that way, it is no wonder outsiders considers Puppies to fight for a ridiculous cause. But the media in the form of tabloids are interested in readers, and misinformation sells better than truth. How many major newspapers or radio stations have interviewed “the enemy” to clarify what it is really all about?

    1. If we limit this to just mainstream media, we can clearly see what has happened in SFF is exactly the same thing which has happened in video gaming and gamergate. Although Larry was defamed in the Guardian and Entertainment Weekly, it was not because of him being LC, but because of what LC calls “straw man Larry.” But what straw man Larry really is is a straight white man. The reason the Hugo nominated Foz Meadows had her article in the HuffPo retracted is because she went after Clarke, Asimov and Heinlein as 3 straight white men. Virtually every single instance of journalistic lapses of ethics regarding Sad Puppies actually pre-dates SP and all those lapses revolve around the mass defamation and negative stereotyping of straight white men according to strict gay feminist third wave principles about rape culture, misogyny, the Patriarchy, the Bechdel Test, the white male gaze and the endemic homophobia of heterosexuals.

      This has absolutely nothing to do with Marxists, liberals, leftists or Alinskyites who want to put us in death gulags. No factual case can be made for that because the data does not exist. What one can make a case for in thousands of quotes is a racist cult of female supremacy that has done a stunning job of selling its hate, paranoia and mental illness as social justice.

      1. It’s about defining an enemy, no matter how, to justify themselves and others for doing what they do. Which is why certain information is held back by the politically correct (or extreme) core, like quotes from female writers they don’t want to hear, the fact that one has a non-caucasian wife and another a Chinese adopted daughter could make them look less unsympathetic.

        A little weird that Clarke was mentioned, since at least Michael Moorcock claims he was gay.

        (Other words used; neo nazis, extremists, bigots, and apparently also wifebeaters.)

    2. It should be interesting to see the other side tie themselves in knots over the female-led Sad Puppies 4. How are we going to be “suppressing women” next year?

      1. I have no idea what SP4 is going to look like, but my guess is that it’ll look a lot different from SP3. George R R Martin has asked for information on how to be a part of the process. My best guess is that SP4 will be “infiltrated” by a large number of people who usually participate in the Hugo nominations process anyway, and SP4 will end up being a sort of pre-nomination nomination. I could be totally wrong, of course, but that’s how I see next year playing out, regardless of what happens tonight.

      2. Don’t hold your breath. I don’t think Kate “We are all Vox Day” Paulk and her goofy conspiracy theories are going to get her a lot of credit for her gender. Says Kate:

        “Because we are all Vox Day. Or Larry Correia. Or Brad Torgerson. Or anyone else who dares to disagree with the opinions of the would-be power-brokers. If we are not, then Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, Freedom is Slavery, and two plus two equals five.”

        Good luck Kate.

        1. Get a telescope. Point it straight up. Look through it. See that tiny speck zooming past? That’s Kate’s point going right over your head.

          Do you have to work to be this dumb, or do you live in an oxygen deficient environment?

          1. OK Jeff – I will see if I can rent one from the “would be power brokers” of SFF. Now if I can just hold it still while LMFAO.

          2. No need to rent one, just use the one you already have. I would recommend cleaning the navel lint off the objective lens first.

        2. So… Kate doesn’t represent her gender. Bravo! You’ve begun already. Of course Kate doesn’t represent her farking gender you ass. She’s not a farking VAGINA you idiot. OMG I’ve got a uterus hear me roar… also I am oppressed and need someone to help me be strong and actualized because patriarchy and my hoo-ha drips glitter in the sunshine.

          Just get it over with. All three of them are white men and also Mormons.

      3. Either that, or one will observe how they try to come up with other elements to complain about and give these more attention. For instance stories about western societies not having enough minorities and being too monocultural despite taking place hundreds of years ago, stories being too much “fun” without dealing with serious issues, lack of diversity in general and whatever they choose to point out as wrong.

        But seeing how they will reply to female voices amongst the puppies will either way be interesting considering how they have spent the last months repeatedly throwing out accusations about misogyny and sexism.

  19. In other news, it appears Milo has chased the insanely anti-male, anti-white, anti-heterosexual Shanley Kane completely off of Twitter. She has closed her account. Hopefully SFF’s other Kane – Cecily – will do the same, since she does exactly what Shanley does: hate Tweet about men and whites every single day.

    1. Well there’s some pleasant news to start the day off.

      Did she really think she’d be able to shame Milo into doing anything?

  20. The first “tell” in terms of who some of the new WorldCon members might be: Helsinki won the 2017 WorldCon site with an absolute majority of votes on the first round. So I think the folks who thought that no one would register just to vote for the 2017 site were probably wrong.

    1. Interesting observation.

      The announcement is 8 Pacific and 10 Central and will streamed by Worldcon. We will know in 6 hours.

    2. I’m guessing Helsinki has the good drugs?

      Note that Washington State’s drug laws played a role in Spokane getting chosen over Orlando (!) as host site. People were complaining about smoke at the site all weekend for good reason.

  21. I was hoping the next offshore WorldCon could be in Gaza or Lagos, because of all the marginalized SFF fans and their lived experience. Guests of Honor could be Rose Fox, Nicola Griffith and Kameron Hurley and they could all fist bump in genderqueer solidarity and have a parade.

  22. LInda Nagata is at Charles Stross’s snout-blog writing about how her career as an SFF author may have been submarined by the bias of men. Keep this in mind: I could produce 500 quotes from this cult recommending books only because they are by women. I have never seen someone recommend a book because it is by a man. In other words the bias has operated in precisely the opposite direction, but what’s logic when you can just blame all your shortcomings on all men on Earth? Affirmative action only goes so far. If the work’s not there you’re out of luck.

  23. You know, I think I’m gonna do the most appropriate thing possible tonight. I’m gonna write some scifi. And it’s not going to have an oppressed alien ethnic minority valiantly fighting against corrupt human evil imperialist polar bear slaughtering uber-rich caricatures of George Bush.

    Nah, I’m thinking something more fun. The next outline in my queue is an AI vs AI comedy involving the digital equivalent of a 6th grader annoying the hell out of two much more powerful alien AIs. Slapstick humor and shenanigans will abound.

    1. “You know, I think I’m gonna do the most appropriate thing possible tonight. I’m gonna write some scifi.”

      I want to up vote this several times.

  24. Mike Glyer on August 22, 2015 at 4:30 pm said:
    Morris Keesan: When Scalzi sat down at the table beside me at our 3 pm panel (w/ Mixon and Flint) he showed that CABAL badge. THEN he pulled out one of those File 770 hive buttons that were given the other night at the meetup and pinned it on his lanyard too. That was three kinds of hysterical.
    So’s Hoot Gibson records, Shoo Fly Pie and corn plasters.

  25. They started out the awards ceremony by attempting to make nice to Mr. Silverberg and Mr. Resnick, after all the crap they got from the crazier members of SFWA. Torn between considering this a move towards sanity and civility, and from considering it sheer hypocrisy.

    The First Fandom Awards were to suitable persons, but Julian May and Margaret Brundage would both cause a lot of pearl-clutching today.

  26. Whoa. I was just going through LAST year’s Hugos packet, and it looks like I got ALL of The Grimnoir Chronicles in there. Thank you, Larry!

    1. Larry is a class act and Grimnoir are awesome in a “OMG what was that! Where do I get more?” sort of way.

    1. David – please. The fans voted. And celebrate….

      Guardians of the Galaxy was on the slate. You won.

      It was a heart warming night with a lot of nice sentiments about the world community and diversity.

      And your Brother in Arms (VD) voted for the Three Body Problem. Victory for the Pups…

      1. A work that was only on the ballot because your brothers in arms forced a finalist to pull his work from consideration because VD approved of it. Or was it because the CHORFs feared that a No Award in the flagship category would cause too much backlash so they needed an anti-Puppy work on the ballot?

      2. “World community” and “diversity” has that beer-garden Orwellian ring to it common to all hate groups.

    2. How do you spell Victory?

      Celebrate your anti-Jew, anti-Female hatred.

      Oh, and the ISIS propaganda rag.

      1. They voted down the most successful female editor in si-if today. Any credibility they have to call US sexist is gone. Gone forever.

  27. They chose to give no award rather than honor the most sucessful female editor in the industry. Congratulations Hugo’s. You just voted yourself into the dustbin of history. Burn it down.

    1. As I’ve said from the beginning. The Hugos are irrelevant and irredemable. They don’t need to be destroyed; they’ve suicided.

  28. It was a very entertaining Hugo Award Presentation. I hope everyone got to watch. Wesley Chu was incredibly funny as were a number of others. Chu announced he is running for President as a Republican.

    I pulled the award winners list from the Tor site so everyone will be updated. This year the battles have been waged, opinions expressed, passions aroused and in the end the fans expressed their wisdom. No wrong fans. No wrong votes. Here is their judgement.

    BEST NOVEL (1827 ballots)
    • Winner: The Three Body Problem, Cixin Liu, Ken Liu translator (Tor Books)
    BEST NOVELLA (1083 ballots)
    • No award
    BEST NOVELETTE (1031 ballots)
    • Winner: “The Day The World Turned Upside Down” by Thomas Olde Heuvelt (Lightspeed Magazine, April 2014)
    SHORT STORY (1174 ballots)
    • No award
    BEST RELATED WORK (1150 ballots)
    • No award
    BEST GRAPHIC STORY (785 ballots)
    • Winner: Ms. Marvel Vol 1: No Normal written by G. Willow Wilson, illustrated by Adrian Alphona and Jake Wyatt, (Marvel Comics)
    • Winner: Guardians of the Galaxy written by James Gunn and Nicole Perlman, directed by James Gunn (Marvel Studios, Moving Picture Company)
    • Winner: Orphan Black: “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”written by Graham Manson, directed by John Fawcett (Temple Street Productions, Space/BBC America)
    BEST EDITOR (SHORT FORM) (870 ballots)
    • No award
    BEST EDITOR (LONG FORM) (712 ballots)
    • No award
    • Winner: Julie Dillon
    BEST SEMIPROZINE (660 ballots)
    • Winner: Lightspeed Magazine, edited by John Joseph Adams, Stefan Rudnicki, Rich Horton, Wendy N. Wagner, and Christie Yant
    BEST FANZINE (576 ballots)
    • Winner: Journey Planet edited by James Bacon, Chris Garcia, Alissa McKersie, Colin Harris and Helen Montgomery
    BEST FANCAST (668 ballots)
    • Winner: Galactic Suburbia Podcast Alisa Krasnostein, Alexandra Pierce, Tansy Rayner Roberts (Presenters) and Andrew Finch (Producer)
    BEST FAN WRITER (777 ballots)
    • Winner: Laura J. Mixon
    BEST FAN ARTIST (296 ballots)
    • Winner: Elizabeth Leggett
    Award for the best new professional science fiction or fantasy writer of 2013 or 2014, sponsored by Dell Magazines (not a Hugo Award).
    • Winner: Wesley Chu *

    1. Only in your deluded cult is race and sex hatred mainstreamed as “diversity” for the “marginalized” considered “wisdom.” “Chump” is a better word.

    2. So I have to wonder what was wrong with ALL the Best Editor nominees that the ENTIRE category got No Awarded? That, more than any of the others, was pure spite.

      On the other hand, Guardians was a Puppy nominee that won, so we have that. 🙂

    3. So, two Asians were allowed a seat at the table this year along with all the other lily-white leftists. Diversity!

  29. I have little doubt that the people that voted No Award did so at the suggestion of personalities stronger then their own and not because the works/persons did not deserve an award.

  30. 5,950 voters, most categories getting over 5,000 votes (see PDF here). Record turnouts, nearly double last year’s record turnouts.

    Puppy nominations running from a high of 874 (Kary English) to ~ 500. For the math-impaired, that’s 15% or less of the vote. At what point do y’all consider that maybe you’re not winning awards because your stuff isn’t as popular as you think it is?

      1. What makes you think he was “manipulated,” James, as opposed to being an enthusiastic hater in his own right? Ideoligical blinkering only counts for so much . . .

    1. Sorry, a 1700-3000 voting bloc that voted No Award over Jim Butcher is an argument that the tastes of the convention fans aren’t the same as the book buying public.

      But I thought you hated voting blocs.

    2. I saw an electorate that gave out more fan awards than literary awards. I saw a presentation committee that was more concerned about pegging this as the year of the asterisk than preserving the integrity of the awards, cheapening the few Hugos they deigned to give out this year. I saw “We had to burn the village to save it.” And I saw 1700-3000 people vote a slate. @Nero should have been playing a fiddle through the ceremony.

      1. Well, SP1 and SP2 proved Larry Correia right; SP3 proved Vox Day right.

        Congratulations, SJWers! You’ve proven once and for all that you’ll stop at nothing to keep the Hugos what they are: Not an award for fan support or excellence in SF/F, but a participation trophy for those who know the right people and have the right attitudes and kiss the right asses. Each of the morons cheering every announcement of “No Award” like a pack of hooting apes just drove another nail into the Hugo’s coffin.

        Tentative motto for SP4: “Bring more Puppies.” (And I’ll bet most of ’em will be of the Rabid persuasion.)

        1. Ah… it was the fans that voted. Didn’t your pack leader tell you in one of his post that winning is winning?

          1. SJW1138, what’s it like to be an adult in 21st century America, support a thing that operates like a KKK and not be aware of it?

          2. Hey I see you now approve of slate voting. Or did you thing voting “no award” was anything but slate voting?

    3. There were more Puppy voters this year, than total voters in most prior years. You have roughly double that in CHORFs willing to blow up their own award rather that let worthy people with the wrong politics win, you were stupid enough to do it in public and gloat about it, while a female editor got the most votes in editor history and lost to No Award so you can call it an award against sexism, and Vox Day’s pick won best novel…

      At what point to you consider that you really aren’t as smart as you think you are?

      1. They claim to not approve of slate voting but then turn around and vote “No Award”. Clearly they are not at all self aware.

    4. So you are saying that you approve of slate voting after screaming about how evil it is all this time? Or did you think voting “No Award” was anything but slate voting?

    5. At what point do you realize Puppy votes were split across multiple candidates and consider you’re just not very good at math?

      You Puppy Kickers got somewhere between 51-60% of the vote. All you had to do was lie, slander, libel, buy voting memberships for others, bloc vote, and then torch your own awards. Congrats!

      Now, about next year…

  31. I was at a couple of the room parties in the Historic Davenport (IE, “Open Party Ghetto”) tonight that were watching the stream of the Hugos, and it was rather saddening to hear the amount of cheering for the “No Award” results – not a single person I heard was celebrating getting their favourite work recognised, or even just defeating another work they disliked… it was pretty much “yes, we stopped the puppies by any means necessary!”

    something something burning down the village to save it something

    Also, the Strawman Larry and Baying Puppies ribbons were on one of the freebie tables yesterday and today all day. (Think I saw them there on Thursday, as well.)

    1. Seems like they want to keep it for themselves, and “outsiders” (of the kind that once made the genre into what it is) are not welcomed. So much for being including and celebrating diversity:

      “Con-going fandom is an insular, protective world. (The habit of calling non-fans “mundanes” goes back many decades, and carries the same sort of pitying dismissal as the word “Muggles” in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels.) And many con-goers feel like outsiders have invaded their refuge to push a narrow political agenda.”

      After all this time, they are still singing the same old song that the Puppy movement is about narrowing and restraining the genre, which have become so liberated and free these days.

  32. If you want to know what grown adults duped by sociopathic mentally ill feminists looks like, I give you WorldCon 2015; same as last year.

  33. SP kept about 30-35 man-hating anti-white racists or those dupes which support that con game off the ballot entirely. They’ll never get that year back. That in itself is a win.

  34. Damien Walter retweeted
    Nalo Hopkinson ‏@Nalo_Hopkinson Aug 21
    White Sci-Fi authors fight diversity in #HugoAwards @tjenningsbrown @vocativ

    Typical lie and yet more hate speech from one of the anti-white gay feminists at the bottom of this whole movement. She’s a Guest of Honor at Helsinki. What a disgrace.

    We’re not against diversity; we’re against the sociopathic lies you tell to push that affirmative action con game.

  35. First time Hugo voter. Did not nominate anyone.

    What the Hugo voting showed is that 4,500 voters out of a legion of SF readers decided to vote lockstep to no award anything nominated by people they dislike who voted in lockstep during nominations.

    The irony is hilarious! SJWs voted a slate to protest slate nominees! And then they pat themselves on the back for being “open-minded!” Awesome!

    Worldcon is a tiny, tiny con with a small number of voters. For the Hugos to regain any real meaning as a “fan award” the voting should be moved to a much bigger con – DragonCon or Comicon would do.

    I read everything. I “no awarded” several winners this year because I did not like the work. I guess that puts me ahead of the “slate voters” (both Puppies and SJWs) because I read and actually voted. The “no awards” I gave were based on my assessment of the work – not the political affiliation of the nominee.

    Goblin Emperor was my #2 vote behind the Jim Butcher work for novel.

    1. The SJWs slate voted “No Award” 2,674 votes in protest of people they don’t like slate voting. Why 2,674 slate SJW votes?

      Skin Game: No Award: 2674 (Butcher has no big fan connection)
      Mike Resnik editor: No Award 2672 (Resnik has won many times before)
      Totaled: No Award 3,053 (spoken of highly even by SJWs)
      Toni Weisskoph: No Award 2,496

      An objective analysis would suggest that there were anywhere from 2,496 to 3,053 hard core, SJW “no award everything as a slate vote” for people we dislike who slate nominated someone.

      So approximately 2,500 to 3,050 slate voted “no award” because they were not part of the SJW clique.

      I find it incredibly rude and bullying to cheer “no award” when potential winners are in the audience. But mob mentality can easily creep up on crowds of like thinking people. That is just nasty behavior.

  36. ‘No matter what happens tomorrow night, they’ll shift the goal posts, declare absolute victory, and call us sexist.’

    Wasn’t there and don’t know direct, but sounds like that’s pretty much what happened. I’m not sure if they framed it specifically as ‘sexism’ but definitely the LBGTWQZXDEtc. tribe i.e., it’s the fault of Straight White Males did I mention Christians?

    You have insight into the mentality. What I’d call an alien mentality. But at minimum it’s a collective entity, so predicting ‘individual’ behavior is easier. Zombies gonna zomb. Cheers.

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