Challenge Coin belt holders

Since we are busy taking orders for the second run of MHI challenge coins, I figured I’d show you guys something pretty nifty that Wes from Privateer Leatherworks did. Wes makes excellent leather holsters, and he made these for me. They’re challenge coin holsters for your belt.

Coin holders

That would actually be really nifty for military unit coins and things like SHOT, where guys are coining each other for street cred, and failure results in purchasing beer. (I was the cake eating civilian of the bunch, so I just kind of stood there)

Coin holder front

It is just a belt loop on back. It is really solid.

Coin holder back

I don’t know what Wes would charge for these. He just made some for me as a proof of concept. You can contact him at:  And I recommend his work. He just made a couple holsters for my 4.15 that are really nice.

Reminder, we are only taking orders for the coins until the end of the month I think we’re going to extend that a few days though because we had several people point out they get paid on the first, but after that we’ll round up a bit and submit a bulk order. When those coins are gone, they are gone.



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10 thoughts on “Challenge Coin belt holders”

  1. Does he make an IWB holster for coins? I prefer to carry concealed. If someone knows you’re packing they’re less likely to challenge you.

  2. A MHI Bandolier for MHI challenge coins… I don’t even have the words… Why isn’t this on your site???

      1. I just had a mental flash of a boy scout merit badge sash! I bet that’d get heavy quick with all of the series one and series two coins…

  3. Checked on his site and the larger one is $35 and the smaller is $20.

    I do really like the MHI Challenge Coin Bandolier idea, but I’d really like one of these that would fit the PUFF Exemption Coin .

  4. Those look awesome, I just sent off an email to get on what I’m sure is the growing waiting list to get one.

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