Series II Challenge Coins- now taking orders!

This post is from Jack. We’re ready to start taking orders for coin series 2. I think he did an absolutely fantastic job on these, and in person they look even better.


All 12 coins have been unveiled, along with the extra goodies so now we’re ready to start taking orders!
It’s all up there together except the patches (including the new Wendell patch) (BTW we have Team Haven patches back in stock as well.)
You can order just what you want, but if you want the whole set do NOT add them each individually- there’s a separate SKU just for the set (saves you money over ordering them all individually).


While on the site you can also add in any other patches, shirts, pins, or what have you.
We will be taking orders until the end of the month- then we’ll round up the numbers and place the order. The coins themselves will not be made again after that time!

Note- the pPUFFx was designed primarily because so many people missed out on the PUFF coins from last time. We’re not likely to do another so get ’em now or forever hold your peace!

(If the timing is just terrible and next month would be better, THAT is why we round up our numbers- you might still be able to snag one of those after we get all the orders shipped.) Any concerns, questions, or comments just let us know!

One more side note, one of the fine folks over at the forum shared the case they got from Amazon for their coins. These are not from us, but thought we’d share them here just because they’re pretty cool…
LOCKABLE 30 Military Challenge Coin Display Case

Writing Contest on the Forum
Another early review for Son of the Black Sword

31 thoughts on “Series II Challenge Coins- now taking orders!”

  1. Today is literally my birthday. Thanks guys for the awesome timing. MHI lighter and Puffx tag are mine!

  2. Question: if we produce a challenge coin for Larry and he doesn’t have his, does he have to do a sketch?

  3. I already ordered 4 coins with another 3 coins and the Wendell patch already on the cart .
    What I want are the other MHI team patches especially the Los Alamos Team patch. A Los Alamos MHI Challenge Coin in the next batch should be considered as well.

  4. ouch, that international shipping to canada is already half the cost of my order :/
    kinda hesitant on buying now.

      1. I’m moving to Texas then.

        They are actually being shipped from Texas, so that doesn’t make a lick of sense. I’ll tell Jack.

        1. I got tagged for the $15 Texas shipping too. Thanks for catching that. Gosh, you’re the nicest International Lord of Hate I’ve ever seen.

          1. OK, Jack reminded me of the statement in the original post about the Series II coins that domestic shipping is supposed to be a flat $15, so my bill was correct. To quote that great philosopher Emily Litella, “Never mind”. 🙂

  5. Double post, but Jack and Larry; I thought you would enjoy knowing that thanks to you and your coins, I got to explain to my mother what STFU *really* means…

  6. Ordered my ILOH Challenge Coin and pPUFFx Challenge tag. WOOHOO.
    BTW, the order page says it wants Credit card date as MM/YY.
    This is wrong, what it actually wants is MM/YYYY. So instead of
    06/19 it should actually be 06/2019. If you enter it as MM/YY it thinks your credit card number is wrong.

  7. I want the whole set, plus the badge pin, but it’ll have to wait for now and I have to seriously overbudget for shipping, because I fully expect alien examination scenes when it comes to shipping to Australia.

    WILL there be badges/coins for Australian Monster Hunters? (Yes please.)

  8. *drool*
    Unfortunately I don’t have the budget for a complete set. Then again, a couple friends are getting married in November and I think two “Sanctified Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition” would go well with them. They wouldn’t know what it meant but the Cthullu theme of the coin would just tickle them erm Green?

    1. We’re going to take orders, and then make a bulk purchase to fill the orders. We’ll round it up and make extras, but when those are gone, they’re gone. Or at least that’s a plan. We don’t really have a set up to warehouse swag. My closets are already filled with books and t-shirts. 🙂

  9. Ordered a full set, both lighters and a pin. A friend got me to grab a TMC Squiddy Goodness pin and a Puffx Tag too.

    Can’t wait.

  10. If we decide after we place an order that we want to add another coin to the order, is there a way to do that without having to pay shipping all over again? I initially was trying to save money; but I’ve decided I value that green MHI coin more than I value the $15…

    1. Yes and no. What we can do is delete the old order and do a new one from scratch. A PITA, to be sure, but for obvious reasons they don’t let us add to/modify orders…

      1. Would you mind doing that? I hate to ask; but there’s another $30 in it for you, so if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it. I’m getting my dad and I matching sets; so I would just add two of the green smiley face coins to my existing order. The email on this comment matches the one on my shopify order. Feel free to email me if necessary. Also, I’m in TX and got tagged for the $15 shipping. I know you’re aware of that issue. My order number is 1378

  11. I ordered my first challenge coins. I also met another Larry Correia fan who will be at Bubonicon next week. I mentioned my on-order coins. He mentioned he’s got every one ever minted. So that means that I lose the “challenge” right? 😉

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