6 thoughts on “Grimnoir is on the Audible Summer Binge Listening Sale”

  1. Stupid question for you, Larry. Since it looks like the sale is for buyers who already own the kindle version and drops it to 1.99, does it impact your royalties if we purchase the kindle and audible version at the cheaper price (~9 for both vs ~20 for just audible). Don’t wanna shaft you, even if you can go to sleep with a Julie Shackleford standin in a pile of $50.00 bills. :p

    1. It’s not a sale (as far as I can tell), it’s just a list of Audible favorites that are complete series (so you don’t have to wait for sequels). The discounted Audible version if you own/buy the Kindle version is available on tons of books through Audible all the time.

  2. Picked up the 2nd and 3rd. The kids and I had listened to Hard Magic driving cross country (on that trip that meant I missed Larry in Albuquerque, darn it anyhow) and when we got home I just *read* the other two, but my daughter really liked listening. She’s going to love that I got these.

  3. I already own the Grimnoir audiobooks and have listened to the set at least twice – I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone on the fence.

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