How to get personalized autographed copies of my books

I used to take orders for personalized autographs here on the blog, but the constant shipping just turned into a nightmare, so I quit doing it. I do personalized signings in person whenever I’m at an event, but the hard part there is that I can’t go everywhere.

Luckily, every year when I go on book tour I try to stop at Uncle Hugos. They are the store that introduced my self published MHI to Toni at Baen, so I love those guys. I’ll be there again in October for the release of Son of the Black Sword.

One nice thing about Uncle Hugos is that they will take orders for personalized autographs. So if you’ve got any requests, or want to give away any copies as gifts, and you aren’t going to be near any of my tour stops, this is your chance.

I usually fly in a day early so I can go straight there, and sign autographs for the copies that need to be shipped. The last few times I signed hundreds of books waiting to be shipped before the actual book signing.

It doesn’t have to be just the new book (though you should get SotBS, because it is awesome, and I’m really proud of it) but Uncle Hugos will bring in copies of everything. So if you want to give away a bunch of autographed Hard Magics or MHIs for Christmas, with their name in it from me, we can do that. And I’ll write pretty much anything. I’ll even doodle (badly) if you want.

This works well for everybody. You guys get personalized autographed copies, Uncle Hugos sells lots of books, and I don’t have to have half my office dedicated to shipping and receiving (I needed the space for mini painting!).

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10 thoughts on “How to get personalized autographed copies of my books”

  1. Thank you Larry! I will be having you sign all my MHI books at SLC CC but I haven’t got the Grimnoir and really want SotBS. I will be buying from them soon.

  2. Thanks Larry! (and Uncle Hugo’s) The signed copy I got from you was amazing (and the doodles were much appreciated! Now to see what I have to get this time!

  3. Larry, is there any chance that you’ll have enough time in the Twin Cities when you’re here for the October Uncle Hugo’s stop to tour the area company discussed at previous signings?

  4. I think it was either Heinlein or Asimov that said when sending a book to an author to be autographed, a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope is the bare minimum courtesy required, and a $10 bill sticking out of the pages is very welcome…

    It’s pretty easy to add a self addressed priority mail flat rate envelope for about $5, which Larry could lovingly slide the book into, then leave in his reinforced Royalty Check USPS Delivery Box on Moose Mountain.

  5. “And I’ll write pretty much anything.”

    And it’s been a source of amusement for me.

    When a friend lent out his copies of MHI and MHV, he ended up losing them.

    When he asked me to get the Omnibus to go with his copy of MHN, I decided to be a smartarse and get Larry to write “Welcome back to the Hunt” on the Omnibus.

    Thanks for that.

  6. Uncle Hugo’s and its sister store Uncle Edgar’s have been my favorite book stores since I was a teenager in the 90’s buying used Dragonlance and Deathlands books there. Thanks for coming out to help the store!

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