28 thoughts on “I’m signing in Albuquerque this weekend”

    1. Which includes Ft Carson, Cheyenne Mt., and the Air Force Academy. Still hold out for Fort Hood, Tx

      SFC (Ret)
      COV (Ret)
      KSCA (Ret)

  1. Be careful there. I’ve heard of people taking a left turn at Albuquerque on their way to Pismo Beach and getting quite lost.

      1. This attitude is one of the many reasons I like your signings. I’ve been to two at Powell’s in Oregon. Last time I got you to write a personal message busting the balls of my brother who didn’t make it because he had a cold in one copy of Nemesis and then a message to me thanking me for not being like my puss brother in the other copy of Nemesis. Pretty sure Scalzi wouldn’t accommodate a fan like that. Even though there were quite a few people there, you took the time to pose for pictures with anyone who asked and were totally eager to shoot the shit for a minute or two with everyone one-on-one.

  2. My brother and his family are driving in from Tucson for this. I’m looking forward to meeting the ILOH in person!

    1. I wondered that too. Not too practical to sign the reader (in my case an iPad). Maybe bring a printout of the cover? I know the bookstore wants you to buy dead tree books since that is how they make their money, but these days I buy very few such (except technical books). Is there any agreed on protocol for “signing eBooks”?

  3. You didn’t state which store in Albuquerque–There are at least two Barnes and Nobles in Albuquerque.

  4. Bob Slydell: “Let’s see. You’re Larry…Correia?”
    Bob Porter: “Is that your real name?”
    Larry: “Yeah.”
    Bob Porter: “Are you in any relation to the International Lord of Hate?”
    Larry: “It’s just a coincidence.”
    Bob Slydell: “To be honest with you, I love his writing. I do. I am a Larry Correia fan. I don’t think it gets any better than when he reposts ‘An Opinion on Gun Control.'”
    Bob Porter: “I mean you must really love his novels.”
    Larry: “Yeah, yeah. He’s pretty, pretty good…I guess.”
    Bob Slydell: “You’re goddamn right he is.”
    Bob Porter: “So tell me. What’s your favorite book of his?”
    Larry: “Hmmm. I…I…I don’t know. I mean, I guess I sort of like ’em all.”
    Bob Slydell: “Ha ha! I feel the exact same way, but it must be hard for you, I mean, having the same name as him. I celebrate the guy’s entire collection. But anyway, let’s get down to business Larry.”
    Larry: “You, you know, can just call me Lawrence.”

    1. How could you NOT recognize the ILOH? He has COMICS with his face on them… with MOOSES! MEESE? MOOSIES! That would be a hilarious exchange to witness. I can see Larry giving no slack on them at all and laughing on the inside the whole time.

  5. So Sanderson just released a teaser for his upcoming novel Calamity and the opening happened to include the following sentence:
    “THE sun peeked over the horizon like the head of a giant, radioactive manatee”
    I can’t help wondering if that was his way of paying tribute to the international lord of hate.

    1. I had a great time and was very pleased to meet you. Thanks for signing my books and doodling a can of exploding corn into the game book!

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