Monster Hunter International audiobook on sale for only $1.99!

I just saw this.


$1.99! Holy crap, that’s a good deal. If you’ve not tried the productions of the Monster Hunter novels you are missing out. Oliver Wyman does a fantastic job as the narrator, and he only gets better as the series. goes on.

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11 thoughts on “Monster Hunter International audiobook on sale for only $1.99!”

  1. Larry, your link takes me to the $24.95 option… Still a good deal but $1.95 is better! Hope they update the link soon

  2. Highly recommended ear crack. I have listened to all five MHI novels this way (and Grimnoir Chronicles).

  3. Already own it, but gifted a copy to my daughter who I’ve succeeded in getting hooked on the series. She went from “I don’t like audiobooks.” to “I really want the next one in audio to see what happens next since it’s so convenient.”

  4. Reminder – when these $1.99 deals pop up, usually they require you buying/owning the kindle version from Amazon first. As MHI’s kindle version is free, this just means an extra step to get the $1.99 audiobook if you don’t have the kindle version yet.

  5. Mr. Stan Bundy was correct. I just “bought” the kindle version and poof magically save $15 on the Audible version.

    1. I have all of the MHI books in paperback… now for less than $40 I also have the Kindle and audio versions. Score!

  6. The boys and I are driving to California by way of Texas (my son Liam wants to visit the Alamo, so I agreed to the detour rather than go directly from Chicago). I’ve already got the first two MHI audio books downloaded; I plan to “introduce” them to MHI on the ride there. Should be fun.

  7. Off topic, but are you still going to be in Albuquerque on the 11? If so, I’m driving up from Tucson to get a signature.

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