Somebody sent me a Sad Puppies holster

I’ve not been saying much about the Sad Puppies controversy lately, because right now it is out of my hands. Some employees of a publishing house said some pretty outlandish things, and their customers are ticked and writing lots of letters. I’m staying out of that one.

But some author friends had this made for me and sent as a gift. I’m pretty sure they don’t want to be identified. 🙂 Holster 1 The holster was made by Dennis Badurina of Dragon Leatherworks That is python, and it looks way cooler in person than it does in the pictures too. It is really pretty. Yes, that is a Sad Puppy with a rocket ship. This is really a pretty piece of leather.
Holster 2



Holster 3

All of my regular 1911s are ugly working guns (like the Springfield in the picture). I’m going to have to buy something pretty just to go in this. This is a barbeque gun set up. Eldest Daughter has been shooting a lot (and getting pretty darned good) and she has already tried to claim this holster for herself (“but Dad, it is pink!). This is the same daughter who has tried to claim my custom STI Tac 4.15 9mm (the Lorenzo gun) for herself. I think this is part of her plot to get her own 1911. Clever kid.

Dragon Leatherworks also did a bunch of the props for Jurassic World.

Sad Puppies are not calling for any boycotts
Book Signing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 11th

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  1. Come on Dad! she can have her own 1911! why I have a friend who bought his daughter a Springfield 1911 TRP when she was 14. She kept it by her bed every night. She could shoot that thing too.

    1. Buy her a nice Phillipines 1911, a set of Wolf Springs, couple of stones and a can of pink Cerakote, then tell her she’s on her own…

  2. *grin* It is a good plot.

    Also, please show us the ‘something pretty’ to go in the holster =D

    1. Shadowdancer, I love you but never, ever, speak to a father about something ‘pretty to go into the holster’ when he’s written something about his daughter. It raises the blood pressure and reminds him of all the late night shoveling he’s going to have to do. :>)

      1. Nonsense. Daddy doesn’t do any shoveling. Daddy holds the shotgun while the future ex-boyfriend does the shoveling.

        1. This is also why Himself gave us backhoes and swampland. To keep the next generation of Stupid Young Males (former member, no longer young, but the rest still applies) in check!

  3. Trigger warning:!

    Seriously, though, that’s awesome work. And it’s good to know we have some secret allies out there.

    1. Nope, no trigger warning needed. Dennis knows his stuff. I’ve got a couple of his holsters and they reliably cover the triggers.

  4. Darn it, Christopher, you beat me to it! I will have to content myself with: “Eeek! A gun!”

    Now, the holster’s very empowering. But the gun–eeeek!

  5. If that’s your idea of an ‘ugly working gun’, I’m guessing your b-b-q gun would have lots of scrollwork and engraving? Great looking holster, Dragon Leatherworks has been doing impressive work from the get go.

  6. Spence: “Old gun.”
    Sam: “Served my country well.”
    Spence: “Your country…hasn’t done too well in the last couple of wars, has it?”
    Sam: “At least we don’t go around whining about it.”

  7. That would be the perfect holster for my tastefully engraved & blued Colt series 70 .38 Super that I have yet to get.

  8. Dude. That’s a nice looking holster. You have good friends.

    The whole “puppies” thing has been great. I’ve ‘discovered’ a bunch of new authors. Got totally sucked into Monster Hunters. Four books in 10 days. Yer killin me. June’s book budget is shot.

    I must be getting old and more dim witted though, cuz it took me until book 4 to get ‘Mosh’ and ‘Pitt’. But a guy named Zastava should at least take a look at a 19 round P09.

  9. My Springfield looks just like that, except mine has ebony grips, and it’s well used with scratches all over. That means it has done it’s job by being there if you need it.

  10. I actually went and bought my first 1911 after reading Dead 6 because of Lorenzo, it was a STI Spartan 4.25 in 9mm. Loved it.

  11. Being a parent with a couple girls my wife somehow snuck past me, I say give it to her. She’s right, it’s pink how can you argue with that?

  12. I was trying to come up with a good dig about the snake suffering to provide the leather for that holster but I just got more and more jealous over the beautiful work. The best I can come up with is at least the damn thing didn’t die in vain.

  13. Damn pretty holster. You’re right, that’s worth putting some mighty fine iron into it to show it off right.

    And that’s the Oak Ridge shop? Hrm.

    Might be worth a look-see on the way back from Libertycon. If I have pockets left, let alone anything in them. *grin*

    1. We’re usually closed on Sundays, but if you’re driving past on your way home from LibertyCon and want to stop by, I could probably persuade Dennis to open up for a while. 🙂

      1. I’ll probably be on the road Monday, but if I miss ya for some reason, Oak Ridge ain’t too far off my usual truck route. I’ll have to come by sometime (with money, of course) and see ya in that case!

  14. You’re right, that really does deserve a better-looking piece in it.

    Something ivory-handled to make sure it completely freaks out the snowflakes.

  15. If I could ask one quick question about MHI, at the beginning, Owen gets into a life-or-death fight with a werewolf who was also his nasty, fat manager. I have to ask if you intended this because I just realized it a couple of days ago and think it’s hilarious. Did you mean for him to be literally fighting a boss monster?

    1. That would be cool, if true. I’ve only recently started reading the books myself, and I thought the “boss fight” was meant to riff on an early “Simpson’s Tree House of Horror” episode. It’s the one where Mr. Burns is the Francis Ford Coppola version of Dracula, and Homer has to stake him. In the scene, Homer shrieks, “Kill my boss?! Do I dare live out the American dream?!”

      I thought the first book was interesting, but what hooked me was at the end, when I saw that I’m not the only one who thought that the only reason Lovecraft said Cthulhu was indestructible was because nuclear weapons hadn’t been invented yet. I’ve finished book three, and I’m forcing myself to slow down because I see there’s only the two left in the series.

    2. Ha! Yeah, I about rent my spleen laughing when that thought hit me upon first reading of MHI! Laughter hurts…but it’s a *good* pain…

      PS: awesome, gorgeous holster. Do want. Now to acquire something to put *in* the holster…a gun lover without a gun… I feel like a wino that, astonishingly, has never had a glass of wine…

    3. Ha! Yeah, I about rent my spleen laughing when that thought hit me upon first reading of MHI! Laughter hurts…but it’s a *good* pain…

      PS: awesome, gorgeous holster. Do want. Now to acquire something to put *in* the holster…a gun lover without a gun… I feel like a wino that, astonishingly, has never had a glass of wine…

      Eet vont post… I ham veddy bevildered…

  16. that is sheer, unadulterated awesome – congratulations on your friends :). on a different note. if I were to make something sad puppy related (seriously this holster among other things is feeding my crafty brain) – do I ask anyone for permission, or as its something I would make for personal use, I could just treat is as piece of fanart and go forth?

    P.S. new goal in life – find a spot in a budget at some date, to get Dragon leatherworks holster for myself.

    1. I may be mistaken, and if so, I apologize, but I don’t think Larry or Brad filed a trademark for sad puppies or the logo. *shrugs* idk if that would be the only obstacle to making sad puppy merchandise, but I can’t think of anything else. Sorry. I’m sure a more informed person will offer a more helpful comment soon, lol. 😉

      1. As the CorreiaTech marketing guy it pains me to say, but the ILoH was quite specific that WE do not profit off Sad Puppies in any way. (Hence his refusing his nomination.) To do otherwise would give the PFMs ammo against the side of the righteous in the fight to restore quality to the Hugo award. (‘Oh Correia is just doing it to make money/win one himself’ or some such nonsense.) So go forth and make what you like (& share the fruits of your labors on his FaceBook page if you can) ;^)

  17. You know, a young lady who has her own 1911 is more likely to attract the right kinds of guys. Guys who respect her independence and self-reliance. Guys who recognize the rights and responsibilities of living in a free society. Guys who know if they raise a hand against her she’ll go all Mozambique on their skinny butts.

  18. That holster is awesome! Next you need some Sad Puppy ammo belt pouches that match it 🙂

    Larry, have you ever posted information on choosing and using a decent holster? I would love to read, as I have had no luck in finding one that doesn’t somehow print or otherwise be a pita to use.

    In a partially related matter, I am reading thru a recent pile of National Review. In the may 18 2015 issue is an article “Sci-Fi’s Sad Puppies” by David French.

  19. Is it bad that I saw the photo and immediately knew it was Dragon Leatherworks? Especially since I don’t own a DL holster?

    *contemplates soon-to-be-empty wallet*

  20. Looking at his fine leatherwork, didn’t he also do Susan Sarandon in her last movie? I thought I recognized the carving…

    1. Nope…haven’t done any movie with Susan Sarandon in it. I’ve done leatherwork for Jessica Alba (I believe the movie was shelved after it was shot and went into post-production), did some work that appeared in Fast and Furious 7, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Jurassic World, and a couple others that I also can’t mention because they are still in post-production.

  21. Am I the only one who really wants to see the Lorenzo rig? Someday I want a 9mm STI to shoot the snot out of.

  22. Looking kind of slim there buddy. You can’t be a fit and trim Lord of Hate, that wouldn’t fit the narrative.

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