Do not be alarmed.

This is CorreiaTech’s Marketing Daiymo Jack Wylder. The ILOH is traveling out of town this week so our CFO Wendell has asked me to take this opportunity to make some adjustments on the Monster Hunter Nation website. Do not adjust your internet- the entire process shouldn’t take that long and should be relatively painless. If you experience any tingling or numbness, see your doctor. Thank you.

edited to add:
Due to multiple requests we have now implemented an edit feature on comments. Once you post, if you refresh the page you should see an ‘edit’ button by your post along with a 5 minute timer counting down; once it hits 0, that’s it. (That way typos can be fixed, but people can’t go back and change what they said after they get called out on it.)

I’m going to post the changes here so you don’t have to scroll through all the comments to keep up. I can’t guarantee this will stay here forever, but at least until Larry returns…

THE List and progress

-Preview button ((resolved with the 5 minute edit ability))
-That too big space up top (menu) ((resolved))
-Menu is hard to read and not centered ((resolved))
-That whole ‘on phone you have to see the books first’ thing. ((I’ve had a lot of back and forth with the theme developer and he agrees it’s a problem. He’s coded a fix and it will be included in the next update.))
-I understand wanting the comments on the left as that’s the “prime” real estate. Might swap them back. ((Switched back.))
-Am planning on reducing the font size on the sidebars((resolved))
-‘Post Comment’ is unreadable white on white ((resolved)
-Some pages (An Opinion on Gun Control for example) are slow to load. ((Comments will now be split into multiple pages of 50 top level posts. This will speed up the site overall (I know it can be annoying. There’s a balancing act required…)))
-Building off the above, currently it is oldest comments on top and works down from there. ((Larry will advise which way he prefers upon his return.))
-Member requested ability to post YouTube videos in comments ((Resolved, although it seems to only work from desktop/full addresses and not mobile ones))
-Request for Twitter feed to move to side bar ((Until we get the ‘what comes up first on phones’ issue resolved, it’s staying down there so it’s out of the way)
-Font ((changed to a different one, but I’m not seeing what other are seeing. If you have a problem with the font, PLEASE send me a screen shot to correiatech1911 at gmail dot com- I can’t fix what I can’t reproduce!))
-A few folks had a problem reading the font selected. ((This is going to be a fine tuning thing- a couple of hunters sent me screen shots (which helps). I’m trying another one today and can tweak this on the fly until I find one that only a couple of people complain about. Ultimately it will come down to the font Larry likes best…)) ((Update 2: the people who sent me screenshots are much happier with this one so as long as Larry likes it, we’ll keep it on this one…))

The ALL NEW Monster Hunter Nation! Now with 76% MORE Hate! New Package- Same Great Taste!!

Back from New York, BEA Recap, and Updates
Updates. In NYC next week. Tour stops. Next book cover changes.

150 thoughts on “Do not be alarmed.”

  1. Please tell me you’re not going spout the same “New Package – Same Great Taste!” blather that breakfast cereal manufacturers have been foisting off on us for years. I don’t know what annoys me more – that the marketing weasels thinks people are dumb enough to fall for it and buy their stuff, or that people really are that dumb.

  2. Ok, finally found that mobile enhancement setting… I can confirm on my phone’s browser that it is working. This will ensure that Google continue to weight this place correctly.

      1. I can confirm that both Chrome on Nexus 6 and iPhone 5s looks fine (ad identical). Also looks fine in Safari (though I hardly ever use that browser).

  3. This is one more example pf the Cisgender fascism that is the norm among Sad Puppies and Altered States Manatees that populate this website… 😀

    Looking good

  4. (Larry last ‘updated’ the look of the site in (I think) 2009 so I thought it might be time.)
    It’s getting there… Still want to reduce that crazy amount of real estate the top menu is taking up, but definitely getting warmer. Btw, the biggest thing I was looking for was for the site to be more mobile friendly so if you have any problems on a specific device just lemme know. All input welcome (but we at CorreiaTech reserve the right to ignore, belittle, or mock input as we see fit.)

    1. (but we at CorreiaTech reserve the right to ignore, belittle, or mock input as we see fit.)

      Of course! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

      I wish Google’s Terms of Service were this easy to understand.

    2. I vote for a preview button, but no edit – that should help reduce the html tag borks. The no edit rule I’m okay with.

      Font size is kinda big for me on the computer; previous one was better, imho. I like the way the comments look right now.

      1. Instapundit’s comments allow editing your own comments within a few (five, I think) minutes of posting the original comment. After five minutes, the edit button goes away. That strikes me as a decent compromise between “Oops, let me fix this typo” and “Let me try to hide the evidence of my trolling comment an hour ago.”

      2. I kinda agree with the preview button- The no-edit rule did make sense. Unless there is a way that Jack/ Larry/ whoever can see previous edits and screencap ’em for troll smashin’ purposes. I don’t know if your software will allow that.

        1. Just cut/paste the trollish comments in your troll-hammer returns. Then we can all mock them for editing their stupid.

          1. FYI, using Seamonkey 2.33.1 on Windows 8.1 Pro, I do not see an edit button.

          2. Ok, and now they appear. Page does not auto-reload when you post.

            Might want to fix that. Depends how much work it is, I guess.

        2. 5 minutes is not that much time to edit. And if someone’s troll post doesn’t make it even five minutes, it’s not really much trolling is it? 😉

    3. Google have changed how they weight the sites they search. Those site that does not have mobile enhanced version will be given lesser weight. This is entirely understandable. Yes, a preview button would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

      1. Thank you, BigFire! Yeah, it’s almost like us marketing weasels know something about SEO…

        1. It’s not that we don’t appreciate what you do. It’s just that the work that goes into attracting new fans is lost on those of us who already are.

    4. Still ridiculously newfangled… I haven’t changed the look of my main site since it first went up…. in 1998. (I kid you not. It’s functional, fast, and works on any crap setup. Ain’t broke. Not fixing it.)

      Oh, for the Tech Department, I use SeaMonkey (Firefox without the braindeath) on WinXP.

    5. I as a lurker scout, for the Far, far north western reserves, like the new layout But hate, HATE the font. As I have download limits I love streamlined sites that give content not just glitz.

  5. Any chance of getting an edit and/or preview option? I just botched a blockquote in the “Hugo Voter Packet now available for download” comment thread. Not the first time I’ve done that, probably not the last.

  6. But if Northern CorreiaTech shows up, we should realize they’re from the evil mirror universe of the dictator Kim Il Larry?

  7. User feedback: it’s kind of annoying having the poster’s name out there in Outer Mongolia on the right side. It emphasizes the timestamp over the name, since you have to shift over to read the name (it’s not in the normal eye movement path).

    Could it be moved to the left side of the post? Please?

    1. Just now figured out what you’re seeing! There are currently two plugins affecting the comments and for some reason you’re only seeing the effects of one. I’m not positive what I can do but I’ll keep looking for a solution. This is why I waited until Larry is out of town before messing with the site- there is ALWAYS fine tuning that has to be done…

  8. When accessing the site on an IPhone 6 and Chrome, I have to scroll through all of Larry’s books to get to the posts, and I find this relatively annoying. I don’t need to know what his books are – I already own most of them, after all!

  9. Things I’m looking at (once we have power again- crazy weather here in the Austin area):
    -Preview button (resolved with the 5 minute edit ability)
    -That too big space up top (menu) (resolved)
    -That whole ‘on phone you have to see the books first’ thing.
    -I understand wanting the comments on the left as that’s the “prime” real estate. Might swap them back.
    -Am planning on reducing the font size on the sidebars (ShadowDancer, is that what you’re looking for?)(resolved)
    -Reziac, this font was chosen as being easy on the eyes. Lemme see if maybe you’re not seeing what everyone else is (anyone else having problems with it?)

    1. Problem is that this font, when enlarged, never becomes bold (well, not until enlarged to HUGE); it stays “thin” — so most of the benefit of enlarging the font in the browser is lost. Also, on a 120dpi screen, it’s blurry (every line of each character is aliased across two pixels, despite that I have font aliasing turned off in Windows).

      Visibility is somewhat worse in the editor as the font appears even “thinner” there than in existing posts.

      And I hate the new way of ID’ing posters — it’s irritating to the eye and the brain, as the whole rest of the world has us trained that a stack to either side is Not Stuff To Read Right Now, hence it Requires Thought to match up. Was way more betterer when poster ID was part of the date byline.

      Recommended reading for all user-interface (including websites) designers:

    2. Sorry, been asleep. I meant the font in the comments. The old font was nicer.

      Did I get logged out somehow?

      And aha, here’s my test of the edit comment function.

      1. Could you take a screen shot and mail it to me at correiatech1911 at gmail dot com? Pretty please?

        1. It’s called strikethrough or line-through, and here on MHN (and some other WordPress sites) can be accomplished using the HTML tags: <s>text to strikethrough</s>. As of HTML 5, this <s> tag is meant “to represent things that are no longer relevant or no longer accurate.” An alternative that is most likely visually identical, but is considered more appropriate for marking deleted text is: <del>text to mark as deleted</del>. And a final alternative, meant just for formatting text w/out any semantic meaning (i.e., not meaning no longer relevant/accurate or deleted), is: <span style=”text-decoration:line-through;”>text to strikethrough</span>.

          Edit to add: looks like here on MHN, only <del> actually works. In my original post, I expected all 3 alternatives to work.

      2. Up/down vote works fine, too.

        But why are we all “guests”? (Not that I mind being a guest of Larry’s – but some of you have actually met him…)

        1. They haven’t implemented WordPress login (or other alternative authentication scheme) yet. Having login is another method of stopping spammers and trolls.

  10. Argh… can’t make the font bigger. When I try to make it big enough for my weak eyes to read, it throws Larry’s books to the top and vanishes everything else.

  11. Everything looks pretty good to me now. All of the books are in their column on the right and the text is much easier to read.

  12. Hullo Jack.

    I wish to complain about some side effects I’ve noticed from the new site.

    I haven’t experienced any tingling or numbness, but a stern-looking Japanese man appeared to me in a vision and recited a very rude haiku.

    My fridge now has some weird transdimensional portal inside it and a guy calling himself “Lord Machado” demands to know why I, a foolish mortal, dare disturb his crisper drawer.

    My cat’s eyes have changed colour from green to grey overnight. And something has been getting past the locked pantry door to eat all her cat treats.

    A chap expects to put up with his share of spookiness around here, but this just isn’t cricket.

    Please respond by return or I shall be forced to write a letter of complaint to my Member of Parliament.

    Yours aye,

    Steve x

    1. Hello Steve,
      Before the conversation can continue I have to ask- do you have a policy with Stranger & Stranger?

  13. OK! It seems to be working but I need a few folks to test it for me.
    If it works for you like it should, you will have 5 minutes after posting to edit your comment.

    edited to add: well it works for me! 😀

        1. Reply to this, hit post comment and then refresh the page- you should then see the countdown timer and the edit button

          1. Testing 1 2 3… Editing 3 2 1.
            Editing works for me (only after reloading the page).

      1. Nope, no option to edit for me either.

        Edited to add: There it is. I thought my ad blocker might have been interfering (although I told it to no block stuff on Monster Hunter nation). After I reloaded the page the Edit option and the countdown timer appeared on my most recent comment (this one).

    1. Is the twitter feed meant to be at the very bottom? The way the column is arranged makes the bottom of the page longer. Would it be possible to have it underneath the ‘recent comments’ widget? Just curious. That would seem a touch neater to me, but I have no idea how that would look in mobile phone formats.

      Also that color of green for the Guest and poster’s name is making my eyes hurt, the way it looks against a white background. Darker green would hurt less, I think.

      1. It’s mostly there while I configure it and decide where it needs to end up. The problem with the left sidebar is that currently it’s what comes up first on phones (which is why the book club moved to the right)

    1. Thanks- it’s getting there. Still like to make it bigger, darker, and better centered… Working on it- Larry’s in NY most of the week so I should have time 😉

      1. That and (maybe) make the picture a link back to the home page (or maybe I’m the only one trained to click on the big shiny picture on a blog 😉 )

        Also, not sure if this is just me, but the “Post Comment” button is grey with white text, which looks like it’s inactive (I’m on Firefox/Google Chrome on Win7).

        Still an improvement over the old site design.

        1. It’s not just you- both of those are on my list!
          (They need to hurry up with the MHI TV show or movie so Larry can start making Game of Thrones kinda money so I can do this full time!) ;D

      2. TV show please…I walked out of Ender’s Game wishing it had been 8 hours long instead of 2 so they could have done more with the actual game.

  14. Feeling a bit numb, but that seems to be a fairly normal issue with my physical condition. Perhaps it is being low on sleep, but I do not recognize the word Dyaimo.

  15. It’s a bit odd, but on my work laptop the “Name” and “E-mail” field’s text isn’t visible (using IE9) but on my home computer (using Firefox) it is.

  16. Mmmm, if everyone’s icon gets the “guest” tag under it, there is no need for the tag at all, and man that green is ugly.

    Scroll wheel zoom works pretty well, eventually zooming to the white content section and pushing the green bg sidebars off the page.

    I think the new font is harder to read, looks a bit grey instead of solid black.

    I don’t come here for the design though, just the content, so as long as the design doesn’t repell or get in the way it should be fine.


    FFox 38.0.1 on win 8.2, desktop machine

    edit> Post comment button unreadable white on grey.

  17. Testing from home computer. (…and to see if the edit button shows up.)

    Edit: Yep, it does.

  18. Yay! I don’t have to think “2005 called and they want their website design back” when I visit MHI.

  19. Your changes. I do not think they do what you think they do.

    When I visit the new design on my phone the first thing I see is a site menu and then a screen full of “recent comments,,,” I have to scoll at least a page to get to the actual news/ content. That can’t be what you had in mind.

    1. “JackWylder. 14 hours 6 minutes ago
      It’s mostly there while I configure it and decide where it needs to end up. The problem with the left sidebar is that currently it’s what comes up first on phones (which is why the book club moved to the right)”
      I’m aware. I’m working on it.

  20. Uh oh, after the site upgrade I am unable to judge books by the race, gender, and/or sexual orientation of the author. Looks like a I have a lot of reading ahead till this gets fixed.

  21. Since you are busy implementing all these new features can we get a Trigger Warning version of the Spoiler tags?

  22. Looks good! Good work. 🙂

    I’m a lumberjack and that’s ok. Testing a comment for the blog! *dances*


    I shall now edit this post to make it fancy.

    Italics working. Not sure how to embed vid, or if that’s allowed.

  23. Ooo… like that I can subscribe to just one comment now! Was kind of a pain before, getting emails for 1k+ threads. Nice!

  24. Lets try this again. For edit.

    Hum, my customized Gnome Paladin icon is gone. Where’s the wordpress login?

  25. This may already be on the list of Things To Do, but would you move the Twitter widget out of the footer and onto the left sidebar underneath Recent Comments?

    1. No can do (yet). Right now, phone viewers see the left sidebar before anything else so we’re keeping a minimum of info there for now. I’m working with the theme developers and they’ve already promised a fix in their next update (which should be soon.) so for now, it has to stay in the footer. (Sorry)

        1. Ok I set it up so you can embed YouTube videos in the comments BUT it appears to only work with the full ‘watch?’ addresses and not the mobile ones.

  26. Hi, wanted to mention this page from “best of” is having some problems loading.

    1. Tried it myself and it IS sloooooow to load
      (I think it’s the >2600 comments slowing it down)
      I can set it so it only loads all the comments if you click ‘more’ or possibly only put say 100 posts on a page before you have to go to the next page… I’ll look into it.
      Thanks for the heads up!

        1. Hi, still having problems with this. It is still taking a couple minutes, and then a window pops up with this :
          A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.


          It has buttons Continue, Debug Script, and Cancel.

          I can debug the script if you wish. I am using Firefox 38.0.1 on windows 7 home premium sp1

          1. That’s very strange- I get the same thing but only on that one page. Jet pack works without a hitch everywhere else… Odd…

          2. a quick debug made it look like there are some null values being sent into a query.

        2. Disqus method top level comments are kind of off=putting, since they scramble discussions, in my opinion. Would it be possible to just view something like 100 comments per page and then hit ‘next’? Oldest comments first.

  27. This is different. Different is bad.

    First they talked us into moving out of perfectly serviceable caves. Now look at what’s going on. Caves never burned down. Caves never had cars, trucks or buses run through them, nor airplanes fall through them.

    It’s time to take back our caves!

  28. I just want to say, this is crap. How can it be the same great taste with 76% more Hate? And I only got 73% more Hate, so I am getting ripped off.

  29. Are the email subscriptions for new comments supposed to be different now? I’m now getting duplicate (sort-of, they have different formatting) emails for each new comment on this post. One is the same as all the times I’ve subscribed to previous posts, the other is much more spartan & is from a different sender address ( Also, when I post a new comment it doesn’t remember my previous subscription option, which it used to do.

    Edit to add: the duplicate email is probably because I commented & subscribed both before & after you made changes to the comment system. In other words, it’s probably only applicable to this post (and maybe any other old posts that were already subscribed to), but won’t send duplicates for newer posts.

  30. Today I went to the bookstore and bought Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, and Monster Hunter Legion. So, I bought books by Larry, Larry and Jerry. 😀

  31. I guess I should be more specific.

    The post body text font is almost unreadable. The heads and sidebars are fine, as is my edit box for posting a comment.

    the comments look better than the body text but are showing some of the ‘black blobbing’ that the body shows, just not so much.

    I sent a screenshot.


    1. Thanks for the screen shot! It confirms for me that you ARE seeing the same font- it just doesn’t work for you. I’m trying a new one today- see if it works better for your eyes…

      1. Thanks Jack! That got it. This font looks good and scales smoothly with the scroll wheel on 3 machines, with 3 different os’s and 3 different versions of FF.

        [big pat on back]


  32. Is there a way to sort by newest or something? In the old format I was able to make some sense of the bigger threads by simply searching by the month and day for new ones. Now the timestamps are “x hours/days ago” and such.

    1. I had to make the call whether it should be oldest or newest at top. I went with oldest because it means you scroll down to follow the comments instead of scrolling up. When Larry gets back I’ll run it past him and see which one he prefers…

      1. Since you’ve activated the Vote Up/Vote Down option, there should also be a sorting option for Oldest/Newest/Best/Worst.

        1. Still not 100% sure about the voting thing at all, and this plugin doesn’t allow for sorting like (other than newest or oldest on top.) I might look into another one at some point…

  33. BTW Jack, you might want to fix on the post itself the bestowed title Daimyo. You actually can fix the actual post, just not the comment.

    1. Yeah I apparently have been misspelling it for years. (Larry’s pronunciation might need work). Fixed it- thanks!

  34. Comment body font much better. Only thing Is there going to be a tab to go to the previous post, with comments, without going to the home page? I liked the tab location at the end of the message body, before the comments. Thanks.

  35. Hi again, found something else that might need some attention. In the “best of” in the Internet checklist, I was going through comments. Decided to try out the up vote and it seemed to work. Tried it on the next comment and it worked, but shot my page location to way back up the page, dozens of comments above where i actually was. I’ll try a couple down votes and report back with that as well.

    Tried a down vote, and it also sends the location way back up in the comment stream. It does appear to be working. Apparently the up/down votes tally within the one icon.

    1. Not seeing that myself. (Firefox 38.0.1, desktop).

      Tested in middle of comments, bottom of comments, multiple up and down. (Can’t do it right now on top of comments, mine is the most recent right now.)

    2. Hi, wanted to say that I haven’t had this happen today, and put a few up votes here and there to see.

  36. Black on pure white was… PAINFUL!

    Thank you. Maybe can do the same with top of thread comments????

  37. Test-posting a link:

    In spite of the over-the-top hysteria surrounding Sad Puppies, there’s not one word about the controversy at all in this mainstream news outlet. The only the mainstream took interest was when there was a (false) racist-sexist-homophobic angle. When that was disproved, they apparently lost interest.

    1. Sadly, I think it’s more likely that Publishers Weekly couldn’t care less about the Hugos or SFF in general and probably didn’t do much research for this article. Don’t forget that Larry Correia was nominated this year but declined the nomination.

  38. It’s easier for the reader to do the ‘oldest comments first’ by the way.

    Would it be possible to mark ‘new’ comments on refresh of the page? I have no idea if that is possible.

    Oh, would it also be possible to add more than one link to the comments?

    Three max seems like a reasonable number.

    Thank you for your hard work! =D

  39. The problem (in the past with other pages I’ve helped with) was Default Fonts and those loaded on the devices or platforms not meshing with fonts the site uses. If one tries to override the other, there in will be the likeliest problem.
    Dunno if you can set base default font in page style and a back up if that doesn’t happen on a device (they usually only have top 5 fonts in memory or available) thus causing problems with style, font chosen and thus page spacing.
    I think back before basic HTML went to the side that the order of styles loading was the problem between platforms. Now with devices that might be popping up again. So many of those… Dunno if you can set style by platform in definitions for pages (ie Android = Font, Space, etc…) most would rightly go with default styles that covered as many of the popular navigation interfaces as possible vs trying to tweak for each and every possible permutation…but sometimes things like Chrome may need special definitions of style formats…and who knows what apps will do to every damn page style too?

  40. Given that LC loves to write blog entries roughly the length of a small novel (and sometimes longer), I’d suggest putting an easy link to comments at the bottom of each post on the main page, please.

    Otherwise you have to scroll enough times to circle a small planet to get back to the header to load the next page so you can comment.

    1. The number next to the title of the post will take you to the coments of the post, not sure if this is something new added since your post.

      1. Yeah but what he’s referring to is putting a similar link at the BOTTOM of the post so you don’t have to scroll back up… 😉

  41. I believe that, before this new and improved version, you could click on a ‘recent comment’ and go right to the comment. Now you are sent to the parent post and have to wade through 1047 comments to find the one that is new.

    If I’m right, could we have the old function back?
    If I remember wrongly, could we have it the way I want it anyway?

    1. I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s definitely annoying! Yes, I’ll see what I can do. (No promises, but I’ll give it a shot)

      1. I *think* that’s got it sorted out. Lemme know if it’s fixed for you…
        edit: dagnabbit! Worked for a few minutes and then reverted. Stand by…

  42. Ok the center ‘primary’ text now comes up first on your phones so there’s that solved… 😉

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