Kurt Miller is working on the cover for the 3rd Dead Six novel

I don’t know if this is the final or not, but it is pretty freaking awesome. 🙂  (yes, this is the book that I am working on with Mike Kupari right now)  We’ve been calling it Project Blue for years, but that won’t be the name of the book.

At the link you can see the evolution of drafts. It is pretty interesting stuff. http://www.kmistudio.com/blog/index.php/gallery/image_full/322/

ProjectBlue (1)
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31 thoughts on “Kurt Miller is working on the cover for the 3rd Dead Six novel”

  1. I reveal a cover, then Larry reveals a cover.

    I’d say he’s just following my lead, but it’s not like anywhere near as many people care about my cover as his.

    Hell, I’m not even sure *I* care as much about my cover as I do about the cover about the next Dead Six novel. 😀

  2. Oh for f……..
    I’m going to rat you to your wife and ask her very nicely to chain you to a typewriter.
    Less talky and more writey!
    We are in a book drought. We needs more bookssss!

  3. Thanks, Larry!

    I gave my dad Dead Six and Swords of Exodus. Now, every time I talk to him, he asks when the next Dead Six book is coming out.

    At least I can throw him a bone in the form of a cover.

  4. That eye-triangle thingie looks Lovecraftian and Illuminati-ish at the same time.

  5. Looks nice, can’t wait to read the book, the cliffhanger at the end of Swords of Exodus drove me half nuts…

  6. Am I getting into tin foil hat territory or do the Monster Hunter and Dead Six books take place in the same universe? The main antagonist of Swords of Exodus being a vampire would explain a lot.

      1. Prediction: Lorenzo and Valentine fall through a portal at the end of book 3 and find themselves facing MHI. 🙂

      2. And to clarify, one of the things we wanted to do with the D6 universe was to cram as many conspiracy theories into it as possible (really, the whole thing is about a power struggle between “Majestic” versus the “Illuminati”) And though we hint at supernatural elements, we don’t ever cross the line. The idea came from the TV shows of our youth, where they’d have an episode of some cop show/murder mystery, but it was related to Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster, and it never shows up during the episode, but then at the very end of the show there would be a hint that the monster was real. But since the show was “serious” it wouldn’t be confirmed. So like that.

        1. I’m going to chuckle if it turns out this book series is compatible with the conspiracy-lade Deus Ex video game series. Especially if Bob Page turns out to be the man pulling the strings with the Illuminati 😛

        2. Wow, thanks for responding. If that’s what you were going for it worked. At the end of Swords of Exodus I kept going back and forth between thinking ‘there is definitely something supernatural here’ and ‘there isn’t explicit *proof* and this seems to be more of a straight, realistic setting’. It worked well as a tension element in the narrative. On top of the, you know, massive climactic battle.

          1. I just saw your name and email. Are you THE Art Bell? 😀 If so, that is awesome.

            We used From Sea to Shining Sea as a salute to Coast to Coast in Dead Six. Mike spent several years working the night shift and listening to Coast to Coast provided a lot of inspiration for Dead Six.

  7. What kind of hardcore operator / international thief runs a fifty dollar Chinese rim-fire sight on top of a four thousand dollar 1911 suppressor combo. Come on Larry we believe in you. You’re the father of Abomination, the inventor of the Bullpup BAR. This cover looks bad ass butt it need a T1 or an RMR.

    1. Chinese rim fire? It is a C-More. And the gun was sitting in a storage locker since the 90s.

      1. For the first time I’ve got to side with artistic license. The revolver looks like an X-frame, and at full size it would make the cover lopsided. The funny important thing is that I noticed after thinking “Cool! Chtuluminati and Sauron’s crown! TAKE MY MONEY! HERE! HAVE SOME MORE!”

      2. Oh wow I am so surprise any one of you would notice that I made the .44 mag a tad small. I purposely did that to balance the logo, thinking that no one would really notice if I made it a tad smaller. I am amazed what fine detail you all notice. I must keep this in mind when I create anything of true value. Kurt

  8. Eagerly awaiting this.

    But if there are any Ewoks, there’s going to be trouble. (I once got in an online discussion about the second book, and had to explain to some slow learners that “It’s _Empire_, with Han and everything”.)

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