20 thoughts on “More reading stuff, eARC give aways”

  1. But Larry, you’re promoting the work of a female author! You’ll ruin your image as a he-man woman-hater if you keep doing things like this! 😉

          1. Sasquan still hasn’t released the voter packet yet, to the best of my knowledge (although final ballot voting is now open), but Castalia House has released John C. Wright’s nominated short fiction for free to the public (not just Hugo voters).

  2. Larry, I’m reading the MH combo now. I’m also thinking about the Hard Magic series. Does it matter to you if I read the sample on Amazon or here on your site? I know my actions are small and my presence here on the site will do little to move it up in Google rankings, but I just thought I would ask.

    1. Hi Kary,

      I originally was going to write a review because I promised to, but life and death got in the way. I’m sorry; I will fulfil my promise at a later date.

      But I wanted to say, I loved Totaled. It was a wonderful, hard-science sci-fi read that wasn’t BORING, nor a slog, nor difficult to read and is entertaining as well! It’s a fantastic read, and other folks reading this, go read it go go go!

      The only other author I’ve read to date that manages to do that was Stephen Hawking.

      Also, as I read through Totaled, I realized it’s the kind of story you can actually read out loud to someone else – and want to read out loud to someone else (the someone else in this case being my hubby). Stories that can be read out loud are kind of hard to find these days and for me, this is another huge PLUS to your work.

      1. I read War God’s Own and Oath of Swords out loud to my husband… lets just say I deserve some sort of prize on account of dwarven naming conventions.

        I also finally learned how to pronounce Hermione (?) half way through reading Harry Potter… five, I think it was… to my kids.

    1. Damn you… that story was fantastic. Better then anything Hugo nominated in the last few years. Brought a stupid tear to my eyes at work.

    2. ‘Totaled’ was so good I wanted to cry. I’ll have to read it again (and again and again …). Thank you Larry and Brad for calling her to our attention.

  3. I got my Wendell’s Roughnecks t shirt from CafePress in the mail today. I love it ! Wendell and Sir Winston will be my tees worn this Summer ! 😀

  4. Hi, all!

    Thank you for the kind words on “Totaled.”

    About the eARC – There are four different versions, with the stories grouped by quarter. So if you’re in the mood for a scavenger hunt, use the TOC to track down some of the other authors. If they’ve got blogs or FB pages, I’m sure they’d be amenable to a polite request.

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