Catching up, then back to work

The lovely Mrs. Correia requested that I avoid the internet as much as possible this weekend, so I’ve got a ton of comments and messages to go through. So bullet points!


Somebody make sure this bit gets back to GRRM. He wanted to know if he could have input on SP4 nominees. Not my call, talk to Kate. She’s in charge next year and I don’t know what she’s going to do. However, I’m guessing that since Brad just took suggestions on his blog for things that were worthy, quality works that would normally not have a chance of getting nominated, from authors who were normally ignored, and your suggestions fit that, then sure. Suggest away.


The replacements were announced for the authors who dropped out. I’ve not read Three Body Problem yet but I’ve heard good things about it. A Single Samurai is a great story. Because I am apparently required to state the obvious, I encourage everyone to read all of the works and vote for what they think is the best.

Amusing side note, I was told Vox Day loved Three Body Problem, and the only reason it wasn’t on his RP was that he hadn’t read it in time… So quick, nobody tell the angry guilt by association mob. 🙂


During all this controversy, I’ve had detractors attack me for things people say in my blog comments. I replied that I don’t mess with the comments. I don’t “massage”, “kitten”, or “disemvowel”. I don’t remove posts just because I disagree with them. I let people argue freely. And in all the years of doing this I’ve only blocked a handful of trolls and crazy people.

Apparently the trolls and crazy people took that as a challenge, and I got a bunch of “I’m a huge Corriea fan (some of them couldn’t even spell my name right) and SP supporter (who has never posted here before) and racial slur, racial slur, racial slur, threats against authors we disagree with, racial slur, racial slur! (seriously, it was like they were trying to channel Boyd Crowder). Yay Sad Puppies.”

I’m sure they thought this was a clever trap, either Correia approves these posts showing his supporters are huge flaming nutterbutters, or he’s a hypocrite who does moderate comments. But that thing about normally not blocking people? Yeah, that’s my personal attempt at allowing free speech, not a suicide pact. Blocked, dumb asses.  Sheesh. This isn’t rocket science.


Apparently there were a bunch more stupid articles and news reports this weekend, still running with the angry straight white men, anti-diversity slate angle. I don’t even bother reading them anymore. It is all the same script. I didn’t even know Popular Science was still around.

In the interest of full disclosure, none of the hit pieces tried to talk to us, but NPR’s On The Media did try to reach out. They sent me an email, they wanted to speak on the phone to gather info, but it was on a day when I was running around the wilds of Yard Moose Mountain and I missed their call. I sent them an apology the next morning.

I haven’t listened, but I heard they brought in professional outrage monger Arthur Chu to explain everything. Ha! But to be fair, they at least tried.


Now this week, I can either keep repeating myself, or I can get back to work. Despite the best attempts to destroy my reputation a bunch of people still want to give me large sums of money for writing stuff, so work it is.

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  1. Meanwhile, at the Legion of Toorm, the CHORFlords and their CHORFling minions are busy trying to pry the cover off the controls for the Hugo Award, so they can enter the code: “Zero Zero Zero Destruct Zero”. . . (grin)

    1. *imagines the Klingon peering at the countdown. Cut scene to Monsters VS Aliens where the countdown doesn’t result in immediate boom, but goes boom anyway*

  2. Ah, the dead-obvious “false flag”. Sounds like they’ve been taking a page from the anti-#GamerGate crowd. Next step would be for them to take screenshots of those posts and crow about them all over twitter.

    1. Taking a page from? It’s the same SJWs. To paraphrase Harry Dresden “Moral outrage, it’s like heroin to SJWs.” And these people are always looking for their next hit.

  3. Someone else made this point over at V ox Day’s site, but with all the flak Chu took for “gaming” Jeopardy! by taking advantage of the rules you would think he’d recognize the point. But rules for thee, not for me seems to be the standard with folks like that.

      1. Or not. Just about the only thing he’s notable for is Jeopardy and being an asshole. I didn’t know who he was until after I got blocked for pointing out he was a dirtbag for going after a gang rape victim because some Gamergate affiliated people wanted to get her support.

        1. If that’s who I’m thinking of, it’s not that GG wanted her to support them, so much as GG was trying to help her after the assault. It came to GG’s attention when Mercedes Carrera brought it up during a podcast.

          1. That’s what I meant, just wasn’t phrased that well. Carrera and some of the GG people started a drive to support her finances and counseling.

        2. He’s also a dirtbag for saying that there was at least one rape he knew of that he didn’t report. On camera, no less.

      1. When that came up, I commented that Larry wasn’t on the slate, not noticing that it was last year’s tweet. He called me stupid and then blocked me, and a few of his followers got all excited, and faved the tweet where he called me stupid.

  4. I hope, at some point, a member of the major media takes the time to actually INTERVIEW you. The media claims to be unbiased, but only interviewing one side really casts doubt on their impartiality.

    1. I can at least say he doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet as a writer. However there is something James Rollins-ish about Three Body which reads like a screenplay for a film. It seems to have one foot in genre and another in a novel tie-in for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. If you’re expecting that extra dimension of artistic awareness from old-school SF like Bester’s “Fondly Fahrenheit” or Silverberg’s “Passengers,” forget it – it’s not there. Still a fun read that can be legitimately recommended. But let’s be honest: had this been written by an ethnic European American the buzz would be severely muted from our race-gender crew of SJWs. They are so far off their rockers you just can’t trust them anymore. They don’t ask literary questions but for your I.D.

      1. But let’s be honest: had this been written by an ethnic European American the buzz would be severely muted from our race-gender crew of SJWs.

        Being written by a non-white person also means that they’ve missed its various sorts of political incorrectness. Really, the scenes with the Red Guards read like SJW masturbation fantasies (if you adopt the Red Guard viewpoint instead of the major character viewpoint), and I’ll bet none of the SJW crew noticed that.

        1. That’s true. I used to see Jack Vance novels in Rio and wondered how in the world his prose would come across in Portuguese. Would it be reflected? Would it be scoured clean?

      2. “Still a fun read that can be legitimately recommended. But let’s be honest: had this been written by an ethnic European American the buzz would be severely muted from our race-gender crew of SJWs. They are so far off their rockers you just can’t trust them anymore. They don’t ask literary questions but for your I.D.. ”


        Statements like that are unnecessary in discussing the quality of the piece. You’re lumping an entire group of people, labeling them as SJW, and assuming you’d know how’d they act while insulting them (e.g., “they don’t ask literary questions but for your I.D.).

        It is something you’d be very upset if they did to you.

        Your insight about the actually quality of the piece is immediately obscured by this unnecessary jab.

  5. Yay! Larry’s going back to work to write novels that I WANT to read AND I have two more works to buy to help tide me over.

  6. I just told a couple of Army buddies to read MHI this week, Larry. And I loaned a copy of Spellbound to another last week. At this point, it’s probably like an eyedropper in the Great Lakes, but your fans are still making sure you’re GETTING PAID!

  7. “…and I got a bunch of “I’m a huge Corriea fan (some of them couldn’t even spell my name right) and SP supporter (who has never posted here before) and racial slur, racial slur, racial slur, threats against authors we disagree with, racial slur, racial slur! (seriously, it was like they were trying to channel Boyd Crowder). Yay Sad Puppies.””

    Nothing new on that front. This happens on the conservative and libertarian political blogs a lot around presidential election time. “I’m a conservative Christian Republican, but…{insert either paragraphs of liberal talking points, or racist tirades}”. IP tracing the comments had a better than even shot of going back to a building that houses a area DNC headquarters in those cases. LFG’s guys got caught planting racist things a few cycles ago and then ran on their blog that the commenters were racist at these other blogs.

    1. The infamous Killgore Trout episode on Hotair. I remember it well, saw it happen in real time. Jackass comes in at 2 AM, plants a bunch of racist comments, and then calls out the moderators for not deleting *his own comments* fast enough. When they were asleep.

      And Chucky Johnson ate it up at LGF like it was a real thing.

      1. On Catholic sites, there’s a rule of thumb. Anybody who mentions having been an altarboy in his first sentence (or who calls himself “devout”) is going to end that sentence with something totally non-Catholic. Something he was allowed to do when he was seven gives him a pass to steal, murder, and worship Satan.

        And then there are the concern trolls who can’t even pass as members of really lapsed Catholic families, and who are obviously making it up.

        So yeah, most of these people are just the lying sort of concern trolls.

        But some of them probably read Correia at some point. For five minutes. Before their cool friends told them not to. But they put in their altarboy time, so they think that gives them a license to lie, cheat, and steal forevermore.

      2. The ironic thing is I think CJ was the fellow who coined the term “Moby” for that kind of false-flag commenting, after the “Musician” who recommended doing it to try to hurt the credibility of Conservative Blogs.

        Now his blog is full of them.

        1. As a former “lizard”, proud member of the banned, I wouldn’t call those slobbering sychophants that at all. Being a moby requires some level of intelligence and there’s nothing like that left over there. Every time someone says or asks an intelligent question the rest of the denziens of the BVoAF quickly down ding them into submission. Crabs in the bucket.

          1. Never got around to getting banned (Well, I was once, because I caught CJ in some hypocrisy, but it was before he went full retard) but with IceWeasel and Her Cronies gang-dinging my every comment, I gave up. Hell, I knew it was trouble when he took down the wonderful Cox & Forkum logo they did for him.

    2. If I were retired, I think I’d start a blog just to attract these jagoffs so I could track them down, post their meatspace names and addresses along with their comments, and guarantee that Google will love them forever.

    1. I don’t necessarily agree with it all either, but I thought his points about series and particularly shorts stories were well taken.

      I am maybe more fantasy than scifi, but I read novels. Almost exclusively. The many, many short story categories were the oddest thing to me about this whole hugo campaign. In a way, it makes the novel category more prestigious (there can be only one!) but there are so many other categories and they are all for other stuff.

      1. Oh, they definitely do exist. You may be the only person around who hasn’t had the displeasure to meet at least one personally.

        1. I noted the claim about them in Flint’s comments and recalled a certain scene in “The Princess Bride”.

    2.         Eric raised some of those points about reforming the Hugo categories several years ago on Baen’s Bar.  I agreed with him then, and do so now.

              But it’s worth noting what he’s saying between the lines: the people who have dominated the Hugo nomination process lately are quite out of touch with most sf&f fen.  Which is the big point of We Who Seek to Make Puppy Joyful Again.

              I disagree with his point about there not being a conspiracy to rig the Hugos.  One of the things that’s come out is just how much log-rolling and collusion was going on, quietly.  Just look at the way the same people get within a few votes of each other for nominations, year after year.

      1. Yeah, The denial of log-rolling one of the bigger things I disagree with in his post. That said, I think he’s spot on about how the situation developed, and I like the solutions he’s suggesting.

  8. You do realize that you’ve committed a grave sin, right? Because George RR Martin noticed this, you’ve probably set back the delivery schedule for his next book for at least six months …

        1. They said the same thing about Duke Nukem Forever.


          Hope the GRRM fans like the shit sandwich they’re going to be eating when it does come out.

          Winds of Winter – Coming WHEN IT’S DONE!

          1. On a more serious note …. I’m not really looking forward to TWoW that much. I think the subplots have REALLY bogged down the series.

          2. Perhaps Martin is delaying Winds of Winter until that pesky Global Warming is resolved.

          3. Kristophr,

            It is, but you know how long seasons take in Westeros…


            I think I’m with you. The characters I loved to love are mostly dead, as are the villains I loved to hate. The remaining characters are mostly traveling around and not getting anywhere. I don’t see much reason to read another book about people sitting around on boats.

            I might pick up the series again after “A Dream of Spring” comes out, assuming: (a) It’s actually the end, and (b) It comes out in my lifetime.

          4. There’s plenty of time for the characters to join a traveling circus and have lots of keen travelogue-type adventures to flesh out this fascinating world and put off this icicle zombie thing for awhile yet. For walkers these ice-zombies don’t seem to get very far.

          5. @Zsuzsa, I actually think that it’s very important to have at least a couple characters traveling around the realm. Most of the action, as it were, takes place in royal courts, so having people travel the realm gives us readers a very valuable insight on how the nobles’ game of thrones (heh) has affected the populace. These lordships and such aren’t just chits and prizes to be passed around among the Lannisters, Baratheons, Tullys, Tarlys, Tyrells, Starks, and so forth. They actually do affect real people’s lives.

            That said … there’s been a little too much traveling. There’s been a bit too much exposition. And (quite frankly) I don’t need all of the details of how Character A travels up the coast to meet Character B, and meets Characters C, D, E, F, and G along the way. Sometimes it’s enough for Character A to pop up near Character B at a narratively appropriate moment, then provide the capsule version of his journeys at some point later. Or maybe he can say, “Yeah, it was really hard getting here, and it involved fifty puppies, the 1983 Harlem Globetrotters, and a pair of alligator clamps. I won’t go into the details.”

          6. That’s one of the main reasons Game of Thrones isn’t a lot worse than the real Wars of the Roses. Everybody involved in that was highly interested in making sure that the wool trade and agriculture and the trades continued to make goods and money. Knights and soldiers fought knights and soldiers.

            So it did affect some people directly, but most people were only affected if the local lord or the addressee of their taxes changed.

        1. I think Paul and storm summed it up best
          Lewis took 4 years to chronicle Narnia
          Tolkien took twelve years and Rowling took 10
          Lucas spent nearly 3 decades on star wars
          and we all know how that one turned out in the end

    1. It isn’t really due out until after Nov. 2016, when he will be taking another hiatus. He thinks a victim blamer winning will be a great victory for feminism.

    1. I’d noticed that! I hope it’s getting you good attention. (And, yay, one of your favorite authors likes your story! 😉 )

      1. ‘Almost’? Pretty darned good, I’d say! I’d noticed something that made me smile, even with what I’m doing right now.

        Going to write a post about it.

      1. Thank you! Have fun! =D

        (and if ye be so inclined, do kindly leave a review, please)

        (…and Captain Barbossa seems stuck in my head lately. Apologies for that.)

      2. A week ago, I couldn’t wait for my pre-ordered copy of Angles of Attack to arrive.

        The fact that Mr. Kloos’ bang-up Lines of Departure was on the SP-recommended reading list was a significant factor in my decision to pony up $40 and nominate.

        By the time AoA came, the anticipation was gone. Meh. It sat on the nightstand for about 48 hours.

        Then I picked it up, and started in. Four chapters in, I can already tell that AoA is his best writing yet.

        Why don’t I care anymore? What’s wrong with me?

  9. Well I am all for: Ignore them and write more.
    I mean I do own all your books and cannot give you more money if you dont write new ones.

  10. GRRM asked in detail how the SP3 slate was chosen, which was not answered in this post. I am very curious, as many of the candidates on the SP3 slate were not from solicited opinions on Torgerson’s blog, and many of the proposed nominations in the comments section were not chosen. A little transparency would be welcome. I know the SP3 slate was chosen to satisfy a set of goals, but it was not apparently a democratic process.

    Second of all, I listened to the On the Media piece. I’m glad they reached out to LC – they also played part of an interview he had given earlier rather than just paraphrasing his views. Maybe LC could follow up with them on another episode to get the opposing point of view? No one here will be happy to hear Chu’s point of view, but OTM did a pretty good job of presenting the situation for non-SF fans.

    1. REally… honest to seriously WTF?

      Some idiot on Brad’s blog has been making the same demands (he works for you?) and getting all pedantic about the *precise* meaning of “democratic” and “transparent.”

      Is that you? Or is this a new “concern troll” advanced level 204 to follow the 101? Everyone on the same page?

      No secret was ever made about how Brad chose his slate. He explained it frequently. Thus *transparent*. “Democratic” as in “appeal to the general population” and what not… normal meanings of normal words… just in you’re now on to lesson #2 and going to insist that any use of the term “democratic” means “direct democracy” and nothing else, no matter how normal people use language.

      1. Synova, you appear to be badly confused. What we want is to ensure that Brad followed proper Democratic procedure. First, he had to have a primary of all Democratic Party nominated works in each state, then, after that, the delegates from those states would be allowed to vote on which books would be on Sad Puppies. I am afraid that what Brad did was in no way, shape, or form Democratic.

    2. Yeah, either it’s the same guy or they’ve got a new script.

      Gonna rules lawyer you to death and act like they’re not pedantic twits.

  11. Your lovely wife is right, Larry. Working with the monsters is a lot less mind-numbing than dealing with the SJ bullies.

  12. Meanwhile, over at Scalzi’s bog victory has been declared and Larry and Brad consigned to the dustbin of SF history.

    Amusing, in a totally clueless sort of way.

    Fisk bait, to be sure.

    1. Declared victory before the Hugos were voted on, eh? Sounds like a good strategy for getting out of the quagmire in VietNam: declare victory and then go home.

    2. Scalzi is amusing to read sometimes. When he’s on his snarky high school girly high horse he flings the most inane and ineffective insults.

      1. Scalzi always tries to sound like the cool kids telling you you can’t sit with them for lunch because you don’t shine enough and also you suck. Respect is a two way street, and me and Scalzi are more like a pigoen shit covered municipal drainage lot next to an abandoned strip mall that closed when the county traffic judge’s office and the unpopular off-brand froyo place that also had donuts and breakfast tacos finally decided not to renew their leases.

    3. Scalzi used the words “toxic bigotry” without a hint of self-awareness either of his own rhetoric or that of the mentally addled feminist posse he rides herd on. I can only assume no one’s ever left a Rosetta Stone in Scalzi’s X-mas stocking. Perhaps at some future date someone will visit this Lord of the Flies cult and figure out what bizarre set of hieroglyphs they use to communicate with each other.

      Reminding ourselves these are writers is only frosting on the SJW brick cake which keeps their dentists so busy.

      1. That’s what comes of constantly redefining words to mean whatever you want them to mean at the moment; sometimes you lose track.

      1. Wish I could say yes but it was my damned palsied fingers!

        WHATEVER is more of a combination echo chamber and circle jerk, anyway!

    4. I didn’t find it amusing, I found it hate-filled and surprisingly bitter and angry toward Brad and Larry. What did either of them ever do to Scalzi?

      And he’s actually happy about burning down the Hugo’s rather than giving the “wrongfans” a victory. Of Scalzi wasn’t going to win this year in any case, so that explains his ‘tude.

      No doubt Larry *will* find it amusing – since he has a thick skin.

      1. Scalzi is practically the definition of overweening arrogance. He’s a slightly more mobile version of Vashti in E. M. Forester’s “The Machine Stops.”

    5. “Amusing, in a totally clueless sort of way”

      Hey, the dude has more Hugo noms than Arthur C. Clarke and is (I think) tied with George R. R. Martin, and he did it in only ten years rather than 40 or 50.

      Of course he’s an expert on getting Hugo nominations.

      Writing, not so much.

    6. His hateful screed was so noxious that it finally convinced me to take him off my feed. I enjoy a lot of his fiction, but he’s a real jerk when it comes to politics and culture.

  13. Popular Science went downhill in the late 90’s and is mostly only good for stories about giant automated solar cargo ships of tomorrow steered by giant kite things, and new dirigibles that might be used for construction or various exotic 3d printed whatchamadoos.

    You don’t read the articles so much as look at the commercial art concept watercolor of their 2 mile tall skyscraper visualization or floating autonomous ocean city or whatever.

  14. @correia45 Yes please, more MH, grimnoir etc. I think you have said enough. SJB’s are going to be SJB’s. No point casting your pearls before, well, those people.

  15. At the end of the day, you can’t hide quotes, or make them up if they don’t exist.

    What these media outlets are doing is putting a giant blanket over the scoreboard during a football game and hoping we’re so stupid we can’t keep score on our own.

    We can, and so can the public. Every time I visit the Top 100 Amazon SFF I find no SJWs on it. Why is that?

    And read this:

    Some SJWs (like Kameron Hurley) have been linking to it. Much of it is what I’ve been saying for 3 years and been called a “racist” for. SJWs literally parse words according to race, not whether an idea is a good one. That’s because they are literalists – identity-addicts. In a real world sense there is no such thing as “PoC” or “whites.” That is regional Jim Crow thrown onto the world and it’s entire history by dingbat feminists.

    1. I’m going to have to remember that phrase about POC being itself an expression of “a pure statement of American cultural hegemony: by using it this way, you are literally saying that all the multiplicity of histories and differences in the vast majority of the world population are all subsumed collectively into an honorary American minority for, what I don’t know, convenience. “

  16. I posted a response on GRRM’s blog and several people responded to it with accusations that I was racist / homophobic. When I responded all of my comments were left in moderation and none of them were actually posted.

    Has anyone else experienced this as well?

      1. Its sad because I did take the time to answer each and every issue that they raised, but as it stands it looks like a bunch of self righteous people were able to shut me up. Pearls. Before. Swine.

    1. Does GRRM run his own LiveJournal, or does someone else do the moderation? On a personal note, LJ drives me bonkers with that whole need to click a link to open every, or darn near every, response.

      1. I dont know if he runs it or not, but most probably not, being a wealthy person and all. But I do wish my responses would be posted since I thought I did a passable job addressing their concerns.

        How are people supposed to have a dialogue if you only let one side speak?

        1. Clearly their followers can’t be trusted to even see the arguments for the other side. They may choose to believe wrongthink. And they can’t take that chance.

    2. It’s been happening a lot over the last week or two on GRRM’s blog.

      GRRM came out all acting like he was being reasonable and whatnot… but he’s not, and he showed his true colors pretty quickly.

  17. “Despite the best attempts to destroy my reputation a bunch of people still want to give me large sums of money for writing stuff, so work it is.”

    The best response to “sinboy” and his ilk.

  18. Larry, you missed a pretty big happening over the weekend.

    The Honey Badger Brigade went to the Calgary Expo to sell their wares and support artistic freedom. They even participated in a short, cordial back-and-forth with a feminist comic book panel.

    The con’s response? Based on dubious claims of “harassment” as well as accusations of disrupting the aforementioned panel, the Honey Badgers were not only ejected from the show, but banned for life!

    The awful details are here. Pay special attention to the very last video.

    It gets worse, too. Allegedly, when the Honey Badgers decided to meet in a public park, the Expo called the police on them. While the actual encounter with the officer was polite and positive (he and the Badgers just had a big laugh) I wonder why drove the Expo summoned the police in the first place. The way I see it, the Expo was just trying to pour salt in the wound.

    There’s a lot of this bullying of artists going around lately. And the SJWs consider this good and proper.

    While this doesn’t relate directly to Sad Puppies, conduct like this is a huge reason why I support the effort completely. No artist should be treated this way for their political opinions.

      1. If you want to keep your blood pressure down and limit your anger, don’t watch Alison’s video on the Breitbart article.

        I was — hm, really rather angry, watching it. 😐

        1. A bunch of webcomic artists openly cheering the censorship of one of their colleagues was a bit jarring.

          They’re dead to me.

          Then Amanda Marcotte goes all knives-out on the Honey Badgers, including mocking the distraught woman’s tears. Because Feminism, obviously.

          Staggeringly tactless and cruel, these SJW’s.

          1. The Honey Badgers put Marcotte on a boycott list last fall so she has no love for them – or anybody really.

            Marcotte kinda looks like what you might imagine a Nazi cocktail waitress looks like and the fact that everyone who disagrees with her defaults to Men’s Rights Activists suggests Marcotte doesn’t have much patience with being restrained by American cultural custom and practice. She is a bizarre fanatic.

          2. Meanwhile…..GRRM has shown his true colors and now is flatly stating that SJWs don’t exist and there is no bullying to be found. I am sure it took some considerable effort to try and seem reasonable for so many posts. Now he has gone into full ministry of truth mode.

          3. Went and read part of that article. Labeling them misogynists (because and stuff!) wasn’t enough. She had to draw a white supremacy equivalency.

            Smear job, A.M carrying water for the cabal.

            Disgust, frustration and anger — I guess she can call herself an evocative writer.

    1. Guess which side calls itself “liberal”? Underground comix were created specifically for this inquisition. The idea these “feminists” consider themselves the logical inheritors of counter-culture is where the madly slanted Orwellian stink creeps in. Once again we see evidence of the SJW definition of the word “harassment.” What it really means in the John Scalzi dictionary of self-righteousness is that actual incitement and harassment on an institutional level is nothing and merely existing while at the same time denying the madness of gender feminism is “harassment.” We were expunged on that basis many months ago. The routine deletions at blogs across SFF have been proof of that. This is nothing new. Just another deletion by people who have the power to do so. There is no rule or fair play involved, just muscle.

    2. The official line now appears to be… The Honey Badgers wrote a funny kick-start appeal saying they were going to “infiltrate” by pretending to be nerds and that they’d prepared for this by actually being nerds for a couple of decades.

      So… no matter what Calgary Expo said in their original statement the “truth” is that HBB was thrown out for not being open about who they were and that if they hadn’t been *sneaky* they’d have been welcome to attend as themselves.

      Or something.

      Also… mean meanies of meaniness will go after you on the internet and call you a fascist totalitarian *sshole… just because they’re mean and like to say mean things because only Bad People are fascist totalitarians so saying that was…. mean… which proves that GG and MRA’s are sexist harassing meanies.

  19. From time to time the SJWs crow that all of the new people signing up for supporting memberships at Sasquan will blow the puppy voting out of the water. I’m not convinced. I’ve been reading that ML blog (which has some *really* bigoted people posting, no surprise) and I’ve seen a lot more people buying memberships on the SP side.

    Also I personally think that the fact that over there they will disemvowel and ban you for disagreeing with the party line, and here Larry allows non-trollish disagreement is a really important indicator of who is actually the more tolerant. And it isn’t them.

    1. I personally think that the fact that over there they will disemvowel and ban you for disagreeing with the party line, and here Larry allows non-trollish disagreement is a really important indicator of who is actually the more tolerant. And it isn’t them.

      It also puts them in an echo chamber where they never hear anything contrary to what they already think.

      1. Yeah, I was astounded by the acoustical quality on ML — they not only have an echo chamber, they actually discuss how to improve the echo. Never seen anything quite like it.

        Personally I think the disemvoweling is worse than merely deleting an unwanted comment, because it gloats: “Nyah nyah, we can talk and you can’t. Enjoy your gag, I know we will.”

      2. LWs have a huge blind spot about things they don’t agree with because LWs dominate media, Hollywood, and academia. For non-LWs, it’s virtually impossible to avoid being inundated with LW opinions, for the same reason.

        That’s why LWs are so much less tolerant of dissent — most honestly cannot conceive of a world where reasonable people might disagree with them, simply because they’ve never heard non-LW opinions presented as anything other craziness.

        The experience with EW and all the other media reporting on SP was pretty typical. As James O’Keefe showed by more or less single-handedly destroying ACORN simply by doing a little bit of journalism, LWs tend to live in glass house worldviews that shatter on contact with criticism. Hence the otherwise inexplicable need for things like safe spaces when they hear non-LWs might be nearby giving non-LW opinions.

    2. That’s one where there’s really going to be no way to find out except through the actual voting. After all, there’s no telling whether those who declare why they are buying are statistically representative, and I strongly suspect that the venue are weighted.

      And then there is the factor that SP have several choices, so the vote may get divided. Bloc voting does have its advantages.

    3. I have never been to a con or voted for a Hugo, but I have been reading SF since I was six years old. So not exactly a newbie.

      FWIW, the threat to “No Award” everything had me seriously considering whether I needed to vote this year (because someone needs to be an adult, read the works, and vote according to their quality)… but the more recent threats to this year’s prospective winners that their future careers will be affected is what decided me. We are being told now that the Hugo winners, if they appeared in the SP list, will be “tainted”, they will never wash off the “stink” or “stench”…

      …the stench of being liked by wrongfans. The taint of being voted for by science fiction readers who are Not Of The Body.

      And I realized that back in the 80s, first they came for the Nebula, and I said nothing because I was not an SFWA member.

      Then in the 90s they came for the Hugo, and I said nothing because I was not an author.

      Then they came for the publishers and the magazines and the gateways, and tried to make sure nothing that didn’t toe the line was published.

      Now they’re coming for the wrongfans, and I’m realizing this is the last stage: they actually don’t want us even reading SF. Even when we agree with received tastes and vote for the same works, we taint them just by liking them.

      Enough. Beyond enough. No more.

      1. I’m in the same boat as jaed. I wanted to just sit on the sideline. When they decided to vote down Skin Game out of guilt-by-association with Vox, that was the last straw for me.

  20. Soooo…..

    Check my numbers, someone:

    Five nominees in the novel category.

    Larry declines to prove a point. Fine, slot gets filled.

    Marko withdraws because holy Molly… Cixin is brought forward.

    This means we’re now at nomination slot number seven.

    AndScalzi STILL isn’t on the ballot

    1. Yup. Scalzi can’t catch a break this year. Glad someone other than Janus got the Hugo slot.

      1. Makes me wonder how far down the list you’d have to go before Scalszi would get the nomination.

        Not unless it was the last book published this year?

        It was between Scalszi’Scalszi’s book and a Teletubbie retrospectiveretrospective?

    2. Scalzi reportedly made an attempt to be original with his last novel (I haven’t read it, but that’s what I hear).

      That obviously didn’t work out very well for him

      1. Scalzi seems to prove, or at least demonstrate the idea that winning a Hugo is actually BAD for your career. Or at least chasing after a Hugo is, if not necessarily the act of winning it.

  21. Soooo…..

    Check my numbers, someone:

    Five nominees in the novel category.

    Larry declines to prove a point. Fine, slot gets filled.

    Marko withdraws because holy Molly… Cixin is brought forward.

    This means we’re now at nomination slot number seven.

    And Scalzi STILL isn’t on the ballot…


    He he.

    Ha ha ha.


    No, I’m sorry. This isn’t the time for schadenfreude.



  22. Larry,

    Every time you write a story, an SJW is triggered by your blatant displays of great skill in writing.

    Disclosure: I’ve been using your writing since 2011 to teach my students.

  23. I am a large Korea fan*. I am totally a Sad Puppies supporter**.

    I like vehicle competitions where the teams do their own design and fabrication.

    I think Hobbits should advance as Fighting Men to a maximum of level four, and Dwarves to level six.

    I’ve a rationale for thinking that certain European countries are our real enemies in the War on Terror. When North America was colonized, the French and English did so in different ways. The French were heavily fur trappers, and the English settled. The French were in a better position to recruit Indian tribes as military proxies against the settling powers, and did so often enough. Okay, our memories as a people tend not to be so vivid that far back.

    But that is totally what the French, Italians, and Germans are doing today. Look at how their governments have let people go into certain circumstances, then ponied up the ransom.

    Okay, this was a substantially less weak in 2008.

    *South Korea rocks. North Korea sucks.

    **I’ve been outspoken about not really having the budget to spend forty whole dollars. So I’ve certainly missed the nomination, and I would not count on me making the actual vote this year.

      1. Thank you, but no. I’m very private, dislike receiving charity, and have some hope of improving my income. Maybe before voting this year, maybe for next year.

        I might recommend instead the first volume of Jim Zub’s Wayward, which will be eligible next year.

        You can see some of his other work, in a different genre, at comic dot skullkickers dot com.

      1. In all seriousness, the chauvinists are few and far between and rate something between an eye-roll and, well, not bothering with the eye-roll.

        What gets me, and what seems so well illustrated with this latest Calgary Expo thing… is how much of a threat a woman who doesn’t see herself as a victim really is to those who gain power through victimhood. (Veto-power, “shut up” power, dictatorial expulsion power, change your curriculum power, grovel and submit a tearful apology power…)

        After all… if living as a victim is a choice, what does it mean about those who choose it?

        And if someone chooses not to view herself as a victim, what is it other than proof that it’s a choice?

        Real victims exist and no one disputes that they were victimized… and that they didn’t choose it. But being a victim of the millennium of cooperation between men and women to create civilization because I’ve got a vagina? OMG. I’m gonna voluntarily inhabit that cesspool?

        1. The most misogynistic place on any college campus is the Women’s Studies department. Every. Time.

          They’re the ones who cackle when a non-Democrat woman is shredded with the most sexist language. They’re the ones turning a blind eye to kidnap and rape of religious minority women in the Middle East and Africa. And they’re the ones who stand and bar the door to speakers like Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

          And every female that graduates with that degree is a straight up, woman hating, misogynist. They loathe other women more than they hate men, that’s how bad they are.

          1. I’ve never been disrespected *for being a woman* except by self-proclaimed “feminists.”

            I watched Alison’s video and she’s saying, in such an accepting way, that she’s just never been good at being female and I’m wanting to crawl through the screen and beat the shit out of someone, as if there’s only one right way to be female.

            Sometimes guys can be assholes and pick on a woman for her looks or not being feminine enough, but the *women* who do that are nasty pieces of work, and they’re generally doing it just to hurt you because that’s what mean girls do. You get to be “not a woman”… you get to get unpersoned for having ideas that “aren’t yours” because your poor little-woman brain isn’t allowed to deviate from the narrative.

            I’d rather hang out all day long with honest misogynists. At least they would leave me my own self instead of trying to take it away.

          2. Synova: (don’t know if this will post under your last reply but it’s the only reply option I have) Total agreement from me. I saw it first when I went to graduate school. It made me run from academia as fast as I could and totally change my life’s dreams. Absolutely sick.

            Yep, men can be total assholes, but women know exactly where to hit so it’s permanent. And they like to do it in gangs. Also, they can be so incredibly deceitful to other women. Gotta watch your back.

            Not that there aren’t many stellar females on this planet, there are. It’s just that the theme that keeps getting pushed that women are beyond reproach is so pathetically inaccurate. And any honest woman will be happy to say that out loud.

          3. NKR: yeah, what’s with the no reply link at this nesting level?

            Anyway… it’s a good observation. I’m a pro dog trainer with 45 years experience, and something I’ve always noted about the difference between when male or female dogs get into a fight:

            Males will beat each other up, then as soon as one surrenders, it’s settled forever and they go have a beer together, no hard feelings. And if the boss knocks heads together and puts a halt to the fight, they’ll go yessir and for the most part try to get along.

            But females fight to kill, and they don’t accept surrender — that just gets the loser killed sooner. And if the aggressor gets interrupted before the deed is done, she never forgets who she intended to kill, and it’s *never* safe to leave her unsupervised with the target of her aggression.

            [Incidentally in dogs the socially-superior individual *always* wins the fight. And social status is born, not made.]

          4. There is
            a limit on
            you don’t
            that look
            like this.

  24. Larry,

    It’s better in the grand scheme of things to keep working. No need to spend a huge amount of time repeating yourself in this regard.

    BTW, don’t repeat yourself over and over in the novels, except for maybe the line “OH SH*T! It’s Franks!”

    1. Truth! I love it when someone exclaims, “Oh Sh!t, it’s Franks!” because that means something bada$$ is about to happen. I’ve also grown fond of references to a certain red-haired werewolf. She is slowly growing to be a favorite in the character realm. I love your main characters, but Edward is my favorite. He doesn’t care about social norms (Tanya), he listens to talk radio, and he is an unstoppable fighter who relies on his skill and whatever weapon is at hand. Edward is the man… errr…orc.

  25. I would like to thank the indomitable Mrs. Correia for getting you back on task. Please continue to write great fiction and take my money.

  26. At this point I think PopSci is only still around because of the less than fully observant people who got tricked into extending their subscriptions by ridiculous amounts a few years back when they started sending “renew now for 3 years at a large discount” letters every 6 or 9 months instead of every 3 years. Ask me how I know this…

    The same stunt is why I’m no longer a subscriber to popular mechanics and will almost certainly never be again despite the fact that the magazine had been showing signs of recovery last year.

  27. Check out Scalzi’s blog:

    For those of you who can’t stand to read Scalzi (I myself barely got through), here’s a summary:

    He’s pretty much declaring victory and saying you’re trying to “distance” yourself from Day but it’s not good enough.

    This is exactly how Day and a lot of other people said any “disavowals” on the SPs part would go.

    Next time you should just remain silent or maybe even say a nice word about someone who supports you.

    1. My summary of the post, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men…Scalzi knows!”

      He makes Professor X look like a carnival psychic with his ability to read the minds of those he disagrees with. Might make one think he has an ax to grind.

    2. Writer Michael Bracewell once observed about the fad of radical chic that its greatest fear was to be seen as middle class. That suits Scalzi and his intersectional troupe of radical edgy clowns to a “T.”

      1. Hip young radicals always live in rural Ohio and obsess about their lawns.

        I have it on good authority that Che was working on “The Riding Mower Diaries” when he was killed.

      2. James Taranto calls it “oikophobia.”

        Life is too short to care about Scalzi s various butthurt screeds. He lost.

        And back to work for reals this time.

  28. Larry, i assume you were talking about me. Trolling wasn’t my intention i just don’t trust Martin. I’m a huge fan and will eagerly await your new your new stories. I apologize for coming off as a troll and wont post again.

  29. When it come to hate speech which obsessively attacks people based on their race and sex, probably statistical 0% of all Americans publicly indulge in it. That’s because the threshold to be eligible for such a thing is so high; almost no Americans meet it.

    When you arrive at the core SFF community, suddenly that all changes. The number of prominent SFF figures who either indulge in hate speech or openly support it is a statistical anomaly in American culture. In SFF that includes editors, prominent bloggers, Campbell, Nebula and Hugo nominees. By definition, that shows some sort of faddist cult is at work. By “faddist” I mean you couldn’t possibly have that many people who actively hate 1/6 to half the planet. You need a lot of wayward dupes – what Tom Wolfe once referred to in a 1970 book title as “Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers,” though I’d say this 21st century edition is far worse than what Wolfe was referring to.

    The problem is that from the outside, since the merely naive parrot the hateful, it all looks much the same. What oddball mechanism which produced this cult of racial and sexual obsession and hatred in SFF and almost nowhere else in America today is probably something for a cultural sociologist to uncover. What ever’s the case, it’s a disgrace to the genre. I don’t believe it is liberalism at work here. Even leftism hasn’t thrown itself over to a bizarre cult of lesbian-centric psycho-sexual and racial hatred.

    SFF needs a frickin’ therapist, and probably an outside intervention.

    To me it’s obvious that without the intervention of Sad Puppies, we would’ve had a replay of last year’s jazz hands crusade against the white patriarchy.

    There is your “marginalized,” your “diversity,” your new core SFF community.

    This is from a Wikipedia entry on “Radical Chic”:

    “[Wolfe’s] subject is how culture’s patrician classes – the wealthy, fashionable intimates of high society – have sought to luxuriate in both a vicarious glamour and a monopoly on virtue through their public espousal of street politics: a politics, moreover, of minorities so removed from their sphere of experience and so absurdly, diametrically, opposed to the islands of privilege on which the cultural aristocracy maintain their isolation, that the whole basis of their relationship is wildly out of kilter from the start. … In short, Radical Chic is described as a form of highly developed decadence; and its greatest fear is to be seen not as prejudiced or unaware, but as middle-class.
    —Michael Bracewell

    1. While I agree with the majority of your explanation I disagree with one key premise: That this is confined to SFF. It is not, it has gone far beyond just SFF. THe difference is that SFF was allowed to fester and grow more toxic since it wqas alone in its corner and then the Sad Puppies ripped off the mask in the charade so everyone could see the true nature of the beast.

      1. Well, you’re certainly seeing the same thing in comics, video games and some college campuses. But when it comes to regular American life, there is almost a complete absence of this weird feminist stuff. I don’t deny it’s bleeding into our mainstream culture via film and TV casting as well. That’s how mainstreaming hate speech as “social justice” works.

        The guy who played Dr. Who for a season just revealed some hilariously stupid reasons for leaving, among which was diversity casting. It’s not diversity that’s the problem per se, it’s the way it is always being framed as white supremacy. When you put it like that, people are going to push back, and in doing so, people like Kameron Hurley and Damien Walter and EW can get on their stupid horses and say we’re racists who fear change. That’s not so. We don’t fear change – we don’t like Walter and Hurley, or Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu for that matter. We’re tired of their group incitement and defamation.

  30. Poor Ruined Larry:

    “O ‘Melia, my dear, this does everything crown!
    Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town?
    And whence such fair garments, such prosperi-ty?” —
    “O didn’t you know I’d been ruined?” said she.

    — “You left us in tatters, without shoes or socks,
    Tired of digging potatoes, and spudding up docks;
    And now you’ve gay bracelets and bright feathers three!” —
    “Yes: that’s how we dress when we’re ruined,” said she.

    — “At home in the barton you said thee’ and thou,’
    And thik oon,’ and theäs oon,’ and t’other’; but now
    Your talking quite fits ‘ee for high compa-ny!” —
    “Some polish is gained with one’s ruin,” said she.

    — “Your hands were like paws then, your face blue and bleak
    But now I’m bewitched by your delicate cheek,
    And your little gloves fit as on any la-dy!” —
    “We never do work when we’re ruined,” said she.

    — “You used to call home-life a hag-ridden dream,
    And you’d sigh, and you’d sock; but at present you seem
    To know not of megrims or melancho-ly!” —
    “True. One’s pretty lively when ruined,” said she.

    — “I wish I had feathers, a fine sweeping gown,
    And a delicate face, and could strut about Town!” —
    “My dear — a raw country girl, such as you be,
    Cannot quite expect that. You ain’t ruined,” said she.

    –Thomas Hardy

  31. Mr Correiga – 🙁

    My two pennyworth. I think that the cat is out of the bag, Slates are out there. In the future some of these in the future will be set by SJWs, some by different sorts of jerks and some will be set by people who just love SF and just want to see the stuff they like on the Hugo ballot.

    Meanwhile your writing books entertains us and pays your bills so “back to work” sounds like a plan. 🙂

  32. I just popped in to say two things:

    1) Keep up the good work. I discovered this particular spat by way of the culture wars, and it has re-kindled my interest in reading SFF. I discovered some authors that I had not been aware of before, and whose work I will almost certainly be purchasing in the near future.

    2) On the topic of purchasing your work, I figured that you should be aware that there’s an unauthorized copy of “The Monster Hunters” on the Google Play store. I sent an e-mail to Baen, but I figured I’d bring it to your attention here, since you seem to actively read the comments on your blog.

  33. “NPR’s On The Media did try to reach out.”

    Can you respond to them now and maybe get on that show to make a rebuttal?

    1. Don’t forget to inform them that you’ll be bringing your own video and audio recording devices, Larry!

  34. I have to wonder about the sinboys and the Erin Alexandras and the Aaron Pounds, the people who have dedicated their lives and their Twitter feeds to hating on Sad Puppies. What did they do before? What will they do after? Is hate all they have? If so, that’s very sad.

    1. Back in the 80’s, John Skipp and Craig Spector published an ecohorror novel called The Bridge. One of the characters was the town crank who spent his days writing indignant letters to the local paper about how everything was going to hell.

      When the ecohorror erupted and the monstrosities of pollution came swarming through the door, he never even looked up from his typewriter and his final letter to the editor about how he had been right all along…

      And thus, the internet was born…

    2. SJWs are certainly incredible liars. When a cult like this so often critiques postcolonialism but it’s only ever Western colonialism you know you’re being lied to. Colonialism thus isn’t even the issue at all; it’s just an excuse to go after the West and ethnic Europeans.

      Diversity is the same thing. When you hear so much squawking about racial diversity but it only ever affects white demographics you know you’ve encountered a cult of racial bigots hiding behind lame excuses. Sexual diversity too. Equality isn’t the goal. If the publishing industry skews 85% women with 3 yr. experience or less you won’t hear a word about it from feminists for the simple reason they’re liars. And there’s never a murmur about romance fiction.

      SJWs are known for one thing and one thing only: group defamation. The fact they do that because they are dedicated to ending group defamation shows they are the perfect marriage of naive nuts and bigots.

      “I was thinking of the white people whose people came here very post-slavery and who use that to minimize their/our complicity/benefit.” – SFF author Veronica Schanoes

      The real question is when aren’t you thinking of that. Do SJWs ever take a day off?

      1. It’s not really about a day off for them. These are individuals who were unable to find meaning in their lives. They decided to build themselves around the SJW goals because they literally have nothing else. If you stripped away the SJW aspects of their lives they would have nothing. That is why they are willing to lie, employ bully tactics and find an oppressor anywhere. If they don’t perpetually find evil doers their lives will be meaningless. They are essentially a constantly cornered animal because all of their beliefs hang on very flimsy arguments.

      2. I notice that there are very few complaints about diversity in the NBA, despite the fact that NBA teams rarely “look like America.”

        1. I’ve used that comparison myself on more than a few occasions. One time I noticed a couple SJWs laughing at it to the effect of “there he goes with that NBA thing again,” as if it was some bizarre logical fallacy they couldn’t figure out.

          It seems pretty straightforward to me. It’s the simple perceptual shift, ironically the thing Mr. Spock was most famous for.

          I’ve also said this many times: SJWs are incapable of making simple comparisons like that. They are addicted to identity – the surface appearance of a thing. That’s why you see their metaphors and analogies so often fall flat. Arthur Chu is famous for that.

          Then again, some of them are simply liars who don’t like being caught out.

    1. And Gerrold crows that he’s deleting any comments to his concern troll to Brad that he doesn’t want to deal with, never realizing that that admission proves the SP point all by itself. Honestly, anyone who thinks the Hugos, WorldCons, and frankly, fandom in general are rehabilitatable is deluding him or herself. They’re done for, put a fork in them. No one cares NOW about the Hugos; as many have noted, the WorldCons have been wildly surpassed in interest and attendance by other venues; fandom is getting greyer and greyer as the trufans make it clear that anyone else is unwelcome in their august ranks.

    2. Gerrold is a pitch perfect symbol of what created Sad Puppies. These people are absolutely clueless about what it is they do. Gerrold is repeating the same pattern: group incitement and defamation. Pushback is proof of anti-diversity, racism, misogyny and homophobia. Delete and ban commenters.

      I don’t know if you noticed it Gerrold, but we’re way past the point of allowing that sort of doublethinking bullying anymore. SJW crusaders and their nutty feminists have no monopoly on HTML.

      I’m always amused SJWs are horrified by Vox Day. Compared to who? Gerrold and Tananarive Due? Those people hand-grenade me just for being born, as do all SJW Klanners.

      1. David Gerrold has joined with a facton which affects to despise Robert A. Heinlein, which is interesting because most of his output has been rehashes of Heinlein concepts. No, seriously. “The Trouble With Tribbles” was based on a scene from The Rolling Stones, The Man Who Folded Himself is novel-length “All You Zombies …”, and The War With the Chtorr series is essentially a rehash of Starship Troopers.

  35. Something I’m going to put out there: Read Eric Flint’s “Prime Palaver #8” (April 26, 2002) in the Baen Free Library. I can’t link directly to it specifically, but if you follow this link (, then select Chapter 8 from the box in the left menu, you’ll get it. It’s a powerful, cogent argument for why one should carefully distinguish between an author’s work and an author’s political/sociological beliefs. Not authors alone, either.

  36. Since we are on the topic of SP, its been over two weeks now since world con accepted my money [credit card] and still no email confirmation from them. I emailed them yesterday and still no word. I hope they are just backlogged and this isn’t some cute ploy to keep out the SP folk. If it is, its also illegal, I do believe. And, not illegal by their rules but by black letter law.

    If anyone else has had this problem let us know.

    1. I heard they’ve gotten like 1,600 new registrations since the awards were announced, so I figure they are just behind. If you are worried, just send them an email. Through all of this, I’ve never seen the administrators do anything dishonest.

    2. For what it’s worth, I received an email confirmation within a few hours of registering. So I don’t think there are any shenanigans going on.

      Have you checked to make sure it didn’t get stuck in your spam filter? And did your credit card charge go through?

  37. I am late to the party, had no idea this drama was taking place until I saw a link on FB, and now am reading up on the issue.
    1. Is there a one-stop web page that lists all the recommendations from SP1, SP2, and SP3?
    2. Is there a one-stop web page that lists who the preachy authors are and who the storytellers are (I will be glad to sign an NDA if the lists are secret)?
    3. Is it too late to buy a supporting membership for worldcon and vote on the 2015 HUGOs?

    Thanks for any help getting me up-to-speed

    1. 1. Each year had a blog post. For SP3 it was on Brad Torgersen’s page.
      2. Nope. Each time I singled somebody out, I’ve regretted making it personal.
      3. You can still buy a supporting membership for Sasquan. That enables you to vote this year, and nominate for next year.

      1. 1. Could somebody post the links here? (I know Google is my friend, blah, blah, blah – and I could search, but am hoping that somebody closer to the material could point me right at the pertinent material).
        2. Understand that professional writers may not want to label other writers, but surely some fan has built a list somewhere? Can somebody point me to a list? Anybody – feel free to provide a link while at the same time adding a disclaimer that you do not endorse the list, etc. etc. etc.
        3. Thank you. Will go look for the registration page.

  38. A few minutes ago on Twitter, I was targeted by a random anti-SP person with this:

    “Jane Carnall ‏@EyeEdinburgh · 4m4 minutes ago
    @CChupik Well, either Larry Correia accepts Vox Day’s leadership & wants us to vote for the #RabidPuppies slate in the Hugo Awards…or not.”

    No idea why they targeted me. My only SP tweet today was about David Gerrold.

    1. That’s easy. Not. I want people to read the works and vote on them according to the quality of the work… Kind of like I’ve said a couple hundred times now.

      1. She’s a hilariously obtuse troll. She seems to be harassing minor Sad Puppy tweeters with her silly accusations.

        1. She said that she wanted more people in fandom voting for the Hugos. So I said:

          “Christopher Chupik @CChupik
          · 6h 6 hours ago
          @Book_56 @EyeEdinburgh @OddlyDinosaur You want more fan participation? You sound like Larry Correia and Brad Torgersen! :-D”

    2. Have you been Tweeting about whether you’ve missed any good recent white #scifi/fantasy shorts again, you bad man?

      Sorry, that was the Hugo co-host, Tananarive Due.

      “Tananarive Due @TananariveDue · Apr 20 Have I missed any good recent black #scifi/fantasy shorts?… #Afrofuturism”

  39. Greetings.

    You do not know me. I am a historian with more roots in the horror genre but obviously heavy in sci fic. I stumbled across this thing accidentally recently. It is just as bad in Horror and comic book fandom. The history field suffers from this mostly in academia but is balanced by non-academics and military historians. I am in the Library field and it is there too but quieter. YOU and Brad are right. They are wrong. Philip Sandifer is calling you a fascist. He would not know a REAL fascist if one kicked him in the shin. Good luck. That is all.

  40. Hello MHN, I’ve been following this SJW-Pod People takeover of strategic positions in SFF for a while and I was wondering if any other genres are going through the same problems. Looking at crime fiction, for example, the foremost American author is James Ellroy whose books are carved out of weapons-grade PROBLEMATIC. Yet there are no calls by fellow writers in his bailiwick to drive him into the outer darkness – quite the opposite, he is lauded and emulated. Why does SFF have this problem, why can’t it have an Ellroy without having conniption fits?

    James May – really liking your essays on your homepage. ‘Principle must trump identity’ – Amen.
    Just read bobmcpherson’s post – the Poddies have spread to Horror too alas. Is any genre intrinsically resistant to Identarian nasties or will the Red Death achieve illimitable dominion over all?

  41. You left out racist Vox Vox Vox homophobe Wright Vox Vox Vox misogynist blah blah blah Christians!!! blah Vox Larry Brad Vox – but to be fair, those might have been in the comments – but mostly only the right sort of comments because no platforming for fascists (whatever that happens to mean today.)

    I wonder if Sandifur is happy being the pivot man in a circle jerk?

  42. Brianna Wu, weighing in on Sad Puppies for some reason:

    Takeaway quotes:

    “The hijackers have contempt for the awards while also desperately wanting the legitimacy they feel it would grant them.”

    Yes, they STILL think this is about getting Larry a Hugo. STILL.


    “Neither of us wish to discuss the Hugo hijacking with any person responsible for this atrocious action. Both of us would consider it a professional courtesy if you didn’t attend Brianna’s Gamergate panel tomorrow.”

    Who the hell is she to dictate this?

    1. I guess Wu figures that she’ll be triggered by the mere sight of The Mountain That Writes.
      The fact is, of course, that that last sentence is like the students at John Hopkins voting to ban Chik-fil-A from their campus. Much as the restaurant in question had no intentions of going there, so do I doubt that either Correia, Torgerson, Wright, Hoyt, Day, or any of their colleagues would have gone to hear her complain about an internet war she helped start.

    2. “Brianna Wu @Spacekatgal · 17h 17 hours ago Women seeking equality on one side. Vicious sexists on the other. White, cishet men with all the power, smiling as they decide what’s fair”

      Why would anyone dislike this guy? It’s a mystery, like how Saturn got its rings.

  43. O.K., 1st off, G.R.R.M. needs to STOP WASTING HIS TIME ON F#@&!~6 BLOG POSTS, FACEBOOK OR TWITTER and get back to finishing off the whole G.o’T. series of books. What’s it been, over 15 years now? GET THE D@MN STORY OVER WITH ALREADY!

    And you, Mr. Correia: while I admire your campaigning to right the wrongs of the literary world, that’s not what I’m paying you for: more MHI, more Grimnoir, chop-chop! The best way to silence these turds is to amass a huge fortune from your writing and live a [richly-deserved] lavish lifestyle. I’ll do my part to support you in this great project, but 1st you must do yours & get back to writing your wonderful yarns, so I can buy more of them!

    PS: we need to work on getting the stories made into movies so you can profit from our modern society’s post-literary Eloi as well.

    All the best!

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