35 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Nemesis, out in paperback today”

  1. You know what would help you keep things like this at the forefront? Coming to Comic-Con and setting up in the booth next to Jim Butcher hint hint HINT!

    1. The Harry Dresden books used to be great but now they’re a boring mess. The last book I read was Ghost Story it was maudlin, navel gazing crap it was so bad I never finished it and haven’t read another Dresden book since.

  2. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this. The previews on Amazon were great. So I’ll go by Barnes and Noble on the way to work this afternoon.

  3. St. Patrick’s Day is the next holiday. Which means that if you give MHN as a gift, it has to be accompanied by a bottle of whisky.

    Mmmmm, whisky.

    1. Mike (greatly enjoy File 770, btw), I don’t think I would read too much into that. I think any book sent to him from one of the large (and some of the small) SF imprints will be included in the picture, and I have not noticed any order to the books other than aesthetics and structural integrity.

  4. Wife and I are listening to MHN on audio book right now. This is her first time through all the MHI novels. This is my umpteenth.

  5. Amazon tells me it’s on the way. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading the true story of fictions most famous gestalt creation.

  6. Saint Patricks may be the next holiday for you! I happen to be a member of a two thousand year old world-girdling conspiracy who has tons and tons of feast days, even in the midst of Lent.

    Today is the feast day of Blessed Luke Belludi.

    Yesterday was the feast of Saint Polycarp, who, long before he was archbishop, was the child Jesus pulled onto his lap when he told the disciples to suffer little children to come unto him.

    Oh, and today Feb 24th, is ALSO the feast day of

    St. Adela
    St. Betto
    St. Sergius
    St. John Theristus
    St. Modestus
    St. Montanus
    St. Primitiva
    Bl. Tommaso Maria Fusco

    And yesterday was ALSO the feast day for

    St. Cerneuf
    St. Alexander Akimetes
    St. Boswell
    St. Zebinus
    St. Willigis
    St. Serenus the Gardener
    St. Dositheus
    St. Felix of Brescia
    St. Florentius
    St. Jurmin
    St. Lazarus Zographos
    St. Romana
    St. Martha
    St. Ordonius
    Martyrs of Sirmium
    St. Medrald
    St. Milburga
    St. Polycarp of Smyrna
    Bl. Daniel Brottier
    Bl. Josephine Vannini
    Bl. Rafaela Ybarra de Villalongo

    If you remember the line from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, where Eddy says that the Chinese have a lot of hells, it is like that. We have a lot of feasts.

  7. On page 302 of the Baen hardback edition, you have Stricken tell Heather Kerkonnen that her curiosity could get her “… tossed into the incinerator…” Thisis reminiscent of Soviet GRU.

    You may or may not know this, but the Soviet Union has conducted at least two judicialnot impromptu and impulsive acts of rage — executions (At least two known here in the West) by burning the victim alive in a crematorium, Pyotr Popov in December 1958 and Oleg Penkovskii 17 May 1963. (The GRU filmed the Penkovskii execution and used the film as an initiation document!)

    The crimes of the Soviet Union should be publicised as widely as the crimes of the Hitler regime in Germany have been, and they should be as deeply remembered as the Holocaust.

    1. Yeah, I’m passingly familiar with Soviet history and atrocities. I had Beria and Yezhov as characters in Grimnoir.

  8. Happy Daylight Savings! (I actually ordered the hardcover, thanks to the paperback release reminding me that it was available.)

  9. Greetings Dear Larry, February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH. You could say that your NEW work is being released in HONOR of BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Just think of the unfathomable degree of butthurt that you will bestow upon the liberal terrorists that torment you with such a fiendishly clever statement, oh I am ever so droll…

  10. Mr Correia,
    I first heard your name in relation to the original Sad puppies slate, had no idea who you were, but i liked the cut of your fisk and gave monster hunters a try. Loved it. Loved Alpha, Loved Nemesis.I loved that you used the last two books to flesh out two of my favorite characters. Don’t get me wrong, I like the combat account, But the Redneck Werewolf?

    Now thats my jam.

    Anyway, Just wanted to say that I think nemesis was the best yet, and I cant wait to see whats coming down the pike for the boys from Cazador.

  11. The usage of a certain doctrine in LDS theology is fascinating me, though I’m unsure as to how it could possibly e-

    *reads on*

    Oh. Ohhhhhh….

    Well, doesn’t that just raise the stakes. o_o; 🙂

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