Next BOOK BOMB this Wednesday – Awesome Novellas from the Sad Puppies Slate

Mark your calenders, our next Book Bomb will be this Wednesday.

My goal is to get the stuff on our Sad Puppies suggestion list out there in front of as many people as possible. If you’re unfamiliar with my Book Bombs, that’s where we get as many people as possible to buy a book on Amazon in the same day. Since their bestseller lists update hourly, through the day the book will move higher and higher. Success breeds success, and the higher it gets, more new people see it and check it out.

Only two of our three suggestions are available on Amazon (the last was in a magazine), but the author has said that he would give a free copy to anyone who emailed him, which is pretty darned cool. So I’ll post that info as well.Then I’ll post one of his things that is on Amazon, that way he can GET PAID. 🙂

Kickstarter News! And you can murder me, Mike Williamson, or Howard Tayler!
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9 thoughts on “Next BOOK BOMB this Wednesday – Awesome Novellas from the Sad Puppies Slate”

  1. Yay, your Book Bombs have not been defused! I was beginning to worry. 🙂

    It always warms the cockroaches of my heart when folks go out of their way to help out others. Hooray for authors getting paid! 😀

  2. Wait… are you advocating that people actually read these books? I don’t see any specific declaration to that effect.

  3. Keep it coming. Economics is the bottom line, great equalizer and last laugh. Pushback is having some small victories. The most obnoxious feminist in tech has not only been exposed as a fraud but has finally taken on someone too big for her and suffered big time.

    Another fem-fraud in gaming has taken one to the shins and yet another minor but persistent feminist annoyance has shut down their Twitter account entirely. Mental cases can eat all the dirt they want but eventually it reaches the stomach and there are consequences.

      1. It’s important to push back against reality, and not imaginary trends so you have an idea what you can accomplish and what you can’t. The reason Richardson had his hat handed to him at Glyer’s yesterday is they easily fended off a thing no one is really saying and isn’t a problem in the first place.

        This fight is because both the Hugos and Nebula’s reward any radical feminist bigotry which goes after the unholy trinity: the male, the straight and the white. Social justice warrior literature is so bad because not only is it founded on hatred but it transparently puts the bizarre platform of intersectionalism front and center. The result is stories by people who are not artists and which would be achingly boring even if they were.

        Naturally if you don’t pass the central committee politburo you are out in the same way a white water fountain used to work. That’s why I see no sense in this other than pranking these idiots. When I was a kid we didn’t go to stupid parties or try and change them; we held our own. You can’t change this culture because it is a group of like-minded people who see themselves as social justice crusaders. Best to delegitimize and marginalize them and quote them. They cannot be talked to because they are what we used to call “oblivious.”

        It’s revealing that SJWs consider the mere act of quoting them to be “hating” or “stalking.” By contrast not only can SJWs not quote us we wouldn’t care if they did. All their malarkey about us discriminating against women, gays and non-whites is pure bullshit. What might be a better prank would be a “White Cis-Hets Destroy Science Fiction” Kickstarter and have satirical essays and only white cis-hets eligible for the art as well. Then SJWs would see how stupid they look.

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