Bigfoots, man! and Dead Six gets recognized by the Audies.

A couple of quick updates.

Dead Six was just announced as a finalist for Best Thriller for the Audie Awards. It is because my coauthor, Mike Kupari, and narrator, Bronson Pinchot, are amazing talents. The Audies are like the Oscars of audiobooks.

I’ve been nominated for best novel five times now, and have won two. Since I was mocking a dude with 45 Hugo noms yesterday to demonstrate just how stagnant that pond is, let me save my detractors some Google time, The Audies are a pro, juried award. They’re more like the Academy for the Oscars. So I’ve never campaigned for it, nor would I even know where to start.

Up next, Bigfoots man!

Epic Mysteries 2

I’ll post more about this next week, but I’m on a show about monsters. To clarify, I talk about the myths, legends, and cultural influence of Bigfoot, I don’t actually play Bigfoot.

Moving Spark
LTUE starts tomorrow

47 thoughts on “Bigfoots, man! and Dead Six gets recognized by the Audies.”

  1. The Audies that your books receive are always deserved. You have some of the best narrators (though I really wish that Oliver Wyman would be recognized one of these days for MHI), combine that with a truly epic story, and it is seriously magical.

    1. I agree, Wyman does as good a job with MHI as Pinchot does with Grimnoir / Dead Six, and he earned some recognition for Nemesis, if for no other reason that performing a Franks-centered book and being able to speak after…

  2. Larry, I have a very off-topic question; Is any “fantasy” work originally published in 14 eligible for the 15’s Hugos?

    1. They’ve got eligibility rules for each category that can be kind of wonky. That has to be original publication, which was why I couldn’t nominate The Martian. Then it has to fit the right size. Also, they’re supposed to be sci-fi or fantasy, but we’ve seen prior nominees that they can be on there with pretty much zero sci-fi or fantasy elements.

      1. 😀 yup, I was actually hoping to campaign for a “pretty much zero sci-fi or fantasy elements” type of comic but despite the comic hitting the print on 26th of December, Amazon has the print date as January 6th so it’s probably a bust.
        Ps; For those who are wondering, NSFW,

      2. Heh, well, what’s fantasy for some people is reality for others…. *dusts knuckles on shirt.* Yep. Every kinky hot girl I know claims to be a lesbian too….

        As for being Hugo worthy, the date the graphic novel was printed is December 2014 according to the indicia, but he’s been publishing all the strips online for a couple of years now, and I don’t know if the rules are clear on that.

        Especially because they’ve been edited and updated for print.

  3. But, the question is: If confronted with Bigfoot, is it OK to set him/her on fire?

    Since you haven’t said otherwise, I’m gonna go with “sure, why the hell not.” 😀

      1. After what happened with the last critter I lit up…:/ (see Sad Puppies 3 Addendum post for more info)

        The Feds have been covering up an entire community being leveled, after all.

      2. Yeah, but a Sasquatch is not a small furry animal. It’s a LARGE furry animal… A completely different ball of wax.

        1. Plus, they are “large furry animals” who remain uncaptured. That means that they are *smart* large furry animals. That makes them more dangerous to try to kill/capture.

          Note, saying that they’re animals doesn’t mean that they can’t be as Smart (or Smarter) than humans. [Note added because I don’t want them mad at me.]

    1. Oh, Jim Butcher introduced a Bigfoot character in some Dresden short stories.

      He is intelligent and possesses magic on a level that Harry doesn’t want to mess with.

      Fortunately, he’s a nice guy and hired Harry to look after his son by a human woman. Note, she was a willing partner of the Bigfoot. [Wink]

        1. Different universes, but I suspect his people would have a PUFF exemption. IE they don’t cause trouble unless the person “asks for it”. [Evil Grin]

      1. Yeah but he was a stinking robot. Or his arm was at least. One thing I noticed was that despite that it was a hollywood tv production and ten plus years later the Patterson film was still more realistic.

    2. Why would you want to set bigfoot on fire, they are like The Dude of the natural world, they actually come pretty close to being that hairy too!

  4. Gee, Larry, you sound like a regular scholar! Where’d you go to school to get your BA in Bigfoot myths and legends? 🙂
    (I wonder why the producers decided you’d be a good source for this, if it wasn’t for your size and murder-hobo-Sasquatch demeanor? )

    1. Sorry, but Andre the Giant’s Bigfoot vs The Six million Dollar Man (Couch Change Man by today’s government standards) set a bar that no one’s been able to meet since.

  5. Larry, Lord of the Correa’s stood upon his porch and surveyed his domain, Yard Moose Mountain, and it was good. A rustle in the shrubbery startles Larry, and before him is a large hairy hominid. “Chill , Larry! For I am your long lost cousin, Snowflake. Get thee to a Bigfoot show and tell your minions to stop fucking shooting at us. And don’t set us fire and shit like that. The large caliber bullets sting real bad, and pisses us off.” Larry nods, “Forsooth, I will tell my minions, and they will suffer my wrath if they disobey me.”

  6. I was very disappointed, overall, with the choices this year. They are not bad picks, but there are BETTER picks… The newest Iron Druid book not being on this list is just plain shameful. But even ignoring the fantasy side of it, the sci-fi choices are… just plain silly.

  7. Larry I love MHI and Grimnoir, but I think Dead Six and Swords of Exodus are your best work. Heart thumping action, I tell ya. One quibble though: the protagonists always punch their gun out and take aim even when fighting at arms length, which seems awkward. Maybe that’s how pros do, but me, I’d occasionally take a shot from an awkward position if I was fighting for my life in a small room. That’s all, that’s my only beef with all your work, so there ya go.

    1. Mark this as an additional vote in favor of the third book in the series. There was a bit of a cliffhanger and my manicure isn’t really holding up well under the strain…

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