Sad Puppies 3 Update 2.1 Addendum to Prior Update

So, after my last blog post a dude who has 45 Hugo nominations (no that is not a typo FORTY FIVE) became very cross with me for saying that the the Hugos are broken. Now, since he has won twice as many Hugos as Robert Heinlein I can’t possibly imagine why he would be biased in favor of the current broken ass system, but I can only assume that his motives are absolutely pure.

While searching for something else to condemn me for, this stalwart journalist decided that I had never *specifically* declared that people should read the suggested works before nominating them, and thus am a very bad person.

After he posted in the comments of the last update, I responded with a few quotes where I did encourage people to read for themselves, form their own opinions, choose for themselves, and basically how you Wrong Kind of Fans are just going to do whatever the hell you feel like anyway.

I made a joke that I also never specifically told Sad Puppies supporters not to set fire to small animals, so obviously, Larry Correia wants you to burn small animals… However this might not have been clear enough for Glyer-45-Hugos, so I’d better clarify. Do not set fire to small animals. That would be mean and bad.

So allow me to go on the record about other things that are so stupidly obvious that I shouldn’t have to say them, but since we are dealing with ridiculous, lying SJWs, I’d better be specific:

You should wash your hands after going to the bathroom.

You should read stuff before nominating it for awards. 

You should look both ways before crossing the street.

So there you go, Glyer-50-Hugos (I figured what the hell? Let’s round up!) Thanks to your hard hitting journalism, the nefarious Larry Correia has now gone on the record about some painfully obvious stuff.

I apologize for not loading down our first blog posts on this subject with a bunch of asinine disclaimers and trigger warnings. After Brad and I get back from LTUE the next thing we had planned were blog posts about the works we selected and why, to encourage people to  read them. The nominations don’t close for over a month, giving people plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the suggested works.

And while Brad is doing those posts, I am going to be running a series of Book Bombs to try and expose as many people as possible to these authors we picked. I’ve already been in contact with some of them about seeing if they can’t put their books on sale to coincide with the Book Bomb in order to pick up even more readers. That gets the authors more exposure but more importantly, that means they sell books and get paid (unlike Glyer).

There you go. Glyer-50-Hugos has gotten the International Lord of Hate on the record talking about controversial things like hand washing. If he keeps up this hard hitting journalism maybe he’ll score himself a few more Hugos.

LTUE starts tomorrow
Sad Puppies 3 Update

284 thoughts on “Sad Puppies 3 Update 2.1 Addendum to Prior Update”

    1. Your cat’s over here. Plotting revenge. Something about balls and chewtoys I think, I’m a little rusty in cat.

        1. I started to, then there was this fan-boi (fan-cat?) moment which devolved into muttering about “what Agent Franks would do”…

          So I think it got worse.

          1. Yep. I thought it was a flea collar, at first. The soot was kinda obscuring the letters.

            But, then, it’s T.L.’s cat, so who’s surprised?

          2. 12 gauge? Might want to gun-up. I’m shoulder surfing here, but that looks like a search string for “kitty combat armor.”

            Ooo. Just added “powered.”

          3. Great. Now I need the RPG Jason mentioned using against dropbears.

            This just isn’t my day. Thanks, Larry! If you’d have been a bit more specific to start with, all of this could have been avoided.

          4. I know, right? Fortunately I procrastinate, so I can just put the gasoline back in the garage and dodge all the trouble.

          5. Not snickerdoodle shit, man. Snickedoodle cookies!

            No wonder you don’t like ’em, you’ve got the recipe wrong.

          6. Actually, I may need to cookies after all.

            A rock just crashed through the window. A note tied to the rock said, “Hell is coming, and that’s the least of your worries”.

            The cookies…I just…I think I need the cookies as payment.

            I know big blue is a risk, but…

            I mean, it’s me or the cat, you know?

          7. Ooo. Explains that long phone-call, lotta muttering and hissing.

            Hm. You may be right. I’ll get a special batch going, but only if you hold off on ringing the blue bell until I get this damn charcoaled feline outta my house!

          8. Besides, I talked the little charred fur-ball out of the powered stuff (designed by dogs, I said), so now it’s a search for plate.

            This kitty’s going to need some gym time to carry plate. Gives you time to refine your emplacements…

      1. SSSHHHHHHHH!!! don’t mention cookies! you’ll wake up the cookie monster again. you remember what happened the last time he went on a rampage! It still gives me nightmares!

        1. T.L. may have no choice! This cat’s got friends. Dirty, slinking friends. The kind sane people don’t talk about.

          If he ends up with a fish-head on his pillow — well, who’d blame him?

          1. Great. Just great.

            Larry fails to state the obvious, and you just had to test your Zippo on a retired enforcer for the feline mafia (oh, yeah, I got the story!).

            Then here’s me. Answering the door and letting some singed hairball in ’cause “I’m a friend of T.L.’s, just need a place to lay low.”

            Oh, yeah. Great.

            Running up the long distance, ordering armor (fancy stuff, filigreed), and surfing cat porn (noisy, is what that is).

            You call in a blue strike, just lemme know, I’ll take a little vacation. Just make sure you pay the extra for a cleaner. House needs vacuuming, anyway…

          2. You better go to ground right away.

            I’m calling Blue in. I have no choice. I have a family.

            And burn your computer. I’m pretty sure that kitty porn is illegal.

          3. Already gone. “Fluffy” started casting looks over a shoulder and muttering into the phone again.

            As to that computer, puff-brain doesn’t realize I’ve been on Ath with that machine. Fed the Fred’s all up in it and your little hirsute terrorist forgot to cover the web-cam…

            I left an extra platter of the good snickerdoodles on the counter, as a tip.

          4. He’s left there too. Intel reports that he left about two minutes after you did. His whereabouts are unknown.

            He’s coming here. I know it. His crew is already here. “Oh writer-boy. Come out and plaaaaaaaay,” they yell.

            I’m still trying to find Blue. God help me, but I think I’m going to have to give him free reign.

            May God have mercy on my soul.

          5. Dammit! From grumbling to serious in no time! Must’ve been biding time with that porn.

            Hunker down and keep trying Blue. I’m gettin’ some guys together. The canine crowd may not be as intense as those feline mafia howlers but there’s still some rough (ahem) fur out there, and they know where the teeth go.

            Stack your mags and arm the claymores, we’ll get some paws in the mud soonest.

          6. They need to bring a lot of dogs. A LOT.

            They’ve already impaled a dozen or more. Have them stage off site, otherwise they’ll take the dogs out one by one. They’re like the Predator or something.

            Dogs…that last one…Oh God, they horrors they visited on that poor pooch. They made it last for hours. I’ll hear his cries in my nightmares.

            I did manage to get hold of Big Blue though. He was in the Middle East, but he’s got ways to cross the distance quickly.

            Will it be quick enough? I mean, I’ve got a family.

          7. I know you’ve got your eyes on the enemy, but spare a glance over your shoulder. I got confirmation your family was out 10 minutes ago. Those tunnel puppies are fast. You know the pack, women and children first.

            There was a debate about pulling you, but we need you holding their attention.

            We had some eager pups jumping the gun and paying the price, it sucks. But don’t worry about that old hound howling in your yard, he volunteered. He always did have a strong bay, and he knew what he was in for.

            Said he was tired of the incontinence, anyway.

            We’ve got ’em hemmed in, and we’re chewing up their reinforcements. You just gotta hold for Blue. I hear he’s CONUS (the alert went out on the mil-channels). Count rounds and hold on!

          8. I’ve been engaging targets of opportunity, but after my last range trip, I’m low. I’ve got about two and a half mags left. That’s not going to be enough.

            They got the old hound. It was awful, but he put up a valiant effort. There wasn’t anything he could do. The felines outnumber the blades of grass out there right now.

            The tunnel puppies have broken through, but counter-sappers took down their tunnel a few minutes after. They’re going to try and dig back out, but I’m not worried about it too much. They did get my family out first. I don’t mind giving up my life so long as they can live.

            I’ve got to run. We’re taking sniper fire from across the street.

            How the hell does a feline operate a freaking Barrett, anyways?

          9. Tell those puppies to screw the tunnel! Plus up the berm! Single-minded twits…

            As for that sniper, I’ve got a Newfie with a fondness for the McMillan working into position, keep down and keep your head on.

            I’ve sent some Labs to fetch more ammo, but without some heavy air I don’t know how we’ll get it to you. (The buzzards are squawking conflict of interest. Still negotiating.)

            As for noble gestures, your family told me (with tearful appreciation for your sacrifice) that if you died they were gonna come hunting me. So — take a shot of the Irish and buck up!

          10. I’ve got a note here. If anything happens to me…well, just make sure they see it. I know you didn’t do this. it’s just…one mistake. One instance of not being told explicitly to not do something and…well, it was a good run if nothing else.

            I think I hear the McMillian at work now. I’m out of ammo. Luckily, I’m running the M203 right now, so I’m still in the fight.

            I hear a helo in the background. It might be…

          11. Little delay on Blue, the FAA is trying to ground him and they’ve got a police helo harassing his flight path. Guy really twists their knickers.

      2. Would some light air support from flocks of Cockatiels help? They’ve no love for the feline menace either, and what they lack in size they make up for in sheer unflappableness.

        No joy on the swallows though, they’re still arguing physics.

      3. European. The African crowd has degrees in engineering, so they solved the problem ages ago. Trouble is now you can’t pry them away from their cushy job working for Big Bird contracting.

        The grumpy old bird in charge answers to Earendel, just try not to make ee contact and it’ll be fine.

          1. True. What do we offer them though?

            If we can entice them it’s worth it – the Cockatiels are good for saturation bombing, but the Swallows are artists with HE.

          2. Right. Swallows are in.

            Turns out one of them is dating Private, and he off-hand mentioned the Mech to Kowalski.

            Expect penguin commandos within the quarter hour.

          3. Confirmed sighting on the mecha, one of my Chihuahua scouts got eyes on.

            The (logistical) tail on that thing’s gotta be a nightmare. Larry really let you in for a furball, what with not explicitly stating the obvious…

          4. It’s worth it but… Heaven help us if Rico and Blue trade ideas.

            Old Grumpy is sending a wing after the mech. Maybe if the can hit some joints, slow it down…

          5. Blue hit the ground and…oh God. His battle cry of “Coooooookie!” ripped through the air like a rifle shot. No weapon, no nothing. I looked and just knew this was going to be it. I was about to witness the death of Blue. So many nightmares he’d populated and this was it? He was going to meet his end at the hands of the Russian feline mob (there are tattoos on some of those outside).

            They tried to swarm him. He…dear God…I mean, they were trying to massacre my whole family, but what came after…

            He cut a swath through to the mecha and he latched onto it barehanded. Sweet Lord, I didn’t know a mecha could scream in agony, but it did. He tore it limb from limb, then…I swear I’m not making it up, but he ate it. He called it “cookie” and chowed down. Wires, hydraulics, everything.

            The cats broke and ran, not fast enough. Not nearly fast enough. My neighborhood is in ruins, like a nuke took out the entire town. That fast. It’s…someday, I hope I can live with myself after what I did. I mean…the fires, oh dear God, the fires. The entire town is light up like broad daylight. I mean…

            I just hope Larry can live with himself. If he’d come right out and say “don’t light small animals on fire,” then this blood wouldn’t be on his hands. Or my wall. Or my sheets. Or the house four miles away.

          6. …the Swallows are slowly, carefully carting off the pieces of mecha. They’ve apparently worked out a harness system to carry them in teams. They’re mad to go in for retrieval this soon but, well, mecha tech.

            I’m having trouble reaching any of the Cockatiel officers. They took heavy losses, even before Blue showed up.

            Does anyone have a visual on the penguins?

          7. This bloods not on you, man (well, some of it is. Anybody got a rag?). It’s not on you, how could you know?

            But, think — if it weren’t for Glyer 45 it could’ve been so much worse!

            By the way, I hear SOCOM keeps double chocolate chip on hand to get Blue back out of country.

          8. Alright! I’m pulling my guys back, I don’t need any of my dawgs caught on the fringes of that nightmare.

          9. The Cockatiels are dropping catnip bombs over the whole field, should give you a good distraction.

            The Swallows report they’ve set a trap for the Mech, but Blue has to lure it a block West.

            And the Penguins… they must be crazy. They’re volunteering to watch his flanks.

          10. Mastiffs are down due to a technical fault. I thought the problem with drool shorting out the powered armor was fixed?

          11. Hell. Maintenance probaly didn’t flush the suction tubes, again. With that kind of volume you can’t let it slide…

            Hope that catnip cover holds.

    2. “I made a joke that I also never specifically told Sad Puppies supporters not to set fire to small animals.”

      (Puts down flamethrower, backs away from the cage of hamsters)

      1. I much prefer a broiled starfish to a spit roasted one myself, lets the juices really leave a discernablentaste as they evaporate.

    3. Help!!!! think gonna bust something from the laughter. Thank the gods wasn’t taking a drink when started to read. 🙂

    4. I’m trying to stifle my gigglefit so I don’t wake the baby after reading your back and forth but damn, I’ve seriously missed reading MHN, ATH and MGC’s comment streams, especially when y’all decide to take a joke and run off with it to Baen’s rocket ship.

      Seriously, I missed you guys XD

      1. You’ve been missed, as well. Hope the little man is doing well, much to do what with taking over Australia.

    5. “Do not set fire to small animals. That would be mean and bad.”

      “But… it’s PUFF eligible.”

      “Well, then that’s a monster, not an animal. Torch the bastard.”

      1. Not sure if killing with fire is always acceptable; there got to be some kind of nasty out there that’s immune to fire.

        As for identifiable remains, just lop off a finger, claw, or prehensile ovipositor before chucking the rest into the bonfire.

    1. The insinuation that we are all sockpuppets is insulting and exclusionary of the socking and tights puppets and non-cismarionettes among us.

  1. I, for one, appreciate your reminder on hand-washing, treatment of animals, and looking both ways before we cross the streets. Without these constant reminders, I would randomly wander into traffic with dirty hands carrying flaming animals. Like ya do.

      1. I dunno. If your science involves things like that…. you may have wandered down a questionable career path.

        Just sayin’….

        So, do you need any minions? I minion for cheap…. Can provide own fire.

    1. I’m thinking if you are carrying flaming animals and wandering into traffic your hands, regardless of their initial state of cleanliness, would not pass inspection shortly thereafter. Just a guess.

    2. Attention SJWs……

      Before engaging in poking large, potentially dangerous, predators (Lions, tigers, bears, manatees, or Requires Hate forbid, a Correiakin!) in their cages, PLEASE, in the name of Michael Moore, please, please, please make sure there is actually a cage first.

      You may now return to your regularly scheduled stupidity.

      1. Interesting how the British SF Awards just nominated the biggest intersectionalist racist in SFF history for an award. Guess they think she’s a U.K. citizen with extensive knowledge of Thailand. Gee, I wonder who that could be? I’ll tell you this: she ain’t no Asian.

  2. Your admonition not to set fire to small animals made me think of Frank Hayes’ famous filk song, “Never Set the Cat on Fire.”

    Never set the cat on fire, you only will annoy it
    The flames will make the beast perspire; it surely won’t enjoy it
    Likewise do not ignite the dog, the snake, the gerbil, or the frog
    No, never set the cat on fire

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. Thanks, Larry. I never would have known about the handwashing thing if not for you. Truly, it was as mysterious and unknown as putting the toilet seat down when one is no longer a bachelor….

    Trigger warning: bathroom humor 😛

    1. Ahem. Trigger warning comes first. (Roy Roger’s horse pix not included.)

      Further, it’s “Loot, Pillage, THEN Burn”.
      (I know, Larry didn’t tell us that, but it was intuitively obvious, wasn’t it?)


      1. “Loot, pillage, THEN Burn!” Doesn’t “rape” fit in there somewhere, too?

        …I mean, we don’t want to leave a single SJW trigger un-pulled, now do we? OTOH, that could lead to Kirsten Gillibrand laying siege to the blog, by organizing a mob of crazy feminists toting mattresses, so perhaps not.


  4. I am sure glad someone reminded me to take the parking brake off, before I pull out of my driveway! That crafty Glyer guy, nothing gets past him! Thanks for reminding us of the tacitly obvious, Larry. Maybe now Glyer can go back to inventing more creative reasons to dislike us?

    1. Over in his comments he is very outraged at the horrible way we are insulting him by continually pointing out he has 45 Hugo nominations. Telling the truth that he has twice as many Hugo wins as Robert Heinlein is an attempt to dismiss his totally legit and valid arguments.

      We are barbarians.


        The nerve!

        I mean, the fact that a system you and others declare as broken has benefitted him so much is completely irrelevant when discussing how he thinks the system is just fine.

      2. He’s a fanzine E&P circa 1978 with exactly ONE published short story in all that time.

        And he’s giving YOU shit? Seriously?

        Exactly how does one sweep the teeming mass that is the sci-fi fanzine market to win 45 Hugo noms in 37 years?

      3. “Exactly how does one sweep the teeming mass that is the sci-fi fanzine market to win 45 Hugo noms in 37 years?”

        Answer: Felonious presstitution.

      4. Fanzine? That’s still, like, a thing?

        I haven’t seen one of those in 20 years, at least.

        Do they also still have a Hugo for the best cave drawing of the year?

      5. He’s a fanzine E&P circa 1978 with exactly ONE published short story in all that time.
        And he’s giving YOU shit? Seriously?

        Either his, talents, or his interests, or both, favor publishing a fanzine over writing fiction. There isn’t anything wrong with that.

      6. Fanzine? That’s still, like, a thing?
        I haven’t seen one of those in 20 years, at least.

        I think a lot of them are either available online or are only available online these days.

      7. I’ll give him credit, he does approve my comments. (I had another one that spent a few minutes in moderation because I posted it from the laptop, and that one didn’t fill in the Dr. part of my handle).

    2. Daily reminder: after you buy a book, read it at some point in your life. Plus, don’t cut off your own arms – ever. Cute kitty cat potato salad is right out. Don’t even think about that.

      Do I get a Hugo now or do I have to write about the unknown women who charged the wall at Fredericksburg and were erased from history by Union misogynist generals. And don’t forget about the time radical feminists occupied the offices of Ladies Home Journal during the Vietnam War because occupying the draft offices was considered too dangerous.

      1. “Plus, don’t cut off your own arms – ever.”


        But, but, but…

        What if, say, I got bit by something really nasty and the bite, say, happened to be on my arm! and the only way I can survive is to cut my own arm off?

        Or, maybe, Mr. Knighton says “cut off your own arm, or I’m gonna burn this cat and it’ll be your fault!!” ? What do I do then? We’re specifically ordered to avoid the burning of critters.

        I can see a general “try not to cut off your own arms” general advice, but the – ever part seems so lacking in nuanceyness.

        1. Regarding your second example, worry not. Larry has no forbidden the burning of small creatures, therefore such a threat won’t be uttered by me.

          Large animals, however, are still on the table.

          1. As a buddy of mine once ordered his:

            “Wipe it’s *ss, trot it past the grill, and bring the steak out here.”

            This was in the days before cell phone cameras; the look on the waitress’ face was priceless. After a couple of minutes, she quavered, “Did you mean rare?”

      2. “Although it is not specifically stated on your movie ticket, best accepted practice after buying a movie ticket is to go inside and watch the film. Do not wander out into the parking lot or take a nap.” – excerpt from The Feminist’s Guide to Civilization.

    3. Other things social justice warriors like to passionately promote without reading:

      Their own race and sexual harassment policies.

    1. Looking at the guest list makes “legendary” seem like an understatement.

      Fritz Leiber, Robert Bloch, Judith Merril, E.E. “Doc” Smith, L. Sprague de Camp, and John W. Campbell–just to name a few.

      To have been a fly on that wall…

      1. Please note that the preferred term is “werecrablice”, not “werecrablouse”, because “werecrablice” is inclusive of those with multiple personality disorder. Singularist = sexist.

  5. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised. This is a culture that routinely makes pompous declarations they are against rape as opposed to the vast tide of men-culture that advocates rape.

    I’m surprised their convention harassment policies don’t include zero tolerance admonitions to not murder other guests or polish your eyes with grit.

    All of SJW culture is a paranoid straw men edifice of things no one actually does other than SJWs themselves: see molesto-youth-liberation and racial segregation.

    1. “Do not check your privilege by using a screwdriver on the access panel under your ribcage. There is no such panel.” – excerpt from The Feminist’s Guide to Civilization

  6. Think you need to be more specific Larry.

    “You should read stuff before nominating it for awards.” … AND only nominate it if you believe it is worthy of the award.

    You might also want to amend your road crossing advice with a qualification that you should only cross IF after looking both ways you determine that there are no vehicles coming that are likely to strike you in transit.

    Just helping out because I don’t want you to be misinterpreted again…

  7. Ahhh, this post and the comments section brightened my otherwise dull afternoon.

    I’ve never even heard of this Glyer twit. How did he get 45 nominations…Hang on. Is he throwing a hissy fit because someone might take a closer look at the ‘how’ of that one?

  8. I might add for the Lord of Hate, in response to Glyer’s original demand that you did not ask things to be read, that if we go all the way back to the original call for Sad Puppies 2:

    “Over time this lame ass award process has become increasingly snooty and pretentious, and you can usually guess who all of the finalists are going to be that year before any of the books have actually come out or been read by anyone, entirely by how popular the author is with this tiny group.”

    His charge that you do not want the books read, is, of course, hollow. However, one must be obtuse to think that you’d be for people not reading things if one of your original complaints was people not reading things.

    “I wonder what the International Lord of Hate would say?”
    “Boy! Glad I checked!”
    “Well, you guys can thank Larry that you’re not simmering in BBQ sauce right now! THANKS, international Lord of Hate!

      1. Squirrel is part of my cultural heritage. You have my permission to call anyone who objects a racist.

      1. Trigger warning!!! *Obligatory victim blaming*: Your checking account was asking for it, getting drunk & high at that frat house party, wearing that miniskirt & stiletto heels with no underwear…………..

        (Think that was enough to make some radfem have an aneurysm?)

      1. I’m relieved, because last night I went to the local agricultural college with my flame thrower. They’re going to be really surprised when they check the dairy barn today!

        But I did make sure to get all the rats out of the building before torching it, insuring no small animals caught fire.

    1. Yeah, what about YardMoose? It probably deserves it for being on the same mountain as the awesomeness of the ILoH.

      Maybe not deserves, but how about asking for it for its Yard Moose’y looks?

      That went so wrong so fast. /shaking head.

      1. Not “confusion,” “abolition.” Consider yourself heteronormative and go stand in a cis-corner of oppression and privilege.

  10. File 770 “About” page: File 770 is a blog on the internet. The black symbols on a white background are not random constructs but letters that combine to form words. Words are meant to be read. See: Wikipedia entry.

    File 770 should not be construed to be any of the following: an actual file or rasp, a filing cabinet, a nail file, flying, the infield fly rule, life, a life boat, a submarine, the efil tower, a lighthouse, a lampshade, 76 trombones, femurs, lemurs, Madagascar, lascars, H.P. Lovecraft, arts and crafts, planetary ballistics or tinfoil. File 770 will not be held responsible for these and all the other things in the world which it is not, which I here and now state is every possible permutation of anything that ever existed except my meaningless words. EXCELSIOR!!!

    1.         Glad you cleared that up.  Laughing silently, so I don’t awaken the wife … SHIT!  There I go displaying cisgendered heteronormative privilege again!

              Trigger warning: if you need trigger warnings, you’re a loony.

  11. Great news about the book bombs. If there’s one thing Butcher needs, it’s a good book bomb. P.S. What about washing sad puppies after they go to the bathroom? Enquiring minds want to know.

    1. I’m actually doing Novellas next week. I’m not bombing me, Butcher, or Kloos because I think we’ve all been #1 in our Amazon genres already and I figure most of you have already bought those. (I’ll still provide links) I will bomb KJA and Gannon though.

      1. Bought? Dammit, Larry, you NEVER told me I had to buy these books to read them. Next thing you know, you’ll tell me I shouldn’t steal them from bookstores, either. This whole Hugo voting thing is getting too complicated.

      2. LC never explicit said to not steal these books. Glyer’s House of Moral Mystery is on the job.


  12. I’m not entirely sure how Glyer’s zillion Hugo nominations have to do with the system being broken. The market for novels contains vastly more people than the small pool of Hugo voters. There, encouraging a broader pool to nominate and vote has a purpose.

    Fanzines, on the other hand, are largely read by that small fraction of SF fans who consider themselves to be part of fannish culture. How many people could there be who actually read enough fanzines to have an opinion about which ones are award worthy? Is that pool really poorly represented by Hugo voters?

    I only read one fanzine, and I don’t nominate in the category because I really have no idea which are best, but I still end up checking File 770 now and then when something newsworthy happens. It probably really does have a lot of mindshare among fanzine readers.

    1. At some point in time after they invented the internet all scifi and review blogs counted. Only that category was the same 5 people taking turns giving each other awards.

      Then a couple years ago when I did Sad Puppies I really liked Elitist Book Reviews and pushed them. They bumped Glyer. The next year, after I’d demonstrated to all the little fanzines out there all they had to do was ask, and I believe last year all of the nominees in that category were new.

      Again, that just goes to my point that it has been an insular little club. At minimum I can say SP shook up the fanzine category for the first time in decades. 🙂

      1. Well, stuff *can* burn underwater (special AO rigs, magnesium/phosphorus flares, and stuff).

        Just not manatees. Because awesomeness is fire retardant or something.

    1. Yep. Many of them. Others were suggested by members of the ELoE and argued about before being presented to you guys.

  13. For those of you who paid your monies to Sasquan and still haven’t received a nominating/voting PIN. You can now look it up instead of waiting for an e-mail. Here’s the link:

    Funny, they then instantly *send you an e-mail* when you submit the request. Oh, brother.

    They put it out yesterday on twitter. They’re also celebrating 5000 members whilst lamenting 650 of them came in the last two weeks of January. Sad Puppies is having an effect, methinks. It’s not a Bad Thing to see fresh blood.

  14. I’m from Kansas City. The application of fire to animals is practically required by statute. Preceded by dry rub and followed by sauce.

    Oh, I’m sorry. You meant animals that WEREN’T dead yet? Silly me. Please try to be more precise in the future, lest you be misinterpreted by people with 666 Hugo nominations.

    1. Note to ILOH: The above is yet another reason for you to attend MidAmeriCon for SP4. I would count it a great honor to show you around our fair BBQ establishments.

    1. No, he’s a long-time Fanzine editor. It’s a VERY small pool for that award. It basically rotated between File 770, Locus and Ansible until they declared Locus a “Semi-Prozine”.

      If there are any folks I have sympathy for, it’s the guys who have gotten numerous nominations for best Fan Artist but never won, Taral Wayne and Steven Stiles (IIRC). I think they’re around 16-17 each.

  15. While we’re at it, Larry didn’t tell us to:
    -not text and drive
    -put all fires completely out -even if the cat ran off
    -not french kiss snakes
    -not swim while wearing a raw beef wetsuit
    -not tug on Superman’s cape
    -not taunt Happy Fun Ball (TM)
    -not summon any Great Old Ones
    -not try to give Chuck Norris a wedgie

    Seriously man, it’s like he doesn’t really CARE!!

  16. Arch gender abolitionist and student of intersectionalism John Scalzi disagrees about the complicated intersection of reading, an author’s name and passing judgment.

    Here are other complicated patterns intersectionalism cannot account for:

    In SJW lingo there’s mansplaining but no womansplaing. There’s whitesplaining but no blacksplaining. There’s dudebros but no cisbroads. There’s homophobia but no heterophobia. There’s Islamophobia but no Christianophobia. There’s misogyny but no misandry. Anyone else see a pattern to this mystery?

    1. Yes I do – perhaps we should start calling them Social Injustice Warriors instead.

      It’s clear they’re not for equal justice, but only advocate against injustices they disagree with. The ones that penalise good people like Larry etc. are fine. So yes, SIWs.

      I notice nobody’s ever came close to actually addressing the points Larry makes. Didn’t one of them last time slander him as a wifebeater? I don’t see anyone on the SIW side condmening such lies, certainly not anyone with 45 Hugo Nominations.

      1. Smash the Patriarchy but read the patriarchy’s books as if you don’t want to smash anything and have no dog in the hunt for men or consider the abolition of gender central to SFF and oh, by the way, that Ancillary Justice was a damn good book, wasn’t it? I gave it Five Stars on the Audre Lorde scale of infernal feminist stupidity.

    2. So he dismissed the entire article based on the author having a funny name? Isn’t that a little…oh, I don’t know…”prejudicial”? Or possibly even the “r”-word?

      1. In all fairness, I think it has more to do with the writer also being the Breitbart writer who has covered GamerGate…and not been particularly nice to the SJW crowd, therefore is unworthy of being read by someone of such refined tastes as Mr. Scalzi.

      2. No doubt. He’s done a pretty good job of skewering some of the louder and more demented SJWs. His articles on the misandrist Silicon Valley blogger who had been an open white supremacist just a few years earlier were particularly good.

        1. Shanley Kane. She was like the tech world’s version of Requires Hate. The fact she was shacked up with a real life Boyd Crowder made the whole thing hilarious.

      3. He didn’t do it cuz it was a funny name. He knows who the guy is and what Breitbart is. The point is Scalzi didn’t like it cuz it does this thing which compares facts and invites others to compare facts which is a game ace gender abolitionist Scalzi loses every time. That’s why he uses his dumbfuck “banhammer.” His post about the Charlie Hebdo massacre is a perfect example. He chided people for not being experts on Islam like he apparently is and then went on to portray the assassination of cartoonists because of “racism,” which had absolutely nothing to do with it. The idea Salmon Rushdie went into hiding because of racism is too stupid to do other than laugh at. Some guy working a West Bank media organ just had to resign cuz he used a cartoon that MIGHT have been Mohammed and was otherwise totally respectful. Scalzi’s expertise on Islam is at the level of pointing out they’re not Sikhs. Anything past that leaves him gaping like a fish laying on a beach.

      4. He didn’t do it cuz it was a funny name. He knows who the guy is and what Breitbart is

        In much the same way that the name Damien Walter on a byline is apt to make us perk up and look forward to Larry’s fisking.

      5. Well, Milo is openly gay, and I don’t know what kind of white bread name Alum Bokhari is, but I’m pretty sure Scalzi is just dismissing them immediately because they’re writing for Breitbart. Now if they were real reporters they would write for a respected publication like Mother Jones or the Guardian.

        Plus, Milo committed the unforgivable sin of covering GamerGate and failing to come to the mandatory conclusion that everyone opposed to the SJWs was motivated by racist, sexist, homophobia, and hatey-hate-hate. How dare a journalist go against the narrative. That bastard!

      6. Scalzi’s working from tribal loyalty. One of his friends, Brianna Wu, was “harassed by Gamergate” – despite a history of grievance mongering and the questionable nature of some of her claims – and Scalzi picked his convention buddies over the truth. In all honesty, as much as Brianna waves her husband’s Hugos around, it wouldn’t surprise me if “harassed by Sad Puppies” became a future claim.

      7. Scalzi put the banhammer on Breitbart because the free expressions of ideas conflict with Scalzi’s prog-programming and he starts throwing off sparks like that robot NOMAD in that old Star Trek episode Scalzi hasn’t ripped off yet and then he’s transported off into space while muttering “does not compute – the creator” and then he explodes because the closest Scalzi’s ever been to being a creator is xeroxing old SF stories.

        Once you get a taste of SJW humor by hearing “[enter meme here] is about ethics in journalism” for the one thousandth time just project that into their boring witless SF. Wil Wheaton is still trying to make hay from playing Bloop the Chimp in Lost in Space, which is contemporaneous with Scalzi’s edgy Redshirts. I’m looking forward to his next novel about the ghosts of all the monsters killed in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

      8. Speaking of GamerGate, Law and Order SVU is doing a GamerGate-inspired episode. It’s Hollywood, so expect it to be hilariously wrong.

      9. Speaking of Brianna Wu, a trending item on Facebook this morning was that she’d written an article stating that she’d received forty death threats, apparently since the start of Gamergate. The first thing that ran through my mind after reading that was, “Only forty?”

        Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Baldwin has received more than that. And his main contribution was to publicize it early on and give it the name Gamergate.

      10. Also, I should have noted this –

        The Law and Order SVU episode about Gamergate is apparently so bad that even Kotaku (nominally on the side that the episode comes out in support of) thinks that the episode is a misbegotten mess.

      11. How could a eunuch inviting death threats by accusing any video gamer who doesn’t believe eunuchs aren’t eunuchs of being a neo-Nazi supremacist homophobic woman-hater be characterized as a “mess”? That’s Washington parting the Delaware right there.

      1. So, Scalzi is dismissing an openly gay male? Damn, must be nice to hide behind the Shield of the Double Standard.

        1. Nah. I’m pretty sure that Milo’s positions make him honorary straight or something.

          Isn’t it funny how the guys who want none of this to matter are the only ones it seems to matter to?

  17. If they ever create a Hugo category for twitter threads I would nominate this one. In a heart beat. Very Enjoyable and Entertaining. (NC-17)

  18. Perhaps Mr Glower or Mr Liar, or whatever his name is, lives in a universe where everything which is not forbidden is compulsory, and everything not compulsory is forbidden, so that the concept that one adult could talk to another about nominating a story for an award for being the best story you’ve read that year could assume we are talking about a story you’ve read that year as opposed to a story you have not read.

    On second thought, if he is a Leftist and a SJW, that is indeed the world in which he lives.

    1. A classic case of projection — he assumes we plan to do what his kind always do, i.e., vote based on politics or emotion, with no knowledge f actual fact required.

  19. Dude, take it up with your commenters, some of whom *specifically* said last year that they weren’t going to read the non-Puppy nominees before voting.

    1. I did. I also reminded them to wash their hands.

      Now why don’t you take it up with some of your people who *specifically* want us to die in a fire?

      Oh wait… Those people are individuals who don’t speak for you *specifically*? Well, no shit.

      1. And to those people *specifically* who said that, I’d *specifically* caution them otherwise, because they would be missing out. The stuff on my slate is actually good and I figure they’d really like it… Which is why I put it there in the first place.

        So, can I safely assume that you are also going to go into all the blog comments and condemn the people on the social justice side who *specifically* said they weren’t going to read any nominated works by bad people, and the big Manhattan editor who *specifically* said you shouldn’t read works from bad people, or the authors who *specifically* said they weren’t going to read the nominated works which were nominated by bad people, or the authors who *specifically* said that is okay because you shouldn’t read stuff that might trigger you?

        Or, are you just a hypocrite, posting here because you know that it is safe?

    2. Quit holding Larry accountable for shit people said they would do that explicitly went against what Larry said folks should do.

      Radical thought, I know, but just try it out for a change.

    3. There is this thing called anecdotes and outliers and another that is indicative of a trend and habit. There is nothing stopping you from making a case for your point of view that would distinguish between the two.

      You could start by listing quotes.

  20. “Disappointed, as someone in the @strangehorizons reviewing roundtable, to see a review of Long Hidden that’s dismissive of dialect. …and draws attention to ‘diversity vs. quality’ bullshit …I’m looking forward to reading Long Hidden” – Alex MacFarlane commenting on a story she hasn’t even read.

    “A. Dally MacFarlane ‏@foxvertebrae 5h One reason Nalo Hopkinson’s MIDNIGHT ROBBER is such an important SF book is it shows a future where English is not RP/other hegemonic form.”

    “Do you think I have any tolerance for a work that has a good chance of espousing such sentiments? And do you think for a second that marginalized people are in any way obliged to give such works a ‘fair shake’?” – SJW Arachne Jericho in a post titled “How We Win.”

    “Crossed Genres @crossedgenres · 23h 23 hours ago It took 61 total issues before @CrossedGenres Magazine will run its first issue written entirely by men.”

    “Retweeted by Aliette de Bodard Cheryl Morgan ‏@CherylMorgan Mar 6 That @clarkesworld reader poll top five? Four women of color, one white man. So proud.”

    “Farah Mendlesohn ‏@effjayem Mar 5 Just read Afrofuturism by Ytasha L Womack. Not sure it’s a good book but it is an important one. On my #HugoList it goes.”

    If I wanted I could list those until I’m blue in the face, and I chose them at random, not by the worst I could have. This is culture that all but states flat out they consider talent, creativity, art, entertainment and plot to take a back seat to their intersectionalist feminist disdain for men, whites and heterosexuals – even English – they laughingly call “politics.”

    At the same time they do that as an entire culture with a shared ideology, they want to hypocritically preen about reading books. From their point of view, what would be the point? All they need is the correct race and gender of both author and characters and they’re good to go. There is also little doubt SJWs discriminate the same way to NOT vote for books, or even read them in the first place. Everything SJWs say is fundamentally false. They are incapable of making simple comparisons or even distinguishing right from wrong. Their entire moral ethos revolves around correct race and sex. SJWs routinely pillory their opponents for things SJWs themselves are far worse violators of. They wave their hands and make up rules about punching up, diversity or affirmative action to absolve themselves of the most blatant acts of racism, segregation, and group libel and think we’ll be impressed.

    1. I forgot to point out the last quote is by the Farah Mendelsohn who started the entire Jonathan Ross Hugo emcee affair by resigning from WorldCon

  21. I noticed that some mentally challenged person who calls themselves “Cat” is at Glyer’s Funhouse of Moral Mirrors talking smack about hostility.

    As I’ve already stated, there is nothing stopping SJWs from giving us quotes that insult gays like “Homo peeeoooople,” which is exactly what Alex MacFarlane did by Tweeting “Cis peeeoooople” in real time to show her exasperation at comments against her clarion call for the end of gender distinctions in all of SFF at

    Where are all the comments from this side like K. Tempest Bradford’s “cracka ass cracka,” or her partner who created the WisCon “safer-space Jaymee Goh calling a white person “sour dough-faced” because she was angry over a white being cast in a film role.

    Where are the comments like “white tears,” or “old white men,” or referring to the sagging black rumps of PoC lesbians like Rachel Acks did to the “pale” backsides of Resnick and Malzberg. Naturally, I could list a hundred more, the precise thing this nutsack called “Cat” can’t do. Why would she? Her problem precedes the horse and facts mean nothing to daffy social justice warriors. When it comes to rules of evidence, SJWs lie as often as they open their mouths. Unfortunately when they open their mouths it’s on the net forever. So are our comments, so Cat needs to step up her game and list quotes or STFU.

  22. Guys like this (Glyer) make me laugh at their failure to understand how they are destroying their own industry by constantly promoting boring, predictable, preachy and derivative SJW works. I about gave up on Scifi for a while after reading in just a short time three different stories that all involved some version of the New Texas space colony that was populated almost entirely of super religious degenerate redneck space taliban strongly bent on polygamy and misogyny, who despite being backwards, stupid and confused by technology, rampage through space with the goals of kidnapping women, getting their rape on, and killing anyone who isn’t christian… only to be shown the error of their ways by the courageous and resourceful female space warrior.

    Oh yay, that’s some fun reading there… three times in a row…

    1. It’s funny how the SJWs are rewiring Sad Puppies using straw men about politics and conservatism. Anyone notice how SJWs never shut up about their racist and feminist pie-charting of literature and then suddenly go “What, who me?” when it comes to this particular initiative? That’s what this is about: normal humans against crazy racist gender abolition feminists and their never-ending neurosis and paranoia.

  23. Over on Vox Popoli (stops, waits for the bangs to subside as all the SJW heads explode in mind-numbing rage), it turns out that we have received a surprise endorsement! Will Wheaton!

    OK, not really, but in the comments they have a long discussion of casting for the mythical MHI television series. My favorite? The guy to play Franks, Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, who I guess plays something on Game of Thrones (don’t have TV, so I have never seen it), but also has a video on YouTube where he dead-lifts 994 lbs (450 kg). Seriously cool.

    Link to the thread:

    1. Wil Wheaton? “Shut up, Wesley!”

      I’ve never watched Game of Thrones either, but I had to look Bjornsson up. I guess he played The Mountain in the most recent season? He’s 6′ 9″, 420 lbs. Good grief, he’s massive.

    1. ““…we are presented in media with a world that is extremely whitewashed, masculinized, de-queered.””

      De-queering sounds like something you do during spring cleaning. >.>

      1. This is where this stuff always crosses the line for me. I could care less if people want to huddle in groups. But in this particular ideology, it’s never done without the mass defamation of whites, men and heterosexuals as morally inferior oppressors out to get them or mess around with them. Of course it’s all a lie, but worse, one they act on by way of discrimination. There is no foundation to Bear’s assertion society needs to “de-queer” anything. How “queer” is 4% of the world going to look? Bear comes off as addled and just plain paranoid and weird more than anything else. I just get sick of taking it on the chin from these very creepy people. They never stop – not for one single day. It’s one long non-stop harassment that never ends.

        This thing about these people and their gender feminism is so strange I can never quite wrap my head around it. It has to be the single most bizarre episode in the 100 year history of the genre in America. We’re talking about nothing less than fanatic obsessive compulsive race/gender cultists who really believe SFF and America is one giant Jim Crow county of woman-hating homophobes. Thinking the teachings of Simone de Beauvoir, Audre Lorde and Judith Butler is some natural meeting ground with SFF is just weird. There is absolutely nothing in common there. It’s about as natural an intersection as mud flaps and tarot cards. The abolishing of human gender is at best a fringe idea to SF but the obsessive centrality of the theme together with men and whites-bashing shows a true and real cult occupies SF’s core institutions that is no less creepy or artificially engineered than scientology. The sheer daily obsessiveness of it is what’s really striking. There just is no live and let live with these folks.

  24. Glyer 50 is undoubtably more science minded than us Neanderthals. He probably prefers octal or binary to decimal notation, so I propose we call him Glyver 64 (if you prefer octal) or Glyver 110010.

  25. Hmm…it told me the comment couldn’t be posted…I copied the text and hit refresh (it was a long one…) And I’m gonna try again. I edited a couple words that might’ve been objectionable, but…hmm…maybe it’s my device? Here goes. Hope it’s not a double post…cuz it’s a little long…

    Larry, I just wanted to say thanks for being you. I read your posts when I need to be reminded that no, the whole world *isn’t* really run and filled with psychopathic, fascistic, monstrous leftist-nazis like the ones that seem to dominate so much of the global political, scientific, philosophical, artistic, and (last but most certainly not least) spiritual conversations, as well as any other areas I may have failed to mention. The kinds of people that think it’s okay to mutilate prepubescent children because those kids happen to “know what sex they are”…somehow. (Just search for Californian experiments on ” freezing” puberty, etc…or don’t. I wouldn’t blame you) Despite the fact that puberty causes immense changes in the human brain and body that can…oh screw it. Do I really need to go on? But this kind of Josef Mengele-style human experimentation…on CHILDREN! Is not only fully legal in California…but applauded by the very people that call you a monster/heteronormative gender fascist cismale. Or whatever. Shoot. I haven’t thought about that bit of unpleasantness in months. But it just spilled out. Sorry. Anyway. I read about those sorts of things, or a mayor in Houston violating the first amendment because lesbianism trumps free speech, and then I come to your blog. Or maybe I’ll find something by Kratman or Ringo, but you’re more of a constant (hence, International-LoH, lol). And I feel better about the world. It’s good to know that there are others (like in these AWESOME comments…I think I broke something laughing…) That can see history…rhyming. I really hate it when history raps. Is that racist? Hmm… ;-P In the risk of being taken seriously, though; God bless you, sir. I’ve never posted here before, but I couldn’t resist, finally. Pardon the probable wall of text. Heh..

    PS: Just in case, yes, I do know that there’s a difference between fascist leftist Nazis and simple liberals (ahem…zeal…ahem) and I don’t despise liberals as I do fascist leftist Nazis. (Yes, I called them fascist leftist Nazis…it felt right…just Nazis was too…”you’re as bad as Hitler!”-ish. Y’know?) (Also, yes, I know national socialism and fascism were already leftist philosophies…but the internet doesn’t seem to know that, hence the clarification…I’ll stop now) Actually several family members have…liberal leaning philosophies in some areas…and I don’t have Voodoo dolls of them! I know, I know…I’m not good at being evil… Anyway, no need to temper my vehemence. If anyone…contemplated that. Actually I’m not sure what I was worried about! Lol.

    PPS: I never thought I’d say this before I’d read your books, and then, of course, your blog, but you’ve made me want to live in Utah! I’m moving to North Carolina soon, and…dear Jebus, if you don’t have a frigging conceal carry permit there (and therefore have your fingerprints on file like a frigging criminal) you need a blessed “permit to purchase” every blasted time you want to purchase a handgun!! And Lord help you if the sheriff and Judge don’t like you! Then you might as well give up any hope of either having a permit, or buying a handgun! Shoot! No pun intended. I mean it’s nothing close to as Orwellian as NY or NY city, but still! What part of “Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.” was unclear to anyone with a brain and a grasp of the fact that the colonial Navies Cannon came from *private owners*?! As in *citizens*? Apparently the “not” bit. Damn. Whoops. Wall of text indeed. /head desk. Pardon all the off topic stuff.
    On topic, I wish I’d checked your blog sooner, because I’ve always wanted to participate in the Hugos, especially one blessed by decent nominees courtesy of Sad Puppies! Dangnabbit. I’ll have to mark the calendar for next year. It is yearly, right? *sheepish look*

    Too long didn’t read: “well why the hell didn’t you read it? Get back up there and read it like it’s nominated fer a Hugo! Up-up-up-up-up!! Double time!” Jk. 😉

    1. NC and guns: Well, we’re not quite that bad. NC is a “shall-issue” state, which means the Sherriff/judge can’t deny you unless there’s an actual legal reason to. They can’t slow-roll you either: the law says if you apply for a CCW permit and it hasn’t arrived in 90 days, you can demand the Sherriff cough it up or explain why (yes, this works).
      NC has a preemption law that says the locals in whatever county you’re in can’t make the application process any harder than the state says they can; unfortunately, not every county complies with this (some have “character reference” requirements, which might be what you’re thinking of) and nobody’s gotten around to suing over the issue yet.
      I know for a fact that neither Guilford, Davidson, nor Forsyth counties have anything like that…. are you looking at Chapel Hill? Because you’d be making a mistake, confusing Chapel Hill with North Carolina. They think of themselves as Berkeley East: think of a county run by a bunch of University leftoids and you’re on the right track.

      On the positive side, NC allows possession of Class 3 and DD/AOW weapons, so if you’re in a county with an obliging local government, you can get that silenced, full-auto AR15 with the underbarrel Masterkey 12 gauge you’ve always dreamed of (bring LOTS of cash) , and most of our local prosecutors and cops are pretty good on CCW issues.
      If you email Sean D. Sorrento at “An NC Gun Blog” I’m sure he could help with any more info you need.

      1. Sir, you are awesome. As for locations…I’m not entirely sure. Very near, or in the suburbs of, Charlotte. We’re still house-hunting, so I can’t be more specific than that, really. I am going to check out that blog asap! Also, I am cackling madly after reading your final paragraph. 😛 ;D

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