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  1. Somewhere, there’s a little beagle puppy who’s a little less sad now that attention is being paid to his plight.

    (Well, that and the fact that the little beagle puppy was looking at the article on the Sports Illustrated Swimswuit Edition covergirl that was next to the Hugo post at Big Hollywood. That may also have made him less sad).

  2. That’s a great read–and the defensive comments by people saying, “Nuh-uh, it ain’t that way at all” are good reading too, as others dig into their contradictions.

    1. Oh, God, I would pay good money to see Kratman go to the con to accept an award. That and the hundreds of screaming SJWs gnashing their teeth in pure, tolerance fueled fury.

  3. O’Sullivan’s Law: “Any institution – not explicitly conservative – will become liberal with the passage of time.”

  4. I think they need a bigger picture of yer noggin!

    Did you read the Wil Wheaton link in the article? Wow. No matter how far left you are, there’s someone even further…and further…and further…

      1. At this point ‘libertarian’ has essentially become a term bereft of all meaning. It being appropriated a catch-all by a lot of poli-hipsters who want the appearance of autonomy from either party diluted it into complete incoherence. At the point where you have both Bill Maher and Glenn Beck, Milton Friedman and Alex Jones identify by the same label….

      2. Wheaton’s an arrogant twit. I’m pretty sure he was the one who claimed on Twitter that the concern over ISIS was conservative fear mongering, or something along those lines.

        It’s unfortunate that a lot of people these days are only familiar with his game-related stuff, because he’s an idiot when anything political comes up.

        1. Y’all hatemonger right wingers is just ISLAMOPHOBIC!

          Which is why this week we’re all cheering on the King of Jordan. 🙂

      3. Jordan- F*ck Yeah! About time someone gave these fourth century goblins a good gobsmacking! That is what we should have done when our captured soldiers’ and journalists’ deaths were used as propaganda.

      4. I’m so bloody depressed I have to root for JORDAN of all places.

        Yay Jordan!! Get’m!

        Single manly tear has gone into my beer. (And I really rarely drink).

  5. in most cases nowadays unfortunately Only the Democrats can make a lot of national Reps look good. After 40 years of voting, I am getting a bit tired of usually voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

  6. And it’s becoming a magnet for the SJW weenies in commnets.

    Their tears are delicious, and full of Orson Scott Card and Vox Day hate as well.

  7. I’d really love it if this got picked up by a few more sites – It’s an excellent article, but sadly it’s preaching mostly to the choir. Publication in several of the SF magazines and on-line sites would help, there are a huge number of folks that don’t pay attention to this to really even know it’s happening and for the most part I think they’ll be unhappy when they find out. If you have a site, cross linking to the article is always a good thing.

    1. That “Faux News” thing drives me nuts. It only (barely) works in print, but “faux” is pronounced “foe”, killing the joke dead.

  8. Here’s a better headline:

    “Hugo Awards Votes to Diversify the Ku Klux Klan.”

    “Says award-winning SFF author of The Package Robots Can’t See, Femily Hatedick: ‘We have the right to mindlessly hate millions of people at a time too.'”

  9. Damien went into lockdown mode after the Breitbart article went up. His Twitter is locked, with only confirmed friends allowed to view it.

    1. LOL! That’s not the first time he’s done that, either. I think he did it after some other incident at the end of last year. He’s a Twitter hermit crab.

      1. He’s baaaaack . . .

        “@damiengwalter · Feb 6
        I think deep down Larry Correia just needs a big hug. From the entire sci-fi community. Cheer the big douchnozzle up.”

        More proof, if any was needed, that he knows nothing about Larry.

    2. On Twitter no one can hear you scream. See: PTSD and trigger warnings. I’m sure he’ll make a remarkable comeback and he and his posse will continue their dial-tone about how white cis-males wrecked what could’ve been a very juicy and nice planet and how children should have non-normative rights and be allowed into night clubs and not pay for drinks and how some nice SFF writer with a long white beard just like Santa Claus will be the bouncer and make sure everything is above board.


  10. Chuck Wendig, who is very upset that Larry talked with someone associated with GamerGate:

    · 16h 16 hours ago
    We are now at a point where the fringiest shittiest bigot-flavored side of SFF has unofficially at least sidled up to GamerGate.”

    1. So, a reporter who is familiar with SJW antics found out about SJW antics in other places? Shocking. Or it could be maybe they’re both just battles in the same culture war, so anybody paying attention will notice that SJWs always use the same tactics.

      “sidled up to GamerGate”? Chuck must have missed Christmas Noun 7.

      Fringiest? Wait… Did my side nominate Requires Hate and the Nambla supporter while I wasn’t looking?

    2. Really, Mr. Wendig. Well I’ll tell you what. What if we agreed on a definition of the word “bigot” and then matched quote for quote and put ten grand on the line. One grand for every one of yours by a different person and one grand for every one of mine. They must be Award nominated by one of the top five awards going back the last 4 years.

      Let me predict the final score in terms of percentages: Me: 95%, You: 5%. You: Lose ten grand, and in short order. I have such a rich field of sick quotes just from last year’s Hugo and Nebula nominees that if I could bottle the quotes and send them to the Southern Poverty Law Center they’d declare them a hate group using hate speech. You can assemble no such thing, so just quit making stuff up. We have no racial segregated anything – you do. We have no all-one sex or gender expression anthologies – you do. We have no race/SF symposiums – you do. We have no lists of white editors – you do stuff like that. We don’t Tweet “Yay! Eurofuturism,” you Tweet “Yay! Afrofuturism.” We don’t congratulate ourselves on how many non-whites or women aren’t short-listed – you do stuff like that.

      Expand that out however you wish: influential bloggers, serial convention panelists, editors – you lose, and big time. The fact is Mr. Wendig that you not only occupy the “shittiest bigot-flavored side of SFF” but that no such rancid group has ever before existed in the 100 year history of American genre SFF.

      What would be even more intriguing would be to either redact or change the race and sex involved and present you with the quotes. Your head would spin so fast trying to backtrack your ridiculous statement it’d fall right off your head.

      No one’s stopping you from assembling such quotes in order to back up your position. But that’s the deal with you SJWs isn’t it? You are full of innuendoes and with nothing in back of them. You can write old SF was cis, white and male as if that in and of itself is a bill of particulars, a declaration of intent from a virtual KKK. And in addition if I oppose any woman, gay or non-white, no matter how obvious their racism and bigotry, that defaults to hating women, gays and non-whites. And with a mind like that you think you can write a thing like SF?

      1. good one, Mr. May!
        If these are the “reality” based folks, they are so far on the other side of reality that they meet it coming back through the wormhole, or something. Maybe Wendig can actually write–but is what he writes worth reading?

      2. Let’s be honest about Glyer’s preening about “moral contradictions” and Wendig’s hypocrisy: a gay gender abolition feminist uses “white dude parade” as an insult against Jonathan Ross on the CHANCE he MIGHT say “fat broad parade” when emceeing the Hugos. Any people who can embrace that gulf of a double standard are too stupid to engage or associate with.

    3. “Andrew S. Williams @thewrittenpath
      · 12h 12 hours ago
      And yes, I am angry that the GG & the SF assholes have discovered each other & are performing the world’s most vomit-inducing mating dance.”

      1. Someone needs to observe more mating dances. He neither knows what one looks like, and thus thinks that guys going “Buddy!” is a mating dance, and has also never observed the interactions between Code Pink and Palestinian terrorists.

    1. So… Who on my slate fits that description?

      Wendig says “no doubt”. Well, yeah, I suppose if you’re a complete fucking idiot you wouldn’t doubt that statement at all. 🙂

      1. Considering KJA, Jim Butcher, Larry, etc.. and the new books that they publish every year, did we cross into Bizzaro World here? Or is it projection, yet again?

      2. Classic Marxist logic. Any Bourgeoisie that is not a part of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is a de-facto Oppressor of the People. Their background or actual practice doesn’t matter- by helping others they delay the Revolution.

        Since much of the SJW grievance is based on Marxism, one can pretty much just shoehorn in “White Cis-male” in front of Bourgeoisie.

  11. So, everyone here is following Wendell the Manatee on twitter, I hope? He’s making some great points in the arguments!

  12. Anyone else notice what I’m noticing? By my count there were at least 77 outraged SJW blog posts about the SFWA Red Sonja “ladies” nonsense. Where are these people now? They used to swarm even someone like Andrew Fox for one single post who nobody otherwise even knew about. Sure, the worst of them are still huddling on Twitter but even these fools know they’ve overreached. They’re still making hollow comments about how they’re winning and how gamergate failed although the publications caved into gamergate demands, not those of SJWs. What else did you expect? SJWs are liars. Every time I see an actual quote backing up something they said it’s like spotting a dodo. Even so, it’s always the same dodo.

    We’ve done a few things SJWs didn’t expect: we read and quoted their obnoxious blogs and Tweets they didn’t think we read. No one knows how much that has cost them in sales and short-circuited careers that will now never get off the ground and perhaps end others. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Tor Books cut loose Tor.com. For all the good and neutral stuff Tor.com has, it has too much Stormfront. And everyone knows the vast majority of people don’t know the difference between Tor Books and Tor.com.

    So, we created web sites and advertised SJW racism and supremacy. No lying, no innuendoes; solid facts, quotes and names – not groups, not race, not sex, not gender expression. Words only determined whether you were quoted or not.

    We researched where all these oddball phrases came from and came up with a psychotic group of sociopathic women who assert all sex is rape, men don’t actually exist and neolithic matriarchal Hobbits with magic powers existed in England until the 17th century. In short, the ideology powering SJWs was created by nuts, as if you needed claims of PTSD and trigger warnings from just reading the net to tell you that. “Diversity” and “equality”? You won’t catch me with that Trojan Horse a second time.

    A lot of eggs on blinking faces trying to disown a sexual pervert and feminist icon like Simone de Beauvoir who lost their teaching license for seducing a teenager. She fought for the “liberation” of children, and then got caught liberating them. So too does many a radical feminist icon call for the sexual liberation of children – to this very day. I have the quotes, old and new, don’t worry about that.

    One thing they didn’t expect is we would simply abandon the SFWA and Nebulas as a racist feminist supremacist lake. Now they have only themselves to stare at and a few older folks with life-time memberships. Anyone who’s looked at the membership roles realizes the vast majority of names on it are even less well known than self-pubbers on Amazon. There might be something like 200 active people who make up the SFWA, if even that, and guess what – the new blood? Forget it. They ain’t coming, just like at The Alamo.

    We’ve deprecated the Hugos to the point they are good only for an entertaining prank. No one with an ounce of artistic appreciation could take last year’s winners seriously as artists. They were an abyss of crap.

    As expected, like Joe Dimaggio, we’ve gone elsewhere and hit ’em where they ain’t and SJWs are not allowed in. As for the “marginalized” (another word for anti-white racists) authors, it was their decision to come in with guns blazing and elbows flying and call us all racists. Look at how their aborted careers are doing. They have reputations now, and those will follow them as long as their words are on the net. When you blame every – single – little – thing on white racism, male bigotry and heterosexual homophobia, there’s gonna be consequences. And I must say, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people. I have not the faintest sympathy for them and their anger at having to write in naughty white colonialist English.

    Good luck, assholes. You’re going to need more than your fair share of that too. I’m pretty sure there’s no affirmative action for that, so you’re just gonna have to take your lumps. Just pray someone doesn’t take out a full page ad in Variety. That would make a fun Kickstarter to advance careers. And nothing but quotes.

      1. I suspect the wording is poetic license on his part.

        Feminists often find it convenient to make certain claims about the past. A certain set of these appear to be wholly false, and entirely made up.

        There is the habit of painting all goddesses with the same brush. We have some documentation about goddesses whose worship does not fit their model.

        There is the claim of a homogenous prehistoric super culture which, if truly as described, would imply that we never find the butchered skeletons of ancient hominids and humans.

        There is the related claim of female only super powers which were somehow stolen away by men. (If feminists making these claims are to be an example of how the priestesses used these powers to manage the past wilderness civilization, it seems likely it would have been so terrible a tyranny that it would justify almost any means to overthrow it.)

        Since there isn’t much actual documented evidence of such a society, one could postulate that it was hidden, remnant populations of cave people that were extant until fairly recently, when they were wiped out. There are certain feminist authorities who essentially make this claim for large numbers and a very recent time frame.

        That said, maybe someone really did feel the need to tie in myths of little people, and really did use the term hobbit.

      2. Andrea Dworkin uses the term “neolithic” in her 1974 book Woman-Hating. She claimed they possessed magic, lived in England until the 17th century, were matriarchal and lived under trees. That’s from memory but it is essentially correct. Furthermore they passed on their magic to a secret society of witches, and Dworkin claims 9 million women were killed as witches by Christian medieval societies over a period of 300 (400 in a later book of hers) years. Feminist icon Audre Lorde blurbed the book jacket as a thing we needed more of.

    1. They seem to conflate two things. Membership in World Con is fairly easy, and lets you vote on the Hugo. Membership in the SFWA lets you vote on the, IIRC, Nebula. Also, Membership in the SFWA is, or was, a little bit more difficult.

      1. Do you have to have some certificate from an SFF-approved KKK, neo-Nazi org or the EDL in the U.K., or will being rejected for a non-whites-only writing workshop or grant do?

  13. Just wandered in here from Breitbart and have spent the last hour figuring out how to become a voter. Big fan from way back and want to help right the ship ….

      1. I paid the $40 but the process is still eluding me. I’m getting emails listing the various things being nominated but I’m not sure when, where, how to vote. If somebody would describe that process for the benefit of the noobs it might be helpful.

        1. You should have gotten an email from the Hugo people Hugoadmin@Sasquan or something like that, with your PIN and link to where to nominate. Check your spam folder.

          If it is isn’t there, there’s a way to contact them to get your voting PIN, but I don’t know what that is off the top of my head. Check your email first and if it isn’t there somebody will have the other link.

  14. I am thinking of putting together a book called Social Justice: 1,000 Quotes by Fifty Writers in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Community.

    No commentary, just quotes. That way I can help SFF to achieve its goal of a vibrant and diverse community where the marginalized are given their due, racism and sexism are eliminated, the disabled are recognized, white privilege is critiqued, women are acknowledged to be fully human and the oppressive binary of heterosexuality gives way to a brighter and more just future.

    There will be zero mention of actual science fiction and fantasy.

    1. You could do this in a format similar to RAH’S ‘The Notebooks of Lazarus Long’. We could illuminate it with LC cartoons and pictures of manatees. I’m not even kidding. Kickstarter anyone? What would a print run of 1000 cost? Can you publish someone else’s tweets w/o their consent?

      1. Kickstarter? Did they get rid of the racist running their “community” or whatever her title was? I never heard a resolution to that, just stopped going to the site and backing projects.

  15. I’ve finally realized what the other side remind me of. Lemongrab, from Adventure Time. Whenever things don’t happen exactly the way they want, they start shrieking and threatening dire punishments.

      1. No, it’s never enough. Their hatred is never-ending. They won’t be satisfied until they pull an Animal Farm on us (where they’re the pigs).

    1. “I was trying to de-white my reading list a little bit, and was searching for writers of color who have published work in the last two years, maybe three. Soooo I turned to Twitter…”

      “De-white her reading list”?!? Mother of God, these bigots have no self-awareness whatsoever.

      1. “Oh gee, I was trying to de-black my basketball watching hours so I turned to the Swedish Basketball League and now my favorite team is the Gothenburg Albino Snowcats.”

      2. A concerned social justice warrior asks: “I’d like to de-black my collection of blues music. Can anyone recommend any white people cuz like, that matters. I’d also like to de-Jew Hollywood movies. Can anyone make a list of non-Jewish actors so I can support their projects more? I’ve noticed there’s a lot of Asians in kung-fu movies, what’s up with that – are Asians racists? Why not more Arabs? Do they hate Arabs?

        “PS: I am not a racialist.”

  16. A two-fer, Damien *and* File 770, together at last!

    “@damiengwalter · 6h6 hours ago
    Authors nominated for Sad Muppets publicly asking not to be associated with Larry Correia or Theodore Beale. http://file770.com/?p=20748 12:35 AM – 8 Feb 2015″

    If you click the link, you’ll see it’s one author. The plural is a lie. But what do you expect from the Guardian calumnist?

  17. I for one love the way Glyer uses “moral self-contradictions.” This bunch of people is the most singularly unaware group of people I have ever run across. The fact they are writers who literally don’t understand the meaning of words only adds to the mystery. The fact they are SF writers and fans who are the literal embodiment of Orwell’s unheeded SF warning novel only adds more frosting to the Bizarro-cake.

    It’s like a years-long prank or masquerade where scores of people have gotten together and agreed to put on the most doltish, crude, uneducated, redneck, ignorant face possible. The Onion has absolutely nothing on these people. I couldn’t possibly write a better satirical underground comic out of my head. My best recourse would be to draw panels with stick figures using actual SJW words. How can I beat “de-white”? I lack the comedic creativity to beat that. What “anti-racist” in the history of the world ever wanted to “de-white” their library?

    I honestly never thought there was someone that dumb in the world, and yet here we have an entire culture that routinely comes up with new variations on such stupidities. They apologize for being on white convention panels and even boycott them. They think fanatical racists are anti-racist heroes. The same people putting up and supporting segregated safe-spaces have literally complained about segregated high-school proms in the same week. What common denominator is at work to create that many incredibly stupid people? I confess I have no idea, since I never believed even one person like that existed outside of Rolling Acres.

    The only conclusion I can come to is the ease of access to the internet has not only allowed mental cases to come public, but allowed them to find each other. Why they focus on race/gender/oppression is another story, one for a good psychologist. I’d really like a good psychologist to read all the stuff I have and see what they make of it. I suspect a hostile but passive and cowardly sociopathy is at the heart of it; the Hell’s Angels and criminals who don’t dare become Hell’s Angels and criminals and instead burglarize the entirety of society from the confines of their remarkably uneventful and bitter lives. Whatever is at work, “stupid” is not only its middle name, but the idol they worship. It’s like a cult actively dedicated to outdoing each other for the most stupid, like a Bizarro Algonquin Roundtable. Being arrogant rednecks probably doesn’t help.

    One by one epub is extinguishing their careers. That’s because epub is the great leveler. If you have nothing to offer other than gripe and dark skin, that’s not going to travel very far since humans are generally not very receptive to talentless sociopaths riding in on pie-charts. Racial gender feminism is one long whine from dusk til dawn. A shrill keening of obsessive complaint that never rests. In what other literary genre would you have serial panelists who aren’t even writers, but there only because they cut down the race of people? They’re like self-imposed politburo commissars assigned to each regiment to make sure everyone thinks correctly.

    Let me tell Glyer something about moral contradictions: there is no such thing as long as you use a funhouse mirror strike-zone; anything can be anything. If Glyer wants anyone without the brain of a child to take his “Glyer’s Funhouse Dictionary” seriously, he needs to wake up and realize dirty little racist shits didn’t create this genre, and you can’t debate hiding behind funhouse rules created by dirty little racist shits called “punching up.” Or you can agree it’s okay to take racial swipes at the entire continents of Australia and Africa.

  18. Surprised that Glyver cares enough to, well, care. I wonder what the source of his personal animus against LC is – the world is full of people that he may not agree with, after all. Is this simply a cynical ploy to drive clicks? LC has a lot of daily traffic here – are folks visiting from MHN to 770 pumping up that latter?

    1. I dunno about that, on the other hand, one post to File 770 has netted me an insane number of hits on my wordpress (Insane being 49 the first day and 35 the next, but it trails off fast). Alas, none of them have led to a sale of my Novelette, so I can’t make any heads explode with it’s political incorrectness. Maybe next year I can have something puppy-worthy.

        1. Which one? The Novelette (Kiwi) or the Baen entry (Necessity)? Necessity is what I’m turning, slowly, into a Novel (To be titled Necessary Evil). I’ve got a ton of my Dr. Mauser stuff on DeviantArt. That’s being turned into a novel even more slowly.

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